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Between leaving school and starting at Leeds university I had five months with no studies at all. I was still living with my mum at that time, dad had left us years ago and so it was just her and me living in a mid-terraced house in a modest street.

My aunty Pauline lived in the house next door, and as I was growing up I was able to split my time between the two houses. This worked well as my mum was a nurse and worked a night shift from Sunday to Thursday nights so I often stayed over at aunty Pauline’s house.

Mum was 56 years old at that time, but despite going to work in uniform, always managed to look glamorous. She was quite a big lady, full breasts, large bottom and big thighs, but always took care over her make-up and wore high heels, only changing into flat shoes upon arrival at work.

As I grew up, nudity was a normal part of life sharing a house with mum. She would walk naked from her room, and would often use the bathroom with the door left open. This had always been the case and seemed perfectly natural, but as I’d got older it aroused me greatly, although I never let on because I didn’t want this to come to an end.

Every day before work, my mum’s routine was to dress in her underwear and shoes then come downstairs to iron her uniform in the sitting room. I always made sure I was watching the television at that time so I could see her standing behind the ironing board in her black stockings, high heels, nylon slip and bra and pants, before pulling the uniform on over her head.

After mum had left for work, I often masturbated while thinking of the image of her standing in front of me in her underwear with her big boobs and fat thighs wobbling as she ironed her clothes. In my imagination, I usually came off over her stockings, pants, bra, or over her bum hole or vagina. Latterly I had taken to removing a pair of her knickers from the laundry basket to smell and lick while masturbating myself to the image of my mum’s naked body. I would often wank my hard prick, and at the end, put the panties under my cock and cum off into the gusset, spraying my filthy blobs onto the soiled cotton material. Sometimes there would be a pair of stockings which I used to wrap around my cock to heighten the rubbing sensation, but the best of all was when mum’s panties were all rolled up together with a pair of worn tights. This allowed me to smell the even headier aroma of mum’s cunt as it had spent all day (or all night if at work) sweating away in the confines of the nylon gusset.

Mum’s tights were always fantastic to cum into. They were invariably a light tan or flesh colour, very sheer and felt fantastic against my cock as I wanked my sperm out onto the nylon gusset. Sometimes I wrapped some of the nylon around my left middle finger and touched my bum hole as I shot my mucky filth into the panties, always thinking about mum while finishing off my cumload.

Sometimes, if aunty Pauline was out while I was round there, I would look through her laundry basket and do the same there. She was definitely a tights woman, not stockings, and wore very large old-fashioned knickers which were great for spunking off into. Aunty Pauline was 60 years old that year, and was taller than mum, as tall as me in fact, and although not fat, was quite heavily built. She had heavy thighs and generous breasts, wide hips, but an attractively curvy waist. Her and mum had a substantial effect on my sexual preference for larger ladies, thanks to my formative years having been dominated by their presence.

One Saturday, mum was sleeping after her night shift and I crept into the bathroom quietly so as not to wake her, and removed the black stockings and white panties she had worn at work the night before. I took them into my room, closed the door and undressed. I started as always by smelling the inner gusset of the panties to savour the acidic aroma of mum’s cunt on the material. I then flicked the end of my tongue all over the smelliest area to get the taste of her vaginal juices, and masturbated myself using her stockings wrapped around my stiff prick. As I felt my cum starting to take hold, I quickened my wanks, and used dirty words to myself to heighten the sexual pleasure of the cumshot. ‘Fucking filthy cunt, I’m spunking off in you, you dirty fat old slag. Cumming now, here it comes, open your fat legs you filthy fat old cunt…’ and so on until the blobs of sperm shot out of the end of my penis into the cotton material, jet after jet squirting off into mum’s big panties.

As the final blobs of sperm oozed out into the knickers, my bedroom door suddenly opened and in came mum!!! She looked at me and retreated immediately shouting ‘sorry love, sorry,’ in her unbearable embarrassment.

I panicked, shoved the underwear under my pillow, put on my clothes and ran out of the house and around next door to aunty Pauline’s. I was shaking and my eyes were red as I tried to hold back tears. Aunty Pauline was shocked to see my state, and sat with me, holding me tightly asking what was wrong. At first I couldn’t speak, but eventually told her mum had caught me being rude in my bedroom! Aunty Pauline just held me making soothing gestures and noises and telling me it would be alright. Eventually, she got up and told me I could stay there that otele gelen escort night and I needn’t go back home to face mum until tomorrow.

Aunty Pauline left me in the lounge and went round to see mum to make sure she was OK. After some time she came back to report that mum was embarrassed, but otherwise OK, and certainly not cross or upset. She admitted mum was a little surprised to see me with her stockings and panties, but understood that I was only human and that ‘men sometimes like these things…’ as she put it. She sat back down and held me tightly providing more reassurance that it would be OK. ‘It’s alright, really,’ she said, ‘everybody does it you know, even your mum. In fact from what she’s told me in the past, especially your mum!’ I was wide-eyed at aunty Pauline’s frankness, as I’d never really thought about mum having any kind of sexual urges. She paused, then said ‘Even I do it sometimes, so it can’t be all that bad!!’

I didn’t know which was worse, my mum catching me masturbating, or learning that she and aunty Pauline did the same thing! We held on to each other for some time without saying anything, then she kissed me on the forehead and got up to make some tea.

Next day, I went round to face mum. She was quite OK with me, all things considered, and gave me a hug, a kiss on the cheek and told me it was all going to be OK. We sat at the kitchen table drinking tea and talked openly and frankly about sex, me telling her how I liked to use her underwear for masturbation, and her telling me that as she’d not had a man for some years, she liked to masturbate too, usually in bed, occasionally in the bath and even sometimes in the toilet at work! She told me there was a junior houseman who worked on the ward some nights, who flirted with mum mercilessly, to the extent that she sometimes got really randy and had to fiddle herself off in the ladies’ loo. I asked why she’d not asked him out, and she told me he was only about 24 years old, far too young for an ‘old lady’ as she put it. We discussed her age and about sex with people much older or much younger than one’s self, by the end of which I for one was hugely turned on, and I cold see that mum was shifting around on her chair and getting flushed. The signs, I suspected, that she was highly aroused too.

About three weeks later, all things in the house had returned to normal except that mum was more guarded about her own nudity, and didn’t come down to iron her uniform whilst wearing only underwear. I’d given up my visits to her laundry basket out of shame, but I really don’t think mum would have minded if I’d carried on.

It was a Saturday night, and aunty Pauline had invited me round to watch a video at her house, and to stay overnight to prevent my waking mum by returning home late. I accepted, and we sat in and watched the video of Peter’s Friends, which has since become one of my favourite 1980s films. When it had finished, aunty Pauline went upstairs to the loo and I volunteered to make some coffee. I put the kettle on, but looking in the fridge found there was insufficient milk for two cups, so I decided that I’d be very quiet and nip back home to get milk from mum’s fridge. As I suspected, the door was locked as mum would be in bed by this time, so I quietly let myself in with my key.

Through the lounge curtains, I’d noticed a glow where mum had left a light on, so once in, I headed for the lounge door to turn it off. As I got to the door, I could hear mum in the lounge, moaning slowly and in a low, subdued voice. I hesitated at the door, not sure whether to go any further — in my naivety I thought she may have fallen asleep and was dreaming, or may have hurt herself. The alternative was that she was having a moment to herself, relieving herself sexually with her fingers as she’d admitted to me when we discussed it! Unthinkable!! Although I hesitated, I couldn’t stop myself opening the door, and I silently pushed it just a touch and peered round.

I was spectacularly wrong on all counts! Mum was lying on the sofa, clothed only in stockings, suspenders and strappy high-heeled shoes, and on the floor were her bra, knickers and her nurses uniform (despite it not being a work night)! On top of her was a man who I couldn’t properly see, but mum’s legs were wide open with her high heels pointing at the ceiling and the man was pounding away at her cunt with his cock, leaving me a view of his arse going up and down in time to her moans! They’d not seen or heard me, and I withdrew from the room, open mouthed and in slight shock. I still had the image of mum’s big bum wobbling with every cock thrust, her stockings biting into her big, white, spread-open thighs, her tits jiggling up and down in time with the fucking, and her round belly flattened out under the weight of the man on top of her. I waited silently in the kitchen behind the door, and listened as they increased the speed of their fuck thrusts and mum’s moans getting louder and more urgent. Eventually, I heard the man shout ‘fuck, fuck!’ as he finished himself off, presumably inside mum’s hole. Mum’s moans turned to sighs of pleasure and satisfaction, and I silently left the kitchen to return to aunty Pauline’s house leaving mum and her lover to themselves.

I pendik escort went into aunty Pauline’s kitchen feeling a mixture of anger and arousal. It was mum! My mum! Fucking! This wasn’t right, she shouldn’t be doing this especially not with me there! I felt protective towards mum, angry at the man fucking her and a sense of betrayal at mum for allowing him to do it — all complete madness, I know.

As I went into the lounge, aunty Pauline came downstairs and saw my state. She asked what on earth was wrong, and I managed to blurt out that I’d been next door for milk and found mum on the sofa fucking with a man! Aunty Pauline put her hand to her mouth in shock, then simply looked at me and laughed! ‘You fool,’ she said ‘Why do you think I invited you round here tonight to stay over? It was so your mum could have some peace and quiet with her friend from work! Well, at least we don’t have to ask how their evening ended!! Crikey, what a family you are, she catches you at it, you catch her at it, what on earth next?’

Her question hung in the air as she came over to me and hugged me tightly to reassure me all over again that it was all alright. We sat down on one of the two large sofas, the thought of the coffee long since gone, and hugged each other as we talked. Aunty Pauline told me that I shouldn’t be angry with mum, she was only human and had all the same needs as everyone else. Since dad left she’d worked hard for years and years, and now she just deserved a little pleasure for herself. I asked aunty Pauline if she knew the identity of the man mum had been fucking, and all she would tell me is that his name was Ian and he was much younger than my mum. I guessed it was the junior houseman from the hospital, and it turned out later that I was right.

As aunty Pauline and I sat on the sofa in a gentle embrace, my mind wandered back to the sight of mum on her back with her stocking-clad legs wide open, fucking this man’s cock deeply up her cunt hole. As I thought about it, I became involuntarily aroused and became aware that I was moving my pelvis back and forth against aunty Pauline’s hip. She simply sat there with her eyes closed, arms around me, and seemed unaware of my movements. As soon as I realised what I was doing, I stopped immediately, but as I did so, aunty Pauline stood up from the sofa and went over to turn off the lights before coming back to sit down. ‘There, that’s better,’ she said, then ‘Now, where were we?’

We embraced again, and this time aunty Pauline placed a leg over my lap, pressed her thigh into my groin, and pushed her head down onto my shoulder. I could feel the softness of her large thigh through her pleated skirt as she moved her leg up and down over my cock, but this time we were in darkness and I was unable to see whether she had her eyes open or closed. The movement of her thigh over my stiff penis felt fantastic, and she was clearly able to feel my erect cock on her big thigh. She nuzzled into my shoulder and up my neck and I instinctively responded by lowering my head to meet her in a passionate kiss. As we opened our mouths and pressed our tongues together, her movements against my groin became firmer, and I could feel her skirt sliding up over her thighs to her hips. She took my hand and placed it on her thigh so that I could feel the smooth silky nylon of her tights covering her beautiful big legs and bum. I caressed her through her tights as she massaged my cock through my trousers with her soft inner thigh, and our rhythmic movements against one another became increasingly urgent. My hand slid around her front and pressed down into the space between my cock and the front of her tights and knickers, and I rubbed her smooth cunt area through the nylon. We continued to kiss and she sighed gently with the pleasure of the motion between our genitals and my hand. Her skirt got pushed up over her hips and around her waist, and my hand was able to slide into the waistband of her beautiful nylon tights and down as far as the top of her panties, just below which I could feel the soft wispy curls of her cunt hair.

Still nothing had been said between us, and aunty Pauline suddenly pulled away from me again and stood up. I could see nothing but heard the sound of her skirt being unbuttoned and cast aside and the unmistakable sound of nylon tights being drawn downward over her sexy bum and big thighs. She bent forward and her hands went to my trouser belt and buttons, and in seconds my lower half was naked letting my stiff cock stand out from my groin. I felt aunty Pauline push me down on the sofa, then place one leg over me so that she sat astride my middle. My hand went down to her big sexy cunt and for the first time I felt the wetness of her inner cunt lips and the soft flesh around her vagina.

She took my prick in her hand and with one foot still on the floor, lowered herself down on me so that my cock penetrated her cunt lips and slid gently up her wet fuck hole. It went all the way up inside her in one movement, so wet and aroused had she become during our kissing. She moved up and down on my cock, rubbing the front of her mound against my pubic hair, and I could feel my hips being squeezed between her large thighs. I knew I wouldn’t last long, and within only a few rus escort seconds I could feel my cock start to twitch as my cum started to spray out of the end, deep into aunty Pauline’s cunt, jet after jet of my filthy sperm blobbing off into her big wet fuck hole. As I shot off, I pushed my hands up inside her jumper and rubbed her big tits through her bra, and she responded by cooing and sighing with the feeling of me doing my cumshot inside her.

We kissed and held one another, but didn’t speak for some minutes. Eventually, she climbed off me, took my hand and led me to her bedroom where she first undressed herself, then me and took me into her bed.

As we kissed again, we pressed our bodies together and I could feel her spermy cunt sliding over my prick and balls under the duvet. Aunty Pauline lay on her back, legs apart, and pulled me on top of her so that the underside of my penis was rubbing up and down her spunky wet slot. In moments, I was sufficiently stiff to allow my prick to glide gently inside her hole for a second time, but now I was on top and as I kissed her and fingered her nipples I fucked my stiff cock in and out of her dirty cunt hole in long, firm strokes. I could feel my own sperm from our first fuck around the shaft of my prick, as it oozed out of her vagina with my thrusts and ran down her bum crack onto the bed. It felt as though I’d filled her randy old cunt with gallons of it, all now lubricating our second fuck.

Aunty Pauline moved her hips against mine, closed her eyes tightly, and began to breath in short gasps. She wrapped her legs around my back and let out an elongated cry of ‘hnnnnnggg’ as she shot off her first cum on my dirty stiff cock. She bucked and writhed under me, her climax lasting several seconds, all the while making guttural noises and gasps. As her cumshot subsided, she opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled. ‘Your turn now, you naughty boy,’ she said, then ‘Fill me up again, do your stuff inside me.’

That encouragement was all I needed, and with one hand roughly pulling and fingering her nipples, I quickened my fuck thrusts and let go with another load of sperm right up inside her fat old cunt hole. I couldn’t help myself, and whispered ‘fucking cunt!’ as my stinky white dollops shot out into her vagina.

After our fuck, we slept in one another’s arms and woke the next morning to more kissing and caressing. Aunty Pauline fucked me again that morning, and I eventually got up, showered, and kissed her goodbye before retuning to mum.

There was no sign of Ian in the house, and mum was happy and smiling more than I’d ever seen before. Her fucking last night obviously suited her, and I must say, so did mine. Later that morning, mum went round to see aunty Pauline, presumably to report on her evening, and to say thanks for getting me out of the way. I had a sense of dread about what would be said of the night before, I wasn’t sure how much aunty Pauline would tell mum about what I saw and what we did. Mum was gone for more than 2 hours and when she got back my questions were answered. Aunty Pauline had told mum everything, and although mum was embarrassed that I’d seen her and Ian fucking on the sofa, she was surprisingly understanding about my having slept with aunty Pauline. She said it was lovely that after all these years, she and aunty Pauline had at last found two young gentlemen to give them some pleasure for a change, and that I was getting my own pleasure in the time I had left before going to Leeds.

Mum told me about Ian, he was only 24 years old but neither of them were bothered by the age gap to her own 56 years. Ian liked the thought of the ‘older woman’ and had a fixation about larger ladies in nurses’ uniforms, hence last night’s choice of clothing. Mum and I compared the age difference between her and Ian with that between aunty Pauline and me, agreeing that in both cases it only served to make the experience more interesting for all parties. Aunty Pauline had apparently told mum that she couldn’t wait for me to go back round later on for more ‘sexy time’ together. That afternoon, mum slept before getting up for her shift at work, and I visited aunty Pauline and we repeated our sexual congress in her bed.

Over the next few weeks, aunty Pauline and I embarked on the most beautiful series of sexual experiences as we discovered each others preferences and she taught me things of which I could barely have dreamt. She always wore skirts which finished just above the knee, sometimes a silky white underskirt, but always with tights and panties below. I loved to feel her large thighs through her light-brown nylon tights, concentrating on the soft flesh of the inner thigh as she spread her legs to give me better access. She instinctively knew I had a thing about nylon-clad legs, and would sometimes strip me naked before undressing down to her tights and panties so she could masturbate me as I stroked her bum and cunt area through the nylon. Often, this would result in me dumping my filthy white sperm load on the front of her tights, all over the area between her fat thighs and on the cunt of her nylons and panties. After this, she would rub the smelly blobs of cum into the nylon, pressing it hard into her vagina and clitoris through the material. This intensified her sexual arousal so that when she peeled the tights and panties down over her generous thighs and calves, she could fetch herself off to a very quick cum just by fiddling her nipples with one hand and pressing a finger between her fleshy cunt slot and diddling away at her clitty with the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32