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After an amazing day together, we’re lying in bed. I’m in front of you and you press close to me, kissing the back of my neck with your hand on my hip. I rotate my hips and rub my ass against you.. feeling your cock growing hard. You wrap your arm around me tighter and bite at my neck now. I moan and reach my hand behind me, grabbing hold of your cock, feeling just how much you want me.

Stroking you slowly, I feel you getting harder in my hand. I turn around and kiss you hard, feeling you grabbing my ass then moving up my shirt to my tits. I sit up and pull off my top, before pulling your shorts down. Seeing your cock hard and ready makes me more wet. I lean down and lick you from the base to the tip. I hear you moan but before I can do more you tell me to take off my panties. I do, and you grab my hips and pull me over your head, my pussy right over your face.

I feel your hands on my waist pulling me down, licking all the juices around my cunt. I lean down and take the head of your cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around before sucking lightly. I do this a few times, feeling your tongue dip deeper into my pussy. I push your cock further into my mouth sucking harder, getting you nice and wet. Working my way down and bobbing my head, when I feel your tongue move to my clit, your hands to my ass and thighs.

I shove konyaaltı escort my head down as far as I can get, your cock hitting the back of my throat. I feel you moan against my cunt so I pull up sucking hard before going back down again. You start working my clit faster, harder.. your thumbs rubbing my wetness around. I dig my nails into your legs and bob my head faster, getting your cock into my throat now. I stay down as long as I can, moaning as I’m getting closer to coming, moving my hips. You’re thrusting your hips now, and pushing your cock into my throat, fucking my mouth and I take it all, gasping for breath when you pull out before taking it all down again.

I can tell you’re wanting me to cum, and you lick my clit fast when I feel your thumb press into my cunt, before pulling it out, all wet, and rubbing against my ass in circles. You’re cock’s still moving in and out of my throat when you suck my clit hard and press your thumb into my ass. I moan louder than ever and you can feel it with your cock in my throat when I cum hard, rubbing my pussy against your face, my cum running down to your mouth, muscles clenching on your thumb and my thighs shaking.

After licking away the last of my cum, you lower your hips and pull your rock hard cock from my throat. I’m breathing fast, but before I can get back to finish kültür escort giving you head, you push my hips off your head and tell me you ride you. I don’t hesitate. On still shaky legs I turn around, and rub my wet pussy against your hard dick, before lining you up to my slit and sliding down slowly, my hands on your chest to steady myself. Your hands reach up to grope my tits and twist my nipples, watching my eyes rolled up, mouth open when I finally bottom out on your cock and moan.

My cunt is so hot, tight and wet on your cock that you can’t go slow. Your hands move to my hips and you urge me to speed up, and I do. I take long, fast strides up and down your cock; my pussy hugging your dick tight, and stroking you. My nails dig into your ribs as I come down harder on you, shifting my hips, searching for that perfect spot deep inside me. My orgasm is building fast, and you can see it on my face, hear it in my moans getting louder. I finally land on your cock and scream your name, my head thrown back. Out of nowhere my orgasm rolls over me and my cunt clamps on your dick, and my nails dig deeper.

Feeling me cum so hard makes you want more. You grab my hips hard, prop yourself up on your feet and thrust up as you drop me hard. You repeat it over and over, hearing me screaming out my orgasm, begging you not to stop. My cunt markantalya escort is pouring cum onto you and it just motivates you more. You thrust faster and my cunt is on fire when my third orgasm hits, I can’t take more. I beg you to go deep , and I keep you there, rolling my hips and yelling your name while I ride out the most intense orgasm yet.

You can’t take much more either feeling my cunt squeezing your cock uncontrollably. You breath deep, holding back until you see me coming down, my hips slowing, before asking me where I want you to cum. I can hear in your voice how close you are, and tell you in an instant that I want to taste you. You groan and drop your hips. I climb off your cock the fastest I can with numb legs and my mouth is immediately around your dick. I taste myself and it’s so sexy. I take your cock deep to my throat and your hands go into my hair. I bob my head fast sucking hard, before going deep one last time. You’re in my throat and I make swallowing motions on your cock and it’s all you can take.

You push my head down and grunt when I feel your cock swell and I get the first shot of your cum. You taste so good and I swallow every drop I can suck from you. Your whole body shakes and your fingers are clenched in my hair through your whole orgasm. I lick you clean, and your hands relax and stroke my hair as I slide up your body slowly, exhaustion taking over. I lay my head on your chest, arms wrapped around you, legs intertwined with yours. I feel your arms wrap around my shoulders, and a kiss on the top of my head as I’m falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32