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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


It was the best of days and it was the best of days and I knew in my bone it was going to get even better!

There was an awareness that something pleasant was happening in the region of my groin. I was at that awkward stage, halfway between fully asleep and fully awake. My eyelids were telling me that they had to remain closed for at least another ten hours. My body seemed to be in agreement, all that is, with the exception of that area commonly known as ‘my cock’. That was awakening rapidly. I forced an eyelid to crack open the merest hint of a millimetre. To my right an even lightness. The unsullied light of a new day. To my left a lesser degree of brightness suffused with a tone of pale orange. I peered upwards through the slit and opened my eyes wide. Above was the most delicious, smooth, swollen, glistening cunt!

Instantly I craned my neck upwards bringing my head up and trying to bring my mouth in contact with the beautiful orifice. It was just out of reach.

“Shuffle down a bit.” I suggested.

My cock was released and the cunt moved about twelve inches down the bed. I shuffled into the new position and reach up with my head. Nearly perfect!

Before I could say anything the cunt lowered onto my mouth. Now it was perfect. Lips closed around my cock and my mouth focused on the cunt before me. A great way to start the day.

With a hard tongue I circled the swollen clitty before working it between the delicate folds of the engorged labia. I flattened my tongue, lapping up all the juices I could find before passing onto the perineum. I paused for a nano second, it looked so inviting, then again with a hard tongue, I licked around and across the puckered dark rose of her anus. Three things happened simultaneously. A soft moan of pleasure emitted from the region of my cock. The mouth that was circling my cock head opened and swallowed me to the cock’s root and the glorious anus pushed hard against my tongue tip.

I eased off.

“Good morning my darling.” I whispered before returning to my new play area.

“Good morning, lover.”

I didn’t panic. There must be a perfectly logical explanation why I should have gone to sleep holding my beautiful girlfriend in my arms and awoken with her equally beautiful mother sucking my cock.

I continued to lick around her anus while manoeuvring my fingers into position to slip into her suddenly dripping cunt. First one finger, on my left hand swiftly followed by one from my right. This was met with eager sounds of pleasure. I tried for a second finger on my left, no problem and even more sounds of encouragement. Four fingers? The right hand didn’t want to be found lacking and slipped a fourth finger into the cunt. I opened it wide and explored with my tongue. The urgent wriggling of Anne-too’s delightful bum suggested that it was an enjoyable sensation. I continued conscious of the reduced attention being konyaaltı escort paid to my cock. No matter that would most certainly be rectified later.

For the next several minutes I explored my new access to Anne-too’s cunt, fingering, licking sucking, nibbling and even the occasional nip with my teeth. Despite my tongue abandoning her anus all was very well received.

I took a very short break to gather my breath and thoughts. Her dark rose beckoned. Easing out one finger from her cunt I spread the juices over the dark rose. Anne-too wriggled enthusiastically. More juice required and I used two fingers to seek it out. Hooking them to retain as much lubricant as possible I teased around the dark rose before returning to the cunt for more lube. More juice applied. More wriggling ensued.

The moans had become groans of pleasure. My cock had been released and the mouth was just teasing over the head. More lube. I started to ease a finger into her anus. More groans. Her bum started to push against me. I took it as encouragement not discouragement. I pushed further. I dripped more lube onto the probing finger and suddenly it was in!

Anne-too’s head came up. She pushed hard against my probing finger and my cock was all but forgotten. I cared not. I had found a new pleasure for one of my lovers. It was a wonderful start to the new day.

I worked a second finger in and sucked her clitty into my mouth. She started to buck. I finger-fucked her arse as best I could as she thrashed around my head. For devilment I worked my thumb into her cunt. I could feel my fingers working her arse on the other side of the thin wall of membrane.

With a howl and a violent shudder of pleasure Anne-too climaxed and squirted all over my face. I licked her clean as much as I was able while she trembled. She collapsed on top of me and I held her tight so she couldn’t escape.

“Breakfast is ready. If anyone’s interested?” came the soft voice of my girlfriend.

“Could you please put mine in the warming oven, Darling? I need a little bit of rest.” Anne-too responded, “I’ll send Martin down as soon as I’ve given him a big ‘thank you’ kiss. I’ll leave his spunk for you to enjoy after breakfast.”

#### #### ####

Breakfast was served by a beautiful, naked serving wench. The only thing she wore was a very pleased with herself smile.

“Did you enjoy being woken by a woman different to the one you went to sleep with?”

My grin spread from ear to ear.

“It was certainly a beautiful way to start the new day but I didn’t realise it wasn’t you until your mother spoke. I did enjoy it very much though. Do you like having your bum played with?” I thought it only polite to ask.

“That’s for me to know and you to discover, soon I hope.”

Ain’t life wonderful!

#### #### ####

We sat opposite each other as we ate. Our mouths devouring the full English before us and our eyes devouring each other. We both knew that I would discover kültür escort if Anne enjoyed her bum being plundered as much as Anne-too as soon as breakfast was finished.

“Slow down! If we get indigestion we’ll be buggered before we start.” she instructed.

Buggered before we start. Umm, a clue as to her possible pleasure?

“Buggered after we start is OK though?” I suggested.

Anne said nothing but she did smile impishly.

We both slowed down but didn’t actually converse. My head was busy with ideas. Finger? Fingers? Thumb? Cock? How much could her sweet little arse take? Until less than thirty minutes previously I’d never considered the bum as a sexual component. Nope, I’ve got to restate that. A bum is always a delicious aspect of a beautiful woman. I’ve always enjoyed looking at the rear end of a retreating girl or woman in tight jeans, short shorts or when really lucky a tiny bikini bottom. I’ve long known that stroking a nice bum is very pleasurable and on occasion, despite Anne being my first proper, no holds barred fuck, I’ve known girls that enjoyed having their bums stroked. So, it is most assuredly a sexual component and very much part of the attraction if not the foreplay. I guess what I actually mean is that I had not considered that the actual anus was to be considered an an area where sexual completion could be obtained. In English? Make your woman climax! An aspect that Anne-too had very ably demonstrated.

Would Anne be the same? Were all women the same? Did I care? At that time I was only interested in what might please Anne. Why should I worry about other women. Anne was my number one with her mother a close second. I had already discovered that anal play was very acceptable to Anne-too.

By the time I was mopping up the tomato juice from the baked beans with a slice of pappy white bread I had decided that gentle exploration was needed. No rush. We had all the time in the world. I just hoped my cock would allow me to stick to my resolve.

Despite not rushing, too much, Anne was bent over the end of the kitchen table with my cock deep in her cunt when Anne-too entered the kitchen.

“Good morning.” she said without batting an eye at her sight daughter being fucked over the breakfast table.

“‘Mornin’ Mum,” replied Anne, “would you mind doing your own eggs? I’m a bit tied up at the moment.”

“Lucky you!” Anne-too laughed.

I filed that information for latter investigation. I think it’s called learning on the job?

Under normal circumstances and bearing in mind that both I and my girlfriend were naked and my cock was throbbing, you might expect that I was pounding into her cunt for all I was worth. Nothing, on that occasion, would be further from the truth. My cock was buried as deep as it would go admittedly but I was just sliding it gently in and out. A finger was busy exploring her tight, dark rose.

She had been ready for cock even before she bent over the table but rather than dive straight markantalya escort in I’d fingered it for quite a few minutes. I ‘spose it was just common sense but I realised that playing with her anus and then putting the same finger back into her cunt was probably not a good idea. But I did have four fingers and a thumb on each hand, clever me! One at a time each digit got covered with her juices and then teased her dark rose. By the time Anne-too entered the room my cock was where it felt very at home and an index finger was exploring alternative accommodation, much to Anne’s delight if the noises she was making were anything to go by.

I haven’t mentioned it before because it wasn’t relevant but along each side of the large kitchen table there are three drawers. Anne-too went to the middle one on the left, pulled it open, pulled out a toothpaste like tube and put it on the table within my easy reach.

“That will make it easier.”

I picked it up. They say men can’t multitask, well I can! I kept my cock steadily sliding in and out of Anne’s cunt, my finger still exploring her arse-hole and read the little tube details.

Of course I’d no idea about KY Jelly. Never heard of it. After reading the instructions I instantly saw the advantages and unscrewed the cap. Holding it carefully in the hand with the busy finger I squeezed about half and inch of lube onto my other index finger. I worked the lube around the dark rose and over the finger that was exploring inside. Anne sighed contentedly.

Removing the finger I squirted a decent sized ‘blob’ right on her anus and immediately started to work it in with first one then two fingers. You can imagine my delight when Anne suddenly thrust back onto my fingers and cock with a very satisfied groan of pleasure. Very quickly the roles were reversed. I wasn’t cock-fucking her cunt and finger-fucking her arse, she was fucking my fingers and my cock! She didn’t stop until she climaxed. Like her mother it was far bigger than I’d managed to give her previously.

Anne lay on the table utterly exhausted. Anne-too, having watched her daughter’s climax, headed for the egg basket in the cold, ancient, stone built larder on the north side of the kitchen. I stood, relaxing with my stiff cock still buried in Anne’s wet cunt.

“Martin’s still got a stiffy. Will you finish him off before you start on your eggs, please.” murmured my considerate girlfriend.

“Of course! Martin, what would you like?” came the eager response.

“You might like this.” said Anne sliding the tube of KY Jelly up the table top towards her mother.

Anne-too picked it up happily.

“Yes, I’d like that. How about you Martin? Fancy trying your beautiful cock in my arse?”

I nearly came in Anne’s wet cunt just at the thought but managed to hold it all in as I slipped my throbbing cock out.

Anne-too leaned over the side of the table her head only a few inches from her daughter’s and I moved to stand behind her.

“Fuck her while you prepare her arse,” advised my girlfriend.

Anne-too held the tube of lube over her shoulder. I took it from her hand as I slipped my cock deep into her wet cunt. Receiving a satisfied sigh from the recipient as I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32