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Finally, it was the day of my high school graduation. My mother made it a point to get me up early even though the ceremony was not until 2 PM. Either way, we were here. I was lucky enough to get to sit next to my bestie Connie. When we were marching in, Connie jumped the line and got past several people to be able to sit next to me. I only realized that she was behind me in line was that I felt a hand rubbing on my ass while we waited to enter the floor of the arena. When I turned around ready to smack the shit out of one of my male classmates, there she was Connie, so close to me I could feel her body heat. All I could do was laugh.

We continued our march into the arena. I finally spotted my family because of the bright yellow sundress she was wearing. Mom always looked good. She had a killer body, with curvy hips and ample breasts. Her dress was low cut and as I got closer, I smiled as I realized that she was braless. Her nipples were attention and her twin sisters were standing tall. (Breast surgery will do that for a 40+ year old woman.) MOM WAS LOOKING DAMN GOOD!!! I knew that my parents were very sexually active because they were always smooching on the couch, feeling each other up and one night, I caught them butt-ass naked in the pool’s Jacuzzi. Mom was sitting on Dad’s lap and was bouncing up and down. Dad was massaging those big titties and both of them were moaning up a storm. Even though these were my parents, that shit had me horny as hell. I never moved away from the window. I guess Dad was going to be tearing that shit up tonight because I know I would if my wife looked like that.

I saw my brother sitting next to my mom and Katrina was sitting behind them. That was all of my family. We were small but proud. Connie on the other hand had a whole section of her family. Her mom was dressed very sexy as usual in a white strapless dress and her dad had on a suit that looked like it belonged more in the tropics than in stuffy Washington, DC. I laughed because they had style about them. The other 50 or so members of her entourage were jumping up and down and waving at Connie and me.

The ceremony illegal bahis was the usual blah, blah inspirational speeches. All through the ceremony, Connie and I was texting each other. At first it was the usual girl shit about how our classmates looked. By the middle of the ceremony, we were texting each other nude pictures of each other and being real raw in our texts. She even commented on how good my mom looked with those hips and killer tits. Her statement was, I would definitely do your mom. I want to suck on those brown tits and eat her pussy all night. Can I?” I texted her back, only if I can eat your pussy and lick on your beautiful white ass while you do my mom. We both looked up from texting and gave each other one of those, hell yeah high fives and burst out laughing. Luckily this was at the end of the Valedictorians speech. No one was the wiser because the audience had started clapping over the speech.

I was really turned on by her photos. One of them showed her with five black guys. One in her pussy, one in her ass, one in each hand and the last one was getting his dick sucked by Connie. I texted her back that she was a lucky bitch. Her response was that no, they were the lucky ones to have this bomb ass pussy, ass, hands and head. My text to her was, YOU FUCKING FREAK!!! Her last text was, don’t hate, just participate. My pussy was juicing bad and it did not help that I was rubbing my legs together like match sticks. Connie had opened up her graduation gown just wide enough to show me that she only had on panties. My eyes almost jumped out of my head. She mouthed to me that this was all mines. I came and I came hard. I had to steady myself by grabbing onto the back of the seat in front of me.

The ceremony ended none too soon. We marched out of the arena and back into a special holding area for the graduates. I told Connie that I needed to use the bathroom. All of the ones that we came too were crowded with students. We finally found one in an area that was not used for the graduation. It was a companion/family bathroom. We ducked in together. As soon as we locked the door, Connie jumped my bones. Connie had my gown open and had knelt between illegal bahis siteleri my legs. She was trying hard to hike up my sundress and get at my coochie. I just leaned against the wall as she finally pulled my thong to the side and used her tongue to play with my clit. There was no foreplay with this chick. She went down and dirty, quick, fast and in a hurry. Since I had come once, she was enjoying some dried up juices along with some new ones. Each time she slurped, I shivered. My kitty kat was not going to last long, and it didn’t. I hit my point of return so quick it scared me. This time I was shooting a fountain. It was so much that Connie had to move out of the way. I finally came down from that mountain peak. I heard Connie say that her last gang bang picture really set me off. I smiled at her and gave her another Hell yeah high five.

Connie took off her gown and was wearing her thong panties and a small handbag that she had across her shoulder. She pulled a small vibrator and another object out of her bag. Connie signaled for me to come closer. I carefully stepped over my river of cum juice that was on the floor and got closer to her. She told me that she was going to use the vibrator on herself and wanted me to use the butt plug on her ass. I now got a better look at the butt plug as she handed it to me. Connie went back into her hand bag and pulled out a small tube of Vaseline. She smeared some on her vibrator and told me to use the rest on her ass. She turned around at the sink and started to work the vibrator on her pussy. Connie was purring like a Kat in heat. She was working the vibrator in and out and around her pussy. I moved up on her ass and starting rubbing and slapping her ass. This was taking her to another level. I rubbed some Vaseline on the butt plug and some on her puckering ass hole. As I worked my finger into her ass hole, Connie started to move her ass back and forth. I exchanged my finger with the butt plug. To give her a rush, I went right in on her anus. I pushed the butt plug in hard and straight. Connie gave out a loud yell as I penetrated her sex. I was relentless and did not give in to her screams for me to slow canlı bahis siteleri down. The harder I worked it the more she gyrated that ass. Her screams turned more into passion. I grabbed one of her tittys and pinched it as hard as I could. Connie yelped and then said she could not stand it any longer and was cumming. I jammed the butt plug in one more time and left it there. I picked up smacking that ass and listened as she came so hard that she shot the butt plug out of her ass. Her pussy juices from her cum were rolling down her legs. I knelt in front of her and lapped on her pussy, trying to capture all of her juices. Connie grabbed my head and smashed it into her pussy as her 2nd cum rolled through.

I started to get up from between her legs when we heard an announcement asking all graduates and guests to leave the arena. Connie and I looked at each other and knew that it was time to go. Connie with her dirty self, reached between her legs and stuck three fingers in and out of her pussy several times. The last time they came out sticky and wet with her juices. Connie put her fingers to my lips and smeared her juices along my lips and over my face. Connie then started to lick her juices from my face with a slow sensual pace. She was driving me crazy. When she got to my lips, she sucked on th top and then on the bottom one. Lastly, she stuck her tongue down my throat and rotated it at a wild pace that was hard for me to keep up to. As usual I was hooked on the “C”.

We got ourselves together, but did the damndest thing before we left the bathroom. We exchanged panties. I put on hers and she put on mines. Surprisingly both fit us well. We walked towards the exit as if nothing had occurred. As we exited, our families were waiting on us. My mother hugged me so tight that I could feel those bullet nipples through my gown. Damn, I was wishing that this was not my mom. I got a hug from my Dad and my brother. As my sister Katrina embraced me, I could hear her sniffling with her nose. She whispered in my ear that I smelled like sweet pussy juices. I smiled as we let go of each other and then looked over at Connie. My sister saw the look I gave Connie and instantly knew that we had sex. She grabbed me by the hand and whispered in my ear that maybe there was more to come later. I squeezed her hand to acknowledge the future possibilities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32