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I was staying with my best friend while visiting from out of state. We had been friends since grade school. She was closer to me than my own brother.

It was a hot summer day and we were just sitting around the house enjoying each others company and catching up on each others lives when in walks her older brother.

He lives next door with his girlfriend of the week. Ever since high school, I had a major crush on him. So when he walked in, our eyes immediately met.

I smiled at him, and he just stared intently at me, not letting me drop my glance. Immediately, my stomach started to knot and my pussy starts to get wet at the thought of his cock.

When he finally lets me drop my gaze, my eyes automatically trail down to his crotch. Because I know that underneath his jeans there is no underwear to conceal his cock.

No matter how many times I see him, he always turns me on. Maybe it’s his long brownish black hair, or his sexy eyes, or his luscious lips. He just has that sexiness about him that makes me want to cum in my panties.

I quickly excuse myself to go to the bathroom, so I can pull myself together. As I am splashing my face with water, I hear a knock at the door. I open it up, knowing who was on the other side.

“I need to talk to you.” he says as he walks to his sisters bedroom. I knew what was coming next.

I walk into the room behind him and I sit on the edge of the bed. He stands in front of me, and slowly runs his hand through my long red hair.

As he does this I think to myself that it is a good thing I am sitting down. I was suddenly aware that my knees were very weak.

“I have been waiting all day to see you,” he says. Knowing that I had been waiting months to see him.

“I’m glad you came over,” was all I could manage to get out.

“I want that ass!” he exclaimed.

“I can’t. What about Vanessa?” I asked him.

“She won’t find out,” he promised.

“Well, I can’t do it in here. Your sister is downstairs,” I informed.

Just illegal bahis as I am saying this, he undoes the button and pulls down his zipper to expose his hard cock. It sprang out just inches from my face.

He slowly reaches down and grabs it in his right hand and rubs it on my lips like it was lip gloss.

I refrained from opening my mouth and sucking on his glorious cock. Instead I pull my head back just as I hear the kitchen door open.

It’s Vanessa, I can hear her ask if Rob had been here. Immediately, he puts his cock back in his pants and tells me to stay in the bedroom until he leaves. As he is walking to the door, he tells me to meet him at the little corner store at 9p.m. and we will go for a ride.

He leaves the room, and a minute later, I hear the screen door shut. I pull myself together and head for the kitchen.

My friend is sitting there looking at me as I enter the room.

“What did he want?” she questioned.

“Just to talk. He wants me to go for a ride with him tonight, so we can finish talking,” I told her.

“Don’t do anything with him. He has been with her for almost a week now,” she warned me.

“I’m not. We are just going to talk, that’s it,” I encouraged.

So we sat around and talked and passed the time away. My pussy was wet with the anticipation of the things to come.

About an hour before I was to meet him, I went and showered and prepared myself for the ride of my life.

Since it was so hot out, I just wore shorts and a t-shirt. I didn’t bother to wear panties, because I knew they would be off before I got home. As I was fastening my bra, I thought about the way his velvet-like cock slid lightly over my lips. My pussy started to tingle just thinking about it.

I finally went downstairs and waited for what seemed like forever. It was finally to go and meet my secret lover at the designated spot.

I head out the door reassuring my friend that her brother just wanted to talk with me and nothing more.

He was waiting for me when illegal bahis siteleri I got there. So I get in the car and we head off for destination unknown.

“I missed you Pee-Pee Head,” he said, half laughing.

That was his little pet name for me. If anyone else would have called me that, it would have offended me. But he knew he could do almost anything to me and it wouldn’t bother me.

We drove for a while. The grass was getting taller the further out that we drove. We turned on a dirt road and drove more. When we finally stopped, the grass was almost waist high. We get out of the car, and I notice that he has a flash light and a bag with him.

“What’s in the bag?” I questioned.

“You’ll find out later,” he said.

So we walked for a while, and finally saw an opening in the grass. We were at a huge pond. The only house around was at least 300 feet away.

We sat on a rock by the pond. We made small talk for a few minutes. He stood up, leaned down and started to massage my breast, while undoing his pants to expose his hard cock.

I didn’t need him to tell me what to do next. My mouth was automatically drawn to his cock, like a nail to a magnet. Just the sight of it made my juices start to flow.

I slowly licked the head of it as I stroked the shaft. A soft moan escaped his lips as I started to inhale his meaty member. My nipples were growing harder in anticipation of the action to come.

I knew that if I kept sucking his cock for too much longer, that he would cum. And I didn’t want that to happen just yet. So I pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled my shirt and bra off with one swift movement.

I held my breasts together so he could fuck them like I knew he loved to do. My pussy grew wetter with every swift stroke of his cock.. He fucked my breasts for a few minutes until my arms grew tired from holding up my heavy breasts.

“On your hands and knees now!!” he demanded.

I did so without questioning him. He got down behind me and slid his hot canlı bahis siteleri cock into my already wet pussy.

With every thrust, I could feel my orgasm building. Just when I couldn’t take any more, he pulled out and I could feel his cockhead start to poke at my tight ass hole.

I loved it when he fucked my tight ass, and he knew it. he slowly slipped his massive cock into my ass as I moaned and bit my lip to keep from screaming out in pleasure.

After the head was completely in, he rammed his cock so far into my ass that it pushed me forward.

“oh yeah. Fuck my ass!” I screamed.

“You are MY nasty little slut aren’t you?’ he asked.

“Fuck yeah, I’m your nasty little slut,” I repeated.

He kept fuckin my hot, tight ass, faster and harder. While he is fuckin me, I hear the bag ruffeling. Without pulling out of my ass, he puts his hand at my pussy. I can feel something parting my lips for entry, but I know it isn’t his hand.

As the mystery object is sinking into my pussy, I was trying to figure out what was making its way inside me. I couldn’t tell, other than it was thick and hard. I didn’t care, I was getting fucked in both holes, my pussy by my mystery lover and my ass by my best friends brother.

Both were fucking me so hard and so fast, that I knew I was going to explode into my most mind blowing orgasm ever! Just as I started to explode into orgasm, he pulled both his cock and the mystery object out of me as he shot his cum all over my ass.

He knew I was just slutty enough to like it like that. We got dressed in silence, and as we were walking to the car, I asked him what the object was that he fucked my wet hole with. He just smiled at me without answering.

We made more small talk on the way to the little corner store that he picked me up at. As I opened the door and got out, he looked up at me and smiled.

“It was a cucumber,” he said.

I just looked at him and laughed as I started to walk back to his sister’s house. The whole way home, I wondered if he was joking or not. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I didn’t care.

As long as he was fucking me, he could do whatever he wanted.

Because I was His. In some ways, I would always be his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32