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Fantasy Bucket List

Chapter 1

The worst day of my life!

Sitting in this small neighborhood bar sipping on my second rum and coke in the back booth. I start to look around seeing a hand full of people drinking various drinks, beer, wine and my favorite rum and coke.

Seeing the waitress coming who just place my second one down is young maybe 23, 5’2” nice face but a little heavy on the ass side. The bar tender female dyke type with black leather vest, dark skin shaved head and nice pair of tits 34c. The place has low lighting as you might see in an old film, dark panel with a etched mirror behind the bar, pool table where what seems to be a husband and wife playing 9 ball, they have the rings on, young 27 or so and seem very competitive with the game. What seems to stand out most with those two are their clothes and how they move, standing taller than most do and even their speech. They seem to be upper class type people looking down at the rest of us. Why they are here I have no clue.

Now what makes this the worst day ever, we’ll I need to go back 12 hours when I first woke up.

I get up about 4am in the morning out of habit I guess go down stairs get on my tablet and start scrolling literotica for the latest stories. I come across a good cheating wife story and click it and start reading, I than move over the treadmill starting it up and place the tablet on the front lip, I begin walking. I found the the distraction of reading while I am working out relaxing. I am finishing up on the first chapter when I notice the time and that need to get ready for work must have been a good long chapter.

I slowly open the door so I don’t wake up my wife Carol of 20 years. Good looking considering we have two teens twins, boy and a girl, just turned eighteen a few weeks ago. As I am closing the door I hear Carol mumble something. Sorry dear I did not mean to wake you I whisper back. Carol mumbles again but this time I hear the word, “John” come from her mouth. Let me just say that my name is not John but Mike!


Carol… Oh John your dick taste sooo goooood.

I cannot believe what I am hearing, Carol is dreaming that she is sucking John’s cock. Fuck it can’t be John my from work could it?

I was so tempted to wake her up right then and there asking why are you dreaming your sucking John cock, but as I am looking down a I see my own cock rising getting rock hard.

You see I normally don’t think this fast on my feet, but a friend of mine just finished his divorce and lost everything and is paying her monthly. The thing about that was she was the one fucking anything that move, but he was the one that was caught with his pants down.

So if this slut wife of mine is enjoying sucking cock so much that she dreams of it or is remembering sucking John’s cock I need to make damn sure I get this recorded. I am sure not going to lose everything I built.

I open a recording app and press play. I need her to confess.

As I start the app, I look down and I don’t believe it my cock is hard as a rock. I am mouthing WHAT THE FUCK!! I am so angry at this slut wife of mine is dreaming of sucking John’s cock? Well, then no better time than now to use it.

I then proceed to pull down my sweaty shorts and briefs and step closer to Carol’s mouth. Gently pressing my now stone hard 8” cock to her lips, Carol moans softly and starts to open that slut mouth of hers. Slowly now I push my cock in a few millimeters something between a kiss and invite to go forward, of course I continue to push my cock in and hold a moment as I felt her tongue move under my shaft. Slowly withdrawing until it is almost out, I start moving my hips back and forth going a little further in each time and her mouth becomes wetter, and wetter Carol moans more and more each time I go in, this last move pulling out I lean over and I whisper I need you to take all of me as you did last time. I here Carol say mmmmm.

Now I know it is not a dream of the future but of remembering the past, as she has never and I mean never taken my cock all the way down. Knowing this I put my right hand behind her head and shove my hard 8” cock down her throat. Her eyes pop open as my cock hit the back of her throat I pull back a little and try again to get illegal bahis my cock down her throat. She starts to slap my thigh with her right hand and she fighting to move away from my cock. I grab her wrist with my left hand and hold her head down with my right, I fuck her mouth as hard as I can now with my cock, after about 15 second of fucking my slut wife’s mouth I shove my cock all the way in and down her throat holding it there. I know most women can deep throat a cock for about 30 seconds before they need air. She is struggling now after 20 seconds of having my cock in her mouth not able to breathe. 40 seconds down and her eye start to flutter. I start smiling thinking how easy wound it be to just take her out and bury her in the back yard where the pool is being put in. Now at the 60 second mark her arm goes limp and I feel no fight from her.

I pull my cock out flip Carol over onto her stomach, turn her so her feet are on the side of the bed, lifting her waist up she starts to revive some pulling Carol back to the edge. I lean over open the night stand, pull out a some lube, shove it into her ass with my fingers, pull them out and rub it up and down my cock. At this time she start to stir even more I grab her waists on both side and ram my rock hard cock deep into her ass in one strong push.

She screaming oooohhhh mmmmyyyyyyfucking gawddd Mike what are you doing to me.

You fucking slut why were you dreaming of sucking John’s cock!

I wasn’t dreaming of that Mike I don’t know any one named John. Bring my right hand down hard on Carol ass, yes you do slut John from work you meet last week at the company Christmas party. Come to think of it I could not find you from 20 minutes during that party and when you got back your hair was down and you had fresh lipstick on. You fucking whore how many times have you fucked John? I continue to ram my cock in and out this slut’s ass and slapping it hard after each word.

I shove her ass forward heard as she is crying for me to stop. I grab her legs spin her around slap the shit out of her mouth and tell her to open that whore mouth and to start clean my cock. I don’t have time for this shit so, I grab her hair tightly, pulling Carol’s head up and ramming my cock in and out of her slutty mouth, once she has my cock somewhat clean I just drop her head down.

Crying she says that her mother will be her soon to pickup the kids.

Once I was done getting ready for work, I opened the door to see her lying there naked and crying. I told her to get up you are coming with me down stairs. She starts to reach for cotton blue bath robe, I tell her to leave it and follow me. She gets up and follows with head down whimpering. I go into the kitchen grab a water out of the refrigerator and sit down at the table. Carol is just standing there with her head down whimpering. She says that her mother will be here any minute and if she could at least put on a bath robe.

Like with most people, family and close friends come into a home from the back entrance. Ours sits down the hall from the kitchen. So thinking what better way to show off my new slut of a wife then to have her preform in front of her mother.

I tell her to get on her hands and knees and crawl over to me so that I can tell her what is going to happen. Getting on her hands and needs crying even more pleading to stop this madness that her mother will be here any minute now and the kids, Mike what about our children, they might come down and see their mother naked.

Sitting on her heals looking up at me crying and babbling on I take my right hand and give her a good quick hard slap across the face.

Shut the fuck up Carol as I am about to tell you what your life is going to be from now on.

You will be naked at all times while in this house.

You will address me as sir or master.

Your name from this day forward will be slut, whore, bitch or cunt.

You will obey all instruction from me or the children.

Do you understand so far slut.

Yes master.


Taking out a blank piece of paper I draw up a quick agreement stating that “Carol” Aka slut will get nothing from a divorce and will leave this house with nothing, no cash, clothes, or shoes. Now sign on the bottom of this paper.

She starts illegal bahis siteleri crying and shaking as she sits up and reads what is written.

You have two options here, you will either follow these rules or leave. Do you understand?

Yes master.

She takes the pen and signs her name below. She drops the pen down and sits back down on the floor.

Now slut pull my dick out and start sucking. But, but, Master my mother will be here any minute. I give the slut another good slap on the face and tell her once last time to do what you are told or leave.

Rubbing her face she gets up and unzips my tan kakis, pulls out my semi hard cock and start sucking on it as if her life depends on it.

After only a couple of minutes her mother walks I through the back door and let’s everyone know she is here.

Hello family.

With a big smile on my face I yell out, Joan we are in the kitchen having breakfast. Joan is much like her daughter, 5’5” bleach blond hair 35d tits and a slim waist. Unlike her daughter she a least has some ass to her and she has the greatest southern draw a woman could have.

As she is coming into the kitchen she stops and see her daughter on the floor bobbing her head up and down on my cock.

Oh my word, I am sooo sorry, I will come back after your done there Carol.

This takes me a quick second to process but I think Joan has seen this act before, so I tell Joan grab a seat and come over here and watch your daughter suck on my cock before I need to leave for work.

Her eyes are just glued to what my slut is doing to my dick she hesitated for a moment, she said I don’t want to be in the way. Oh nonsense just pull up a chair and come and watch. Now knowing her I was a bit taken that she did not just bolt out the door, seeing her daughter giving head to her husband. Knowing she has not had companionship in over two years after her husband died, this must be driving her pussy crazy.

As Joan pulls up a chair sitting next to me I ask when is the last time you saw this slut suck on a cock like mine.

I have never walked in on her doing this before Mike.

Come on Joan you must have at least once or twice. You see, I found out this morning how much of a slut she really is. She confessed that she sucked and fucked John from my office last week at our company Christmas party. Is that right slut. Pulling her head up off my cock so she can answer.

Yes mother my master is telling the truth.

Good slut now continue sucking my cock.

I look over at Joan and ask why have you stayed watching you whore of a daughter suck my cock?

Looking up I see here eyes are glazed over and her mouth is just hanging their speechless. After a few moments she shakes a little to wake herself out of a dream she was having and starts to speak.

As you know Mike my husband died two years ago and I have not see any reason to start anything new. Well hone, that is not totally true either, a few weeks ago I came across this web site called Literotica, oh my lore, It has everything one can think of as it relate to sex, you know.

Thinking, I know all to well as I use it to distract myself while working out on the treadmill, I let her continue with her story.

It has mother and son, MMF, bondage, bdsm, brother and sister, you name it, it there sweetie.

Oh really, I said what’s your favorite genres I ask, as I pull Carol aka Slut off my cock by her hair I stand her up and push slowly over the kitchen table. Looking straight at Joan the whole time, like this was some normal conversation we have ever morning. With out any preamble I shove my cock right up Carol’s ass all the way in and stay that way. Doing this she yells out fuuuckk mmeeee Master. I ignore her as I ask Joan a question.

If you could do any one of those stories which one would you do?

Mike, just this morning I was reading one before coming over here, it was of a daughter finding out her mother was a dominatric and was into Hard core BDSM. I would not have a clue of where to start doing that stuff,

Now hearing this and having my cock massaged in my sluts ass this whole time I could have sworn my cock felt bigger somehow listening to Joan tell her story.

Looking farther down I was a canlı bahis siteleri little shocked to see Joan had raised her skirt up and was rubbing her pussy, starring at her daughter laying over the table get fucked in in the ass moaning.

Joan I can see this would be a great time for you to full fill some of the fantasy right now. Joan stand up and get out of those panties you have on and get over on the table.

Mike, no I could not do that to my daughter, please Mike I just need to leave you two alone. She starts to get up and I grab her wrist and pull her to me, rapping my arm around her waistline I hold there.

Joan, looks down seeing my cock going in and out of your daughter’s ass, see how it pulls out some when I withdraw and goes back in when push forward. Joan is licking her lips at this and nods just a little. Well that means we are dry down there and need lubricant to make it slide better, she nods again.

I move my hand up to her shoulder and slowly push Joan just so slightly down to her knees.

Joan is still just looking at my cock slowly going in and out of her daughter’s ass.

You know what I need, right, now Joan? Saying this in a firm and control voice. She nods her head a little and slowly opens her mouth licking her lips. I pull me cock out holding it in my left hand and having my right hand behind Joan’s head I push my cock slowly into Joan’s mouth. Inch by inch my cock continues to go in. At about the five inch mark I fell the back of her throat, she gives a little gag and I slowly pull my dick back some the forward again going slowly until I see her head start to move some. She brings her right hand up and starts to stroke my cock keeping it in her mouth.

Carol my slut wife moans, her disturbing me while Joan is sucking my cock pissed me right the fuck off. I take my right hand and come down hard on her ass making her yell out and load and behold she just dumped like a gallon of pussy juice on the floor getting some on my pants and her mother’s skirt.

Seeing that I take my mother-in-law’s left hand pushing her fingers together and just shoving her hand right into Carol’s pussy. At that point I just fuck the shit out of her pussy using Joan’s hand after a few more stroke I let go and Joan keeps moving her hand back and forth.

Seeing my cock is soaked now I pull Joan’s hand out turn and shove my cock back into the slut ass and then tell my mother-in-law’ to reach between my legs and put her hand back into this slut cunt.

With my cock buried in the sluts ass and Joan fisting her cunt hard it fault like I was getting a hand job at the same .

Pulling out I take a hold of Joan’s head and just shovel my dirty shitty cock into her mouth and tell her nicely to get cleaning.

As I was pulling my pants up and the slut falling onto the floor I see our son and daughter there at the entrance to the kitchen.

He is the center on the highs school football team and she is their kicker. My son Frank is 6’1” very heavy but strong, black hair, dark brown eyes, until now I did not know he is, let’s say, very well hung, his cock is 10” and very thick. My daughter Susan on her knees taking his full shaft down her throat is 5’8”, slim waistline, blond hair that she has colored, dark eye, small ass with 32dd breast.

I say Frank from now on you slut mother here is stay naked at all time and is to preform any and all that you ask of her. If she does not you let me know.

Your gran here licking your mother’s pussy is also be naked at all time while in this house.

Joan. Joan!! She looks up, I need you to pay attention for a minute. She stops what she is doing and gets up on her knees. I say if you are here you are to be naked at all times and if you are staying then my children are going to take you up stairs and use you to their pleasure. All she can do is nod once and whisper yes master.

I look at Frank and tell him to pickup gran and take her up stairs and use her as you wish, she has a few fantasies she will need you to fulfill too. That brings a smile to Joan’s face.

I look at Susan and tell her to get this whore at my feet upstairs and look after her until I get back.

She comes over and picks her up and takes her upstairs without a word.

I take the sign paper off the table and head out the door to work and to see John.

Check off not one but two off the Bucket list

Turn wife into a slut

Bonus using my mother-in-law’s mouth

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