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“Way to go, Joshua,” I vainly said to myself as I stared at the reflection of my eighteen-year-old physique in the patio’s glass door.

I had just finished my daily laps in our pool, which I have been doing religiously since mid spring.

My body has changed drastically over the past six months. My upper body was gradually becoming V-shaped and the muscles on my pecs, arms and legs have become more defined. I’m by no means bulky; just fit.

I turn to my side to check out my lats and butt; I am pleased with the results. My butt has always received complements from girls at school and they always said it was one of my greatest “assets”. I actually owe my bubbly butt to the genes on my father’s side of the family.

From my mom’s Nordic side, I inherited my blonde hair and blue eyes. Except for my armpits, pubic hair, and moderately hairy legs, I am naturally smooth; just like the men in her family.


My mom, Isabelle, passed away five years ago and ever since, my dad, Jack, occupied his time by running his own successful advertising company. He’s a workaholic and he loves it. He also loves me very much but he never quite figured out how to be a single parent. He tries, but because of his hectic schedule, he wasn’t always there.

He’s also not the affectionate type. We rarely had a “buddy” relationship and he was always somewhat formal. The only way he knew how to show his love was by making sure I was well provided for. We live in a large beautiful house in one of the best neighborhoods in Pasadena, and I go to the best private school in the district. In return, I always tried to be the good son. My grades were always exceptional and I never got into any trouble.

My dad never remarried. Over the years, he had a few casual girlfriends but his relationships never lasted long because of his busy work. It didn’t bother him much as he’d never get attached to the women he dated anyway.


My father is a man’s man. He’s 43 and quite the catch. When we’re out, he gets a lot of attention. I always notice women checking him out, and some men, too. Even married women in my dad’s circle of friends are always “jokingly” feeling his muscles and pinching his firm round butt.

When he was younger, he was the star of his rugby team. He was born to be a rugby player. He had the agility and the natural physique to match. He’s 6’1 and bulky. With his broad shoulders, impeccable pecs, and bulging arms – which he likes to show off by wearing Polo shirts one size too small – the man is a beast. Despite the few extra pounds he gained over the last few years, his body is still in top notch shape.

When clean shaven, he has an adorable baby face, but for the past few years, he’s been sporting a full beard; dark brown with a touch of gray, which makes him incredibly macho and sexy. His beard complements his hazel eyes and buzz cut brown hair. He’s also quite the hairy man; brown fur perfectly blankets his upper body, arms and legs.

But by far, my dad’s best physical feature is his huge fat cock. It’s one of the most beautiful uncut fuckers I have ever seen.

I’ve never seen it erect, but when soft, it’s about seven inches and frighteningly thick. I am sure there’s an additional inch hidden in his magnificent forest of pubic hair. His balls are quite the sight, too. Large and hang tight underneath his massive tool.


I had just turned thirteen the first time I saw my dad fully naked. It was by accident. He had just finished his shower and was getting ready to get dressed when I barged into his bedroom. My eyes were immediately drawn to his gigantic manhood and I loudly and unknowingly gasped!

“Did it scare you there, son?” he jokingly said as he put on his underwear.

“It’s huge, dad! It’s a lot bigger than mine,” I impulsively replied.

He laughed hysterically and said, “Don’t worry, sport. Yours will be as big as mine and maybe even bigger when you’re older. All the men in our family are blessed with big tools. You just be patient.”

That day was my awakening. I felt something; something new. I lied on my bed thinking about my dad’s stunningly naked body and all its glory. What was wrong with me? Why was I turned on by my naked father?

That night I had my first wet dream and my father was the star. I woke up with a smile on my face, but it didn’t last long. The guilt quickly kicked in and it was awful.

As much as I wanted to, over the years, I never intentionally fantasized about my dad. But to this day, whenever he’s shirtless or I accidentally see him naked, I would furtively gaze at his body for as long as I could, and every now and then, I would have wet dreams about him that are always so fucking wild.

I did, however, fantasize a lot about uncle Abe, and for some reason, I never felt guilty about it. Maybe because he’s my dad’s half brother or maybe because uncle Abe’s character is completely different from dad’s.


When my father’s parents separated, my grandmother ataşehir escort married a man of Lebanese descent and had uncle Abe, who’s three years younger than dad, and aunt Katia, who’s seven years younger. Uncle Abe’s actual name is Ibrahim, Arabic for Abraham, but everyone called him Abe.

Although my dad lived with his father after his parents divorced, he and his half siblings were really close and they loved each other. They all lived in the same neighborhood and over the years, my dad and uncle Abe became best friends and played for the same local rugby team.

I actually saw both my dad and uncle Abe shed tears for the first time in my life as they were saying their goodbyes during uncle Abe’s farewell party, right before he moved to London four years ago.


Just like my dad, uncle Abe is the definition of a real man. While marginally shorter than my father, his muscular and broad body give the illusion he’s a giant. His voice is husky and loud; very loud. He sounds like Alex Jones, which for some reason, I find incredibly manly and sexy.

He inherited his light tanned rugged body and dark brown hair from his father and piercing green eyes and long lashes from his mother.

I’ve seen him in his swimming trunks a few times and his body is fucking majestic. He’s hairy, not quite as furry as dad, and it flawlessly covers his enormous torso and six pack, all the way down to his thick thighs and legs. He also has naturally muscled calves. Any bodybuilder would be envious of uncle Abe’s calves.

When he used to come over for a swim, I couldn’t wait for him to get out of the pool. His wet trunks would stick to his crotch and I could see the outline of his dick and its fat circumcised mushroom.

But unlike my dad’s baby face, uncle Abe’s face is intimidating. He has a natural hostile look that always made him look fierce and was about to fight someone. His seductive dark brown bushy beard and shaggy hair made him even more menacing. When he smiled, it always looked devilish. I’ve never seen a sexier smile on a man.

Also unlike dad, he was very touchy-feely in a playful yet bully-like way. Whenever he joked or teased someone, which he did a lot, he would follow with a headlock or jabs on the chest or arms. His jabs left temporary marks on my arms a few times but I never did mind it.

If I had to describe uncle Abe in one word, I’d say he’s a brute. A GODDAMN SEXY BRUTE.

He was always fun to have around. Everyone liked him as he was always up for a good time. He was also always up to date with pop culture, sports and technology, which was great for someone my age. I’ve had way more interesting conversations with him than I ever had with dad. We also both love video games and played frequently.

I’ve always wished my dad was as fun and as warm as his brother. The only thing I disliked about uncle Abe was that he always called me “kiddo”.


Few months after I had jerked off for the first time, I came to terms with my sexuality but I’ve kept it to myself. I never told anyone, not even my closest friends. I especially didn’t tell my dad because as a macho ladies man, I knew he would be disappointment if he found out his son was gay.

Over the years, I dated and made out with few girls, just to keep up appearances. But I never felt any sexual desire for any of them and would always make up excuses to break off the relationships.

I have also come to terms that I am not attracted to guys my age; only butch men with bodies that resembled my dad’s or uncle Abe’s.

In fact, Uncle Abe was the hero of many of my sexual fantasies.

When I started checking out porn sites, I always looked at images and videos of muscled hairy men, but whenever I jerked off, I would always fantasize about uncle Abe holding me in his arms, kissing me and making love to me.

That lasted up until last year.

During one of my all night porn viewing sessions, I was intrigued to explore different kinds of videos. I eventually fell into the vortex of raunchy BDSM and humiliation porn, and MAN, OH MAN! It was a whole new world. A world I really liked. The more I watched, the more I wanted to be part of that world.

It turned me on like fucking crazy watching a ruthless master dominate his slave, humiliate him by making him lick his boots and feet, drill his asshole, and drench his face and mouth with cum and piss.

I envied those slaves. I wanted to be one of them. I wanted to be dominated, humiliated and fucked like a whore by my savage master, who in my fantasies, was always uncle Abe.

Alas, in reality, I’m an eighteen-year-old virgin who has never been kissed or even touched by a man.


“Stop staring at yourself, you look like an idiot,” aunt Katia said as she stepped into the patio.

Aunt Katia lives close by with her husband and their two young daughters. We call her chef Katia because she’s always at our house cooking for us and her avcılar escort food is remarkable.

“How many laps this time?” she asked.

“The usual.”

“Good. Now go shower and put on some nice clothes. Uncle Abe is coming for dinner.”

“WHAT?! Uncle Abe is back?” I asked as my heart skipped a beat, “when did he get back?”

“Last week.”

“Last week?! How come I haven’t seen him yet?”

“He’s been busy with his new job and settling into his new apartment. But, you’ll get to see him soon.”

“Did he leave London?”

“Yeah, he’s back for good. He got a good job offer here in Pasadena,” she explained, “by the way, he’s not with aunt Emma anymore so don’t bring her up during dinner.”

“What happened?!”

“It seems lately they haven’t been getting along and she didn’t wanna leave her job in London so they decided to separate.”

“That’s awful. I’m sorry to hear that. On the bright side, dad must be really thrilled.”

“Yeah, we’re all very excited. We haven’t seen Abe in three years. Now go shower. You smell of chlorine.”

I rushed up to my room and locked the door. I lied on the bed with a huge smile thinking of uncle Abe and of how much I’ve missed him. The last time I saw him was at his farewell party. I was fourteen; he was thirty six.

I hope he doesn’t call me “kiddo” tonight. I don’t want to be his “kiddo”, I want to be his fucking slut.

I was starting to get aroused when aunt Katia yelled for me to come down.

Fuck! No time to jerk off. I grabbed a quick shower, put on a pair of nice jeans and shirt and headed down.


As I walked down the stairs, I saw the back of man dressed in a dark suit. My dad was facing him, chatting and grinning. That’s unmistakably uncle Abe’s broad back. I’ve never seen him in a suit before.

My dad spotted me and gestured to hurry down. Uncle Abe turned around with a smile on his face that quickly changed into a look of shock.

I was shocked, too. Uncle Abe looked even hotter than before. Maybe it was the stylish three-piece suit that hugged his muscled body; maybe it was the neatly cut hair and groomed beard that gave him an even more serious look, or maybe it was the extra few pounds he put on since I last saw him that made him look bigger and stronger. He looked smart, intimidating and unbelievably sexy.

“Holy shit! Is that Josh?”

I’ve missed that sexy devilish smile.

“Uncle Abe, I’m glad you’re back. It’s been so long.”

“Oh my god, look at you. You are a man! I don’t believe it. Come here, give me a hug.”

In a typical uncle “brute” fashion, he yanked me closer and engulfed my whole body in his arms. His body was solid hard. It was like hugging a rock. His beard brushed against my cheek. It was electrifying. Our crotches were pressed against each other. They stayed pressed throughout the hug. I could smell his manly musk. It’s overpowering. Uncle Abe was always anti-cologne; he used to say only sissies wore cologne. I did not wear any that evening.

As much as I never wanted the hug to end, I needed him to let go before he could feel the stiffness in my pants.

“Let me look at how much you’ve changed, uncle Abe.”

It worked. He let go. I gazed at his face for a couple of seconds and quickly noticed the sparse of gray in his hair and beard. His face was unbelievably hot.

I jabbed his firm gut a couple of times and joked, “Uncle Abe, were you working at a fish and chips joint in London?”

My dad laughed at my joke. I think he was happy he wasn’t the only who had lately gained weight.

“You little punk,” uncle Abe replied with a smile.

“I’ve missed you so much, uncle Abe.”

“I missed you, too, ki—well I can’t call you kiddo anymore, you’re a man now.”

I couldn’t stop smiling.

“He’s grown a lot since you last saw him,” dad said, “did you notice how hard his body is? he’s been taking swimming very seriously.”

I was now grinning that my dad had noticed how my body has changed. I definitely didn’t expect that compliment from him.

“I can tell. His body is getting quite muscular. Like father like son,” uncle Abe replied.

I was loving the ego boost I was getting from those two gorgeous men.

“You must be killin’ it with the girls in school. Do you have a girlfriend?” uncle Abe added.

Before I could answer, my dad interjected, “He had quite a few. He’s a ladies’ man.”

“Just like his dad.”

Aunt Katia walked into the living room and announced dinner was ready. Perfect timing as I really wanted the conversation about girls to end.

Aunt Katia was joining us alone. Her husband was on babysitting duty.

My dad put his hand on uncle Abe’s back and escorted him to the dining room. I walked behind them looking at the backs of two sexy beasts, wishing I was sandwiched between them. I was getting hard again. This was going to be a problem for me throughout the whole evening.

Before joining avrupa yakası escort everyone for dinner, I stepped into the washroom, splashed my face with cold water and exhaled. Moments later, my erection subsided.

When I walked into the dining room and saw how beautiful the table was set, I took out my phone and declared I was gonna take some pics for my Instagram. I took photos of the food, of dad, of aunt Katia, and of course, of uncle Abe. I never intended to put any of the pics on Instagram but I needed a photo of uncle Abe’s new look for my all-night wanking session.

I paid close attention to the conversation during dinner, sometimes joining in. I knew if I got distracted, even a little, my mind would wander into dangerous territory.

Uncle Abe talked about London, his divorce, and how happy he was to be back and reconnect with family and friends. He liked London, but he hated being away from loved ones. He and dad then reminisced about their rugby days and mischievous adventures when they were younger.

After dinner was over, dad took uncle Abe into the patio for brandy and cigars while I helped aunt Katia clear the table.

I was glad the evening was almost over. I so badly wanted to go up to my room, get naked and fantasize being a salve to uncle Abe’s cock.

After we finished clearing the table, I stepped into the patio to announce I’m going to bed when dad said, “Hey, sport, uncle Abe was telling me he’s still got few boxes to unpack at his new place. Would you like to come with me tomorrow morning and help out?”

I was motionless. All I could think of was two hairy, sweaty shirtless men moving boxes. There’s that dangerous territory again. I had to snap out of it but dad beat me to it.

“YO! You can say no if you don’t wanna. I know tomorrow is saturd..”

“I’d love to help out,” I interrupted.

“Great,” dad replied.

Before I could say goodnight, uncle Abe suggested, “Josh, I was thinking, how about you come over tonight for a sleepover? Your dad can join us tomorrow morning. I could use the company. I got a bunch of new video games I wanna try out and I would love to kick your ass. You can also help me set up a Tinder profile since I’m single now. What do you say?”

Was this really happening? Me and uncle Abe alone all night?

“That would be awesome, if dad is fine with it,” I replied without any hesitation.

“He’s fine with it. I already asked him. He’s got a date later anyway and he’s happy to get rid of you, if you know what I mean.”

He winked and added, “Go grab all the stuff you need. It’s a large place and you’ll have your own room.”


“I’m excited. We need to spend more time together. A geezer like me needs to feel young again.”

I smiled and ran up to my room. I was getting anxious and turned on at the same time. Calm down, Joshua. Breathe..breathe. Could this be it? I wanted this so badly for a long time. I know I’m more than ready. I knew if my first time was with uncle Abe, it would be special and memorable. He was always the hero of my fantasies, the primitive beast who would dominate me and ravish my asshole.

And then reality hit.

WHAT THE FUCK AM I SAYING? This is all in your head, Josh. Uncle Abe is not gay. He’s been with a lot of gorgeous women. You’re not even close on his radar. Plus, you’re his fucking nephew. Get real and stop building up this ridiculous fantasy in your mind.

It took me a moment to compose and convince myself that I shouldn’t get my hopes up and this was just going to be a night of quality time with my uncle Abe.

“Yalla, let’s go,” uncle Abe yelled.

I knew what “yalla” meant; it’s Lebanese for “let’s go.” It has become a tradition in our house to quote the Lebanese words uncle Abe and aunt Katia threw at us from time to time.

I grabbed my backpack and stuffed in a t-shirt, a pair of underwear, my phone charger and my toothbrush. I headed downstairs to see dad and uncle Abe waiting by the door.

“What the hell took you so long? Were you jacking off?” uncle Abe wickedly said.

“Funny,” I replied sarcastically, “let’s go old geezer.”

“You’re son is a dick,” he said to my dad with a smile.

Dad gave me a quick hug me and said, “Have a good time and I’ll see both of you in the morning.”


The drive to uncle Abe’s apartment was short and mundane. We talked about the latest movies and video games. He also told me he got me a gift from London which I couldn’t wait to see.

The apartment was in a new fancy building, which I had anticipated. Uncle Abe had a good paying job working as a senior financial analyst for a multinational corporation.

We took the elevator to the tenth floor. There was brief awkward silence which he quickly broke with an irritating move, typical of uncle Abe. He pretended he was gonna flick my forehead, as I flinched, he flicked my balls.

“Hey!” I said as I covered my balls with my hands.

“Did it hurt?”


“Then you ain’t got no balls.”

“I do, and they’re huge, but you missed.”

“Huge, eh? What about the sausage? Do you take after your dad?”


I couldn’t believe what he had just asked.

“Do. You. Have. A. Big. Sausage. Like. Your. Dad?” he sarcastically repeated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32