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This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. All persons in this story are over the age of 18.


Rebecca is my daughter in law and I love visiting her unannounced especially early in the mornings before she has taken their daughter to school and while my son was at work. I love catching her wearing just her bathrobe, as I usually get a glimpse of her large breasts and pointy nipples along with her shaved bald cunt, she knows I stare at her body and flirts with me, letting her bathrobe fall open when she is hands me a cup of coffee or as we sit at the kitchen table one of her large breasts will fall out and she pretends not to notice it happening.

Today was a total surprise and was totally unexpected she had phoned me and asked if I could pop in for a coffee in the morning after she had taken their young daughter to school, as she wanted to ask me for a favor. When I arrived and walked in through the back door, I found her waiting for me sitting at the kitchen table, today however she had no bathrobe on and was just in her nighty my eyes grew bigger and my cock started to twitch, at the sight of her near naked body showing through her see thru nighty she was wearing.

“I will make us a coffee, then we can have a chat.” Rebecca said to me.

I kept checking out her body and her wonderful bubble butt as she faced away from me making our coffees. I knew from a previous visit after having gone through her washing basket that she wore size 12 panties and 12D cup bras, she is 23 years old with a slim figure and about 5’7 tall with long brown hair.

As she placed my coffee down in front of me her breast brushed the cheek of my face through her nighty, my cock twitched in anticipation that she had done that on purpose.

“Dad, I need your help,” said Rebecca, she always calls me dad when she wanted something, she knew that I liked her calling me that.

“What can I do for you sweetheart?” I asked.

Rebecca started to cry and I moved my chair closer next to hers and gave her a cuddled and say. “Don’t get upset, everything will be alright, what has happened and how can I help.”

“I need to borrow some money of you,” she explains.

“How much do you need?” I ask.

“$2000.” she whispers.

“What $2000, why do you need that much?” I asked.

Rebecca started to cry again and I gave her another cuddle this time my hand brushes over her breast and I feel her nipple becoming harder.

She finally tells me she has lost the money that my son had given her to pay the bills and buy the groceries with.

“Where did you lose the money?” I asked.

Rebecca starts to cry again as she tells me. “I lost it all at the poker machines, I was bored being at home alone and started going to the club to play the poker machines. Now I have people ringing me asking us to pay their outstanding accounts.”

“Have you told my son of what you have done?” I ask.

“NO, I can’t tell him I don’t want him to know, I’m willing to do anything so he won’t find out,” she says.

I pulled beşiktaş escort her body closer to mine and give her another cuddled and kiss her on her cheek, and run my hand over her nighty covered breast and give her breast a squeeze.

“Are you sure your willing to do anything… really anything?” I ask, as sexual thoughts run through my mind.

Rebecca leans back against the chair and turns and faces me, and says. “Yes anything.”

She then begins playing with the ties on her nighty, and says. “I know you like looking at me and I know you took my panties from the washing basket…what if I let you fuck me…you do want to fuck me don’t you?”

She undoes the ties on her nighties and lets the front of the nightie fall open to exposing her lovely firm D cup breasts to me.

I smile at her and say. “I’m sure we can come to some agreement.”

I stand up and lift Rebecca to her feet and watch as her nighty slips down her body to her ankles and onto the floor. My daughter in law stands there in front of me naked as I gaze at her sexy body, I can see that her cunt has been freshly shaved and I reach out and run my fingers over the lips of her cunt, she lets out a low pitched moan, and when I push a finger inside her cunt and give my finger a few pumps Rebecca lets out a louder moan.

“Let’s go to your bedroom.” I say to her and take her by the hand and lead her towards their bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Rebecca lays down on the bed and spreads her legs apart giving me a clear view of her bald cunt. I reach into my pocket and pull out my mobile phone and switch on the phone’s camera and begin taking photos of my naked daughter in law.

I say to her. “I want to have these photos to remind me how sexy you are.”

Rebecca smiles at the camera and begins to pose in different positions.

“Show me your cunt, pull your cunt lips apart and play with yourself, make yourself cum.” I tell her and switch my phones camera to video mode.


After recording Rebecca masturbating and have an orgasm, I remove all my clothes and climb onto the bed beside her. My cock is hard pulsating as I move my cock closer to her mouth.

“NO… I don’t like sucking cocks,” she tells me and turns her mouth away from my cock.

“Well for the sort of money you’re asking for, you are going to have to learn to love sucking cocks plus everything else,” I say to her.

Before she can answer, I turn her head to face my throbbing hard cock, she opens her mouth to complain and I push my cock into her mouth and start sliding my cock in and out of her mouth over and over, pushing my cock deeper into her mouth each time.

Rebecca begins sucking harder and gags as I push my cock into her mouth as deep as I can, I pull my cock back out slightly letting her catch a breath then push my cock back into her mouth as hard and as fast as I can. I feel the knob of my cock hitting the back of her throat. I hold her head by her hair and move her mouth up and down on the shaft of my cock, her mouth clamps around my cock shaft and I can feel the suction she is creating.

As, I start to shoot my cum into Rebecca’s mouth she tries to lift her beşiktaş eve gelen escort head away from my cock.

“Swallow, swallow every last drop.” I tell her.

She reluctantly does as she’s been told and swallows each load of my cum that I squirt into her mouth, when I have finished cumming and my cock starts going limp I remove my cock from her mouth. I wipe up the excess cum from around the edges of her mouth with my fingers and push my fingers into her mouth to suck clean, Rebecca sucks the cum of my finger then licks my cock clean.

“Now that wasn’t to bad was it?” I ask.

“I don’t even suck your son’s cock,” she tells me bluntly.

“Well maybe you should.” I tell her.

I start kissing her wonderful large breasts and suck her nipple into my mouth and bite her nipple, pulling on her nipple with my teeth.

“Ow, that hurts,” Rebecca screamed.

I let go of her nipple and began kissing her body all over as I move lower down her body. I kiss her bald cunt and run my tongue over her clit, I can feel her clit becoming harder as it pokes out from under its hood, I suck her bud into my mouth and she starts to squeal and her body shivers as I keep sucking on her love bud.

As I begin to finger fuck her wet cunt Rebecca gives out a loud squeal and begins moaning as her body squirms and shakes on the bed as she has an orgasm. I pull her cunt lips apart and push my tongue as deep as I can into her cunt inside her cunt.

Rebecca presses down on my head pushing my mouth harder and my tongue deeper into her bald cunt, she lifts her hips up and starts to hump my face as she has another orgasm.

Her sweet tasting cunt juices start squirting into my mouth as my tongue continues to tongue fuck her wet bald cunt. When she is ready I move up the bed and position my hard cock leaking precum at the entrance to her cunt, Rebecca pulls her cunt lips apart letting me thrust my cock all the way inside her cunt, she lets out a scream as she feels my cock being thrust into her cunt. For a woman her age with a kid her cunt is very tight.

Her cunt muscles tighten around the shaft of my cock as I begin to thrust in and out of her cunt. Each time I pull my cock partly back out I can feel her cunt muscles trying to keep my cock buried deep inside her cunt. I slam my cock back in till our pelvic bones smash together and then I repeat this action over and over again, slamming my cock into her cunt.

I am finally fucking my daughter in law Rebecca, my wish has come true, I have always dreamed of fucking her ever since the very first time my son introduced her to me. The pace of my thrusts begin to get quicker and I’m close to shooting my load of cum into her cunt.

She feels how close to cumming I am and screams. “Don’t cum inside me, I’m not on the pill.”

I don’t listen to what she says and I thrust my cock into her cunt and leave it buried deep inside her as my cock erupts and shoots my cum into her cunt several times as I fill her cunt with my cum, I smile as I think about how I might have made my daughter in law pregnant. With my cock starting to become limp I slowly remove my cock from her cunt and beşiktaş grup yapan escort watch her cunt muscles close keeping my seed inside her.

I look at her face and I see her smiling and say. “You liked me fucking you, didn’t you?”

“Fuck Yes, you fucked me much better than your son does,” she tells me.

Moving up the bed beside her, I give her a kiss and she opens her mouth and pushes her tongue inside my mouth, we wrestled with each others tongues as we kiss each other passionately. I pull her into a tight embrace and reached down and cupped the cheeks of her ass and give them a squeeze, they feel so soft and little in the palms of my hands.

When I pushed my finger against her asshole she breaks our kiss and lets out a yelp, and begs. “Not my ass, please don’t fuck my asshole.”

“Well I won’t fuck your ass today…but sometime soon I will be.” I tell her.

“I’ve never had my ass fucked,” she tells me.

“Well that’s going to have to change,” I tell her.

“NO, I’m not going to let you fuck my ass,” she says.

“Well $2000 dollars is a lot of money for just your mouth and cunt… I want your arse too or you can get the money from someone else.” I tell her then add, “remember your promise to do anything I want.”

Rebecca goes quiet and just lies on the bed thinking, then after a few moments she says. “OK.”

“OK, what?” I asked.

“OK, you can fuck my ass but you have to be gentle,” she says.

“Don’t worry my darling I will treat you like you deserve to be treated, today is just our first day together, we have many more days to go,” I tell her.

“How many times do I have to fuck you?” Rebecca asks.

“It depends on how much money you owe me and how long it takes you to pay me back,” I tell her.

“What, I have to pay you back?” Rebecca asks.

“Of course you do plus interest as well,” I tell her.

“Fucking interest…you’re going to charge me interest?” She screams.

“Yes I am unless you’re willing to keep doing anything I ask… and to fuck me anytime I want,” I tell her.

“Another condition is that your not allowed to go to the club and use any of the money I give you on the poker machines,” I tell her.

Rebecca just lays there thinking about what I’ve just said.

“While you think about our arrangement I’m going to have a shower before I leave,” I tell her.

As I’m soaping up my body in the shower the door opens and Rebecca steps inside the shower with me and begins washing my body,

“I accept your conditions and I am willing to do anything you want with me…as long as I don’t have to pay you back the money and your son doesn’t find out that I’m fucking you.” Rebecca says.

“That’s great.” I tell her and pull her tight against my body and kiss her on the mouth.

“I wish I didn’t have to leave the now but I have an appointment, if you give me the accounts that you want paid, I will pay them and bring you the receipts tomorrow along with some extra money.” I tell her.

We hop out the shower and dry each others bodies, after I get dressed, Rebecca gives me all the accounts that need paying and I gave her some cash to buy the groceries. I gave her a kiss and cuddle and head to my appointment.

On the way home from my appointment I drive past the poker machine club and I’m not surprised to see that Rebecca’s car there. I have a chuckle to myself and think of the fun I’m going to have with her, she has no idea what I have planned for her and what else she will have to do for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32