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They’re dragons have taken over their human bodies.

I stand frozen.

If I run I might set off their hunting instincts, then they might see me as prey.

I decided to just stand here and hope for the best.

They stalk closer and my heart speeds up again.

“Please don’t hurt me.” I whisper softly, not wanting to startled them.

A snarl came from both of them and I fought hard not to run.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

When I opened them again they stand hovering above me.

Landon- his dragon leaned down and rested his face against my neck.

I stood as stiff as a board.

His nose ran across my neck and I couldn’t help the shiver.

I was horrified because I knew it wasn’t from fear but pleasure. “Landon I-“

“Shut up.” His voice came out raspy and deep, this wasn’t Landon.

I did as he told me, not wanting to anger him.

Knucker came up on my other side and started rubbing his nose along my jawline.

Landon kissed softly down my neck to my shoulder.

He nipped my shoulder and pleasure coursed down my body straight to my core.

Knucker nipped at my neck too and a moan slipped out of my parted lips.

I couldn’t help the way my body responded to them even though I didn’t want it to.

All I could do was clutch at them both as they nipped and sucked.

I could feel hickeys beginning to blossom, but my shaking body didn’t seem to mind.

They’re your brother’s damn it!

I screamed in my head.

But it felt, oh so good.

One of their hands traveled down to my torn shirt and reached inside.

The hand slid along the mound of my breast until it found my nipple.

He pinched it gently and more pleasure shot through me.

The scraps of my shirt fell to the floor softly and the cool air innovia escort hit my warm nipples.

I knew they could smell how aroused I was by the way they growled softly.

They both had a breast in one hand.

They bit my neck and pinched my nipples at the same time and I came undone.

“Yes! Oh god yes!” My body shook and I whimpered softly as the orgasm rocked my body.

I breathed heavily as I came back down to earth.

I felt hands at my hips slowly pulling my pants down.

At that exact moment I would have let them do anything to me.

A loud knock sounding at the door seemed to shatter the trance.

It was as if a switch had been flipped as both men stiffened.

“What the fu-” The knock sounded again.

I looked up to see so many emotions cross their faces.

Lust, confusion, and horror.

They look down at me then my exposed breasts.

“Amelinda we’re sorry we-” The door slammed open and both Knucker and Landon pushed me firmly behind them protectively.

I covered my bare chest even though their combined bulk hid me entirely.

“What the fuck happened here?” Halen, one of the patrol, asked angrily.

Landon replied first. “Me and Knucker had a disputed.”

I looked around and noticed how potato’s and steak sauce covered the walls and floor.

I cringed at the fact that I’d be the one cleaning this up.

Halen, sighed loudly. “Just get to the border quickly we have a breach.”

I heard Halen’s foot steps retreat before the boys turned to me.

Felting my cheeks heat at what we had almost done I tried to calm my racing heart. “Amelinda I-we don’t know-how did-“Landon started but I cut him off.

“We can talk about it later.” I say softly as I look down in embarrassment, tightening my arms around istanbul escort my bare breasts.

“I’ll clean up this mess and then, when you both get home, we can talk.” I looked up with a small smile.

They hesitate then nod.

“We love you.” They each say softly as they lean in to kiss me on the forehead.

Their eyes flickered bright blue and seemed to decide against it.

The door closes softly and I fell to my knees.

After I’m sure they’re gone, I cry into my open palms and try to sort through my crazy feelings.

I finally finished scrubbing the kitchen two hours ago and everything’s as it should be.

Well almost everything.

glancing at the clock I sigh as I see two in the morning.

I’m in my bed trying to read a book but it’s not working.

My minds on my two troublemakers.

I’m beyond worried.

I hate sleeping in pants so I’m wearing one of Landon’s T-shirt’s.

It comes down almost to my knees.

The hickeys on my shoulders and neck are hidden just beneath.

The front door downstairs slams against the wall as someone enters.

My heart jumps.

Wheels roll across the wooden floor and growling and snapping can be heard.

Before I start thinking I’m rushing downstairs.

What I see horrifies me.

Landon’s strapped to a rolling table.

He looks mostly dragon.

Blood covers most of him body.

“No!” I cry rushing toward him.

An arm grabs me and spins me around.

“Amelinda, he’s fine. He just needs his dragon to heal him.” My father scowls at me. . “Knucker-“My panic rises.

“He’s more torn up but he’ll live, he just needs a little longer.” I hug myself tightly and nod.

“I have to leave again but I need you to listen to me.” Father stared kadıköy escort me right in the eyes with a stern look. “Do not get close to him when he’s in this state, he could tear you to pieces without even meaning to. He’d fight it but there’s no telling what his dragon might do.”

Nodding sadly I turn and head back up to my room.

I couldn’t fall asleep so I listened to the noises below.

At about five they had all left except for Landon.

I could hear him wailing as his body fixed the broken bones and finally couldn’t take it anymore.

Trying to walk softly down the stairs I headed toward the living room.

I knew he had noticed my presence because he had stopped wailing and was now sniffing the air.

I peaked out from the opening of the door frame.

The rolling table was still in the center of the living room just as it was last night.

His eyes landed on me and watched as I moved closer.

“L-Landon?” I questioned as I hesitated four feet away.

“Ame-Amelinda.” His voice is that deep rasp again letting me know that his dragon was in control.

I walk a little closer but stop.

He tries to move his hand but it’s still strapped to the table.

He growls and pulls harder.

The table creeks but the straps holds.

He thrashes then his eyes shift to me.

“Co-ome h-ere.” He forces the words out.

I walk until I’m right next him.

This eyes are that bright blue again.

He sniffs then growls. “S-sweet.”

I hesitate then set my palms against his chest.

He sighs in contentment as if my touch helps.

I feel his heart beating wildly but soon it calms.

His breath evens out and he’s now sleeping peacefully.

I get up slowly and move a chair over to sit.

I wait for a minute before slowly lowering my head toward him chest.

He doesn’t even stir.

I lay my head softly against his chest and sigh.

I could stay like this forever.

Just listening to his breathing.

My sleepless night hit like a ton of bricks as my eye lids drooped.

Soon I was fast asleep as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32