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Warning! If erotic material with sexual content is illegal to read in your country at your age, then please obey your laws, and do not carry on reading.

If explicit writing of sex scenes offends you or upsets you in anyway please do not carry on reading.

All of my stories are fiction, some are based on real-life or experiences, some are pure fantasy, perhaps secret desires, dreams, or wishes of my desires, none are intended nor designed to belittle abuse or degenerate or disrespect anyone, any group, or race of people.

I mean no one any harm or upset, I simply try to excite and arouse sexual feelings in a good way, many of us have secret desires or fantasies, sometimes through writing those can be realised and no harm comes to anyone.

I hope you enjoy my story AlleyKat


I lay in bed in the dark, my feet drawn up, my knees wide apart. My eyes fluttered as I moaned softly, my fingers rubbing my clit, my hips moving to the vibrations from the love egg pushed deep into my pussy, pushing the slider up to maximum. My hand rubbing faster, my moans growing louder, the duvet slipped from my legs, enjoying the coolness on my naked heated body.

Feeling my pussy juices running down my ass, my eyes closed lost to my fantasy, imagining I was tied down and being used repeatedly. My head started tossing from side to side, as my fantasy deepened my desire rose, I cried out, my hand like a blur on my clit. My body centring on my pussy, my insides quivering, I cried out loudly, gripping my toes, my free hand in a fist, as the orgasm built, and finally I exploded, as I cried out even louder, as the climax hit me, then rolled across my body.

I flopped back weakly, keeping my eyes closed, holding the fantasy, and slowing the vibrations down a little, as the after cums hit me. I licked my lips, spread my legs wide kicking the duvet on the floor, spreading my arms wide as if I was tied to the bed in reality as I was in my fantasy, I muttered the words I was being made to say in my fantasy.

“Please, somebody fuck me, somebody fuck this whore, this filthy slut, I can be taken in anyway you desire, as often, and as many times as you wish “.

I shuddered and cum again, the fantasy was extremely real, at that moment I desperately wanted it to be real. I lay there for a few minutes, I slowly open my eyes, and I wondered why it was so light, and then realised in my fantasy I was under bright lights. I heard the soft click, my eyes open wide to a dark room, I thought I heard floorboards creak, I laid their puzzled. I was sure the light in my room had been on that split-second when I roused, I looked across the door, I could see the faint outline of the hall light, that was always on, as far back as I can remember.

Back in reality, my cooling body shivered, I reached down and pulled the duvet over me, giggled and removed the love egg. I sucked it clean, enjoying my taste, slipped into my bedside draw ready for another night, used a tissue to clean myself, rubbed the wet tissue around my nose, laid down smiling with the taste and smell of my sex, I soon drifted into sleep. ……… The room was pitch black; I was struggling madly at the body on top of me. A gag of some sort stuffed my mouth; my hands were forced over my head and quickly bound to the brass bars of my headboard. I tried screaming for help, the gag prevented me, my feet one at a time was tied to each side of my bed, I heard heavy breathing as a body lay on top of me again. A hand slipped down between my legs, I was trying to scream “no!”, as I felt a cock slowly slipping into my pussy, tears rolled down my face, as a man started grunting as he began fucking me.

I couldn’t believe it, it was a nightmare, he kept pinching my nipples really hard and once or twice even bite them, I knew this was real, this was no fantasy, this was rape. I was being raped in my parent’s house, with maltepe escort them asleep 2 rooms away, while there 18 yo daughter was being violated.

He had not spoken one word, he just grunted and moaned as he fucked me, growing more urgent, towards the end I couldn’t help it, I had slipped into my fantasy. My fantasy was real, I was tied, I was being raped, I had no idea whom by, my hips started meeting his thrusts. He pulled the gag from my mouth, covered my mouth with his, pushing his tongue in my mouth, he fucked me harder, I was still meeting him with my hips sucking greedily on his tongue, I was moaning into his mouth and started whispering.

“Please, somebody fuck me, somebody fuck this whore, this filthy slut, I can be taken in anyway you desire, as often, and as many times as you wish “.

Then I cried out as I cum very hard my pussy eagerly gripping his cock my fists clenched, even my toes. He was still kissing me very hard, his cock was like a piston, I screamed into his mouth as I cum even harder, trying to get more of his tongue into my mouth. Begging him to fuck me harder, cried out in ecstasy as his tempo increased even more, until finally he cum, spurting his sperm inside me. My pussy gripping him revelling each time I felt it spurt, his semen hitting the walls of my pussy being sucked up greedily, I cum again, and then again, moaning softly, working my pussy muscles on his cock happily returning the deep kiss. He lay on top of me for a while, I enjoyed the feel of his cock in me, I could feel his face over Me, I lifted my head, and kissed his lips, his chin, his nose, I whispered very softly.

“”Please, somebody fuck me, somebody fuck this whore, this filthy slut, I can be taken in anyway you desire, as often, and as many times as you wish “.

And kissed him again and again, after a while he rose from my body, and loosened one wrist, threw the duvet over my head. I then heard the soft click of the bedroom door closing, I laid there in a dream, realising I had just been raped, he had not spoken one word, I had no clue who he was.

I laid their still tied under the duvet, I knew I could release one wrist, but enjoyed the sensation, part of me secretly wished he would return, the thought was delicious. I slipped into a deep sleep dreaming of my assailant returning every night, to fuck me, hoping he remains a mystery.

I awoke the next morning struggled at first, then remembering, a slow smile spread across my lips, my fantasy had become reality. Reluctantly I worked one wrist free, and finally released myself, seeing for the first time, my gag had been my used knickers, I giggled at the thought. I put my hand down to my pussy, slowly rubbing my clit and up and down my slit, remembering, smiling, my other hand explored my nipples, they felt a bit sore, but even that made me smile.

I finally got up, showered, got ready and dressed, then went downstairs, to join my parents at breakfast, my mother and father both greeted me as normal, I smiled happily back,

Saying, “how beautiful a morning it was “.

My mother looked at me closely, then smiled happily, and replied, “yes child it is, an extremely beautiful morning “,

My father looked up at me smiling then said; “did you sleep well last night? “.

I replied happily, as I poured milk on my cereals, “oh yes daddy, I slept wonderfully well “.

I noticed the look between my father and mother, but thought nothing of it, as I happily eat my breakfast.

My mother sat opposite me, watched me for a few moments, then said gently, “you would tell me, if any thing was troubling you? “.

I smiled happily across the table, then said, “but of course, mummy, you know I would “.

My father cleared his throat, and finally said, “well, that’s OK then “.

I finished my breakfast, got up quickly, kissed them both, hugging them, grabbing mecidiyeköy escort my bag, saying a quick goodbye, and rushed from the house, just as my friends pulled up outside, I jumped into the car, and we sped of to college.

………………. That evening, I couldn’t help it, I kept watching the clock, hoping it would go faster, finally, I went up to bed, quickly got ready, made sure my used knickers were on full view, then quickly got into bed naked of course. I lay there slowly masturbating, hoping, praying, my assailant would come again.

I must have drifted of to sleep, I awoke startled, I felt the cloth in my mouth, my hands were being tied above my head, I squirmed with excitement, my feet was spread and tied. My pussy was already soaking as the man laid on top of me, his cock slipping easily into me, as he started fucking me, my hips meeting his immediately, I was almost purring as he fucked me. He moved my knickers and we started kissing madly and passionately, as we fucked harder and harder, I was moaning softly into his mouth, still he didn’t say a word, I was riding up high into ecstasy, I murmured into his mouth,

“”Please, somebody fuck me, somebody fuck this whore, this filthy slut, I can be taken in anyway you desire, as often, and as many times as you wish “.

I then said, “please, please Sir, fuck me every night “. I begged into his mouth.

He increased his tempo, I cum hard half screaming into his mouth, my pussy clinging desperately to his cock, he pounded into me, faster and faster. I cum several times, until at last he once more emptied his seed into me, I laid their happily kissing him, my pussy sucking at his cock, his beautiful cock. After a while he rose from my body, pulled my chin down and stuffed my knickers back in my mouth, he also blindfolded me. I lay there puzzled as he covered me, with the duvet. I heard the soft click of the door closing. He had not released my wrist. I didn’t understand.

I laid their wondering, but happily feeling the soft trickle of his cum as it left my pussy, I was drifting into sleep, I heard my bedroom door opened again, puzzled, feeling excited, “could it be I thought “. I felt the duvet pulled from my body. I blushed as I heard the click of a switch. I could see lightness through the blindfold although I could see nothing else. I felt hands roaming my body, exploring, caressing, touching, there was several bright flashes, then several more, I realised eventually someone was taking photographs, I blushed even more.

I felt a man on top of me, I realised that he was naked, my pussy was again very wet, I had already realised this was a different man, he weighed more, as his cock slipped into me easily he confirmed my thought, it was indeed another man. I laid their shocked, as he started fucking me, but shortly I was meeting him with my eager pussy I very quickly cum. The knickers were removed, we started kissing passionately, I was moaning into his mouth, greedily taking his tongue, he fucked me for sometime. I came several more times each time harder than the last, but again aside from grunts, and moans, not one word did he speak, he finally exploded inside me, I happily and hungry took everything he gave, I whispered into his mouth,

“Thank you, that was very beautiful “.

He eventually got off of me, I opened my mouth waiting for the knickers, and half giggled as they were pushed into my mouth, several more flashes went off, I heard the bedroom door opened then softly click closed.

I laid their extremely happy, feeling great excitement, thinking how perfectly delicious this was, being fucked by 2 unknown men, tied to my bed, blindfolded, gagged, totally helpless. I squirmed with excitement, knowing someone now had pictures of me quite a few pictures, with me naked and bound, with a fresh fucked pussy with cum leaking from it.

I wondered how merter escort many men would be seeing those pictures; I wonder how many would recognise me. The thought was very exciting,

I was startled as a finger and thumb squeezed and pulled my nipple. I moaned in the gag as both nipples were squeezed hard and my breasts stretched outwards, further and further, I arched my back, trying to relieve the pressure, they were pulled even harder I cried out in pain, as they were twisted, and finally released. I lay their breathing heavily, I realised my pussy was on fire so hot did it feel. I jumped as I felt a tongue on my pussy, lapping at my juices, teeth suddenly biting at my swollen clit, I screamed into the gag, then 2 fingers entered into me, and began fucking me very fast, the teeth pulling and nipping my clit. A thumb insistently pushed up my ass until it was fully inside me, I was gasping under these attentions, suddenly I heard my vibrator, it was turned full up and pressed hard on my clit. My hips bucked wildly, under this triple onslaught, I screamed into the gag as I came extremely hard, twice in very quick succession almost together.

I lay their moaning, exhausted, I felt the bed dip, the knickers were pulled from my mouth, my face suddenly covered with warm flesh. I realised with a shock I had a pussy in my mouth, an extremely wet and hot pussy its juices already trickling into my mouth. I moaned deeply as a finger was inserted up my ass, a tongue was licking my slit, the pussy was rubbing over my face, coating me with juices. I had never directly tasted nor smelt pussy before, and yet, so hot was I that I eagerly started licking and sucking at it has soon as it returned to my mouth. My tongue found the tunnel and eagerly explored as far as I could, I happily held my tongue rigid as the pussy fucked it, happily drinking the increased juices. I grunted in pain as a dildo was pushed up my asshole, then another bigger in my pussy, I screamed as they both started ramming in and out of me. The one in my ass was removed to my relief, then suddenly an even bigger one was forced deep inside, never before had I been filled so much. I was sucking madly at the pussy, I kept cumming time and again, I couldn’t stop. I wanted the pussy to cum I desperately needed it to cum in my mouth, at last after sometime, I was rewarded with a warm wonderful gushing, feeling the pussy contracting over my tongue, I was excited as I swallowed, enjoying the taste.

I laid back totally spent, totally exhausted, I must have slept very deeply, I awoke the next morning, I was not tied, nor blindfolded, nor gagged, I laid there thinking of the night events, I smiled and hugged myself, unable to believe what had happened.

After sometime, I eventually went downstairs, giggling at my wobbly legs, said good morning brightly to my parents, and gratefully sat down to eat my breakfast.

Both my mother and father smiled and answered, then grinned at each other, as they watched me eating.

My mother said, “is everything okay sweetheart? “.

I answered brightly, “yes of course mummy, everything is wonderful “.

My mother and father looked at each other again, both happy.

I smiled back at them, almost hugging myself with joy, at my love for my family.

I said as I finished my breakfast, “I hope there will be many more nights like last night “, smiling.

My mother and father looked at each other, then at me.

I got up from the table, got my things, happily kissed them both good bye, and rushed out in time to meet my friends, and speed of to college.

Smiling secretly to myself, perhaps, they had never said a word, but, I know the smell and breathing, very well, of my father, my grandfather, and mother, I was so happy, I hoped, they would carry on fucking me, for years,

I would keep the secret, letting them think I didn’t know, as long as they wished to carry it on. I thought it was the most delicious thing in the world. No way am I going to spoil something so beautiful.

I only hope, my 2 uncles join in as well, then that really would be purrrrrrrfect, I laughed extremely happy, totally content.

How can this feeling possibly be wrong? AlleyKat

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32