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Chapter 02 EDITED 12/16

The Family that is Naked Together, Stays Together

Family Commits to a New, Nude Life

Dave made coffee while Angie cooked the breakfast eggs. He opened a cabinet and grabbed the sugar bowl. Behind it, he found a letter.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“Ah.” Angie had forgotten that she had hidden that there yesterday.

“Dave, I put it there,” she confessed. “I didn’t think you could take one more letter from a lawyer’s office.”

Dave signaled his understanding by kissing his wife on the forehead.

“Let’s see what this one is about. We haven’t had a threatening letter from the Lone Star State yet,” he said as he noticed the return address was from Texas.

Angie looked on with concern as Dave read the letter. She was confused when a smile crept across his face.

“Honey, do you remember my Uncle Jake?”

“Sure, it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from him. Where is he now? His annual Christmas card always has a new address.”

“Yea, that’s him. He told me that he bores easily so he’s always trying new things. New towns, new girlfriends, and new schemes to get rich.” Dave paused and he read the letter.

“Uncle Jake has died and he left everything to me. You and I now own a home and business in Texas! A resort called Jake’s Sunny Place.”

“That’s wonderful,” Angie jumped in the air excited. Then she pictured poor Uncle Jake in his casket. She stopped celebrating and added contritely,”I mean, I’m so sorry about Uncle Jake.”

“It’s okay, sugar,” Dave gave her an understanding smile. “He had a long life and lived it at full throttle. This couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for us.”

Dave continued to scan the letter and said,

“You’d better wake the girls and start packing your bags. To claim the inheritance, our family must move to Texas. We must live on and run the place for a year. If we don’t, everything will be sold at auction and the money will be donated to a dog shelter for old racing dogs. Uncle Jake had a special fondness for dog racing.”


Angie went to wake their girls. They were sharing a room again since Bree had otele gelen escort come home from Kent State. The girls were a lot like their mother. They too were slender, pretty and had black hair. More importantly, they had inherited her fabulous shapely legs and her ‘make any man’s mouth water’ butt. Angie had shoulder length hair, Bree had a page boy cut and Chloe’s brunet hair was half way down her back.

The main differences between the women were in height and in bust size. The family joke was that Dave and Angie got better at making girls with more practice. Bree was 5’6″ and wore a B cup. Chloe, 18 and a recent high school graduate, was 5’7″ and a C cup.

“Girls,” Angie shouted as she entered the room, “we’ve been given the opportunity for a new start. We’re moving to Texas.”


Two weeks later, the family drove to Texas to claim their new home. They met the lawyer at his office to sign the papers. Afterward, the lawyer explained,

“Dave, to take ownership you, and your family, have to live and work on the property for a year. After that, you are free to do whatever you want. You’ll have a house and the business. Three years ago, when Jake wrote his will, I remember him saying that the resort generated a profit of $150,000 a year.”

“That’s great,” Dave said. “What kind of resort is this? A dude ranch? A campground?”

“Oh,” the lawyer said showing no signs of embarrassment. “I assumed you knew. Your Uncle ran a nudist colony.”

Angie and Dave’s mouths fell open. They were struck speechless.

Chloe shouted, “Mom!” She was shocked and scared.

Bree calmly said, “Cool.”

“Ah, ahh,” Dave struggled to get the words out. “A nudist colony?”

“Yes,” the lawyer replied coolly.

“Ah… well okay, but we don’t have to… you know,” Dave’s conservative Midwestern values were showing and he began to sweat.

“You are required to run the property as Jake did for one year. The resort’s number one rule is simple: Everyone on the property must be nude.”

Seeing the shocked looked upon Dave and Angie’s faces the lawyer said, “You don’t have to agree pendik escort to this. You can reject your inheritance and return to Indiana and continue with your previous lives.”

“Yea, right. Can I run the place myself? Without the family?” Dave asked hopefully.

“No,” the lawyer replied. “It must be your whole family.”

Angie asked, “Can we have a moment alone?”

“There is a conference room across the hall,” the lawyer offered.

The Monroe family tramped into the conference room.

“I’m sorry everyone, “Dave said. “Oh, I’ve failed you again, I should’ve known this was too good to be true.”

“Dave,” a nervous Angie said. “It’s not your fault. But we can’t go back. The bank has the house.”

Bree, the smart aleck, said, “Mom, you always say that when a door is closed, a window is opened.”

“Bree!” Chloe shrieked out. “This is supposed to be an option? We’re talking naked, as in nude in public!”

Bree responded. “Chill girl. It’s a natural state. You know, the way God made you. And what are you worried about? You’re gorgeous and you’ve got the best tits in the family.”

Angie knew where Chloe was coming from. She too was a private person. Angie was just a conventional mom. She didn’t sunbathe topless or wear skimpy, risqué clothes. The idea of parading around in public in her birthday suit frightened her too, but she knew they had run out of alternatives. She decided to put her fears aside and suck it up for the good of her family. She would be the good soldier who did the difficult work to achieve the mission — taking care of her family and keeping it together.

Angie knew she had to sell the idea to Chloe. She said,

“This is a really important matter. Everyone gets an equal vote. It must be a unanimous family decision. Bree, you sound like you’re okay with it.”

Bree nodded.

“Well, count me in too.”

Angie turned to Chloe. She gave her youngest a calm, loving look and said,

“Don’t let fear overwhelm you. I’ve raised you to be a rational, confident young woman. Are you truly self-conscious about your body? I’m going to do it. I’ll expose rus escort my body and I have stretch marks and tiny little boobs. With your firm, young body and your spectacular 36 C’s, what do you have to be worried about?”

Angie paused to let that sink in and continued, “Is it being nude? You’ve been naked with Bree and me at home and with strangers at the spa.”

Bree broke in adding, “And with your boyfriend, Alex.”

Chloe blushed remembering the day Bree came home unexpectedly from college and caught her and Alex naked.

Bree couldn’t help but torment her little sister more. She said,

“You and Alex were buck naked on the sofa. College boy had his nose buried deep in your bush. From the slurping noises I heard, I guess your snatch must taste like beer.”

Dave looked up upon hearing this news.

“Okay, okay. That’s enough of that,” Angie said.

She continued her pitch, “This isn’t amoral behavior. It isn’t about sex. We will be unclothed with people who enjoy being without clothes.”

Chloe said. “I see your point. I’ve been naked and comfortable around other people before.”

“And,” her mother added, “no one will be allowed to gawk at you or grope you. If anyone makes you uncomfortable, they will be sent home. We run the place.”

That answered Chloe’s last concern. She paused to think. She was smart enough to know that they couldn’t go home. There was nothing to go back to in Indiana. This wouldn’t have been her choice for the family’s new start, but it was the only one in front of them. She smiled weakly and with false bravado said,

“Let’s do it. We’ll run the best nudist colony in all of Texas.”

Dave was fearful too. He’d never been naked in front of the girls and the last time he saw them unclothed was when he helped at bath time when the kids were 6 or 7. He knew better than any of them how desperate their situation was. He was re-assured that the girls were willing to do it. He decided that he would do his darndest to make their sacrifice pay off.

With a shaky voice, Dave said, “Then we’re all agreed?”

Dave looked around the room. “We’re going to do this?”

Bree nodded confidently. Angie nodded solemnly determined to do what it took to help her family. Chloe swallowed her fears and nodded. She would be the dutiful daughter.

The Monroe family marched across the hall and completed the paperwork. They had committed themselves to a new life, a nude life.

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