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My first straight guy

I’m Pete, I’ve always had this fantasy about being with a straight guy and watching him start to enjoy himself and want more. I’m 22 and have been out for about 2 years now, have kind of always been the nerdy type but recently came into my own and started hitting the gym and got the body to match the brains now. So I’d say I’m a good looking guy and I enjoy my fair share of looks at the gym, but being able to have a straight guy want your cock is always bitter sweet.

I have this one girlfriend, her and her boyfriend have had many conversations about threesomes and she wants to see him with another guy, he isn’t really up for the idea but will possibly entertain the idea but only toys at first. So she tells that they start to fool around and he didn’t enjoy it at first but really started to get into it in the end and he asked more about the idea and who she had in mind.

This is where she told me her plan, after her and Matt have sex, he always takes a nap and you can never wake him up. Once he’s out, I’ll sneak into the house and work my way upstairs, her and Matt will have played and she said she’ll have had a plug inside him the whole time. At that moment I will enter the room and start to work my way to his body, the hidden idea was for her to come into the room while he’s enjoying it and be shocked he is cheating on her and then join into the threesome.

So she sets up a date in mind and texts me all the details, I’m to go to her house for 2 in the afternoon, she said he will certainly be asleep by then. So I showed up to the house right on time, being quite excited about this opportunity, and she told me to head right upstairs. I worked my way to their bedroom where he was fast sleep, naked, all sprawled out on the bed faced down with his ass in the air. I walked over to his cute bubble butt on the bed and took a nice handful, he didnt budge. I stood next to the bed and got naked, it was exciting to think what I was about to do, so I was hard as a rock at 8 inches, I started to take the lube out and drip some right into his crack.

To Test the waters, I take it slow and just rub some fingers along his crack, slowly playing with his loosened hole, I take the next step and start to insert a finger watching illegal bahis to see if he moves or starts to wake up. Since there was no reaction to my finger going nuckles deep, I started to move in and out and when I thought he was ready, I inserted another finger, he then started to moan softly. I felt his ass starting to loosen up even more so I took the chance and inserted 3 fingers, I was certain that he would wake up and freak out, but all he did was adjust a bit and moan a little louder, at this point I knew this would be a lot of fun.

It was time, taking my fingers out of his ass, I was already hard as a rock and his girlfriend knew I was clean so she let me fuck him without a condom. I make sure to lube up both him and myself before taking my place straddled over his bum, I slowly place my cock onto the entrance of his hole and just press a little. There was very little resistance for my head to go in at this point, he’ll enjoy this a lot more that his girlfriend warmed him up beforehand. My head pops into his tight virgin ass and it did feel great, looking down at him still fast sleep, just accepting my hard cock into nice bubble butt, and then he lets out a long moan as I get fully inside of him.

I’m worried that he might freak out when he wakes up but being so horny just makes me want him even more, I start to remove my cock and once I get the tip I slowly go all the way in again. Taking things slow is driving me wild, he is really starting to open up for me now and I know that hes enjoying it by all the sounds hes making and a smirk on his face. I know he is still sleeping but he is really starting to enjoy this which is driving me wild, I start to pump him a bit more now, knowing that he hasnt woken up made me take a few more risks. I spanked his ass a little, and then I wanted to know if he was hard, so I reached under him and found his rock hard cock, thinking it must be at least the same size as mine, he was loving this.

At this point, I was really starting to fill Matt with my hard cock, I couldnt believe he wasn’t awake, but he was enjoying it and so was I, I knew his girlfriend would be in eventually and I wanted him awake for that moment, so I smacked him hard on the cheek and tried to wake him up. It took 3 solid smacks illegal bahis siteleri before I started seeing movement from him, but once he was awake and felt my hard cock deep inside him and me behind him, he looked back at me and just asked me to please not stop. I couldnt believe my ears, this straight boy was asking me to fuck him good, I couldn’t let this moment go to waste.

Now that I have someone willing and able to take my cock the right way, I flipped him over onto his back and put his legs over my shoulders, I lined up at his ass again and inserted with no problem, watching his face go through the motion of taking my long cock was driving me over the top, he didn’t know how long I’ve wanted to fuck him, and I believe this will not be the last.

I really started to fuck him hard, long strokes in and out while he was moaning louder and louder and asking me to fuck him, harder, harder, and he never even heard the front door close or the foot steps up the hall. Matt was in a different world of pleasure when Tara walked into the door and was putting on a great scene of being shocked and mad, but Matt couldnt care less and didn’t even feel guilty or tell me to stop. While still fucking Matt, Tara just went over to Matts face and sat down and started grinding her pussy onto his face but he wasn’t paying attention to that with the feeling that was inside of him.

Tara pulled out her phone and started filming me fuck Matt while she was still riding his face, he was extremly hard at this point and just couldn’t hide the fact that he was loving being fucked. She took him into her mouth, which really seemed to send him over the top and he was bucking his hips looking for more of my cock and to get a sweet release of his own. As he was nearing climax, I could feel his ass starting to tighten around my cock which was pulling me closer to the edge. All I could hear was Matt yell a muffled O MY GOD IM CUMMING and then i could feel his ass tighten hard around my cock.

This sent me over the edge myself, I started to pump harder and harder and his tightening ass started to milk my now cum swollen cock, I got to the point of climax myself as he was about to shoot his last burst into Stacy’s mouth, once my cock started to shoot into Matt, I could canlı bahis siteleri hear him moan loud again that he’s still cumming and starts to shoot off again while his ass keeps getting tighter and tighter as I pump him full of my sweet seed. After him and I were both done cumming, I didnt think I had it in me but I was still rock hard inside his sweet sweet ass, I look down and see Stacy has a mouth full and moved up to Matt, they’ve never done this before but he accepted it and they made out while I still had my cock inside of him.

Once they were done and she got off and went to go clean herself up, he motioned me to come close and whispered in my ear “hey dude, I know you’re still hard inside of me, can you please keep fucking me, we will have to sneak around and do this more often.” I felt bad for my girlfriend, but at the same time, this is was I’ve always wanted, to turn a straight guy gay and have him begging for more, I didnt mean to steal her man but when a guy knows what he wants, he goes after it.

Matt and I kept fucking, I couldnt believe it but I was still hard and he was begging for more, Stacy was off in her own world playing with herself just watching her man become my little cock slut and that things will never be the same. As we contiued to fuck, he started getting hard again and I knew he was going to blow another load, I was getting close to filling him for the second time. Matt looked up at me with those big beautiful blue eyes and just said “cum in me again please, I dont think I’ll ever get enough of your cock” That sent me over the edge and I started to pump him hard and fill him with one more load just as his own cock started to cum on its own. The look on his girlfriends face after watching that was both desire and concern that she may have just started something she can’t take back.

Once I was all cleaned up, I talked to Stacy for a moment and she was over the moon about what just happened and thanked me for doing this, if anything it was my pleasure. I told her I was going to go say bye to Matt, I went upstairs and Matt was still in a cum puddle, I walked over and kissed him and he grabbed me and held me tight. He then told me to call him whenever and he can’t wait until he can have me inside of him again. I walked down the stairs knowing this was going to be a lot of fun, poor Stacy will never know she unlocked her boyfriend to wonders beyond her control.

To be continued………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32