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So if you didn’t read my last chapter you will be very lost so I’d at least read that. Otherwise I will give my usual info here as a reminder to all.

This story is my true life and is mostly about my relationship with my cousin, aunt, and mother. So yes it is about lesbian incest. If that is not what you are into then I would find something else to read.

For new readers who are interested: My name is Lucy. I am a Midwestern science teacher. I stand about 5’7″ maybe 5’8″. I am a 34F cup and I am in good shape. My mother is a little taller than me and has a 37F bra size. She is just as thin as me. We live with my Aunt Jill who looks remarkably like my mom, though with lighter hair and smaller boobs (only 36D) and my cousin Kristen who is only 5’6″ and is a 34D. Her hair is lighter as well. If you haven’t read my earlier chapters they start with me coming to grips with being a lesbian and of course having a relationship with my mother and progress to where I am now.

So the next day after Carmen had blindfolded my mom and had me pretend to be Lyndsey was interesting. The night before I had been on cloud nine. Carmen was exactly the type of wild girl I had hoped and was obviously into me doing something with my mom. Now of course she had no idea we were lovers, but this (I thought) was a good start. Problem was my mom really had thought it was Lyndsey, and the next morning when my mom grabbed Lyndsey by the waist right in front of Carmen and said, “last night was fun,” made for some drama. Now of course Lyndsey knew and was even willing to play along, but why would she have? So Carmen freaked out and got super noisy and whisked my mom away. It was incredibly awkward. Luckily only Lyndsey and I witnessed it, but I started to think how bad of an idea that was afterwards. I’m not sure what Carmen said to my mom for sure, but my mom of course “believed” whatever she had told her and behaved differently later.

I knew sooner or later this secretive game was going to have to end, but darn it, if it just isn’t so much fun. Anyway so that drama was over.

As for the week after Christmas, that is when my vacation from work really began. No shopping to do everyone in my house had off several days and the four of us, my mom, my Aunt, and Kristen all just enjoyed each other’s company that weekend. But the best part of the week started on Monday. Okay so some of you will remember that Jocelyn said she wanted to come visit. Originally she said she would come alone if she had to, then her sister Jasmine said she would join her. They by the way have had some fun together. Mostly just exploring and nothing major, but I was surprised when Jocelyn told me.

Now the real surprise was that Wendy, their mom, also came. She told Jocelyn that she didn’t want the two of them traveling alone. I think she meant that she didn’t trust us to be with them alone, but I also think, and my mom thought the same thing, was that Wendy wanted to be with us again.

Okay, so for those of you who are new to this, the three of them are black. Wendy is divorced. Jocelyn is just 19 years old, and we met in Florida when she was just 18 and out of High School. Her sister Jasmine is almost 23, she is tall like her mother and has 36C chest. Basically she and Wendy look more like sisters than Jasmine and Jocelyn do. Jocelyn is shorter and is very busty (36DD) just the way I like ’em.

So mom and I picked them all up at the airport. We gave hugs all around, and Jasmine even asked where Kristen was. Which I thought was cute, since they kissed in Florida, but nothing else. We hadn’t brought Jill and Kristen to make more room for them and luggage in the van as they were staying for the week.

I was so happy to see Jocelyn I actually cried, and that made her cry which was so cute, and my mom hugged us both which just made me so happy. Wendy seemed less excited, but I could tell she was happy to see us, she just also seemed very nervous.

I want to say that I was feeling something so much more than lust. The whole way home in the car I couldn’t stop smiling. I was giddy. I was slap-happy and just couldn’t stop looking at Jocelyn and just the sound of her voice made me feel so happy.

So I have to explain, or remind everyone who knows what. Okay so Jocelyn found out all about her mom having sex with all of us and she confronted her. Jocelyn did not tell Wendy that she had actually snuck in and licked Wendy’s pussy while Wendy was licking Kristen. Wendy had thought it was my mom. So also Jasmine and Jocelyn had messed around at college and Jocelyn had told her everything that had happened at our house. So the fact that Jasmine had wanted to come up to our home meant she wanted to have sex. Why else would she have flown here? I was shocked that Wendy ever wanted to see us again after how upset she was when she left, but I think she honestly did enjoy us, and also felt protective of her daughters. If she only knew how wild Jocelyn was and what she had done with my mom and me and of bakırköy escort course with her.

Okay so I hope that wasn’t too confusing.

So when we arrived at the house, Kristen and Jill had changed clothes since we had left them and they were both looking super sexy. Jill had on some yoga pants and a cute shirt that was showing off her boobs. Kristen was wearing some cute jeans, but her top was equally revealing. She made me smile the moment I saw her. Now my mom and I had worn hoody’s as it was cold, but we had actually brought some for Wendy, Jocelyn and Jasmine just in case they weren’t prepared for the cold, but they surprised us and had coats. They still froze. Now that they were at our home and their coats were coming off, I got a nice eye full of Wendy. Her top was not only tighter than tight it was low cut and I was surprised how much she was showing off her boobs. She looked great. Jasmine’s top wasn’t low cut, but it was also tight and I noticed Kristen checking her out (and okay I did a little too I’ll admit). Jocelyn was wearing a sweatshirt that wasn’t the slightest bit flattering, but I had forgotten just how beautiful she was and I just kept finding myself staring at her beautiful eyes and getting lost in them and then she’d smile at me and I’d melt, but at least snap out of my trance.

We had the most fun night. We can all make each other laugh so well, and we just talked the whole night away. But as bedtime drew near Wendy surprised me by saying, “So I want everyone to know that I am under no illusion. I know Lucy and Jocelyn will be sleeping together, and unless I’m mistaken I think Kristen and Jasmine . . .” and she just sort of paused and looked at them. WOW! Talk about awkward. Yes Kristen and Jasmine had been flirting all night. It was obvious I’ll admit that, and yes Wendy had been drinking, but I (and I think everyone) was definitely shocked that she was suggesting it. This wasn’t the same Wendy from the last two times our families were together.

Kristen was surprised, but I think pleasantly so, and she leaned over a little and pretended to whisper to Jasmine, but we all heard her. “I’m thinking that leaves my mom and Patty for Wendy to share a bed with.”

Yes Kristen is bold. Wendy could just have easily slept on the coach, but Kristen just had to suggest what most of us were thinking. Wendy didn’t say anything she just smiled and reached over and touched Jill’s leg. I was like wow so this is how this week is going to be. I knew that their family had, had the last couple months to talk about everything, but I couldn’t believe how open everyone was becoming.

So we talked longer, but soon we were making our way upstairs and I kissed Kristen goodnight in front of everyone before she walked with Jasmine to the guest room. I did it without thinking, and I hoped that wouldn’t cause Jasmine to feel uncomfortable, and I found out later it didn’t.

The moment we were behind my bedroom door Jocelyn and I started kissing, and I realized at that point that I hadn’t kissed her yet. I just took in the moment and enjoyed her embrace and her amazingly kissable lips.

I’m not sure how long we kissed, but I actually would have been happy enough with that, but soon she was leading me to the bed. We sort of playfully touched one another while we stripped, but mostly just kissed, but soon we were grinding on one another. She was on top of me and soon my left leg was straight up in the air and she was rubbing her clit against mine so well that she began to orgasm after just a couple minutes, she sort of froze at one point and I could tell she was ultra-sensitive because when I tried to move she gave me this don’t you dare look and she actually bit my leg. Not hard or anything, but wow was she sensitive. I let her raise off of me, but then I took over. I had her on her back and at first I was just fingering her gently, but then I’m not sure what came over me, but at first I sort of licked her asshole (I think I was just being playful), but then I found myself sneaking a finger in her butthole. I had one in her butt and two in her pussy and I just started pounding her. She had her hands over her mouth, but was just screaming by this point, and the louder she got the harder I wanted to finger her.

She said, “Oh Lucy, I love this!”

And I said, “I love you too.” I’m not sure what happened. I think I thought she was going to say she loved me, and I just said it without thinking.

Her face just lit up and her mouth dropped open and she seemed as if she might cry, but instead she moaned so loudly and started yelling “Oh Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!”

I slipped my thumb over her clit and she lost it. She was cumming and shaking and just completely out of control. I had never done that to her before, made her feel so completely overwhelmed with pleasure and she made such loud and intense noises it almost scared me. I thought she was having a seizure or something. She gripped on to my hands and wouldn’t başakşehir escort let me move them, if I did just a tiny bit she would be so loud, and finally she gushed cum like I had never seen before. The sheets were simply ruined for the night. I have never been with anyone who came so much.

Jocelyn was scared too. It was so unreal and at first we both sort of just were staring at each other and she kept twitching and having spasms, basically orgasming even though I wasn’t touching her anymore, and then she pulled me to her and we laid together just breathing hard for the longest time. Then she kissed me and it was so magical. There was so much passion. Then we started laughing. I’m not even sure why, we just couldn’t stop laughing. So anyway we so had to shower after this, but first I carried all my sheets and stuff into the laundry room and started the load, LOL.

My mom came down to check on us, I think she was concerned maybe, and she walked in and saw the two of us standing naked in the laundry room and says, “Well this is not what I expected you two to be doing tonight.”

I knew she was joking. I told my mom everything, and she seemed like she was turned on by the idea of Jocelyn doing that. Jocelyn looked a little embarrassed, but she was smiling. Mom said, “We could hear you. I think your mom was worried.” My mom was not naked by the way, but she was just wearing a sexy see-through nightie and I reached over and gave my mom’s boob a squeeze in front of Jocelyn just to be playful.

“Oh don’t get me started. Wendy will freak out if I am not back soon,” my mom said.

Jocelyn said, “Are the three of you having sex?”

“Not yet,” mom said and she brushed her fingers across Jocelyn’s boob.

Jocelyn stuck her chest out and seemed to delight in my mom’s touch. That turned me on so badly. I wished the three of us could have sex right then and there, but my mom was right.

So anyway she went upstairs, and we followed shortly after. Shower time was great, but we weren’t having sex. We just washed one another, and kissed a lot. It was very romantic, until Kristen came in to go to the bathroom. She apologized for interrupting. She is so cute, and I peeked out the curtain and smiled at her. She was naked as well, and sat down on the toilet as quick as she could. Jocelyn peeked out at her and seeing her naked, said, “Oops, sorry.”

Kristen didn’t even seem to notice, but then when she was finished peeing she peeked inside our shower and said, “Since you got a peek I figured I should too.”

Jocelyn seemed embarrassed, though I couldn’t imagine why she was. But even more so when Kristen said, “Well aren’t you yummy.”

Jocelyn said, “Thanks,” and had the cutest smile, and then said, “I could say the same about you.”

Kristen blushed which surprised me, and she winked at me, but then said to Jocelyn, “Well I have to get back to your sister.”

And she did, but not until after some more longing sexy looks were shared.

Well after the shower, we got some more sheets and redid my bed and we just went to bed. The next morning I was woken up by someone climbing into bed with us. It was like six in the morning, and I (for just a second) was sort of aggravated, but when I saw it was my mom, I was instantly turned on. She snuggled up against me and put her hand on my boob right away and gave it a good squeeze. I didn’t even check to see if Jocelyn was awake I just leaned in and started kissing mom. She was wearing the nightie again, but I still enjoyed feeling her body against mine. Her hand left my boob and slid down between my legs and she slid inside of me right away. I love giving myself to her and I just felt a calmness come over me.

Mom pulled back and we stopped kissing, but her finger was still sliding in and out of me. She had the cutest smile on her face, and when she looked over at Jocelyn I looked too. She was asleep. She was laying on her tummy facing away from us. I looked back at mom and she said, “Should we let her sleep?”

I shook my head yes and we slowly crawled out of bed. I thought Jocelyn was going to wake up because she moved, but she didn’t. I grabbed a robe off my chair, and walked out of the room holding hands with mom. When I closed the door she kissed me again. I dropped the robe and we both felt one another’s breasts while we kissed.

I was wanting to be fucked bad at this point and so I grabbed mom by the hand and led her to her bedroom so we could get a strap-on. Well mom started putting it on right away and I whispered, “We need to go down stairs. Wendy has said before that she doesn’t want to do things with me, because of Jocelyn.”

My mom said, “I bet if she watches she’ll change her mind.”

Just hearing her say that made me so horny. I lifted my mom’s nightie off and began to suck her breasts in the closet, but as soon as she was done she lead me back into the bedroom and leaned me over the dresser. She was sort of forceful bebek escort and I liked it. I was so wet she slid right in and she was giving it to me good almost immediately. We were kind of at an angle to the wall so when I leaned back to look at her I could see Wendy and Jill on the bed too. They were still asleep, but once I started moaning Wendy woke right up, and Jill did soon after.

Jill said, “Oh is there a show this morning.”

Neither of us said anything, but mom reached around and grabbed my boobs and squeezed them and began to fuck me very hard. The more excited mom got the louder I became, but I was staring right at Wendy and Jill and not my mom. I’m not sure what Jill was thinking, but she suddenly excused herself to the bathroom and never came back. Then it wasn’t long before Wendy began to masturbate. She did for a while under the covers, until I asked if I could see her pretty pussy and she obliged. She was sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs hiked up and with her fingers rubbing over her clit. She was completely naked and I loved seeing her sexy body quiver from time to time.

I started saying, “Mommy yes!” and other things like that just to get a rise from Wendy and it worked. She started dirty talking too, saying things like, “Yes, Patty fuck her pussy,” and more than once she said, “You dirty, dirty girls, you are so filthy.”

I ended up cumming. It felt so amazing, and my legs felt a little week. I put my right hand on my mom’s (which was on my boob) and I gave her hand a squeeze. Mom pressed my breast up near my mouth and said, “Suck it!” as if she were ordering me to. I took the nipple into my mouth, but as I was still orgasming, I could barely do anything.

Still mom wasn’t finished with me. She took me to the bed and she positioned me on my back next to Wendy and mom entered me again. She wasn’t pounding me hard, she was just fucking me rhythmically and I liked seeing my big boobs jiggling around as I looked at my mom’s breasts swaying with each deep thrust. I reached out and put a hand on Wendy’s leg, and I think it made her orgasm. She definitely made a wild noise and then stopped rubbing herself.

She rolled over on her side then facing us and said, “Oh shit, Lucy, you know I can’t do anything with you. I can’t do that to Jocelyn.”

I gave her leg a rub, and said, “I know Wendy. I just needed to have some mommy time.” Wendy was staring at my body and she grabbed her own breast and just pulled on the nipple. That made me want to suck my own nipple some more, and so I pulled the one nearest her into my mouth and started sucking it. Then I looked up at my mom and said, “I love you.”

That got my mom hot and she started giving it to me harder. I began to moan again and let go of my breast and put my hand back on Wendy’s leg. It was near her pussy. She spread her legs just a little and I wondered if she would let me touch her, but I didn’t because I wasn’t going to do that to her. If she could resist joining us then even though I wanted her to join, I was happy that she loved her daughter so much that she wouldn’t.

She put her hand on my hand and I thought it was cute. She just laid there watching me getting pounded. I was so turned on by her watching me, but I also was thinking just how wonderful she was. But then she said, “Did you fuck Jocelyn like this?”

“I fingered her so hard,” I said, “and up her ass too.”

When I said that she slid a finger inside her pussy. My mom saw this pulled out of me and grabbed Wendy by her legs and yanked her over to the edge of the bed. Wendy looked kind of intimidated. She just said, “Patty.” Then my mom pressed Wendy’s legs back and entered her.

My mom gave it to her good, and Wendy put her hands up around her own neck with her arms over top of her boobs almost as if she was bracing herself for it. My mom wasn’t going as hard as she just had been with me, but still Wendy was being pounded just the same. Wendy’s beautiful breasts looked so sexy smashed by her arms, and that made me want to touch them even more. Still I didn’t, but the moment she began to orgasm she put one hand over her eyes and the other reached out for me. Her hand brushed my tummy, then my breast then up to my shoulder. I reflexively arched my back and her hand slid back down to my boob and she held it.

That electrified me. I wanted to kiss her, suck her, rub her, anything, but I didn’t. I resisted. That said, I couldn’t resist saying something. “Oh Wendy, you are so sexy.”

Wendy turned her head to face me, but her hand was still over her eyes.

She pulled her hand from my breast and she said, “This house is so crazy. We must be crazy.”

I could tell she was confused and wanting me, but I was happy with everything just how it had gone, but for some reason I found myself saying, “Would you rather have sex with Jocelyn or Jasmine?”

“Oh shit,” she said and she turned her head away from me, but she still had her eyes covered. “Shit don’t ask me that.”

My mom said, “Mmmmm, they are both so yummy. Jasmine looks like a young Wendy, but Jocelyn has such a tasty body doesn’t she?”

Wendy made a few noises while my mom was talking, and she just nodded her head yes. So my mom pressed her and said, “So which one do you want more, Wendy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32