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I pulled up into our driveway around 9 pm and saw Danielle’s car parked outside of our house. I had just gotten off work and was excited to see she was here. I’d been looking forward to tonight all week. My girlfriend Jenny was having her best friend Danielle over for a sleepover, and that meant I had the night to myself. Don’t get me wrong. I love my girlfriend, and I love spending time with her, but every now and then it’s nice to get a night where I can just play video games or read a book while she hangs out with the girls.

There may have been another reason I was excited too. Danielle is stunning. She’s about 5′ 4″ and has these great blue eyes and dark brunette hair. She has a really small frame which make her c-cup breasts look amazing. She never really dresses slutty or anything, but she tends to wear these tight t-shirts and jeans that drive me crazy. I can’t help but check her out whenever she’s around. Oddly enough though it’s those eyes I find myself staring at more than anything. They are the deepest shade of blue I’ve ever seen on a girl and look great on her cute, slightly-rounded face. Luckily I think I’ve done a good enough job at this point that my girlfriend has never caught me staring, though I think Danielle may have noticed once or twice.

I stepped into the house and immediately heard laughter coming from the living room. I hung up my coat and walked around the corner. Jenny and Danielle sat on the couch together, watching some sitcom on TV. They had a pizza and wine in front of them. Both girls looked great.

Danielle was wearing a low-cut black top and a pair of short-shorts, and admittedly, she’s the one who caught my attention first. The sight of her perfect 19-year-old cleavage and long, pale legs would’ve caught the attention of any guy. It was rare she wore low-cut tops, but damn if it wasn’t amazing when she did.

My girlfriend had a similarly low-cut t-shirt on and a pair of pajama pants. At 20 she is four years younger than me, and I’m amazed every day that I was able to snag her. She’s 5′ 5″, blonde, pale-skinned and gorgeous. She is super tiny, which I love, and has an amazing smile. The moment I saw her I did a double-take, and I have been crazy about her ever since. She has b-cup breasts, which look much larger on her due to her frame, and I can’t believe how sexy she looks every time I see her naked. I may get tired of the sight one day, but we’re a year into our relationship and it hasn’t happened yet.

“Hey guys.” I said.

“Hey Johnny.” Danielle said through a partial-mouthful of pizza.

“Hey honey! How was work?” My girlfriend asked, still laughing a bit.

“Not bad. Pretty boring actually. Just hung out all day.” I walked over to Jenny and gave her a quick kiss. “What ya guys up to?” I asked.

“Just watching some TV. Want some pizza?”

“Of course.” I said, grabbing a slice. “I’ll take it into the kitchen though. Don’t want to butt into your girl’s night.”

“Nonsense!” Danielle said, smiling. “You know you can hang out with us if you want.”

“Well, as tempting as it is to watch shitty sitcoms with you guys, I do have a big night planned.” I joked.

“Oh yea? And what’s that?” Danielle asked.

“Well, I thought I’d start things off with some Tomb Raider, maybe switch over to some Battlefield if I get in the killing mood, and then finish the night off with an episode or two of Archer. Pretty exciting stuff.”

“Oh man! That does sound exciting.” Jenny laughed.

It would be fun hanging out with the two of them, and I knew Jenny wouldn’t mind if I stuck around. I genuinely liked hanging out with her and Danielle, and not just because Danielle was hot as hell. I don’t get much time to play video games anymore though since Jenny moved in, and I have to take the chances when I can get them.

“Well I’d hate it if we got in the way of such big plans. Want to eat with us at least?” Danielle asked, smiling at me. There was no way to turn that smile down.

“Sure thing.” I said, grabbing a plate off the table and sitting down on the nearby recliner. “So what ya guys watching?”

“Big Bang Theory. Danielle brought the fifth season over on DVD.” Ugh. I should have recognized it sooner. Definitely glad I wouldn’t be sticking around for that.

“Awesome.” I said, diplomatically. I didn’t mind teasing Danielle a bit, but I didn’t really want to insult her tastes too much. I love my girlfriend to death, and would never try anything with another woman. That said, Danielle is fucking hot, and I still want to make a good impression.

We watched the show for a bit while we ate. I stuck around for an episode. I know people love that show, but I can’t fucking stand it. I managed to keep myself entertained by sneaking glances over at Danielle. I kept my face turned towards the television, but my eyes frequently drifted. Since the girls’ eyes were on the TV, I had pretty much free reign to check Danielle out as much as I wanted. Her shirt illegal bahis was low enough to give me a pretty great view any time she leaned forward to get her glass, and I didn’t miss an opportunity to stare at her tits. I pictured myself reaching a hand into her cleavage and cupping a soft breast. I imagined using my other hand to rub her smooth, exposed leg, slowly moving my hand up towards her pussy. As I stared at her discreetly, picturing doing things I would never dare to do, I started getting hard. What I wouldn’t love to do to this girl if I had the chance.

Danielle was a virgin. Jenny had shared this with me after the first time I’d met her friend. I found it hard to believe, being as I knew she must be pursued constantly, but according to Jenny she was pretty nervous about boys in general. I’d have never guessed by the way she acted, but Danielle had never had a boyfriend and had only even kissed two guys to the best of Jenny’s knowledge. The thought of busting Danielle’s cherry had come to me frequently ever since I’d heard this, and it was that thought I was fantasizing about now.

Somewhere during this time Danielle had apparently looked over at me and caught me staring. I caught her eyes and she gave me a playful smirk. How long had she noticed me looking at her? I immediately looked away, trying to play it off as though I had just glanced her direction for a moment. Smooth, I know, but it’s the best I could do at that point.

My hard-on went away by the time the episode ended due to by nervousness, luckily, and after it was over I collected mine and the girl’s plates and took them into the kitchen. They were laughing and getting ready to start another episode when I went back into the living room.

“Well I think I’m gonna head into the bedroom. Thanks for the pizza.” I said.

“You sure you don’t want to stick around for another one?” Danielle asked. She was smiling at me devilishly, and I was pretty convinced at that point that she had caught me staring earlier.

“Yea, just one more? I know how much you love sitcoms.” Jenny laughed. My issue was not with sitcoms. Sitcoms were fine. My issue was with shitty sitcoms.

“Tempting, but Lara Croft calls. You going to sleep out here tonight?” I asked.

“Yep. We’re just going to pull out the futon and watch a few movies or something. It’s a sleepover after all!”

“Maybe we’ll even have a sexy pillow fight?” Danielle joked, looking over at Jenny. Now I knew she was teasing me.

“Oh, most definitely.” Jenny laughed.

“Try not to have too much fun.” I said. “You guys have a good night.” I stole one more quick glance at Danielle and started heading towards the bedroom.

“Alright honey. I love you!” Jenny said.

“Love you too babe.” I said.

I sat on our bed, playing Xbox in the dark. I tried playing for about an hour, but I was pretty distracted. When we had first gotten together Jenny had told me stories of how she had made out with quite a few girls when she was in high school. She had made me promise not to ever mention it to anyone of course, but it definitely intrigued me. One of the girls she had made out with was Danielle. Now as I laid there in my room, playing video games, all I could think about was Jenny and Danielle laying in bed together in the other room. I wasn’t worried about anything happening between them. I knew that was just a phase my girlfriend had been through, and it had been years since the one time she’d kissed Danielle. Even if I did think something would happen, I was far more turned on by the idea than I was jealous. I honestly wouldn’t mind if anything did happen between the two of them. I would just hope I’d be able to watch, or better yet, participate.

That last smile Danielle had given me is really what had got me so worked up. God she was sexy. She was in the other room, probably changed into her pajamas by now, and she knew I had been checking her out. She caught me staring at her tits, and she had smiled at me. A playful, devilish smile.

Thinking back on it made me nervous. I hoped that she wouldn’t mention it to Jenny. My girlfriend was the jealous type, and she wouldn’t take kindly to knowing I lusted after her best friend. It would hurt her, and probably make her feel insecure about it. She was really jealous of her friend’s boobs and ass, and would talk about them constantly. On more than one occasion I had told her how much prettier I thought she was than Danielle. If Danielle told her that she’d caught me taking a peek, or worst, had noticed my erection, that would not be a fun conversation tomorrow. Damn you Sheldon Cooper! If you had been more entertaining I would have kept my eyes on you instead of Danielle, and I might not be in this situation.

I was worried, but more than that, I was turned on. I had thought Danielle had caught me staring once or twice before, but it had never been so obvious as it was tonight. Thinking back at her smile my erection started to come back. I tried illegal bahis siteleri focusing on the game, but it was no good. I turned it off and laid back in the bed. I pictured her smile, and her perfect, piercing blue eyes. Those eyes….

I pulled my pants down and started stroking my cock. I could hear the girls laughing still in the other room, so I wasn’t worried about being interrupted. I thought back to Danielle’s cleavage. I pictured her breasts, and the skin above her breasts, and imagined myself kissing her there on her exposed pale skin. Soon the fantasy escalated, and I was sucking on her nipples and fingering her clit. Before long I was picturing myself climbing over her and, ever so gently, taking her. The thought of breaking her hymen was all it took, and as soon as I pictured myself entering her I came.

It usually took me about fifteen to twenty minutes to masturbate, and I usually look at porn when I do it. This time, sitting in the dark, picturing fucking my girlfriend’s best friend, it had taken maybe three minutes. After about a minute I realized how great this would look if Jenny walked in, or Jenny and Danielle, and quickly cleaned myself off. I felt better after coming, but I was still too distracted to play games or read. Instead I dressed myself to just my boxers, tucked myself in, and went to sleep for the night.

At some point in the night I awoke to my girlfriend kissing me on the lips. This was a nice, but disorienting surprise. She woke me up this way occasionally, if she wanted to have sex in the middle of the night. I always went with it, as long as I woke up enough to realize what was going on. I kissed her back lightly, and as consciousness came back to me, I became more passionate. I reached my arm around her and felt her naked back. She was completely nude and under the covers with me. Her skin was smooth and warm, and I pressed her tightly into me. Her legs moved up and down my legs, and her breasts crushed into my chest. Her tongue circled my tongue, deep into my mouth, as she pressed her lips fully into mine. I reached my hand down to her ass and grabbed it firmly. She moaned softly into my mouth.

The moan should have been my first sign. Jenny moaned frequently, but when she did it, she moaned with Jenny’s voice. This moan was a higher pitch, and if I had been more awake I most certainly would have noticed the difference. Instead the moan encouraged me, and I reached lower down her ass until I came to her pussy.

I found immediate wetness when I reached it. Usually Jenny might get a little wet from kissing, but she needed me to rub her clit for awhile before the waterworks really started. Not so tonight. She was soaked. No wonder she woke me! Finding her ready to go like this excited me, and I inserted the tip of my middle finger in and out of her pussy while we kissed. I really couldn’t get much more than that in from that angle.

Jenny’s moaning increased as I played with her pussy. I took my finger out of her and rubbed it up to her clit. Immediate reaction. As soon as I started rubbing her she gasped. Her lips stayed on mine but she stopped kissing me. Her breathing became heavier and her moaning increased. She started humping my body, moving down to meet my finger, applying more pressure onto her clit.

My hand, being over her ass, rubbing her pussy, was at a pretty awful angle. It seemed to be working for her, but I could do better. I stopped rubbing and moved to flip her over onto her back. As soon as I moved my hand off her pussy though she started crawling down me towards my cock. I liked this idea better. She removed my boxers and then grabbed my penis with both hands. I was fully erect at this point, and as hard as I’d ever been. I didn’t know how long it’d been since I’d jerked off, but it didn’t seem to be effecting my readiness.

My eyes were just starting to adjust to the light at this point. I couldn’t see any of her features, but I could see that she was hunched down over my penis, looking down at it while she held it. She was jerking me off slowly, but I ached for more. I reached out to her head and pushed her down slowly towards my cock. She reached her tongue out and slowly began circling the tip of my penis while continuing to jerk me off. Oh my god that felt amazing. After several seconds of this she lowered her mouth over my penis, slowly taking in as much of it as she could. She only got about half of it into her mouth, which is less than usual, but it felt amazing. She began sucking me off, slowly moving up and down on my cock, her tongue circling the head of my penis, while moving her hands up and down the shaft.

Jenny was amazing in bed, but her blowjobs left something to be desired. She never seemed to figure out the importance of her hands in the process. Not tonight. The pace was slow, but the technique was amazing, and if I hadn’t came earlier I almost certainly would have right then.

While she went down on me my thoughts drifted to canlı bahis siteleri Danielle in the other room. The thought of her laying out there, completely unaware, while my girlfriend blew me in the neighboring room was really exciting. This made me want to fuck Jenny right then, but I figured I better return the favor first.

I put my hand on Jenny’s forehead and pulled her gently away from my cock. She looked up at me and smiled. My eyes had adjusted pretty well at this point, and I swore for a second it was Danielle staring up at me, and not Jenny. She moved up my body to my lips and started kissing me again, passionately. She was cradling me at this point, with her pussy touching my cock, and I could feel the light prickly hairs from her recently shaved pussy. I kissed her back but I was confused by what I had seen. I flipped her onto her back and pulled up from her a bit to look her in the eyes.

Sure enough, it was Danielle and her beautiful blue eyes staring back at me. My heart skipped a beat.

“Dan… Danielle?” I asked, my voice shaking a bit.

“Hi Johnny.” She said, smiling nervously.

“I… I thought you were Jenny. What are you doing here?” I was on top of her now, my cock between her legs touching her thighs. It would be so easy to take her…

“I, uh… I saw the way you looked at me. Earlier tonight, during the show? And I, uh… I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Jenny has talked about how great you are, and how much she loves making love to you. I’ve always been intrigued by that, by you, but I kept asking her questions about it tonight, after you went to bed.” As she talked she moved her hands up and down my back and over my ass. “I’ve been so nervous about losing my virginity, but she mentioned how gentle you were with her, and how focused you are on making sure she enjoys sex. After she fell asleep it was all I could think about. I waited until I knew she was out cold and then I came in here. You were sleeping hard, and at first I just undressed and cuddled up next to you. I couldn’t control myself though… Are you mad at me?”

Mad? This was a dream come true. Still, I had been tricked into cheating on my girlfriend, something I had swore I’d never do. Unconsciously my right hand was exploring Danielle’s body, and I was gently rubbing her left breast and nipple.

“I’m not mad. God Danielle… I’ve wanted you for so long… We can’t do this though. Jenny would be devastated.” I was thrusting slightly on top of her as I said this, unconsciously rubbing my penis against her thighs. Her breathing was becoming labored as I continued rubbing her breast lightly.

“I know she would be, and I don’t want to hurt her. I love her too much to ever hurt her. I just… I don’t want to be a virgin any more. I would never tell her any of this. I promise. But please… please take my virginity.” Her eyes were pleading with me to listen to her. I knew what the right answer was. The right thing to do would be to tell her no. I should tell her that it was wrong to trick me, and that I love Jenny far too much to ever betray her. I couldn’t do it though. The thought of kicking Danielle out of my bed, while she laid below me naked, pleading with me to take her virginity… If I had ever been more turned on by anything, I couldn’t think of it.

Without saying anything I bent down and kissed her forehead. Then I kissed her left cheek. Then her right. I moved my lips back to hers and for the first time I knowingly kissed my girlfriend’s best friend. I kissed her softly, open-mouthed but without our tongues. The kiss was soft and sensual, and soon I began grabbing her breast gently while we kissed. Her breast was much larger than Jenny’s, and felt amazing in my hand. I pinched the nipple softly between my thumb and index finger, and Danielle gasped.

She reached down and grabbed my penis with one hand. She slowly began rubbing it against her pussy juices, lubricating my penis. It felt incredible, and I began thrusting slowly as she did so. When I had thought she was Jenny I was wanting to go down on her, to thank her for the amazing blowjob. I loved the way Jenny tasted, and I desperately wanted to know how Danielle tasted as well. I felt a twinge of guilt at this, and I kissed her fully in response. With my penis so close to claiming it’s prize, I was too far gone to stop to eat Danielle out. She lined me up to the head of her vagina and I ever so slowly entered her.

She was breathing very heavy at this point, and I could tell she was nervous. Most girls are scared of losing their virginity because they think it will hurt, and I’m sure that was frightening her at this point. I began moving the tip of my penis in and out very slowly, not going in deep enough to break her hymen. Danielle held my penis with one hand still, lining it up but also preventing it from going in any further.

This continued on for about a minute, as I fucked her gently with just the tip of my penis. It felt amazing, but it wasn’t enough, and I needed to take her completely. I reached down with my hand and placed it over her hand. Slowly I lifter her hand and moved it off my penis. She was shaking at this point. I lifted my head and looked her in her beautiful, blue eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32