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I have a number of very pretty girlfriends attending school with me here at State, several of whom I’ve already made mention of in my aforementioned erotic adventures, nearly all of of which involve older lesbian women taking a prurient interest in our more submissive and slender young bodies. Did you like my use of that word, ‘prurient?’ – it means ‘involving an excessive interest in sex!’ And yes, it should be clear to you by now that beautiful young college girls tend to attract a great deal of prurient interest from those older lesbians residing in this same community.

But before I go any further, let me introduce myself. My name in Kenzi Kittle, and I’m an 18-year old freshman here at State University, and yes, I have a ‘lesbian sugar mama’ named Dallas Morgenstern, who wouldn’t want me broadcasting her age (I’ll just say that she’s in her fifties), who has taken very good care of me since we first met back in my hometown of Latrelle. Thanks to Mrs. Morgenstern’s loving generosity, I landed a lucrative scholarship allowing me to attend school here, and she’s also given me a rent-free place to stay, living in the condo that she owns just across the street from campus. Did I say ‘rent-free?’ Actually, I sort of pay for it in ways that involve her enjoyment of my young body whenever she has a desire to do so! I guess you could say that I’ve kind of become her ‘property’ to play with as she pleases.

Regarding my body… as I mentioned earlier, I’m a college freshman with stylishly long blonde hair, a pretty face, a pair of lush (but not-overly-large) breasts, a taut tummy, two gorgeous long legs, and everybody who knows me consistently informs me that I have a great ass, which is kept perfectly toned thanks to my regular bi-weekly aerobic work-outs at Lucille’s Gym. My membership there is yet another perk acquired for me by Mrs. Morgenstern, who is intimately acquainted with the young black woman who owns & operates the facility (named Lucille.) And yes, Lucille takes the responsibility for keeping my body fit & trim very seriously, as she, too, occasionally exhibits a prurient interest in me when she feels like it (which is more often than you might guess!)

Anyway, back to the beginning… I have several beautiful girlfriends here on campus, many of whom I’ve already mentioned in previous stories. But my CUTEST friend would have to be Kathryn Periwinkle, better known to myself and others as little Kat! Kat is a tiny pixie of a girl, with short blonde hair and a tight little body. How to best describe her? Think ‘Tinkerbelle’ from the ‘Peter Pan’ animated film. Kat looks like she could easily still be in high school. She’s from the small town of Remington, and she once told me that back when she still rode the school bus, a classmate told the first-graders riding that same bus that Kat was a fairy princess, and because she looked the part, the little kids believed it! She told me how they used to stare at her, and were reportedly very sad after she graduated and no longer rode to school with them.

Little Kat resides in the dorms and she’s also a church-going girl who attends services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. She told me that she first developed an interest in other girls after her older sister became a ‘cautionary tale’ of sorts in her family, getting pregnant while still in high school. Kat was in 8th-grade at the time, and decided to avoid making that same mistake by NOT getting seriously involved with any boys during her own high school years. And when she arrived at State, she was delighted to discover that she could experience romantic encounters with other girls, which is around the time when I first became acquainted with her. The pretty little thing attended a party I hosted along with several other college girls, a party that ended up involving a great deal of kissing, female nudity, and girl-girl massages. That’s also when little Kat developed a serious crush on myself!

Kat had been asking me for quite some time to invite her over for another sleep-over, just the two of us – but with my busy schedule that was easier said than done. Still, she was nothing if not persistent, and eventually we set a date. Kat was overjoyed!

“I’ve got this sexy little nightie that barely covers anything,” she gleefully informed me. “I can’t wait for you to see me in it!”

She came over on a night when we didn’t have any classes the next day, so we didn’t have to go to bed early. Kat looked exceptionally cute in tight bluejeans and a pink tank-top, and excitedly kissed me immediately upon entering my place.

“I’ve really been looking forward to spending the night with you again, Kenzi” she gushed. “I really want us to be good friends!”

I didn’t plan anything special. I thought we’d just talk and maybe watch television or a movie. I was wearing these tiny little white shorts that I knew Kat liked, along with a matching tee-shirt. Kat kept running her hands up my thighs while we talked about nothing in particular.

“You’ve got the best legs, Kenzi,” she sighed. “I maltepe escort wish mine were as long and slender as these!”

“What are you even talking about?” I replied. “Your hot little body is just perfect as is!”

She smiled happily as she leaned in to kiss me on my lips. I kissed her back. What can I say? We both really enjoyed kissing one another.

“What part of my body would you say is your favorite?” she coyly inquired. “What part of me turns you on the most?”

“Well… you have the prettiest smile,” I began, truthfully enough. “And I also love looking at your perfect little breasts, your all-around sexy figure, and especially your luscious little butt!”

My open and honest admiration made her laugh, but she also glanced appreciatively at me beneath her long eyelashes, smiling that seductive little smile of hers that always makes my heart beat a little bit faster when aimed at myself.

“Are you hungry?” I asked, changing the subject, with her nodding back yes.

There’s a Chinese restaurant only a couple of blocks from where I live that delivers, and so I telephoned them and ordered dinner for the both of us: shrimp-lo-mein and beef-with-broccoli. It was delicious. Kat found it especially delightful when her fortune cookie said she would discover romance in the near future.

“I think I already have,” she laughed, getting up and perching herself on my lap before kissing me again. “I really do love you, Kenzi!”

Her hands were all over me as we then made out, with her soon tugging at my clothing.

“Would you like me to undress for you?” I playfully asked her, already knowing what her answer would be.

“Yes, please,” she laughingly responded.

I then got up as she sat close beside me, and began slowly lifting my tee-shirt up and over my head, exposing my breasts, which Kat delightedly grabbed at, caressing and gently squeezing. I leaned forward somewhat, allowing her pretty lips to lovingly kiss them.

“I love your sweet kisses,” I sighed. “You do them so well!”

That made her giggle, as she resumed her exploration of my breasts with her small mouth, lips, and fingers.

“Take off your shorts,” she then ordered, after one final squeeze of my left breast. “I really want to rub your gorgeous ass!”

I smiled and turned to face away from her. It was a lot of fun slowly pulling down my shorts for her perusal, as I could instinctively tell that she was greatly enjoying my impromptu strip tease for her own personal benefit.

“Your butt is just so perfect,” she whispered in awe, caressing my ass cheeks with the back of her fingers. “Now remove those cute panties!”

I did so, and within seconds they were on the floor and I was standing before her completely nude.

“Do you like what you see?” I couldn’t help asking, looking over my shoulder to see a hungry smile cross her pretty face. She nodded.

“Move closer to me,” she begged. “I want to run my hands up your long legs and squeeze your gorgeous butt!”

And so that’s what I did.

“Your body is so awesome, Kenzi,” she sighed, her small hands gliding across, caressing, and fondling my rump as I remained bent over slightly. “I just have to kiss it!”

And, sure enough, I then felt the girl’s lips repeatedly planting loving kisses all over my derriere, as her hands grasped my hips possessively. I couldn’t help but moan softly as I felt her lips and tongue aggressively exploring my behind. She continued kissing and caressing my naked body for the next several minutes while I writhed in ecstasy, my nude body swaying seductively before her, as if I was her slavegirl there for her pleasure.

Suddenly, she glanced up into my eyes and asked me if I now wanted to assist her in getting undressed. Yes, of course I did! I sat down beside her as she then rose up, with me quickly unbuckling the belt to her bluejeans, before then unbuttoning and sliding the jeans down past her curvy little butt and further down her silky-smooth little legs.

“Turn around,” I suggested. “It’s time I got my own closer look at this luscious little butt of yours while I strip you completely naked!”

She giggled and obeyed, sticking out her cute little ass for my benefit. I couldn’t help but playfully slap it.

“Hey,” she protested. “No fair! I never spanked you!”

I apologized and immediately planted a series of loving kisses on her pretty rump where I could still see the mark left by my handprint, all the while continuing to pull the bluejeans down off of her tight little body. She arched her back and slowly wiggled her cute little butt for my benefit.

“Do you like this?” she demurely asked, the amusement evident in her voice, with me responding by again smooching her on her hot little derriere.

Within a minute or two, we were both completely nude and lying together on the couch in eachother’s arms, kissing one another passionately. Kat was clearly enjoying herself as much as myself. The only thing that seemed out of place was that neither one of us escort maltepe really knew what to do next.

I mean, it’s entirely different from when I’m with either Mrs. Morgenstern or Camile. Whenever I find myself naked with a dominant older lesbian woman, you can bet that she’s the one in charge and calling the shots, and can position me however she so desires, taking complete control of my submissive young body to engage in whatever pleasures she has in mind. But it was different here with little Kat, as we’re both basically submissive young femme girls, with neither one of us used to ‘being the man.’

Now I once watched a scene on one of Camile’s adult-oriented lesbian DVD’s, where they showed two identical-looking pretty young women engaging in I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex, with both girls simply taking turns doing the exact same things to one another. I thought those scenes looked needlessly fake, probably because they were. There was clearly a male director somewhere in the background telling the girls what to do next. Little Kat and I had no such director.

Nevertheless, we continued doing what came naturally, kissing and fondling one another. I really did enjoy touching her lovely body, and it was pretty obvious that she enjoyed caressing and kissing my own. But where to go from there? It was painfully clear that neither one of us was the dominant in-charge type. I had only once before actually gone down on another woman, and that was only because she had basically forced me to do so.

“Have you ever actually spent the night with another girl?” I asked little Kat. “Just the two of you?”

“No,” she admitted. “Not really. That night at your sleep-over party, when I climbed into bed with you and Camile & Mrs. Morgenstern… that was my first-ever real-life lesbian experience!”


“Seriously… I’d never had actual sex with another woman before that night!”

“And did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, I honestly did,” she gushed. “And that’s also when I knew I wanted to be with you again… just the two of us!”

“I remember that you were so pretty that night!”

“So were you, Kenzi,” she replied, in all sincerity. “Your body… just so perfect!”

I smiled and kissed her lips again, before then slowly beginning to kiss my way down her small tight little body, beginning with her neck and shoulders before then continuing my way down to her pretty pert little breasts. She giggled and squirmed appreciatively as I took my sweet time kissing and licking each of her small breasts, eventually moving my lips and mouth further down to her adorable flat little tummy. Little Kat is super-ticklish, and it’s clear that my tongue traversing across her silky-smooth stomach was almost too much for her to bear.

While my lips continued enjoying her sweet little body, my hands were very gently pulling apart her legs, making room for my face to eventually settle itself atop her delicious little pussy. The girl was just so fresh and delightful as my lips and tongue quickly made their way into her most private places. Little Kat cried aloud as I proceeded to pleasure her in this manner. And although I’ll be the first to admit that I’m rather new at servicing another girl in this fashion, I believe it’s safe to say that I succeeded beyond all expectations with little Kat!

“Oh, Kenzie,” she cried. “Don’t stop… please… please don’t stop!”

I could feel her fingernails pressing into my blonde hair as her small hands clasped at my head, her little body bucking in wild abandon with my own hands firmly cupping her ass to hold her steady while my tongue did its part to keep her on the edge of an orgasm. But before she could release, I then quickly rose up and flipped the small girl over onto her stomach before then lifting her hips up slightly so as to press my mouth right up against her pussy from behind, continuing to lick and suck on her vagina with my own face now wedged right up into her delicious ass.

“Oh my God,” she screamed, as her small body orgasmed. “Oh my God… this is soooo awesome!”

Her little body continued bucking back and forth in wild abandon, with my hands doing their best to hold her firmly in place, as my mouth switched to now kissing and biting her firm little ass cheeks, causing her to squeal with pleasure and amusement as she backed her butt right up into my awaiting face, wiggling it enticingly as if to tempt me further. Not that I required any further temptation. I was basically devouring her hot little mouth-watering behind with complete joy!

As our exertions began slowing down, I planted my mouth firmly upon her right ass cheek and began sucking on it until, pop, I’d left a hickey-mark there, almost as if branding it as my property. She giggled and begged for more, with my lips continuing to plant warm wet kisses all over the smaller girl’s delicious little rump!

“Keep kissing me, Kenzi,” she begged. “I never want this to end!”

I realized at that moment that I had, in fact, however briefly morphed into an maltepe escort bayan aggressive, dominant lesbian woman, and couldn’t imagine a better scenario than one involving possessing a cute little hottie like little Kat. I mean, she was just so delightfully submissive with the perfect little compact body that was a complete pleasure to play with and dominate!

But, deep down, I knew that it wouldn’t last. I was, just like little Kat, a submissive femme girl who preferred being possessed to possessing, and preferably by a dominant older lesbian woman like my very own ‘sugar mama,’ Mrs. Morgenstern. I desired to be owned and taken care of, and sexually enjoyed by her.


A few minutes later, little Kat and I were soaking together in my bathtub, still occasionally kissing and caressing one another.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to lick your pussy?” the pretty girl asked, for like the third time. “I’ll do it, I promise.”

“No,” I laughed. “And quit asking. I told you it’s not necessary!”

“But you did it to me,” she argued back. “And I don’t want you to think I’m selfish.”

“I don’t, and you’re not,” I told her. “I really love kissing you all over, and there’s no reason for you to now feel that you have to go down on me.”

“Thank you, Kenzi,” she sighed in relief. “I just really want you to like me.”

I kissed her softly on her lips to assure her that yes, I really did. But I could also tell that she was a complete novice at sexually servicing another woman (as was I), and I didn’t relish the idea of her self-consciously attempting to please me in a way that she might not be fully comfortable with. And besides, I really did enjoy kissing her little butt all over!

“So… what about the other girls living in your dorm?” I asked. “I thought you told me that some of them were lesbians?”

“Oh, yeah… there’s a few who say they are,” she replied. “But I know of only two who are for real… just a couple of doors down from me… Deena and Maya… they openly live the lezzie life.”

“Have they ever hit on you?” I asked. “You know… get you into their bed?”

“Oh yeah, several times,” she answered, laughing. “They’ve asked me to spend the night with them, and always invite me in when I’m not wearing very much… like right after I’ve taken a shower and only have on a small towel!”

“Well, no wonder,” I laughed. “But have they ever succeeded in luring you into their lair?”

“Yeah, a few times. They’re both really butch. Deena’s head is shaved on the right side. And Maya’s got several tattoos and piercings. They’ve both told me that they think I’m really hot!”

“So… have you ever actually gotten naked with either one of them?”

“Never,” she replied, her face suddenly turning serious. “The problem is, they don’t respect me.”

“How so?” I asked, my curiosity now peaked. “You’re such a pretty little thing! I’d think that any lesbian girl meeting you would be doing cartwheels to impress you!”

“You’d think so,” she answered, smiling at my compliment. “But whenever they talk with me they get all preachy.”


“Yeah… it started early one Sunday morning when Maya asked me where I was off to, and when I told her I was going to church she mocked me for being superstitious and old fashioned. I thought her comments were needlessly disrespectful.”

“I see.” I knew that little Kat took church attendance very seriously. “Did she later apologize?”

“No… both she and Deena told me that going to church was for losers.”

“So, they’re not exactly religious?” I asked.

“Actually, they think they are,” Kat responded, a serious look clouding her pretty face. “Deena told me that they’re both practicing Wiccans, and that they’re all about worshiping the environment.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. I knew the type. Kat continued:

“Maya even suggested I join them at one of their ‘worship services’ where they get together with other Wiccan girls. She said they have this secret altar out in the woods, and told me I could be the ‘sacrifice’ the next time they meet, which she explained would involve me taking off all of my clothes!”


“She says they need a pretty girl to get naked and then they bound her with cords atop this altar, after which they’d chant verses to Freya the Earth Mother, or something like that.”

“Did you do it?” I asked, although I already knew that she hadn’t. Still, the very thought of little Kat lying nude and tied-up on a stone altar while several robed Wiccan girls salivate over her hot little body was a bit of a turn-on.

“No way,” is how she actually responded. “The whole idea just seems creepy and super-weird.”

I nodded my head as she continued:

“But that’s not all… Maya and Deena talk politics all the time while smoking marijuana… you’d think that pot might mellow them both down a bit, but it doesn’t. They’re always angry about something!”

“How so?” I asked, despite already knowing the type of girls she was describing.

“Well, Deena asked me who I voted for, and when I answered her question honestly she told me I was a white supremacist, with Maya adding that I must be stupid!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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