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When Mindy and I entered my room, I shut the door. Mindy smiled as she began to undress. Still smiling she said, “I didn’t let Darcy fuck me tonight Billy, I’ve kept that clean just for you! I knew if I fucked Darcy, you wouldn’t go down on me.” she said as she removed her white panties. She knew I was the only one that loved to eat her pussy!

As I removed my cum stained underwear, and threw them in the hamper, I winked at Mindy and motioned for her to lie down on my bed. With a big grin, she readily obliged. Gently she laid her head onto my pillow and spread her long gorgeous legs. For the very first time, I noticed she had totally shaved herself clean, just like my sister.

“Wow Mindy, I love the new look, that’s hot! You look amazing Mindy. What made you decide to do that?” I ask.

Shyly she said. “My sister and my mother both shave themselves clean and smooth. I liked the look, and really wanted to surprise you. After I saw your sister tonight, I thought you might object to me being just like her. Do you mind Billy?”

“Not at all Mindy Looks great, ” I said, as I buried my face deep into her crotch. I started to taste her, she smelled and tasted very clean and sweet. I loved to lick Mindy’s pussy! I was still aroused from my earlier escapades, so as Mindy seemed to relax and enjoy my tongue, I slid my hand under her legs and using my index finger, I started to circle her anus in a very soft and teasing way.

I thought, depending on her reaction, I would go farther or quit, I didn’t want to ruin a good thing. Mindy didn’t disappoint me. As I circled her anus with my finger, she became hotter and hotter, she was breathing heavier than I had ever noticed before. As she neared her climax, I gently slid the very tip of my finger into her anus, slowly moving it in, then out and around.

Mindy’s squeezed her butt , she let out a loud moan and sigh, gasping for air, she finally climaxed, she sprayed my face, coating both my chin and neck. That has never happened before! For all of the previous times I had gone down on Mindy, she had never squirted like this before!

I guessed she enjoyed the butt play, at least it appeared that she had. As she climaxed again and again, I continued to move my finger deeper and deeper. Mindy moaned, twisted, tensed then shoved her pussy firmly into my face. I continued to taste her for as long as she could stand it. Finally, she pulled her crotch free from my face.

As she did, I started to remove my finger…”Don’t,” she pleaded, “please leave it in Billy, that was awesome! God Billy, I love your finger and you Billy, I love you!”… Ok, now I really wasn’t expecting to hear that, wow, that must have been exceptionally good, I thought to myself, as I continued to play with her boobs nipples and bum. I knew she loved that!

With my finger still inside of her bum, she reached down and started to finger herself. I started to slide my finger deeper and deeper, until it was as deep as it would go. Mindy was moaning, writhing, and twisting, she was really into her very first anal experience. I had no idea it would go elmadağ escort this well, If I had, I’d have tried it sooner.

As she climaxed again and again, I enjoyed watching her finger herself, that was a first for me. I noticed that she used a different motion and method than I always had, that was good to know.

When Mindy finally finished, I went into the bathroom to clean up. My chin neck and chest were soaked, and my finger needed some attention. As I returned to the bedroom with a washcloth, Mindy was lying there…but now she was sound asleep. Well crap, I guess I wasn’t getting any tonight, as I had previously thought. Oh well, I laid down beside Mindy, and threw the covers over the both of us.

As I lie there, thinking about everything that had taken place this evening, I noticed my door begin to open slowly…in walked my twin sister Becky, still completely naked from coming home drunk. Our eyes met, she put her finger over her mouth, cautioning me to be quiet.

I wondered what she wanted? Was she mad from my early evening escapades, I wasn’t sure. I decided to relax, ready to except the consequences for my previous actions. I hoped whatever she did, everyone would forgive and forget, and we could all get on with our lives.

Becky walked over to my side of the bed. I waited, not knowing what was going to happen. After all, in her drunken stupor, I had fucked my sister! Becky grasp the blanket, and started to remove it. I knew I was naked, but what could I do?

Becky looked towards my dick, then at me, oh crap, here it comes, I thought to myself. To my pleasant surprise, Becky smiled, sat on the edge of the bed and started fondling my dick. Wow, that wasn’t what I was expecting! I figured I was dead for sure!

Becky started to stroke my dick, then she looked at me and said, “you know Billy, you were a very bad boy earlier tonight, for what you did to your twin sister. You know, some people may not forgive you for that!”

I looked away, “I know Becky, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done it, but damn Becky, even if you’re my sister, you’re beautiful…and you are so damn hot! Your body is fine sis, F I N E fine! I was wrong, but I just couldn’t help myself. I enjoyed fucking you sis, I really did!”

Becky started to tug harder on my dick, “Billy, I can’t believe what I just heard you say. You just said, you think your sister is pretty and sexy, and you enjoyed fucking me, is that right?”

I looked at my sister, “yes Becky it is. And I’m sorry, but I’ve got to tell you, you have the sweetest nipples I have ever seen! God, I wish Mindy’s were as sweet as yours, There almost perfect!”

Becky laughed quietly, as Mindy was still sound asleep. “You mean these nipples,” she said as she started to fondled them, making them puffy and full. All I could do was nod, she had started stroking my dick harder and faster. Damn that felt good!

As she continued to stroke my dick, I started to relax, maybe she wasn’t going to punish me after all. She had started out slowly, but by now, she had a nice and steady esenyurt escort rhythm going. I was almost ready to climax, I warned my sister, “you may want to stop that sis, I’m almost there!”

Becky smiled and lowered her head towards my dick. God I was hot, my whole body felt like it was on fire! I felt her mouth close around my dick, oh my god, my sister had my entire dick inside of her mouth.

It felt wonderful, I could hold out no longer, my dick exploded into my sisters mouth, she didn’t seem to mind. In fact she continued sucking on me, again and again, until I was totally drained of cum. My entire body went limp, damn my sister gave great head on top of everything else!

“Holy Shit Becky, that was awesome. You are one beautiful and hot sister,” I said while feeling totally mellow.

Becky smiled then said, “well Billy, I’ll forgive you, if you allow me to give you a hand job every week for at least a month, and you come into my bedroom and start fucking me while I’m asleep, just as you did earlier tonight, once a week every week for a month, deal? Oh, and one more thing, you have to go down on me at least once Billy, just like you did Mindy. I think I’ll enjoy that, I’ve never had an oral experience before.”

Becky smiled as she continued to rub her nipples. Damn, I thought as I fought the urge to fondle them too!

Hum, I guess Becky must have looked in on me and Mindy earlier. But,everything sounded fine to me! “Ok Becky, that’s a deal!” I said with a huge smile! After all, she was pretty and she had a fantastic body! And I did love my sister…even if she was my twin sister. And her boobs, I’ll never forget about those. Now, I could look forward to both Mindy and Becky, at least for the next month or so! Live was looking up.

Becky leaned over and whispered in my ear, “In fact, I’ll need you to eat me right now tonight Billy, got it?” Quickly I nodded yes.

Slowly I got out of bed, I didn’t want to disturb Mindy. I tiptoed out of my room, and into Becky’s. She had stopped by the hall bath on her way to the bedroom, my guess was she needed to freshen up a bit. I sat on the edge of her bed to wait.

When she entered her room, she closed and locked the door. It was dark inside, I couldn’t see a thing. As she slid passed me, I felt her boobs rub against my back, it felt wonderful, my dick noticed too. I reached over and felt for her stomach, my hand landed gently on her crotch. She was moist and warm. I could already hear her breathing, heavy then heavier, she was excited because of what her brother was about to do to her.

As I lowered my head, I could smell soap, and my sister’s perfume. I didn’t know what it was, but I have always loved her smell, her own personal smell, and that along with the added perfume, well it made for a very intoxicating blend.

Becky was smoothly shaved just like Mindy. Her crotch was soft and smooth, no stubble what so ever. I slid my hands underneath her thighs, they were incredibly soft. Using the tip of my tongue, I located her clitoris. As I licked it, she jerked, etiler anal yapan escort then settled in, with a deep breath and low sigh. I was about to eat my own sister, I wasn’t sure that I should find it as exciting as I did, but I was totally energized and excited, after all, she WAS beautiful!

Starting slowly, I started to tongue her clit, then her pussy, Mindy liked to be tongue fucked, I wondered if Becky would like that too. Ah, she did! She actually loved it, I could feel her legs relax, as she opened up wider for my tongue. She spread her legs and pushed my head deep and firmly into her perfumed pussy. The fact that I was her brother, didn’t seem to matter to Becky at all.

Becky had both of her hands full of my hair, she was pulling me and my tongue deeper and deeper. I decided to attack her clitoris. Madly, I licked her again and again, Becky squirmed this way then that. She was panting, almost to a rhythmic tune. She seemed to be controlling herself, trying to enjoy her very first oral experience. It didn’t seem to matter that this was my sister, I was incredibly turned on and excited.

After a short while, Becky squeezed her legs together, tightly around my head, I felt her body as it thrust forward again and again. Now, her moans were much higher, “eeeee… oh my god Billy, that’s awesome,” she said as she started to climax. Her body was red hot and moist, as she pushed it firmly against my face, she smelled and tasted wonderful.

As her climax eased, her body started to settle gently back into bed. Immediately, I started in again. She tried to pull free, but it was no use. Firmly, I started to lick and taste my sister again and again, soon, she relaxed and enjoyed herself. This time when she climaxed, she squealed, and using my hair, she pulled my face roughly and firmly into her sweet vagina. She pulled so hard, I believe she removed some of my hair, ouch, I thought silently to myself!

As her orgasm subsided, she started to relax. Letting go of my hair, she said, “damn you Billy, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Damn you, you’re my brother, it shouldn’t have been that good! Damn you for doing that so well! You’ll be doing that again, more often and not just once as I had mentioned earlier!” Her breathing was starting to slow, she was finally starting to relax.

Without a word, I stood up, unlocked and opened the door to get my sister a warm washcloth. I went to the bathroom and returned. I reached out and found my sister’s hand, and gave her the wash cloth. I turned to leave the room. As I did, she spoke, “Damn you Billy, I’ll see you again tomorrow night…or I’m telling mom!” She giggled. I just grinned to myself, 0h what have I done, I’ve just created a monster.

As I left Becky’s room, I closed the door and turned to return to my room, where Mindy was still soundly sleeping.

Immediately I stopped, there stood my mother! “Billy, we need to talk!” She said as she grabbed my arm and led me towards her bedroom. I thought I had gotten away with doing my sister. It didn’t look like I was going to be so lucky with my mom.

I sensed that all hell was about to break loose. I was going to catch hell for doing my mother AND my sister. For the first time, I was scared of what my mother was about to say. No longer did I have remorse for doing my sister, but I truly wished that Mike and I hadn’t fucked my mom! Oh Crap!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32