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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!


As I hit my late teens and early twenties, I started to look at incest stories, first novels at the adult bookstores, then later online. I found an incest forum full of like-minded people. Most of them are men, and the few women were bombarded by guys much better at talking crap than me. The first “Woman” who replied to me turned out to be a guy, he must have been gay, I guess. I was very gun-shy after that, but I eventually started messaging another woman that had an almost complete profile. The one that piqued my interest described herself as a frustrated mother who has spent many years wanting her son. The username was close to my aunt’s name, and I had to message her even though I knew it couldn’t be my aunty, as her age and the fact my aunty only had a daughter, but it was fun to daydream.

“I would like to chat and see if we have any similar interests,” Fran said, in her first message.

“I wanted to roleplay or sext with my ‘mother’, I have had fantasies about her for the past few years,” I said in reply.

“I am sorry to have to ask, but I need proof you are not another fifty years old with a middle-age man bod,” Fran replied, she must have been bitten before too, that’s actually good it would make the next part of the conversation more straightforward.

“I am glad you asked, as I was about to ask you for proof that you were not a man,” I said, and started to think about how I could prove my age.

“OK, I need a pic of your torso with you holding three fingers out below your left nipple, your hand has to be sideways, and your nipple has to be showing above your fingers. That should make it difficult to find a photo on the net to catfish me with. You have two minutes, and after that, I am blocking you forever,” Fran replied, making me panic.

I pulled off my shirt and stood against the blank wall across from the window and took a few shots with my phone. Then emailed them off to Fran and waited.

“You have a nice body, do you work out,” Fran said, after a long time, I was guessing she was doing a photo search to check if it was an internet photo.

“I will tell you after you do the same, but with four fingers under your right nipple, you also have two minutes,” I replied, I think turnabout is fair play, and I get to see come goodies, without getting too greedy asking to see pussy straight away.

I waited for the agreed two minutes and just as the last second ticked past the email ‘ding’ came through the speakers. I couldn’t have asked for more proof before me was a picture of a mother. Her breasts were a little bigger than a handful but only sagged a little. Her hips were slim, and her stomach was almost flat bar a few stretch marks and a slight pouch from childbirth. The picture was not doctored in any way, and I did throw it on picture search, but as I expected, no match was found.

“I don’t work out, but I do a lot of sports like swimming, soccer and Martial-arts. You have a beautiful body, more than I could have ever hoped for,” I said, trying to be honest with her from the start.

I don’t think it’s any good, because no one ever notices anymore, especially my son,” Fran said, I could feel her frustration.

“Mom I do notice you, I see when you walk past me and when you bend over to pack the dishwasher,” I said, remembering my own Mom, and hoping the switch to a roleplay didn’t scare her off.

“When I catch your eyes darting away from me, my nipples get hard, but how do I know you were checking me out?” Fran said, it turned me on that she was playing along with my game.

“Because I start to get hard and can’t continue watching your camel toe anymore without my cock lengthening down the leg of my shorts,” I replied, my cock hardening in real life.

“How far down your leg does that cock go?” Fran asked. Surprising that she hinted she might want a dick pic.

“It goes far enough that it is easy to see I am hard when I am trying to imagine if your pussy lips are shaven or just trimmed,” I replied, throwing it back on her.

“I could show you, but it’s a mess down there. I haven’t shaved or waxed for a long time, would my baby be willing to wait for a little game of show and tell for another time? I have to go now, but I would love to talk again soon,” Fran said, and I was OK, but a little disappointed to finish our first conversation so soon.

“OK Mom, I will keep watching you when I think you can’t see me looking,” I replied, getting ready to jerk off my already hard cock.

Ding and the last email came through it was a pic of Fran’s torso with her pulling her nipple out and some pubic hair visible at the top of her mound, and below the pic, she wrote. “I am about to relieve some tension, and I thought you might need some inspiration too, my baby boy. please feel free to send me any pics of the results.”

I was floored that she wanted to see a pic of me cuming. halkalı escort Fran was a hot MILF there was no doubt. I was stroking my cock and looking at her photos and getting ready to catch the first blast with my phone camera. I started to think about my Mom, and how her ass giggled a little as she scrubbed something in the sink. I remembered how her panties smelt when I picked them up out of the hamper while they were still warm, as I stood in the bathroom just after she finished her shower. The crotch of her panties was strong with her essence as I brought it up to my nose.

The memory drove me over the edge, and I almost forgot to take a picture of the first rope across the desk. Then I took another of the puddles and the tip of my cock. I wanted to leave the full dick pic for another time when we could exchange photos of our bits. I sent off the pictures just as I went to bed in my little apartment just off-campus.

The first thing I did when I woke up was to check my emails, and there was one waiting for me from Fran. It didn’t have any photo, but she did say, “Wow was all that, for little old me.” She wrote, and became the focus of my ‘mother attraction’. After classes, I started to work out a reply to her message to find out if she wanted more pic’s.

“It didn’t take long watching your ass jiggle when you did the washing up to get the cum boiling in my balls,” I wrote and waited for a reply.

“How much cum is in those balls of yours, I would love to see how much you can blow at one time,” She replied, with a picture of her mouth and lips with dark pink lipstick on her lips.

I had an idea, so I printed out the picture and started to pull my cock when I was about to cum I switched my phone to video and filmed my cum splashing over Mom’s beautiful lips. When I checked the video, I could hear myself softly grunting as I spurted my load. Then as I was heading to bed, I sent the file.

“Oh god, you made me cum so quickly when you emptied your balls on my lips,” Fran said, and the video she sent back showed her playing with her nipple as she was watching my video.

I jerked off in the shower as I got ready for school that morning and thought about how to get to see her pussy, and what might be next. I checked my emails all day, and I still hadn’t heard from Fran by 10:00 pm, and by then, I was already falling apart. I needed to see an email from her again.

“Hi Mom, I am sorry, but I just needed to tell you that I am dying here just waiting to hear from you again. I don’t mean to scare you off, but I have to be real with you and myself, the wait in between emails is killing me,” I said, then pressed send before thinking about it properly. I then sent another one apologizing for the previous email. Then another apologizing for the last two.

An agonizing thirty minutes later, the ping from the computer was finally going to put me out of my misery. At least she had sent me an email and not left me hanging for a reply that would never arrive.

“I saw your email, but I was in a meeting I could not get out of to reply, I was so wet from thinking about your last video. But I had worked all day and couldn’t do anything about it, I am so sorry for leaving you hanging. I am sending you a video, let me know if you want me to send you what I am wearing, so you have something real of mine?” Fran said, and I looked at the video.

My screen showed the video shot from the foot of the bed, showing Mom’s body from the neck down. It looked like a hotel room, and she was wearing a G-string, and playing with her pussy and nipples. She spread her legs wide and pulled the crotch aside and fingered herself, as she started to orgasm, she bucked against her hand. I could hear her whispering “Oh, baby boy,” over and over. After she came, she picked up the phone and pulled out her fingers and spread them, showing her pussy juice stringing between her fingers as she spread them.

I videoed myself squirting over the table and whispering, “Oh, Mom,” sent it then went to sleep, drained from the emotions of the evening.

The next day I set up a Post box to receive mail and messaged Fran the address.

I then received another email with a video of Mom fingering herself in a bathroom, below it said, “Bathroom at the airport, I would have done it in the plane, but I will have no internet up there to send it.”

I sent back a sad face emoji. Then a few hours later, I got another video of a very cramped Mom playing with her pussy, with the caption “I saved this for you on the plane.”

I set up my tablet computer on the floor, playing the video from the plane. Then stood over it and shot a video of myself pulling my cock and showing its full 6 1/2 inch length and came all over the screen as Mom orgasmed and whispered goodnight baby boy to me.

I woke up, and again I checked my emails. It went ping, and I opened Fran’s email.

“Oh, God, I have no idea how you come up with new ways to excite harbiye escort me. I am so proud to have you as my son. My pussy is always wet and dripping ready for the day you can slide that cock into me,” She said, and I was smiling from ear to ear.

On the way to Campus, I picked my mail. There was a small soft parcel. I waited until I got into the toilet to open it. Inside was a small Ziplock bag with some panties inside. I wanted to open them and inhale the scent, but it was not the right place, and I didn’t want to mix up Mom’s smell with this stinky place, I would wait until I was home.

When I got home, I set up my webcam and recorded myself from the neck down. I sat with an erection, and the bag still unopened, and I played with myself as I opened the bag, the smell was divine, it was a real Mom smell, I had them under my nose as I stroked myself. I was tempted to cum into the panties, but I came all over my stomach instead. I dropped the panties back into their bag to keep them fresh. I sent the video and went to bed and slept like a baby.

I woke up and went straight to my computer, and ping, I got an email. There was a video attached. It was shot from the ground looking up Mom’s skirt at her panties, they had a wet patch at the crotch. Then you could see her sliding her fingers inside her panties, after a few minutes of playing, she pushed them down her legs letting them dangle around one ankle and squatted over the camera and slid two fingers into her pussy. You could see her ass contracting as she orgasmed, it might have been the hottest thing I have ever seen.

“I was hoping to see you cum into my panties, but I realized you might not want to spoil the smell, so I am sending this pair, so you have a fresh supply, I can keep doing that every week if you like,” Mom said, it was like she could read my mind.

“I love the smell of your cunt, and I would love to run my tongue through between your lips and tease your clit, licking you from your ass all the way to your clit and back. Thank you for the panties, knowing they were so close to your pussy makes me so happy,” I said, and sent a video of me squirting on a photo of her pussy.

When the second pair of panties arrived, I made a video of my cuming into the crouch of the first pair and bagged them up and sent them back to the return post box on the package. I sent a video of what I did that night so she wouldn’t be shocked when she found the mess in the mail.

“I have always had this fantasy of son cuming into the crotch of my panties while I was wearing them, then walking around with the cum against my pussy lips all day. I am going to put on the G-string, and I will have your cum against my pussy,” She wrote, and an attached video showed her pulling the G-string up her legs and placing the wet patch against her pussy and squishing it into place with her fingers.

I had a few shifts at a coffee shop over the next week. I was saving up for a surprise for Mom, and I finally had enough money. I went into my local adult store and looked over the long-distance love toys, the pretty girl behind the counter came over to help me out.

“Are you looking for a toy to share with someone far away?” She asked, walking up to me.

“I need one to share with someone I have never met in person,” I said, looking for some guidance.

“This one can connect over the internet, and you will feel it when she or he moves in or out of themself,” She said and demonstrated it for me with her fingers.

You could see the inside of the tube that I could put my cock into, and the walls moved when she slid her fingers along the vibrator. The other way you could feel the vibrations up and down rubber cock as she slid her fingers in and out of the rubber tube.

“I will take them both,” I said, and the girl smiled at me.

“I hope the young lady will be happy?” she asked and started to pack up my purchase.

“I hope Mom will be pleased!” I said, as I picked up the bag, and the shocked look on her face was priceless. I hope I never have to return this under warranty.

I went home to connect my tube masturbator to my phone with Bluetooth, and I learnt how to play with it and how I would connect to the other half. I set it up then went to the post office and sent the vibrator with its instructions to Fran. I sent a link to a website showing how to set her part of the toy up to the phone, then how we can connect them. I was anxious she wouldn’t want to try or couldn’t get it to work, and I had spent a fortnight’s pay, on this useless toy.

I needn’t have worried, by the time I had gotten home from school the next day I had an email.

“I have your gift, and I think I have it set up. I am dying to try it with you. I was very tempted to give it a trial run, but wanted to cam with you live so we could have our first time together,” she said, and I relaxed for the first time since I brought the toys.

I set up my webcam showing me from the ikitelli escort neck down and from the side. I had my lubricant off camera so it wouldn’t break the spell that this was just us. I thought I could sneak some from behind me if I needed it. It was almost nine, and I logged into the cam software, so when she came on, I would be ready. I had the bedsheet over my cock and my toy on the other side of my legs. I was going to whisper so she would not be able to recognize my voice. Crap was I overthinking this.

The blank webcam flickered then Mom’s beautiful body came into view. I could see her from the neck down from the foot of the bed. She had the toy beside her and her legs apart, but a sheet pulled over one leg and covering her pussy.

“Hi, baby boy,” She whispered, and waved at the camera.

“Hi, Mom,” I whispered back.

I pushed down my sheet and exposed my rapidly expanding cock to the cam. Mom did the same and took hold of the vibrator and slid her fingers up and down the shaft. I pointed my tube to the camera so she could see the inside of the tunnel, reacting to her stroking.

“Wow, it works,” She whispered, and wrapped her hand around the shaft, watching the tube close at the same time.

I slid two fingers into the tube, and she giggled as the vibrations ran up and down the shaft at the same time. Mom reached behind her thigh and brought forward a tube of lube, squeezed a big drop onto the top of the vibrator and put it away. Rocking her hips forward, she placed the tip at her clit.

“Are you ready?” She whispered, holding the vibrator still.

I reached to the blind side of my legs and pumped some lube onto my fingers and slid them down my shaft, leaving it glistening with the wetness. I placed the tube at the tip of my cockhead.

“I am now,” I answered, and started to lower the tube over my cock.

I could see Mom starting to slide the vibrator into her pussy. I could feel the tube closing around my shaft as she pushed the vibrator into her pussy. When the tube all the way down to my pubic bone. Mom started to pump her toy into her pussy and sending waves of pleasure up and down my cock.

“Slide it all the way in,” I whispered, and watched her push it into the hilt.

Then I began to pump the tube up and down my shaft. I heard a gasp then a low moan, and I slid it down again, letting her take up the action again. We went back and forth until I couldn’t stand it anymore and started to cum into the tube and grunting each time I spurted. Mom started to convulse, and her toes went straight out as she orgasmed on the vibrator.

“I could feel you pulsing as you climaxed,” Mom whispered, and pulled out her toy showing me how wet it was.

“I could feel you squeezing on my cock as you orgasmed, goodnight Beautiful,” I whispered back and turned off my cam. I cleaned up the toy and went to bed, sleeping like a baby again.

The webcamming went on every other night for the next three weeks and ten or more emails a day at least. Then one morning I got an email.

“When I was younger, I was on a bus, and an older man sat next to me. After a while, he took his cock out and started to masturbate. When he orgasmed some of it got on my bare leg. Now you would think this would be traumatic for me, but instead, it has fueled a lot of fantasies for me ever since. I want you to cum inside my panties on a bus. You will have to work out when and where, so I don’t see your face or you see mine. The thought of you cuming into the crotch of my panties drives me wild,” Fran wrote, blowing my socks off.

My mind was racing trying to work out a plan that has me fulfilling this fantasy without her seeing me and not getting arrested. It would have to be here. I could not afford to travel to her, I looked at the bus runs around the city and found some with a massive articulated bus that could hide our activity from the driver later in the evening. What to wear took a lot of sorting out. I had to wear a coat with a hoodie or hat. I went to a thrift store and picked up a long coat that would hide some of our activity. I also had to hide my face and head, so I got a hoodie for underneath the jacket, and when I pulled it over my head, no one could see my face.

“I have an idea for your fantasy. You would have to come here and follow the bus route I say to, and at the exact time, I tell you. You would be responsible for your disguise, and what you wear underneath to give me access. We would need to use a secure mobile app to communicate, so I don’t end up getting put in jail for molesting the wrong Mom,” I wrote, and sent it off hoping she would be willing to risk the meeting, and headed to bed.

When I got up and opened my computer, the first sound I heard was the ping of a new email.

“Buying expensive toys blew the budget for a struggling student, don’t worry. I can drive in a few hours, and I can arrange a tasteful jacket. I think we can use the Wire app, my username is the same as my email address,” Fran said, and I was on cloud nine the rest of the day.

I downloaded the app and created an account, being careful not to give anything of my identity away. I sent the first message. It was a dick pic, and it got a “LOL” as a reply. Then I saw she was typing, so I waited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32