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I awoke from a dreamless sleep feeling warmth on my cock. Without opening my eyes I knew it was light outside and that Nellie had taken me into her mouth; she must have been under the duvet because I was still snug and warm. I stretched luxuriously spreading my legs, feeling myself become erect in her mouth. I looked out the window and saw the sun was high in sky.

“Good morning sleepy-head, I couldn’t wait any longer.” Her mouth moved back to engulf me. Bliss! I reached under the duvet for her body; she was crouching on her knees, her backside towards me, her breast lightly brushing my tummy as she sucked me. My hand slipped between her legs and I felt her smooth lips, warm and already slightly moist with arousal. I scratched through her patch of pubic hair massaging the flesh underneath, dipping my thumb into her warm slick vagina. Nellie continued to slowly masturbate me with her mouth. I could feel her erect clitoris against the palm of my hand and I rubbed harder; I felt the vibration as Nellie hummed on my cock.

Suddenly I heard a rhythmic banging from somewhere. I lifted my head, Nellie stopped moving. It was coming from the room next door, the master bedroom. Then I could hear Clara clearly, “No! No… Yes! Yessss…” A long drawn out scream; the pounding continued.

I took my thumb out of Nellie’s cunt and moved to spread the moisture over her anus; her muscles clenched then relaxed, spreading. She lifted her ass higher in the air, sucking me harder. I collected more dew from her vagina and spread it around her anus; she moved in circles urging me on. I turned my hand and pushed two fingers into her warm slit, then pressed my thumb against her anus, slipping in easily past her relaxed anal muscles. I could feel my fingers with my thumb through the thin lining separating the areas. I wriggled my fingers, pumped my thumb, exploring both cavities as far as I could.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice!” I heard her say from under the covers. maltepe escort “I want to feel you inside me, in my bum.” She turned under the duvet dislodging my hand. We kissed; I could taste the slightly salty precum on her lips, her tongue.

“I have no lube…” I said.

“I’m flowing like a river. Put it into my pussy first, then into my bum. Now! I need you now!” She took a pillow and lay face down with it under her lower abdomen, her ass raised. “Now!”

I could hear the banging from next door, “Yes, yes, yes…”

I got on my knees between Nellie’s widely spread legs, and leaning forward, placing the head of my cock against her spread pink cunt opening. I could see her brown anus with its radiating lines slightly open and wet from my thumb; I shuddered at the erotic image, more erotic than I could believe was possible. I plunged in, deep, to the hilt, my pubic bone grinding her perineum, her deep anal cleft spread and gripping my tummy. It was just too much for me and I started to cum. And cum, and cum, and cum! I shuddered and shook and panted and screamed.

Eventually I stilled, lying fully embedded in Nellie’s cunt, my full weight on Nellie’s raised buttocks. “I’m sorry…” I murmured softly, feeling ashamed at my lack of control.

“Ssshhh, that was wonderful. I love feeling you cum deep in my womb, right down in my soul.” After a moment, “I’m flattered you find me so exciting, this old body…”

It was my turn to shush her. “I love you so much!”

We lay still, listening to the other two finish off; eventually quiet descended. Nellie asked quietly, “What time do you have to leave?”

“Our flight is at five, I think we must leave at about two. I’m dreading it,” I said.

“So am I. Your leaving, I mean. But we chose this path…” We lay still thinking our thoughts. After a while I felt Nellie flex her cunt muscles; I lay there enjoying it. Then she started tilting her mecidiyeköy escort pelvis, almost imperceptibly at first, then more definitely. I felt my body respond.

I could not believe it; I had just experienced the orgasm of all orgasms and I thought I was sated. I have read accounts where young studs had cum two, three, even four times in a row. I always assumed they were gross exaggerations; certainly wishful thinking. And here I was, getting hard again. I started moving in her.

“Now I want you in my bum. Hopefully you’ll last longer this time.” I could hear the laughter in her voice.

“Just you wait…” I raised myself to my knees withdrawing from her warm sheath.

“Where are you going?”

“Wait and see,” I said going into the bathroom. I grabbed Clara’s very expensive hand cream from the vanity and returned to the bed, opening the jar. Nellie had swiveled her head watching; when she saw what I was doing she burst out laughing. “That’ll get her going!”

I stuck my fingers deep into the cream, spread it liberally on my erection then rubbed some onto Nellie’s puckered hole; around and in. I lay down again between her spread thighs and placed the head of my cock into the middle of the pool of cream and pushed; there was almost no resistance as I penetrated her. I stopped with the head just inside, then slowly pushed the rest of the way in.

For the next ten minutes I fucked her slowly savoring the warmth, the intimacy. When it got difficult to move I used more hand cream. We kissed, Nellie’s head twisted around. I put one hand down between her legs and sunk two fingers into her cunt, the other hand I put under her chest holding a breast; Nellie raised her torso allowing my hand to position itself.

“Cum when you’re ready my love. Fill me up with your seed,” she whispered. I continued pumping into her steadily, long deep strokes. As I felt my orgasm build I kept the same rhythm, nişantaşı escort in, out, in. Then it was upon me! I buried myself as deep as I could go and stayed there, straining against her beautiful body, feeling my spasms deep in her bowels. “My love, my love,” she chanted.

When I was spent I lay relaxed on her, touching from head to toe. “God, that was wonderful,” I whispered. “I wish it could go on forever!”

“You’d dry up into an old prune like me,” Nellie answered. “What’s the time now?”

I smiled, “No idea, but I suppose we’d better move, before I become an old prune.” I rolled off her. I could see her anus gaping from my intrusion, the cream causing the skin in the area to reflect the light.

At that moment there was a tentative knock on the door. I grabbed the duvet and pulled it over us. “Yes?” I called.

“Um,” it was Clara. “Um… will you be long? I need to get some clothes, to pack.”

“Give us a few minutes and you can come in,” I said, looking at Nellie; she nodded. She climbed off the bed holding her hand over her butt and walked crablike to the toilet and sat down; I heard her release air, fluid and solid. I returned the cap onto the hand cream and placed it back on the vanity. When I turned towards her; she was wiping herself using a large handful of toilet paper. “I suppose this is it…” I said sadly. She sat looking at me.

I went into the bedroom and retrieved her wrap from where I had thrown it the previous evening. Nellie came out of the bathroom and I took a long lingering look at her body, graceful, feminine, strong. Mature. “I love you,” I said, “Somehow we’ll make this work.” She molded her body to mine, kissing me deeply, not saying a word. Then she took the wrap, pulled it on, opened the door and walked out without saying a word.

I was still standing in the middle of the room when Clara walked in with a large towel wrapped around her. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me, her eyes big, a flush mounting her cheeks.

“What?” I asked.

“You could at least put on some clothes!”

I looked down realizing I was naked, my cock still slick and swollen from our lovemaking. I turned without answering and returned to the bathroom, and climbed into the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32