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I have done some work on MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT (THE SCHOOL YEAR). If you’d rather I skip ahead to after high school, please let me know so I can put my effort where you want it.

I thought you might want a visual approximation of what the girls look like. CHECK THE FORUM UNDER THE NAME OF THE SERIES! I HAVE POSTED A STRING JUST OR YOU! There pictured there that are the closest examples I could find. They are by no means exact, but are close enough to make me look twice. I’ll try to find examples for any other significant players as i introduce them. I hope it helps paint a clearer picture for you.

[Please read the earlier Chapters before continuing here]

The heat made it difficult to shake off the stupor of waking up. With a jolt, I remembered where I was, and my eyes shot open. I couldn’t have been out more than 20 minutes. I never could sleep long in the hot sun. With my head turned to the side, cheek stuck to the cushion, opening my eyes showed me the other chairs were empty.

My wondering where they had gone was tinged with the disappointment that they had left me here alone. I was saved from that emotion swelling by the sound of splashing. They had stayed. They were here. They were waiting!

I twisted onto my back and sat up smiling. There they were in the deep end, holding onto an inflatable mattress to keep afloat. I had just enough time to realize they were talking in hushed tones before Lidia saw me and chirped “Jake!”

Rach and Sharon turned to me, adding a flirty “Hi” and an awkward smile respectively. They sparkled up at me, as if they were truly happy I was back. I felt the overpowering sense of being wanted; not just as the possessor of my cock, but the whole me. I was thankful for the boost to my general ego after a glance down to lap cock showed a less than covetous sight.

My cock had taken the opportunity to relax, as it hadn’t been allowed since we woke up together this morning. Maintaining the confidence-booster for just the 4 or 5 hours so far today, had been exhausting. It had been the secret of my success in becoming comfortable being naked in front of girls. It felt strangely like the focus wasn’t on me when he was around. The irony wasn’t lost on me that this was the same part of me that until recently had been the cause of my embarrassment, not the cure. I supposed I could improve my stamina, with Rach’s help no doubt, but there had to be a limit to how long I could keep it up. I would have to get to a level of confidence with my whole self, so that didn’t need the bolster, but that would not be today.

Thankfully, my lack of impressiveness was above and out of sight of the girls. As long as none of them made a move to get out of the pool, I had time to prepare myself; and I wouldn’t need long. I had spied the girl’s suit bottoms lying where I had left them. It wasn’t just knowing they were still bare-ass under the water, that got my ball rolling. It also hinted that they were just taking a break from the game, waiting for me to get back to it.

Rach helped me further, pulling herself up onto the mattress, looking back over her display of wet, perfect butt, and teasing “We were going to come molest you if you didn’t wake up soon.”

Without missing a beat, I quipped “Then I’m going back to sleep.” Rach laughed heedlessly; it was wonderful to hear. Lidia laughed too; light and feminine. Even Sharon relaxed into a more natural smile.

I felt my response, uncoiling and pressing against the seat between my spread legs. Eager for more banter, to help, I asked “Did you guys finish the game?”

Rach ungracefully rolled onto her back on the teetering mattress, sitting up to answer smoothly “We played a little after you laid down. Actually, you did too sorta. There were some dares that ‘involved’ you. But we decided to wait till you woke up before we did anything you wouldn’t want to miss.”

Result! Rach was so in my head; she knew just what to say. My cock peeled away from the cling of the sweaty cushion, and rose triumphantly into the air. I looked down blatantly, emboldened by its buoying presence. I looked back up without concealing my action, or my pride.

Rach’s expectant expression greeted me, but faded slightly as I said “Let me cool off first.” Seeing even that small disappointment from her was intolerable, so I added “Then you can ‘involve’ me while I’m awake, I promise.”

I was happy at Rach’s sly smile of an answer, and got to it, standing smoothly, letting my cock rise with me to swing out over the heads of the girls, then taking the three steps to the pool in one stride, and launching myself out over the water.

As I pierced the surface and slid into the water, I felt the particular heightened coolness that warned of sunburn, where my suit would have been,. My swimming career had left my body so permanently tan that I never used lotion, so I hadn’t thought of this consequence to being naked. I shuddered to think how badly sunburn on my dick would hurt.

I came up at the stairs at the far end of the pool, my concern for my cock’s wellbeing pushing out any other thought. I turned and sat in the same spot I had earlier, and looked down to survey the damage. It was hard to tell from looking at the swollen purple of my cock, that anything was wrong. But one look at the competitive suit shaped pink skin, wrapped around my pelvis, warned I was definitely in trouble. All this carnal fuel around, and not being able to take true advantage of it, would be torture.

I could hear the girls talking and looked up from my developing tragedy. There they were, smiling and giggling, completely unaware of the disaster I was facing. I dreaded breaking the news to them, but decided to rip the Band-Aid off quickly. I swam over to them slowly, gathering my nerve. As I approached, Rach slid off of the mattress and nearly into my arms. She teased “Hey” softly as she came to a float six inches from me.

I had meant to tell them immediately, but I chickened out, and just returned Rach’s “Hey” as cheerfully as I could.
Rach gave me a little frown, her forehead crinkling, but thankfully didn’t pursue it by askin anything in front to the others. Was I that easy to read? No, the other two girls seemed completely unaware of my angst. Even through my misery, it felt good that Rach knew me so well.

Sharon interrupted my thought, saying “We’re ready to play when you are.” She was clearly impatient to get back to the game. With the wind out of my sails, I couldn’t muster much enthusiasm. I was about to say “I don’t care.” When Rach spoke up “Jake, can I talk to you for a second?”

I nodded, and followed her away from the float; Sharon’s frustrated pout watched us go. Rach led me back to the stairs, and waited till I got close before asking softly, full of concern, “What’s wrong Jake?”

I smiled down at her. Despite my predicament, her caring made me feel better. I couldn’t think of a way of breaking it to her gently, that my dick was out of commission, so I just cut right to it. “I’m sunburned.” I said glumly.

“No you’re not silly. You’re darker than I am, and I don’t feel anything.” she said smiling, lifting up her arm, and examining it to reinforce her conviction.

“No,” I said sullenly, “not here,” I held my hands to my chest, “here.” I continued, lowering my hands till I got to the damage.

Rach’s eyes followed my hands, and I watched as my meaning hit her. I guess I had expected her to be disappointed, frustrated, or maybe even be a little mad at me for being so stupid. I had taken away the thing about me that she valued most, and now I would have to suffer her disappointment.

If there was ever a doubt as to which of us knew the other better, it was laid to rest when Rach, concern flooding her face, asked “Oh my God, does it hurt?”

Relief that her disappointment at least, wouldn’t add to my misery, gave me the encouragement to go on. “Not yet, but its gona.” I answered sadly.

Rach reached out and turned me around, examining the extent of my injury through the water. I felt her finger push into the cheek of my ass for several seconds. When she removed it, she said “I don’t think it’s too bad.”

I turned around, ready to burst her bubble of optimism. She had that wheels turning expression that warned me to give her a minute.

“Do you trust me?” Rach asked, looking up at me with an intent half smile.

“Of course!” I answered, feeling the calm of floating on the waves she made, wash over me. My concern vanished in her assuring eyes, and was replaced by my excitement about Lidia.

“Lidia seemed cool with Sharon and Denise!” I said hopefully.

“Yes.” Rach said thoughtfully. She continued, as if thinking out loud “Now, is the next step to tell her, or show her?”

I knew she wasn’t asking, and I didn’t have an answer anyway, so I waited as Rach considered. Finally she looked back up to me, that wicked smile playing across her lips, and asked “Do you want to know, or be surprised?” “It’ll be a good one.” She added quietly.

‘What an amazing girl,’ I thought. Not only was she going to somehow rescue me from my self-inflicted wounds, but she was also letting me in. She had accepted me as a partner in her plans and schemes.

With my new outlook, not needing the security of knowing, but being at ease with the excitement of not preparing myself, I didn’t need to know Rach’s plan. I considered which would be more fun. Maybe if I knew, I could make the plan better, but I was confident in Rach’s ability to make whatever she wanted, happen. The excitement of not knowing, the anticipation of her plan playing itself out, was intoxicating.

“Surprise me.” I said simply, smiling down at her. I tried to show her my total trust in her through my smile. She smiled back at me, and turned and led the way back to the girls.

As we glided over, I could see Sharon still had her pout on. She seemed ready to pick back up where she had left off. Before she could start in, Rach asked “Sharon, can you help me inside for a minute?”

Sharon seemed distracted by the question, but answered “Yes,” and the two of them left the pool together.
As I watched them till their two little asses disappeared into the dark hole of the sliding back door, I started to let my mind wonder and wander around what was going to happen next. Lidia pulled me back to the present, saying quietly “Jake, Sharon did those things with her ‘cousin’?”

“I guess so.” I answered, trying to seem casual while I watched for signs of her attitude on the idea. Just as during the game, she didn’t seem disturbed by the thought of Sharon and her cousin together; it was more like confusion. The difference now was that her confusion seemed to be verging on curiosity.

I tried to fan those flames. “Denise is really beautiful. She’s tall, like you.” I said giving her a look, and showing my appreciation as I lowered my eyes down the length of her underwater. I went on, looking up at her hair “Her hair is long like yours too. But it’s blond and strait.” I tried to make it obvious with my tone, that I favored her black curls.

Lidia leaned forward and smiled her thanks at my implied compliment. “Are there pictures in the house, of Denise?”

“Yes, some I think.” I answered incredibly smoothly considering my poor sun-burned cock was throbbing in exaltation under the water.

Lidia was unmistakably excited by the thought of Sharon and Denise. I knew, if I had been in her shoes, I would have wanted to see a picture too. I would want to put a face (and body) to my imaginings. And if she was imagining it, then she was imagining it for the same reason I would; because it was hot!

I felt elated by the surety of my reasoning as I watched her thinking. The veiled excitement in her expression ironically, both perfectly mirrored mine, and was the cause of mine. I looked up as I saw Sharon and Rachel coming back outside, and my excitement became harder to conceal.

“C’mon guys, were gona play!” Rach said brightly as they both set stuff down and took their places on the lounge chairs.

I hung back to get a good view of Lidia as she pulled herself up and out of the pool. She looked back over her shoulder at me when she had gotten her knee on the edge. I looked up from her ass, inches from my face, and saw her smile.

She looked back to her ass, inviting me to follow, and left it there for me to absorb.

Only when Sharon interrupted with a “Hurry up!” did Lidia slowly pull her other knee up, and demonstratively lift her gift away from me, with such deliberate leisure, I was unable to keep myself from watching it go.

I followed out of the water, and felt the heat of the day and the sunlight, sting my burned skin. I kept my faith in Rach. ‘She would fix it’ I told myself as I took my seat next to her.

Rach, in her best authoritative voice, said “So Lidia hasn’t gotten a chance to play much. We think Lidia should get to be included in each turn. She does a Truth or Dare each turn, and then gets to ask a free Truth or Dare after each turn.”

I got it, but I was worried that it was too complicated for Lidia. I looked over to gauge her reaction. To my surprise she answered “I would like it very much!”

Encouraged by Lidia’s response, Rach continued “Its Sharon’s turn, so she gets to ask Lidia and one of us.” She turned to me as she finished, giving me a hidden wink. I loved that little acknowledgement that we were a team, that my ignorance of what was coming was fun for both of us. I gave her a wink back.

Sharon asked “Lidia, Truth or Dare?”

With a quiet but clear voice, Lidia answered “Dare.”

I heard an exhale of breath next to me, and knew Rach wanted that to happen.

“O.K. Wait for a sec.” Sharon directed Lidia, and turned to Rach, asking “Truth or Dare?”

Rach answered “Dare!” before Sharon had finished.

I shared Rach’s eagerness, regardless my lack of knowledge, and silently pleaded for Sharon to get to it as I watched her.

“Well,” said Sharon, turning unexpectedly to me, “Rach told me about your…um…problem” she finished, looking down to my red hip, and noticeably looking up the length of my shaft before returning her eyes back to mine.

“I’ve got the trick right here. My skin burns real easy, so I’ve got this stuff.” She said, holding up a small tube with a picture of a frog on it. “Put this on and the burn is gone in 20 minutes.” she added with a grin that bore a striking resemblance to Rach’s evil leer.

I reached for the tube, eager for those 20 minutes to start. “Oh no you don’t.” Sharon admonished, pulling the tube away. “My dare is for you two…” she looked to Rach and Lidia, then continued with a smile “to help Jake…put his lotion on.”

Through the buzzing in my head, and the tightness in my throat, I felt, more that saw, all eyes on me. It seemed like an out of body experience; watching myself slowly stand, dumbly presenting my body. Rach’s green eyes pulled me back from that weird sub-space. Standing in front of me, her eyes looked up into mine.

She didn’t speak, but her face told me everything. Her level of excitement was palpable; I’m sure anyone would have recognized it easily. It seemed like displaying her excitement, because it was an exposure to Lidia, added to itself, creating a snowball effect.

The look she gave me was to include me, I realized. We were a team in this, and she wanted to share the achievement, our achievement, completely. I returned her look as best I could, given my considerable distraction.

I was endeavoring to make my throat work so I could speak, when Rach saved me from the need. “Turn around.” she said softly and sweetly. I was amazed even so, at the amount of compassionate command it carried.

I felt her hands grip my hips before my body had a chance to catch up. I went with the pressure her small hands applied, letting myself be turned away till I stood facing my now empty chair. I looked over my shoulder; Rach had sat down between Lidia and Sharon, pushing Sharon over to the end of the chair. Sharon squeezed the lotion tube, giving a dollop first to Rach’s, and then Lidia’s waiting hands.

As they lotioned up their hands, Rach looked to their target. With the shock of Sharon’s dare, I had been so fixated on the thought of the girls lotioning my cock, it had escaped my mind completely that I needed the relief from their lotioned hands on more than my erection.

I illegal bahis faced back forward and tried to gather myself with a deep breath. With a jolt, the first touch of cold seared on the burn at the top of my ass. That first touch was tentative. The next was not. On the other side, I felt my ass cheek grabbed, the fingers digging into muscle. After a brief set of giggles behind me, my other cheek felt a similar, if less thorough, grope.

Eventually I felt the groping turn to kneading; the spreading balm immediately sucking the heat from the burn at the top of my ass. The lower half of my ass wasn’t burned of course, (I had been sitting on itfor most of the day), but that didn’t seem to matter as first one hand, and then the other, worked its way down.

I put it together that Rach and Lidia were playing some version of Horse. Rach was either goading Lidia into copying her, or Lidia was just trying to keep up on her own. I felt the slightly out of step hands move to the sides of my ass; fingers curling around the front of my upper thigh as palms pushed into muscle.

It occurred to me, as my cock gave a mighty jump, that when they got to my front I would have no chance of keeping from cumming. What would be the point anyway? What better way was there to expose ourselves to Lidia, than have her help in the demonstration? I just hoped I could hold off long enough for Rach’s to get the most out of her own exposure.

I heard a quiet, throaty “Turn around.” from Rach, and took another calming breath as I followed her order.

It was hard to look down. I felt like an object, and objects don’t look back at you. Don’t get me wrong. I was more than fine with the objectification. It was just difficult to be an object when my brain was still instinctively craving connection. I thought this too, was part of the old me. I needed to appreciate pleasure in all its forms; without trying to fit it into something I felt comfortable with.

I let myself look down; releasing myself from that, hopefully, last vestige of the old, walled off, me. Without any need, or even want of a returned look, I took in the scene below me; my only compulsion, to take it all in.

The first thing I noticed was I needn’t have been concerned about eye contact; my head was on a completely different plane of existence from the one the girls occupied. Lidia and Rach were re-lotioning their hands, focused on the ‘task’. Sharon, behind Rach and over at the end of the lounge chair, seemed concerned with taking in the whole scene as well, only while her scene encompassed every bit of the two girls, it apparently cut me off mid torso.

I confirmed my copycat guess when Rach’s well lubricated hand slithered onto the front of my hip, closely followed by Lidia’s on her side of me. I watched the inevitable working in of their hands. I knew Rach was teasing me, but the result kept things moving slowly enough for Lidia to follow along, and slowly enough for me to hold myself back. I was just starting to wonder if that was Rach’s plan when I felt her hand slide across my pelvic bone, brushing through my pubes. As it slid back, I looked down and watched Lidia, intent on her hand, copying Rach’s motion from the other side.

Just as I was about to look back up, Rach’s second slide moved lower, her lower two fingers sliding over the top of the base of my cock. The sharp sooth of the cream on her fingers gliding over the raw heat of sensitive skin made me want to gasp. I watched Lidia’s hand, tip to tip with Rach’s, eagerly slide in to take its turn as Rach withdrew back to my hip again.

The third time Rach’s hand moved in, she slid straight to the side of the base of my cock, and then continued up along the side of the shaft, teasingly only connecting where the flat of her palm glided against the side of my cock. Her touch brought both sweet relief, and a frustrated need for more. Lidia’s hand, sliding up her side of my cock, passed Rach’s hand sliding back down, and I felt a jolt from the momentary pressure between the two. Just that one instant of encouragement warned of an unstoppable cum, fast approaching.

Unwilling, and unable to distract myself, I tried the only option left to delay my orgasm; discipline. I focused on holding back my urge as I watched Rach’s hand slide, once more, from my hip to the base of my cock. This time, as her hand began sliding up the length of me, she closed her fingers softly around the shaft, leaving only Lidia’s side unattended, where Rach’s fingers and thumb failed to meet.

The light caress stopped when her hand came up against the rim of my head. Lidia’s hand followed Rach’s, sliding up to meet it, together collaring the head of my cock. My muscles locked with the strain of putting off the inevitable. I could feel the sweat from the effort dripping off ofme.

The probable few moments spent in that position, seemed an eternity. I silently begged for relief from Rach’s agonizing pace. My tenuous hold fluttered as I felt, and watched, first Rach’s thumb, then Lidia’s, slide up over the rim on the underside of the head, and glide lotion across the purple knob of hypersensitive flesh.

As they moved their hands to give their thumbs the reach necessary, the tangle of fingers draped over the end of my shaft wove together. Sure I could take no more, the wiggling fingers and caressing thumbs shifted as the thumbs retreated back under, sinking into the flesh under my head as their joined hands gripped onto me.

With unbearable slowness, Rach and Lidia’s combined hands descended the length of me. The exquisite pressure of their joint hold pulled at what little give there was in the already stretched skin of my cock, causing my head to stand out even more where its rim jutted from my now taut shaft.

I caught Sharon, out of the corner of my eye, so entranced she wasn’t aware I could see her grinding into the chair edge. What, at any other time, would have been a show worth focusing on, was only a blip on my radar as the hands on my cock, having reached the base, began rising again.

All pretense of applying lotion evaporated. Their slow descent gave way to a much more forceful ascent. Their combined vigorous stroke stopped hard as it caught at the rim of my head. I felt myself buck into their grip and my ability to hold back was yanked away.

Rach looked up at me as she quickened her and Lidia’s pace up and down my length. Even in my state of catastrophic arousal, I could tell so much from that look. Her excitement exploded through her eyes. But more than that, her smile spoke to the relief we shared. She even seemed to be aware of my thoughts as I looked down at her.

I managed to return a trace of her smile through my rigor. The simple intimacy of exchanging that look, added too much to the preparing avalanche inside me. There was no more holding back. I could feel their grip on me pulling at the bundle of raw nerve at my core.

I forced myself to remain present long enough to give Rach a small nod (I wanted to let her know I was beyond holding back). Her smile widened as I felt the knot of energy deep inside me surge outward and engulf me.

Through my feeble hold on reality, Rach seemed to move in slow motion. The ten inches or so between her mouth and the head of my cock took her an eternity to travel. I watched her lips part and felt the mind numbing first pulse of my cock push against the hands holding it tight. Those perfect lips closed around me, and I felt Rach’s tongue curl under and flick the bottom edge of my head before the second pulse pushed me into oblivion.

It was like what I imagine an out of body experience feels like. Even as I drowned in my orgasm, up at the surface I watched the world above me floating by. Sharon had thrown caution to the wind, and was grinding purposely, white-knuckled hands gripping the chair edge to increase the pressure. Rach, intent on her work, still had her itch to scratch; I could see by the slight arching and un-arching of her lower back, that she too was seeking some relief from the chair. Lidia, her hand now pulling Rach’s along in excitement, put her free hand on Rach’s back; completing the circle of flesh, and erasing any doubt of her approval.

Rach did her part, and swallowed all I had to give. With one last suck, she literally popped her lips off of me. I stood there shakily, clawing my way back to the surface, as she reached up and slid her finger across her lips. Her finger paused at the corner of her mouth, and she turned and smiled abashedly at Lidia. Her look, as well as said ‘Well, what do you think?’ The slight puppy-dog in her eyes seemed to add ‘Please be O.K. with it’.

I had no more relief to feel, but still appreciated Lidia’s slightly guilty, but undeniably accepting smile, punctuated by a giggle. Lidia’s hand slid up from Rach’s back to her shoulder, and a comforting gesture quickly devolved into a bouncing giggling hug. I felt connected to that hug. Besides being all too aware that I had some part in their giggling, they still held hands around my cock. Their bouncing jarred my overly sensitive pride and joy, but I tightened my jaw and withstood it.

I had no expectation of what would happen next, so stood in numb observation as Rach and Lidia’s whispering and giggles led to them jumping up from their hug, releasing me, and scampering, butt naked, into the house, giggling all the way.

I wasn’t even close to predicting that. I stood there slightly bemused, the pulse of my cock fighting its own need to relax. I watched its struggle to stay up in a detached way, blithely wondering on the outcome.

I stood there recovering. Mostly vacant to the world, I floated in a massive post-cum high. What was left of my mind spastically flashed on details of the experience I had just had; instinctively trying to capture the memory as completely as possible. I gazed down at myself again. My cock, shiny from the excess lotion, hung from me spent; lowering itself gradually as the pressure holding it eased.

A tinny “squeak” brought my head and attention up. Sharon, her eyes still on my cock, but glassy and unfocused, seemed unaware that the show was over. Her grinding had slowed and turned jerky. The flush that had started in Sharon’s face, had now spread down her chest and arms, which shook from her needful pull at the chair. Apparently too far gone to care, I watched as she bore down with all the force her little body could muster.

Her orgasm was a stark contrast to Rach’s (the only girl I had really seen orgasm up close before). At the end of a crushing grind, as her hips reached forward, her legs clamped together, and she silently shook as she came, holding her breath and her body as the waves crashed inside her. The delicate fluttering at each pulse of her orgasm was so feminine, I thought. I enjoyed Rach’s wild thrashing, but this contrast was a pleasant surprise for me.

Another difference with Sharon was that, unlike Rach, the instant her shaking stopped, she recovered completely. She looked up from the focus on my cock that had fueled her masturbation, and appeared shocked that I was there watching. I fought the urge to laugh at her expression. Apparently, Sharon’s drive to cum was so insistent, she had lost herself, somehow not realizing that I would have to be present. Her look of surprise flipped to extreme embarrassment, and I swear she shrank. With her look approaching mortification, she quickly looked down to her feet.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. I knew all too well the hopeless embarrassment Rach left in her wake. Seizing on my sense of empathy, I tried to help. “That was amazing Sharon!” I said, not needing to add any extra conviction.

After a few moments, she turned from her retreat, and looked up at me. Through an astounding blush, I could see she was looking for my expression to help validate the meaning of my words. I could also see from the slight smile creeping onto her lips, that my unaltered expression gave her what she was hoping for.

“Really?” She asked, evidently needing more.

Without giving any opportunity for my cautious inner voice to attempt to assert itself, I spoke honestly. “I imagined what it would be like to see you…cumming. Actually, you and my cock have had a relationship of sorts ever since you started sleeping over. You just didn’t know about it. It’s like a dream to get to see you cum for real!” I offered, the easy truth making the words strangely powerful.

As if this broke her through some barrier, her demeanor shifted. With a sense of newfound intimacy, she quietly shared “Thank you for my ‘Big Brother’.” Her smile at the words ‘Big Brother’ gave me the impression that she used that as her name for my doppelganger, and that she was enjoying using both it and the name. After a moment, she continued “I think about you when I use it, so I guess that makes us even.”

That canceled out the progress my dick had made towards relaxing. With a leap, it bobbed back to horizontal; a move not gone unnoticed.

Sharon looked down to watch its continued rise, incredibly undaunted by me watching her do so. “It’s so beautiful Jake.” She said earnestly. “I can’t keep my eyes off.”

“Thanks Sharon.” I said acceptingly. “I think he thought he was going to get a rest, but you put a stop to that.” I added, smiling, letting us both look down to follow the rapid rise.

I felt the pleasure from my words flowing from Sharon. This blunt honesty was an amazing release, and seemed so appreciated. Why keep quiet when sharing makes everyone better?

“What part is your favorite?” I asked, taking a step to her, and turning profile to give her the best view.

Instead of answering me directly, she stood, and stepped up to me. “I like this part the best.” She said softly, looking down, and bringing one finger up to within a couple of inches of where the ridge of my cock head swept up and down as it bobbed. She added, in a much huskier, low tone “It feels crazy when it catches me on the way out.”

Her whisper trailed off as her focus on my cock seemed to take her away from our conversation. I watched her consume every detail, so engrossed in her eyes’ exploration, that her finger’s slow approach appeared involuntary. Just as her finger came close enough to graze me, I heard Rach’s voice.

“What are you too up to?” she said in mock accusation.

Sharon’s lack at of any concern at being busted showed in her unruffled, continued preoccupation with the real ‘Big Bro’. Feeling no need to shelter Sharon from embarrassment since, clearly, she had overcome that issue, I looked up to see Rach and Lidia, swinging their held hands as they walked from the back door, and answered “Sharon was showing me her favorite part of my cock.”

That caught Rach off guard more than either Sharon, who, from her lack of reaction, might as well not have heard, or from Lidia, who’s eyes unexpectedly lit at my words. Rach slowed to a stop several feet away, Lidia’s continued approach pulling their held hands apart, and slowly gave me an expression of true admiration. A slight nod of approval, and she flicked her eyes, pointing for me to see.

I followed her direction, and saw that Lidia had joined Sharon, just as Lidia spoke. “I like the part down here.” she said so easily, she might as well have been picking her favorite ice cream. I looked down to where she pointed. She had her hand under my bobbing cock, managing to barely miss touching it at the bottom of the arc it swept.

Extending a finger, she added “The big bump that goes all the way up.” At the word ‘bump’, I felt the lightest touch on the ridge that runs the length of my cock underneath. That barest trace of contact slid along the ridge under me, coming to the end of me just as she said the word ‘up’ with a bright lilt on the last word, and my cock jumped off of her touch, as if on command.

I couldn’t imagine what I would have done in this situation a month earlier. All the same drives and needs would still have been there; but the embarrassment and need for control would have kept me from any enjoyment whatsoever. Rach had helped me find myself. Up till now, I was unfinished; still under assembly. My profound sense of completeness in this moment, the total comfort in my skin, seemed akin to being born again.

I felt such a need to thank Rach. I doubted I would have ever gotten here without her. I looked up from where my eyes had been watching the girl’s fingers, to find her. She was still standing where she had stopped, some eight feet away. She smiled so easily to me, full of contentment and happiness. I smiled back in true illegal bahis siteleri agreement.

Our long, shared smile lasted until I saw her eye flash wicked for an instant; then she walked to me, saying “I can’t choose. I like allllll of you so much.”

She slid between the girls, letting her momentum push me back from them, and jumped up onto me; flinging her legs around my waist to hold herself up. The sensation of my dick squeezed between us reminded me of that first day in Rach’s Jeep.

I reached around instinctively, grabbing her ass to help her stay up. It must have seemed explicitly sexual to Sharon and Lidia; the way Rach wiggled on me. But I could see in her eyes, inches from mine, that her wiggling was pure happiness at finally being free of the burden of secrecy.

Pulling herself into me, she put her lips to my ear, and whispered “I’m so happy!”

I copied her, and whispered “Me to Rach!” My words caught at the unexpected emotion in them.

With a final squeeze, Rach began lowering herself. I didn’t let her go. I lifted her higher and waited till she wrapped her legs back around my waist, and her arms around my neck. I added to her grip, and waited, my cock now slung strait out under Rach’s flexed ass.

Rach whispered “turn for me” seductively, but there was no missing the thrill of command in her voice.

I suppressed any outward show of Rach’s effect on me, and followed her orders so she could look at the girls over me. Her “I want to spend some alone time with my Big Brother. Where can we go?” was delivered with such surety and ease, it made my chest pound against her.

“The game room downstairs has a lock.” Sharon offered keenly behind me. Her excitement was so poorly hidden, that from her voice alone I was sure she had a scheme of her own brewing.

Without a trace of a smile, Rach said easily “We might take a while. Don’t interrupt please.” and then, after making sure her words had stuck, she squeezed her thighs around me. I took her signal, turned without looking at the girls, and carried Rach into the house.

The ‘game room’ was actually the whole basement. When I got us through the door at the bottom of the stairs, Rach said “Down Boy.” sweetly. I lowered her slowly, letting my cock catch and hold weight, before letting her down the rest of the way against the efforts of my cock. I waited impatiently while Rach fumbled with the lock on the door; looking from the home theatre, complete with a large wraparound leather sectional, to the pool table, to the kid’s area that featured a rug so thick, I could see Rach disappearing if she laid down on/in it.

“There!” sighed Rach, and she tested the door.

Turning to me, she rose onto her tip-toes, and whispered “Finally!”, pulling me into a kiss.

Without any attempt to grab hold of the intruder wedged between us, she wrapped her arms around me and squeezed herself into me. Some unknown time later, we ended our luxuriously unchased kiss. Without a word, and only a slight twinkle in her eye, Rach led me to the sofa, guiding me to sit, then straddled me. Had it not been such an unusual thing for Rach to pay so little attention to my cock, which was eagerly present, I might not have noticed.

I was about to force her to notice her oversight when she leaned past the kiss I expected, and whispered very quietly into my ear “Sharon must be up to something. I know she wants to at least get to watch us.” Rach finished with a bite to my earlobe. It was easy to tell that the Idea was not wholly unpleasant to her.

I thought for a moment, wondering how Sharon could spy on us in this windowless, locked room. It occurred to me that Rach had probably shared our little web-cam trick with Sharon. I guessed that she might have borrowed from our idea, and hidden a camera down here somewhere.

“She’s probably watching us right now through a camera” I whispered back, giving her neck a lick as I finished to echo Rach’s little signal of approval.

After a few moments of apparently enjoying my tongue on her neck, Rach whispered slightly breathlessly “I wanted to make sure you knew before things went too far.”

“So, an audience then?” I whispered back heavily in her ear, thrilling in her twitchy, caught breath reaction too my whisper.

“She deserves something for helping us.” Rach breathed tremulously. “But I want to know what she can see.” she finished, her excited curiosity present in both her words, and her apparently unintentional grinding against me.

A thrill shot through me, accompanying the idea that popped into existence. “Why don’t I keep her distracted, while you go spying.” I said, having to remind myself to whisper after starting with a blurted ‘Why’; my enthusiasm cranking up my volume.

“You can say you need to use the bathroom.” I added, feeling Rach’s body tense with adrenaline.

“Oh, perfect!” Rach purred into my ear. “Don’t have too much fun without me. I have plans for you.” she added, leaning back as she finished, to punctuate her words with a look from under her brow so hungry and dangerous, I had to fight the urge to grab her and force her down onto me right then.

My momentary hesitation gave Rach the chance to escape. Sliding back, and onto her feet, she said in an almost obviously loud voice “I have to use the little girl’s room. I’ll be back in a minute.” She leaned over, and kissed me quickly. As soon as she broke the kiss, she flew to the door, and up the stairs.

I could probably bore you here with my ‘distraction’ of Sharon, but instead, I’ll tell you what Rach told me later of her quest upstairs.

Rach pounded up the stairs, making as much noise as possible as she made her way to the bathroom on the first floor. She turned on the faucet, then shut the door to the bathroom with her on the outside.

Now in stealth mode, Rach crept up to the second floor. She headed for where she was sure Sharon would be; in her bedroom. Rach pressed herself to Sharon’s door, hoping to hear some sign of Sharon on the other side. After a moment, Rach heard a dresser drawer close, confirming her guess, followed shortly by a muffled grunt from me.

Now sure that Sharon was not only there, but definitely spying, Rach tried anxiously to figure out how to get a look at what Sharon was seeing. A frustrated minute later, with still no idea what to do, Rach heard another of my grunts, followed by a more local, tremulous breath.

Unable to stand more waiting, Rach tried the door. The knob turned slowly, Rach’s desperate hope to remain hidden still alive. A silent deep breath, and she opened the door a crack.

Sharon was facing away from the door to Rach’s relief. She was sitting on the side of her bed facing her computer. Just visible from Rach’s angle was the copy of my cock Rach had given her. She had set the base on the small bit of bed between her thighs, holding it standing straight up where it towered above her thighs for an easy grip. Sharon’s computer showed me, still on the couch in the basement, slowly stroking myself (I was taking it really easy, anticipating Rach’s return, and all of the better ways to cum than in my own hands).

Rach checked the angle of the shot to figure where the cam was hidden, and was just starting to slowly reclose the door, when she noticed a double motion. Sharon’s hand slid up and down the copied dildo of me in a perfect mirror of my hand on the original.

As if to help her answer her inkling, I chose that moment to do what I call ‘The Double’. I had found a while back, that using both hands to jack off let me cover the whole shaft in my grip. Holding myself like a baseball bat, I could get a good and pleasant hold. As Sharon mimicked my moves on the doppel-me rising from the bed between her thighs, Rach smiled at her understanding, and backed away from the crack, to intent on sharing this with me to bother closing the door before scampering back to me.

Now, back to the Jake’s eye view.

I had tried to keep my anticipation at bay while I waited for Rach to get back. I knew I still had plenty to give, but it seemed wasteful to spend any bit without Rach; like eating a burger on your way out for surf-n-turf. Even so, it was impossible to keep from imagining Sharon watching, and the strictly controlled, but none the less stimulating jack-off show I was performing, kept my idle on high.

Without knowing where Sharon’s view was coming from, I had no focus. I simply stayed where Rach had left me on the sofa and tried to hold on as I held on. An eternity of several minutes passed before I heard Rach bounding down the stairs.

I turned to look over the back of the sofa as Rach, still butt naked, bounced through the door and spun to lock it. A moment later she had crossed to the room to me. Not bothering to go around the sectional, she came straight to the back of it behind me, and squatted down to hug me from behind. With her head nuzzled in my neck, she whispered “The camera is on the T.V.” in such an uncontrolled wobble, I felt my throat tighten from her intensity.

I glanced over at the T.V. as casually as I could manage in my state. There on top of the T.V., back in the shadow of the cabinet that held it, I could just make out a little red light. My mind attempted to follow its normal course of action, wondering where the computer was. But my control over my mind was failing. The small rhythmic rocking I could feel from Rach as she continued her tight hold on me, and the almost manic need in her muffled whisper, were peeling away all but my instinct. It seemed Rach was going through the same shedding of conscious thought.

“She’s got…you…with her.” Rach sputtered into my neck. Ending with a barely audible whine.

“I think…I think she is going to…copy us with it.” she barely managed, ending with a not so quiet groan.

I realized she was holding back until she had shared her spying with me. With all of the things to draw her excitement: Lidia’s still echoing acceptance, my cock pumping away on its own in front of us, or Sharon’s lewd warm-up right there in front of her moments earlier, Rach’s prime motivation at that moment was to share her excitement with me. Getting back and feeling her words exciting me was a better stimulation than reveling in her own reality. Even now, as she writhed and whimpered behind me, her desperate intent to share with me, and the arousal she was gaining from my excitement, spurned her on.

If you will indulge me, let me give the reflection of my, now, more seasoned mind. If love is finding more happiness in another’s happiness than your own, and true love is two people finding complete happiness in each other’s happiness; then couldn’t it also be love to find more excitement in another’s excitement, and true love be two people finding complete or overriding excitement in each other’s excitement. Without the wisdom, time, or focus to flush it all out at the time, I none the less, innately felt the overwhelming love from Rach.

As so often these past two weeks, my momentary retreat into my head was overwhelmed by reality’s call. Rach’s trembling whisper “I need to cum so bad Jake!”, punctuated by a painful grind of frustrated teeth on my earlobe, snapped me back like a whip.

I was beaten to the start. Before I had time to go on offence, and relieve my Rach, rough hands grabbed my head, forcing it back till I saw her hovering over me. With a hungry pounce, she was kissing me. This upside-down position made for an unusual kiss. The lack of a nose position issue, and the feeling of full tongue on tongue, unlike the usual reaching yearning tongue play, seemed more carnal; a deeper delve into the savage.

Rach’s position made more contact challenging. The only part of her I could reach, over and behind me, was her back. My hands could only pull her to me. Any more fulfilling exploration was impossible. Rach had slightly more opportunity, and I felt her hands on my chest, gripping needfully.

When Rach’s hands began their obvious, inevitable journey downward over my stomach, I felt my impatience for more of her finally snap. Unwilling to be further outpaced, I let my adrenaline and hormones free.

Thinking of Sharon watching us, I whispered “She if she can copy this.” into Rach’s mouth as my only warning.

Thankful for the difference in our sizes, I reached back further, and managed to get a grip on her waist. With a mighty lat-pull, Rach rose off the floor with a squeak. I lifted her slowly, her body arcing gracefully over mine. As she floated through space, the ark rotated her head downwards. Her hands slid to my hips as she turned upside down, and she giggled.

I could tell from Rach’s hands’ subtle corrections to my aim, that she had guessed the target I intended for her. I had planned to lay her upside down on top of me, giving us both an oral opportunity. When I brought her to a hover in front of me though, and felt how light she was in my arms, I realized I could, for a time anyway, hold her suspended there.

As I stopped her downward progress, and readjusted my hands for a better hold on her hips, Rach took her eyes off her target, and looked, upside down, up at me.

“Put your hands on your pussy.” I said with a quiet authority that surprised me.

Rach’s own surprised wide eyes didn’t slow her rush to obey. Her hands flew to her pussy, leaving her dangling, swaying slightly from the motion of her hands kneading her pussy. As I started to lower her again, Rach caught on and flipped her head back in anticipation.

A slight adjustment of my hips, and a strategic sway from Rach brought my cock within reach, and she literally sucked me in. I didn’t want to take advantage of Rach’s vulnerable position, so I lowered her slowly, stopping when I felt pleasantly engulfed. As I started lifting her up again, I felt her teeth dig in around my cock head. She was not letting me go, apparently.

The pain was not overwhelming. In fact, it added to my need, and I let her down again as soon as I felt her teeth release me, sinking back into her, but making sure not to lower her too far and abuse her trust. As she lowered onto me, I could see her hands in front of my face, pick up their pace, grinding vigorously at her clit.

I let myself enjoy the sensation of her mouth and a bit of her throat as long as I dared before lifting her up for air. A gasp told me I had gone far enough, and Rach’s teeth punctuated that fact. Her teeth sank more deeply into my flesh this time, and I gasped “ohhhhhh” as I winced.

“Gime!” came Rach’s needful plea from around my trapped cock head, and through her occupied teeth.

Unable to think with the exquisite pain/pleasure she was giving me, I just did as I was told. Rach released me from her bite only after I pushed into her through it, nearly choking myself with the incongruity of my uncontrollable need to both laugh and cry. I gasped with relief when she released me, somehow managing to keep my hold steady as I lowered her slowly down onto me, letting her throat dictate my progress.

Her hands increased their ferocity as I sank deeper. I could feel her throat tighten and then release, and I moved into the opening it provided. I was so caught up in the sensations, and the now fevered motions of her hands on her pussy, that I didn’t realize, until I felt Rach’s chin dig into my pelvic bone, that she had taken me all.

The pulsing of her throat around me suddenly stopped, and I barely managed to hold onto her as Rach’s body started convulsing.

A part of me was worried for her. It had to have been at least 30 seconds since her last breath. But the amazing and undreamed of vision of Rach’s perfect little body writhing upside down on my cock, and the imagined disappointment in Rach’s eyes and voice if I ruined this ridiculously intense cum for her, won out. I held on tightly, glad for the third point of contact of her head locked onto my cock, merely for the stability it offered.

I managed to keep my nerve until Rach’s arms dropped uselessly from her pussy. With my own arms shaking from the prolonged effort, I lifted her up, feeling my dick slide unencumbered, back out of her. I heard a welcomed gasp, and I felt my cock flick itself free with a jump.

I pulled Rach to me, laying her sweaty, limply trembling body down on top of me as I had originally planed, letting her thighs come to rest on my shoulders. Through raged panting I heard Rach’s cute little voice laced with hoarseness, sputter “I got you all.” proudly.

“That was amazing Rach!” I said, the awe in my voice canlı bahis siteleri palpable. I took the opportunity to give a lick to show my appreciation. The mess of pussy in my face demanded nothing less. I was careful not to linger. I wanted this time in our oasis to last, and if I ripped another orgasm from her while she was this high on cum, I knew she would be done for a while. Unless I planned on using her passed out body, I would have to pace myself like a distance swim.

I rubbed her back, and let her enjoy her bliss, leaving it up to her to decide when she was ready. After maybe five minutes, her surprisingly alert titter “That was seriously the coolest thing ever.” rose from my lap.

At that, she sighed contentedly, then flipped off of me in an instant. One moment she was dead weight; her skin and mine pressed stickily together. The next moment, she had pushed away from me, flipping herself backwards to land in a crouch in front of me on the floor. If her look over her shoulder at me was seeking my impressed bewilderment, then she got what she wanted. The pleased look that spread across her face said as much.

Rach watched me as she slowly uncoiled, rising up sinuously. I groped for every detail of her with my eyes. Slick skin rippling over the slithering muscles of her back, an appetizer for the main course of balled, tight muscle, snaking into view over the front of the sofa.

My arms reached out of their own accord, my body’s need for contact bypassing my brain. She met me half way, sliding her ass back in offering to me. My hands locked onto her hips, intending to pull her to me, but found no need as Rach continued to back into me. Just as I was about to cover the remaining distance with my head, and burry my face between those rolling cheeks, I realized they were lowering out of my tongue’s reach.

Rach settled on the couch between my legs and leaned back into me, letting her head fall back onto my shoulder. “I’ve never cum like that before.” She said softly, amending “With no air.”

“Should I have let you up?” I asked. I was no longer worried that I had gone too far. The question was more for the future Rach’s benefit.

“I wouldn’t have let you.” She said with a smile, turning her head to me and clicking her teeth in mock threat.

There had been times in my life where I had said something without understanding why; an unconscious thought forcing itself into words. This was one of those times. With just enough control of myself to keep the thought from Sharon’s ears, I managed to make into a whisper “I liked that.” into Rach’s ear.

“Really?” She said with an evil lilt, turning to show her interest.

Keeping my voice low, I nodded the slight nod of someone admitting guilt, and added “the pain makes the pleasure more intense.”

“I know.” Rach, now whispering also, responded without a hint of guilt.

That thought caused me to drift a bit, wondering where that could lead, and how it could be. Rach brought me back with a wiggle of her ass against me. “Remember this?” she said playfully, watching me closely for my reaction.

“How could I forget the first best day of my life.” I spoke softly, looking into those green eyes.

“First?” Rach asked quizzically.

“Every day with you is a new best day” I answered, returning to a whisper. Sharing some part of our physical intimacy with Sharon was one thing, but this was different, private, for us only.

“I love you Jake.” She whispered back simply.

I whispered “I need to invent a word. Love doesn’t seem big enough. But until I do, I’ll have to settle for ‘I love you too Rach’.” holding back the wince that follows such blithering.

“Would you use it just for me?” Rach asked softy, fully engaged, and remarkably intent considering how lamely I felt the words had fallen out of my mouth. She pulled my arms around her as she asked, and stared into my eyes as she waited for my answer.

The thought that I could ever feel this way about anyone else was so absurd, I barely managed to keep my smile from devolving into laughter. The sting of my last babble still fresh, I fumbled for some answer to her imposable question. I talked my way through it, whispering “I don’t understand how to answer. My feeling are for you.” I kissed her cheek, then continued “No one else could make me feel this way. I need you to feel this. Does that count as an answer?” whispering as sweetly as I could, and squeezed her as I finished to punctuate my sincerity.

“Come here.” She whispered, and, taking both my hands, pulled me to stand with her, and led me, my arms wrapped around her, over to the area with the pool table.

The layout of the basement was such, that Sharon’s spying eyes could see us just about everywhere. Everywhere but where we were headed. I felt the lack of eyes on us as we moved out of the camera’s view. The change in comfort was noticeable. I also felt the transition from the excitement of being watched, to the excitement of private intimacy. It was useless to compare, or to try to pick a preference between the two. Steak is great, but so is ice cream. It’s the appetite of the moment that decides.

As we reached the pool table, Rach spun in my arms. Looking up at me with those big green eyes, she whispered “I wanted to be alone for a minute.” In way of explanation. “I was going to ask you today anyway…” she continued with quiet earnestness, “but now I can’t wait any more.”

After a prolonged silence, Rach’s eyes flickered, and I could see she had overcome some inner struggle. Wincing with embarrassment, she whispered “Before, when you didn’t know…this summer…I used to sneak into your room and…I watched the porn you had on your computer.”

I started to respond, intending to assuage her guilt, but was stopped as Rach put a finger to my lips. Shaking her head slowly, green eyes still staring keenly up at me, she continued “I wanted to see what you were watching. I wanted to know what was turning you on.”

Unable to stop myself, I started to speak again. I wanted to tell her I had figured that out when we had given Lidia the ‘Jake Show’, and she had known just where the porn was on my computer. Again I was stopped by the finger on my lips. “Please Jake, I need to finish.” She added for emphasis, then continued, leaving her finger lightly against my lips as she whispered “I want to try something I saw.”

My mind attempted a quick inventory of my videos. Filling the momentary silence with flashes of Rach in any manner of positions; with any number and/or variety of players (god I hoped it wasn’t multiple guys), in a selection of different situations and locations.

My cock, pinned between us, surged against the flesh pressing tightly around it. Not unnoticed, Rach’s tense expression eased a little, and her lips gave me the smallest of her crocked evil smiles. Seeming encouraged by my undirected demonstration, she continued more confidently “You have a bunch where the girl…” and then, leaning forward and onto her tip-toes to cover the distance to my ear, as if regular whispering was insufficient, she finished even more quietly into my ear, “…gets the guy’s cock in her…butt.”

I felt her tremble against me as she finished. She didn’t move, and I didn’t want to speak again until I was sure she was done, so I waited with her lips on my ear until she slowly pulled back. I could tell when she looked into my eyes, that the pause after she finished had been to summon up the guts to pull back and check my expression. I gave the facial version of an excited thumbs-up, and saw her face change to a relieved and greedy smile.

Rach, brimming with anticipation, whispered “Can we try that?”

I nodded, letting my expression do the exclaiming, but then I thought of something that could put the kibosh on Rach’s wish. My newfound honesty, or more precisely lack of reserve, started me speaking before I had a chance to think. “Rach, I think those girls do stuff before…” and now it was my turn to stammer, “so…everything stays…clean.”

Eyes brightening, Rach whispered proudly “I did ‘stuff’ this morning when I decided to ask you. I’m squeaky.” she finished with a quiet but enthusiastic, chirp.

Leaning in till our noses nearly touched, she continued “Couldn’t you tell with your tongue in our backyard?” her devilish smile growing as she spoke.

“Oh yea, I didn’t even think about that. I just did what I thought you’d like.” I whispered, letting my face mirror hers.

I hadn’t even dreamed of going there before. Now, looking into Rach’s excited sparkles of green, I felt my inexperience keenly. Those videos Rach had found on my computer were all I knew, and even I could tell how unrealistic they were. About all I came away with aside from a good cum, was a vague sense that I needed to be careful or I would hurt Rach. Since I didn’t know how to be careful in this, I did the only thing I could think of. As I had already done, to my great benefit, I let Rach steer. I tipped my forehead to meet hers, and whispered from under my brow “I don’t want to hurt you. You’ll have to take over.”

Rach seemed lost in the anticipation, not sure what to do next, but managed a nod to my question. I could sense her nervousness. Her regular aggressive sexual style, was muted. It was strange; her being nervous. I liked the subtle shift in control. If not for the fact that her request had gotten me nervous too, I would have enjoyed the change of pace. As it was, I felt responsible for her experience now as well, and decided to start as gently as I could.

As I lifted her up, and set her on the edge of the pool table, I could see her excitement intensify. Her anticipation screamed at my libido. She was expecting, and clearly bracing for me to enter her. Anticipation and anxiety played across her, urging me on.

I felt the burden to make this moment answer her anticipation. Again, my porn watching told me that girls need to warm up. The anal stuff always comes at the end of a porno. Her masturbation, minutes ago, had gotten it started, but I wanted to be sure I had done everything I could to make this live up to the hype Rach had in her imagination.

I stepped up to the table between Rach’s legs, and felt her tense. Reaching out I pulled her head close to mine. I kissed her softly, trying to ease her with my gentleness. Her uncharacteristically stiff return of my kiss told me I was working up-hill.

“Rach, its O.K., relax. We’ll go as slow as you need.” I whispered to her; our faces inches apart, where I cradled her head in my hands. Seeing and feeling that my words had not helped, I added “Just trust your ‘Big Bro’”.

A smile crept to her lips, and with it, I could feel her relax a little around me. It was she that started the second kiss, hooking her feet around me, and pulling me to her. I felt the ridge of my cock slide along the wet valley between her thighs. The heat of her felt good.

As we kissed, I used my hips to glide up and down along her, creasing her pussy. When I felt Rach pushing back against me, I tried shifting my position slightly, and caught the head of my cock under her clit, at the edge of heaven. Feeling the warmth of her pussy wrap itself around the tip, I carefully eased forward.

“mmfff” passed from Rach’s mouth to mine as I slid into her. That was such a turn on for me, that I did it again, pulling almost out, and sliding back into her. Another “mff’, but less surprised, came to me through our kiss, and I repeated it until our kiss ended, reveling in the little ‘whoosh’ of air in my mouth that accompanied each thrust.

When Rach pulled back from the kiss, it was to whisper “Stop teasing me!” The pouty look that came with her demand was so innocent I was amazed it could be used for what Rach was using it for.

I was happy she was loosening up, and showed my happiness as I smiled back at the pout and slowly increased my speed. I kept the thrusts long as I accelerated, letting myself reach Rach’s end, before pulling back to her beginning, enjoying the fullness of the strokes.

Rach was grinning now too. Her look was dirty, and she wanted it to be. With a near snarl as I backed out once again, she almost yelled “Please”.
I was startled by the loud voice, but realized it didn’t matter. I felt mostly bad that my carefulness was frustrating Rach. The thought that I didn’t need to be careful yet, and that Rach definitely didn’t want me being careful yet, set me free.

Lifting Rach’s legs up, I laid them against my chest, letting her feet ride on either side of my head. Rach laid back as I wrapped my arms around her legs, locking them against me. As I leaned back slightly, I felt her ass come up off the table. I leaned back further, moving my hips in search of that magic spot inside Rach.

A flicker of the feet in my peripheral vision told me I was home, and I started. Lucky to be a Butterflyer I thought as my first hip thrust ended with the smack of our flesh colliding, slamming Rach upwards violently.
No more Mr. nice guy. I immediately went all out, letting each connection pound Rach upward, keeping her from gaining any space by my holding her legs against me hard. I didn’t need the “Oh God, I’m gona…” Rach yelled in an almost panic, to tell me she was close; the shaking of her legs against my chest had let me know.

I felt the twitch around my cock, and buried myself as Rach began her orgasm. Her legs fought to brake lose as she spasmed in pleasure, but my hold was secure, and I let her buck and squirm against me as her pussy pushed and pulsed in orgasm.

I had meant to hold off; wanting to stay at the top of my game. But Rach’s pussy was so insistent as it pumped me, that I felt the point of no return pass me by. As Rach sputtered to her end, and her pussy was reduced from a pumping monster, to a twitching confusion, I realized I couldn’t stop. Pounding Rach further seemed too aggressive considering Rach’s obvious nervousness of what was to come.

I had just the presence left to pull out. As I released Rach’s legs from their prison, they flopped away to either side, leaving Rach exposed; a sweat covered, tan torso, leading up to a head, lolled to one side. Gripping my cock, covered in Rach’s cum, I pumped only a few times before I let loose, shooting one stream after another, streaking that perfect body below me in lines of white.

The feeling of my cum raining down, brought Rach’s head up, and she looked at me for a moment before she put it together. looking down to see my hand still gripping my cock, she scolded “Look at how much you wasted” and scooped a sticky string from her chest with a finger, relishing the act as she brought it to her mouth and slowly licked her finger clean.

“There’s always more where that came from as long as you’re around” I said with bravado.

“Prove it” she said daring, sitting up and spinning around to lie on her stomach facing me (we found out later that Rach ruined the pool-table with that move…ha).

Her hands reached out, wrapping around to sink fingers into my ass muscles. Her pull brought me into mouth reach and she slid her lips around me. The post cum sensitivity caused me to twitch continuously as she started sucking.
She pulled me closer, and I felt myself hit the back of her mouth. The instant I found resistance, Rach sank her teeth in hard. I froze in shock, unable to speak, and then the teeth were gone. I had just enough time to begin to unclench, when Rach sucked and bit again, this time letting her teeth roll around in their helpless prey. I grabbed the table to keep from moving, and waited a moment till the teeth withdrew again.

I felt Rach’s hands pulling at me, wanting more, and felt myself let her succeed. I sank deeper down her throat; the pain and pleasure of her rhythmic biting and sucking locking me in a world of such extreme sensory bombardment, everything else fell away. All that was left holding me to the world was the cauldron of pain and pleasure of Rach’s mouth. As the last inch of me disappeared past Rach’s lips, I felt a rippling squeeze as she swallowed around me.
My unbidden “Oh…” was cut off as I felt teeth digging in at the base of my cock. Another swallow around me, and the teeth began grinding into me. As Rach continued swallowing and biting, my frozen body suddenly convulsed. The terror that had held me rigid screamed madly for my body to obey, but heedless of, and dare I admit it, driven by the terror, the orgasm came.

At some point, Rach let go of her teeth’s hold on me. With the loss of that motivation to stay up, my locked legs instantly lost the consistency of a solid, and I sank to the floor, falling onto my back where I landed hard. I dimly remembered something wet on my face before I was gone.

[Next Chapter – Next Friday]

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