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(James wakes up the morning after he gave his sexy older co-worker, Cynthia, a ride home from work and she thanked him for his kindness by seducing him.)

* * *

I woke up with my mouth feeling a little pasty from the booze the night before. Cynthia and I had fallen asleep spooned with my cock nestled between the cheeks of her muscular ass. During the night, I had rolled over onto my back; what had stirred me awake was feeling Cynthia slide her head off my right arm and move down the mattress. As I opened my eyes, I saw the top of her head, her mane of long black hair, disappearing under the covers in the dim light of dawn coming through the window. I closed my eyes again and lay still, quietly, as I felt her hair rubbing softly against my stomach, then I felt her tongue trace its way across my hip until it touched the tip of my soft cock, still sticky from the night before.

I still didn’t move and she took my cock into her mouth, sucking on it and mashing her tongue against it as one hand cupped my balls. I could feel myself growing in her mouth as she started slowly moving her head up and down under the blankets, running her tongue around the head before swallowing me back down.

“Unnghh!” I moaned, raising my hips to meet her face. Under the blankets, Cynthia giggled around a mouthful of my cock. I threw back the blankets and smiled at her. She looked up, holding my now-hard cock in her fist and grinned as her tongue lapped out.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said. “I woke up and I felt lonely.”

I reached down and wrapped my fingers in her hair and with her free hand, she reached up and rubbed my chest, pinching my nipples as she deep-throated me again. She jerked my cock with her hand as she sucked up and down, releasing me every now and then to suck one of my balls into her mouth or lick down to the sensitive skin between my balls and asshole before taking my cock back into her mouth. It only took a few minutes of this before I felt the tingle in my balls. When my first shot hit the roof of her mouth, Cynthia took her mouth from my cock and jerked me off furiously, my sperm splashing her cheeks and chin as she tried to catch it in her mouth, making loud slurping sounds. When I finished cumming, she took my cock back into her mouth and slowly sucked up and down my softening shaft before moving back up and kissing me deeply, my juice rubbing all over our faces.

We had a quick shower and drove to the office for work without saying much. I dropped her off a block from the office, at her request – no need to give the office gossips anything to wag about by arriving together – then I drove around the block twice, parked, and went in to work.

Cynthia works on the floor below me, so we didn’t see each other all day, although she was all I could think about. At quitting time, when I reached the back door to the parking lot, she was standing there with her coat open.

“It’s kinda chilly out there,” she said with a sly smile. “If it’s no trouble, could you give a lift home again?”

There was a warm glow deep in my stomach as we crossed the parking lot to my car. When we got to the intersection, I started to turn left toward Cynthia’s neighbourhood, but she put a hand on my arm and pointed straight ahead.

“I’m going this way tonight,” she said. “I’m having dinner at a friend’s house. Do you mind?”

The warm glow in my stomach turned into a lump of lead. “Uh, sure,” I said. canlı bahis “No problem.”

Cynthia looked at my. The disappointment must have been pretty obvious on my face. “Would you like to come along?” she asked, snaking her hand into my open coat, rubbing my stomach and pinching the bit of flab on my side.

“I can’t just barge in like that . . .”

“Oh, you won’t be just barging in,” she said, smiling. “Pam knows you’re coming. I sent her an e-mail from the office and told her I might have a date.”

Navigating us to a subdivision, Cynthia told me about Pam. They were friends from high school, and Pam had just finished going through a messy divorce but she had managed to keep the house. She worked as a legal secretary and had some pictures from her last vacation she wanted to show off, hence the dinner invitation. We turned in to the driveway in front of a split-level with grey siding. We climbed a porch on one side of the house and Cynthia rang the doorbell. A few moments later the door opened and a woman reached out and pulled Cynthia into a hug. She was a bit taller than Cynthia, with her red hair cut boyishly short. The two women exchanged a kiss – their lips lingering, I wondered? – then she turned toward me.

“Hi James,” she said, one hand snaking across my stomach into my open coat, leaning over to give me a kiss on the neck. “I’m Pam. Come in, you two.”

Pam took our coats and led us into the living room. Cynthia sat on the couch and I settled into an easy chair while Pam disappeared into the kitchen, reappearing with a bottle of wine and three glasses.

“We’ll eat in a bit,” she said. “Cynthia, I got my pictures done from my trip to Greece. Let me get the album.”

We drank wine while the women, sitting together on the couch, flipped through the pictures. I leaned forward and Pam held the album out so I could see. Most of the pictures were scenery, architecture, the ruins of the Parthenon. Then Pam flipped a page, and there was a picture of her on a beach, lying on a towel wearing only her bikini bottoms.

My cock stirred in my jeans. Sitting on the couch, Pam was wearing a loose white blouse and a tight black skirt that ended a few inches above her knees. The blouse didn’t tell you much about what was underneath; in the picture, her tits was tiny, almost flat, but with long, thick nipples, her freckled skin shining with sun-tanning oil.

“You like the scenery, James?” Pam giggled. I looked up and flushed dark red. On the couch, Cynthia had pulled the tail of Pam’s shirt from her skirt and was rubbing her back inside the cloth, her head on Pam’s shoulder. Pam turned her head toward hers, her lips grazing Cynthia’s cheek.

“The beaches there are something else, Cyn,” she said. “You really do have to go sometime.”

Cynthia got up and said she had to go to the bathroom. Walking past my chair, she ruffled my hair then disappeared down the hallway. On the couch, Pam smiled at me with her lips puckered together. She got up and walked over and stood over me, looking down with her hands on her hips.

“From what I hear, those beaches aren’t the only thing that are ‘something else,'” she said, kneeling in front of my chair and running a hand up and down my thigh. “Cynthia tells me there’s something I really have to check out sometime.”

Pam’s hand slid up my thigh and cupped my crotch. Still looking up at me smiling, she undid my belt and zipper and dug her hand into my bahis siteleri pants, her fingers, warm, wrapping around my cock and squeezing. I almost spilled my wine glass; still smiling up at me, Pam reached out, took it from my hand and set it on the end table next to my chair. Then with both hands, she pulled my pants open and dug my erect semi-cock from my boxers.

“Oh my,” she said, still smiling, as she lowered her head to my lap and dragged her tongue along the length of my shaft. “I really do have to check this out. Do you mind?”

“N-not at all,” I said as she lowered her mouth onto me, swallowing half of my length. I closed my eyes and put my head back, reaching down to run my fingers through her short hair as she started to move up and down on me, taking more of my cock into her mouth on each downstroke. She had just managed to take in all seven inches, her nose buried in my pubic hair and her tongue rubbing against the underside of my shaft, when I heard Cynthia’s voice behind me.

“What did I tell you?” she said. I opened my eyes and turned around. Cynthia walked into the living room, naked except for a thin gold chain around her waist. “Do they have anything like that in Greece?”

“Mmmmm,” Pam moaned around my cock. Cynthia knelt behind her and reached around, undoing the buttons on Pam’s blouse. “And just wait ’til you see what he can do with it,” she whispered, leaning down to suck Pam’s earlobe in her mouth.

Taking off the blouse, Cynthia pressed her big, round tits into Pam’s back and nibbling at the back of her neck, she reached around and cupped Pam’s tiny tits in her hands. Pam moaned around my cock as Cynthia slid a hand down to the zipper on the tight black skirt, letting it slide to the carpet. Pam hadn’t been wearing a bra and she wasn’t wearing panties either, as Cynthia’s long, slender fingers parted the pink lips of her pussy, running through the neatly shaved red bush.

Pam let my cock slip from her mouth and jacked it with her hand, turning her head to kiss Cynthia. Feeling overdressed, I stood up and pulled off my sweater. The girls broke their kiss and both turned toward my croth, four hands pulling my pants and boxers down to my ankles and attacking my cock with their mouths, their tongues licking up and down either side, before Pam took it back in her mouth and Cynthia moved lower, taking my left ball in her mouth and sucking gently. At the same time, she was still fingering Pam’s pussy, rubbing her clit with her thumb and fucking her two middle fingers in and out of the hot, wet hole.

After only a few minutes, Pam started moaning loudly and sucked harder on my cock as her body started to tremble. At the same time, I felt the first hot jet of sperm rising from my balls.

“Ohh, god!” Pam cried, taking her mouth from my cock just as my first shot came out, splattering across her nose and upper lip. Still frigging Pam’s cunt, Cynthia moved her mouth over my cock, taking the rest of my load. When I was done spurting, she leaned over and kissed Pam and I watched them sharing my cum on their tongues. Pam swallowed and looked up at me, smiling, her face flushed and shiny with sweat.

“Mmmm,” she said, giving the tip of my slick cock a kiss. “Let’s go upstairs.”

The girls got up and ran to the bedroom. I kicked my pants off my ankles and followed them up. By the time I got there, they were already on the bed, positioning themselves on their sides for a 69. I bahis şirketleri settled next to them on the bed and stroked my cock, reaching out to rub the cheek of Pam’s ass as Cynthia’s tongue lapped up and down her hairless pussy lips, sucking them into her mouth.

The girls started moaning and my cock had by now gotten rock-hard again. Cynthia licked up Pam’s cunt to her asshole, pushing her tongue into the tiny pucker. I moved my hand down into her crack and pushed a finger slowly into her ass.

Cynthia looked up at me, her chin and cheeks shiny with Pam’s juices. “Put your cock in her, James,” she breathed. “Fuck her ass.”

I got up on my knees and moved behind Pam. Cynthia took my cock into her mouth and got it wet with her slick saliva, then guided me with her hand until the tip of my cock was pressing against Pam’s pucker. I pushed slowly and Cynthia pulled Pam’s asscheeks farther apart until I was all the way in.

Pam let out a loud moan and I started slowly pumping in and out. Cynthia went back to lick Pam’s clit, moving up every now and then to lick her ass and my cock where it was sliding in and out. By now, Pam was panting hard, moaning steadily, and had stopped licking Cynthia’s cunt. Cynthia grabbed my cock around the base and pulled me out of her friend’s ass.

“Lie back, James,” she said. I settled onto the bed and Cynthia positioned Pam above me, facing my feet, her legs straddling my waist.

“OK, slowly,” Cynthia said, pointing my cock back at Pam’s asshole. Pam gently lowered herself, impaling her ass on my cock, until her ass cheeks were nestled against my hips. She leaned back on her hands and slowly rotated her butt on me, looking back over her shoulder at me as she squeezed my cock with the muscles in her rectum.

“There, perfect,” Cynthia said, lowering her head between my and Pam’s legs. I felt her tongue tickle my balls then move up to Pam’s pussy as Pam started to slowly raise her hips, then lower herself back down onto me. I reached up and cupped her tits, pinching her nipples hard. She cried out.

“Oh, Cyn,” she moaned, “his cock feels so good in my ass. Mmm, oh yeah, suck my clit, baby. Eat my pussy.”

Pam lowered herself backwards onto my chest and I started fucking my hips up off the bed into her. Over her shoulder, I could see Cynthia’s head as she licked Pam’s clit. She had two fingers pushed into Pam’s pussy. I could feel them against my cock as Cynthia pressed against the thin membrane separating Pam’s pussy from her ass. Pam could feel it too and started to cry out as another orgasm hit her.

“Ohh, fuck!” she said. “Ohhh, fuck! Fuck my asshole, James! Fuck me! Ohh, Cynthia! Ohh, oh!”

Her ass clamped tight around my cock, driving me over the edge.

“I’m going to cum too!” I panted, sucking hard on Pam’s earlobe. “Oh, god!”

I felt Cynthia’s hand around the base of my cock and she pulled me out of Pam’s ass, replacing the tight sphincter with her own mouth. She took my first spurt in her mouth, then pressed my cock against Pam’s hot, wet pussy. I felt the head push into the hot hole as I humped up and down, and then Cynthia’s mouth was on it again, licking both my cock and Pam’s cunt, lapping up my cum.

Pam and I lay there panting, Pam still on top of me, as Cynthia finished cleaning us up. Then Cynthia moved up over us, leaning down to kiss first Pam, then me, pushing her tongue into my mouth, her lips tasting of my cum and Pam’s juices. Laughing, we rolled over, tumbling into a jumble of arms and legs.

Pam giggled. “Well, I suppose I still owe you two dinner,” she said, reaching down to give my soft cock a gentle squeeze. “Is frozen pizza OK?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32