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Orin had been married to his wife, Georgie, for a long time. Sex had always been good between the two but Orin had never been the most adventurous type. He spiced things up by switching from missionary to doggy style from time to time.

But Orin had a secret. As he grew older, he found he couldn’t last long enough to orgasm himself. But he could usually get Georgie off once or so before he had to stop. So he would get her off and then she’d retire for the night.

Orin, however, would remain horny and, after a break, pleasure himself with porn. Lots of porn. Increasingly weirder porn. More and more imaginative videos. He soon found himself wishing he and Georgie could reenact those videos. But she was a proper lady and he couldn’t see her doing anything more than their normal routine outside of a blowjob.

But one day Orin was bored with the porn. He felt bad that his wife of so many decades was sleeping in the next room and that he wasn’t spending his energy on her. He knew she liked her rest and he didn’t want to disturb that. Yet he knew something needed to change.

There was one thing that Georgie had asked him to do. Right after they had gotten married and had sex for the first time, she asked if he would ever lick her butt. She had only asked illegal bahis the once but Orin was outraged at the idea. That wasn’t what real people did, or so he thought.

But now he had spent years watching other people do far more depraved things. He knew what he had to do. He was going to have a talk with his wife and be honest with her. He was going to tell her everything, all about the porn and what he wanted to do in the bedroom. And he hoped that she would help him fulfill his fantasies. But as a peace offering, he wanted to fulfill the one that she might still have.

The next day, he broke all this to Georgie. When he first approached her, his eyes watering with shame, and told her that they needed to have a chat, she was relieved to hear that he was just confessing a porn addiction that she was already aware of.

When Orin made the offer to perform analingus on her, that did come as a surprise. She had been offended with his angry reaction in the past. It had made her never want to reveal any of her other kinks. She literally couldn’t say yes fast enough.

She was also fine with the other experimenting that Orin wanted to do and they planned to have a shower together that night, where Orin cleaned her to be more comfortable with it. He illegal bahis siteleri had spent the rest of the day researching the act, how to do it well, and how to clean the area for maximum safety.

Their shower was the first erotic experience they had shared in a long time. There was a certain electricity in the air. Orin realized that he was feeling like a young man again, about to lose his virginity for the first time. He was thorough and finally starting to feel comfortable with what he was about to do when they shut the water off.

To start, Georgie laid on her hands and knees on their bed. She presented herself to her husband and felt more nervous about what might happen if Orin didn’t enjoy the act. But as soon as Orin started, he realized it was nothing like he thought it would be. He didn’t really taste anything and could only smell soap. It was a much more pleasant experience than he thought it would be.

Even better, Georgie was going wild. Orin didn’t know what he was doing so he basically acted like he was eating out her pussy. He was a little more familiar with that act. As it went on, he grew more confident and his tongue strokes got longer, harder and he even penetrated her with his tongue. He had planned on just sticking with canlı bahis siteleri the outside but literally couldn’t resist in the moment.

Georgie moaned with pleasure. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. Waves of pleasure spread through her and she started rubbing her clit for the first time in a long time. Orin tried all sorts of angles and variations. different licking techniques, and even sucking her anus. His enthusiasm grew and excited Georgie. She confessed that she had often fantasized about doing this.

She was so happy that Orin had spoken up, they still had a lot of learning to do about each other and themselves. But the honesty kept flowing between them. Orin spoke in between mouthfuls of her anus and told her how he wanted to try eating cum, having sex outside, and watching her have sex with another man. She told him that she wanted to play with another woman’s boobs and eat her out.

When Georgie finally came, and squirted for the first time too, Orin was rock hard. He stood up and rammed her over and over again until they were both cumming. As they laid down on the bed, panting with the exertion, Orin held Georgie’s hand and promised that they would have sex everyday from then on.

It’s a promise he was able to keep. There were plenty more sexual fantasies fulfilled and Georgie even returned the favor the very next night. With no signs of slowing down, the two embraced their inner sluts and are out there right now, having sex with a neighbor in his hot tub.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32