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Just to give you an idea of how my young wife’s mind worked. One New Years Eve, when we lived in Southern Calif , even in January it was still pretty warm, after a great meal and more Champagne than she should have drank. I had placed a sleep blindfold over her eyes and had taken her to one of the local sleazy adult motels something we did on a number of occasions, as she loved not knowing where she was or what was going to happen, in the front parking lot I had unzipped her cocktail dress all the way, while we necked and I fondled her in our parked car. I too had been drinking, but was still sober enough to drive.
When I finally got out of the car and around to the other side, I helped her out. The revealing New Years dress she had worn that evening was still in the car! She did not seem to mind at all standing there in only heels stockings and garter belt at 1:00 in the morning! Several cars that had driven by, honked and if it had not been so late there probably could have easily been an accident! I took both of her hands and held them behind her back and pushed her along helpless and naked in front of me, through the foyer and right into the motel office. There was another young couple in the office checking in, the young man did not seem to mind at all, but his young wife was in wide eyed shock!

The motel clerk an elderly black man was not bothered at all either as he checked her out with an admiring smile. I suggested to the young man that he was free to feel her up and illegal bahis without thinking he grabbed a handful of Deana’s wet snatch! His young wife was beside herself as she slapped him, he quickly pulled his hand back,… as she said, how about me!…and then, She defiantly proceeded to unzip her dress and step out of it! We now had two naked young women standing in the motel office. I finished registering was handed the key and pushed Deana who was wondering, and unable to see out the door towards our room making a turn down the long walk way where our room was located.
Most of these adult motels had a number of single horny transients hanging around in the back alleyways at night hoping that someone like my young wife would come by and give them a show! Tonight she would give them more that a show. As I was fumbling for the key several of the men that had been following us at a distance were now on top of us, and because Deana was totally naked they felt she was fair game, one had grabbed her wrists away from me and another her bare bottom, this was all it took as in moments more horny men had emerged from the shadows and with hands all over her they forced her off down the walkway and into the alley behind the motel. I never tried to stop them nor did she protest! One of her most delicious fantasy’s had always been for her to be placed in a situation like this!
There were now about seven men as I followed along at a distance. In only moments she was on her knees with her hands being helplessly held out to illegal bahis siteleri each side, she was now taking turns giving blow jobs to anyone that offered her their dicks! One man was saying over and over suck my dick bitch! They did not need to say anything or for that matter even hold her, but the helpless image of her naked and on her knees was stimulating for not only these men, but even more so for her.
She had quickly and easily taken care of half the men, and more than one was back for seconds she then was working on the rest as several had chosen to wait in hopes they would get to fuck her! One of them had pulled her up and led her over to a car parked in the alley,.. had bent her over the hood and held her hands behind her back. From this point on she fucked or at least was fucked by another five guys! They had satisfied themselves and were done, but one, a big older black man was still having a prolonged fuck at her expense and he was hollering for her to hold still as she bucked back up against each of his thrusts in reckless abandon groaning, moaning with encouragement saying please, pleaaase, pleaaase!
When he finally finished Deana was still bent over the hood of the car, and I asked him if he would like to join us in our room. Adding that he could do what ever he wanted! He eagerly accepted with a smile that flashed a gold tooth and quickly jerked her up off the car and forcefully led her back to our room again holding her hands firmly behind her back! Once in our room he asked, still canlı bahis siteleri holding her tight what does she like? I told him she has fantasy’s about harsh and prolonged sex with black men and that she liked to be naked and humiliated in public! I also told him that I had threatened to make some of her fantasy’s come true and apparently this was going to be the night!
He opened the curtains and made her stand up next to the window naked with her hands behind her head for about ten minutes while he fingered her slit twisted her nipples savagely and gave her over a dozen harsh open handed smacks on her bare bottom! This was followed by pulling her hands down and tying them tightly behind her back, and making her get down on her knees. From this point on he took turns face fucking her and then fucking her in every position one could think of right in front of the open curtains.

Several people had gathered as other after New Years party goers had, like us arrived for fun and games at this adult motel with their dates early that morning. I had some incredible stamina and staying power when it came to sex, but this older black gentleman fucked her in her ass cunt and face so many times it was unbelievable and he was no gentleman in doing as all she could do was continue to say quite vulgarly. Oh! please, please, please Oh please encouraging him even more! When he finally left at 5:00 in the morning she was laying naked in front of the motel room window with the curtains wide open in a pool of liquid cum whimpering like a swell stuck and very satisfied little pig! Less than a week later she was wanting to do the same thing! How can you not love a girl like this?


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32