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Sitting on the bus she thinks over her day. “Yes it has for sure been one of ‘Those’ days” Startled out oh her thoughts by having a rather large lady sit on her leg just continues to make it so. She wants to scream at the lady.

“Bitch! Cant you even apologize or notice that you are on my leg?! Or is your ass so full of fat you cant feel a thing?!?!!?” Instead she takes a deep, very deep breath and shits over as much as she can against the window of the bus, almost plastering herself against it like a bug on a windshield. It feels like ages before the lady moves and gets off the bus. Seizing her chance to move and get some space, she leans forward and over when suddenly a hand out of nowhere pulls the cord next to the window, narrowly missing her head.

“Jerk” she thinks, “there’s a fucking push button on the pole you’re holding on to and thanks for the delightful show of manners” Taking another deep breath she tries to calm down despite the bus loading up with teenage boys, trying to outdo the other in macho fakeness and loudness. “Too bad for the possibility of having a nice ride home. The day has been filled with fax machines eating faxes, photocopiers breaking down, toner down the front of her new clothes, and don’t forget the bosses yelling at her thinking that somehow because they cant figure out their own voice mail its her fault. Finally its her stop, getting off the bus, her heel breaks and she nearly falls down the steps. “Of course, why the fuck not? Lets just add that to the day o’fun”

On the limp home she amuses herself with the thought that waiting at home for her was her favorite toy. The sleek, shiny, silver vibrator. She canlı bahis şirketleri had many toys with attachments and clit stimulators and rotating pearls and what nots; but it seemed the simplest gave her the most pleasure. A slight smile crosses her face as she starts to get wet just thinking about it. It will buzz her horrid day away and banish all thoughts of floral muumuus out of her head. Her little white cotton panties are getting soaked as she thinks about the sensations of her little buzz toy, and her nipples push at the satin bra to the point that you can see them pushing at her purple blouse.

Steeping into her apartment, throwing her shoes on the floor she begins her slow undressing and walks to the bedroom. She lets her black hair out of its tight bun and takes off her glasses and places them on a table she passes. By now all that remains on her is her black pants undone at the waist, bra and panties. By time she reaches her bedroom she is garbed in only her panties; her bra ending the parade of clothing to her door.

Against the far wall in her room there is a chest. Oak, and old, locked, and covered by an afghan. Pushing the afghan on the floor and unlocking the chest, she pulls aside various toys and implements. Cock rings, vibrators of all colours and sizes, a strap-on, whips, hand cuffs, ropes, until finally at the bottom there is her silver toy. She takes it out and lays it next to the pillow on her bed and grabs a battery. Setting it next down within easy reach she slips of her moist panties and lies on the bed.

She liked to tease first, not that she needed to get any wetter but it was more fun this way she always canlı kaçak iddaa thought. Her fingers slide over her breast and gently squeeze her nipples and cup the breast. One hand trails down her stomach and over her semi-shaven mound. The feel of soft downy hair meets sticky wetness only serves to arouse her more. She moans gently as she slips a finger inside herself, followed by another and one more. She gently stokes her insides with the three fingers while her other hand massages her clit. Biting her lower lip she gently pinched her clit.

She stroked herself into a frenzy, she needed to cum and cum soon or it felt as if she would burst. Reaching over to grab her vibrator and the battery, bit her lip in anticipation of what was to come. Despite having done this so many times orgasms were not new to her, but she loved the feel of them each and every time.

Holding the vibrator in front of her she turned the little knob that regulated the vibrations. Vrrrrrrrr vrrr vr vr pftt “Huh? NO, not possible” she shook the vibrator but nothing happened, she tried putting it in another way, but to no avail, the battery was dead. She lied there soaking wet, and the need to get off clouding her thoughts. She could never get herself of with just her hands, so she did the next thing she could think of. She ran around her place naked looking for batteries. Didn’t find a thing. She sat down on her bed and tried to think of why this day had to end this way. She looked around her room for anything that would help.

Her eyes fell on a old woman’s magazine that she had lying on the floor on the cover it proclaimed that it had “52 ways to get you off!” Snatching canlı kaçak bahis it off the floor she flipped to the correct page and looked over the suggestions. ‘Use a pillow’ it suggested, so she tried to find her stiffest pillow, straddling it she rubbed it against her clit. It only served to make her really itchy. 10 failed suggestions she decided to try the last one on the list. “I know it sounds crazy but use the water facet in your bathtub. The pressure of the running water right on your clit is an amazing sensation.”

“Ummmm ok I really need to get off and well this is the last try” She was more than a little timid but at this point she was desperate.

Running the water in her bathtub she made sure that it wasn’t too hot or too cold, she didn’t want to burn or freeze herself, how do you explain something like that to a doctor?? With the water running she got into the tub and lied down. Splashing water on herself she shimmied under the tap so that the water fell directly on her pussy. “Well here goes” she thought to herself. Using the sides of the bathtub to get her body close enough to the facet. Spreading her legs to let the water run down she braced herself. The warm water hit directly on her aroused clit sending shivers through her body. The sensation was like nothing she had ever experienced. The rushing water bombarded her clit with a steady pressure. The pleasure was growing, but she held herself back because she still wasn’t sure about this, but finally the need to release was just too much and she let go. Once she let herself enjoy the sensations it became overwhelming.

“OH OH OHHHH MY GOD!” she screamed as the orgasm over took her body. Pushing away and up, she tried to catch her breath. Her clit and pussy lips were still throbbing. All she could think of was wow, that was amazing. She was no longer afraid of running out of batteries after that.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32