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Previously: Cousins Delia and Meno shared an erotic shower where Meno came inside Delia. The shared a sweet moment where they both acknowledged their budding love.


It’s already 2pm. How did I fall asleep after breakfast so easily. I suddenly feel a leg rub against my own and can sense the slight lifting of my cousins chest as she breathes in her sleep.

I remember now. We ate in the kitchen, naked. I told Delia how long I had wanted to be with her. How often I thought of kiss her and just holding her. She had turned a cute shade of red as she ate her breakfast.

She just laughed when I told her of the times I had almost told her I liked her more than cousins. I had wanted to yell from the roof of the house, but she asked me how exactly I was gonna get up there. Delia reminded me of my fear of heights.

“See! That’s how much I wanted you,” I said.

“Meno…you are dumb. Now let’s clean up. I feel like resting in bed,” she said.

I picked things up and started washing dishes. I had never been naked with anyone before. What I mean is simply being naked and doing ordinary things. Every move she made was erotic for some reason. She would reach up and I marveled at how sexy her tits looked. The sound of her padding around made me smile. I was smitten…always had been.

We finished cleaning up the kitchen quite quicker that I expected. Working side by side with Delia was fun, and I loved watching her do things with such ease.

“Hello?? Meno??? Are you listening to me dumb boy? I asked if you want to lay in bed and watch some Korean dramas,” asked Delia.

I suddenly realized she had been talking to me the whole time. I was just starring at her with a silly grin. I felt embarrassed.

“Uuhhhhh…sorry,” I stammered.

Delia smiled at and walked right up in front of me. She grabbed my hands in hers and slipped her finger between my own. Her face had a sweet smile and she tipped toed up to give me a slightly lingering kiss on the lips.

“Okay. That kiss will wake sleeping beauty. So can we watch shows now,” she said.

I held her close and kissed her forehead.

“Of course,” I said.

We climbed in bed and started watching a K-Drama about a stunt gal falling in love with a stuck up executive. I outstretched my arm and Delia moved into the crook of my side. She snuggled up closer and I smiled and slowly slid into sleepy time.

Now here illegal bahis I was awake and listening to the credits of the soap we had bee watching. It was hours later. I slowly got up and undid Delia’s hold on me. I walked into the kitchen and filled a glass with water and drank. It was still cold in the rest of the house, but I wanted to explore a bit. I walked into the living room and sat on the couch. The room was sparsely populated with furniture. A couch, small table and a pair of chairs filled the room. The small apartment was lucky enough to have as much as it did. I closed my eyes and sat there in silence for another moment.

I smiled to myself as I felt the presence of my cousin enter the room. She slowly walked over and then suddenly grabbed my arm and yelled boo in an attempt to scare me.

“Stop,” I said.

“Why? I am trying to help you sleep soundly…or scare you to death depending,” she laughed out.

I laughed as well moving over on the couch so she could sit in a warm spot. She sat next to me and slipped her hand into mine.

We sat together for a moment until finally Delia looked over at me and smiled.

“I’m happy,” she said.

“Me too,” I said as I moved closer and kissed her. Delia responded by kissing me back. Soon we were making out like a pair of stupid teens. My hands roamed down in between her breasts and past her cute tummy. I slid in between her legs and slowly ran my fingers across her clit as I drew her closer to me.

She responded by gripping my shaft in her small, soft hand. She slowly pumped me, almost as if it was an after thought. I started kissing her down her neck, leaving wet marks as if it were my way of marking her as my own.

I arrived at her nipples and sucked on each hard. She let out a little gasp and tightened her grip on my dick. I loved that I could make her react like that. My fingers slowly moved past her lips and into her slick sex palace. I started slowly pumping my fingers in and out of her. I made sure to not ignore her clit as I swiped across it as my fingers invaded her pussy.

She put her hand on my chest and breathlessly said, “Stop for a second…I want to suck your dick baby.”

My eyes must have looked like saucers because she giggled and slid down my body. Delia took my dick and slowly teased the head with her tongue. It felt a bit rough and warm but it was amazing. Suddenly my dick was surrounded by a warm heaven. Delia took my dick on an illegal bahis siteleri amazing ride. She sucked and slurped at my penis as though it was the most delicious thing ever.

I thought to myself that I hoped that she felt the same feelings when I ate her out the night before. But then out of nowhere it became next level. She did something with her tongue and looked up at me an smiled.

Delia kept that up a bit longer before I was at my wits end. I slowed her bobbing head made sure she looked me in the eyes.

“Please chiquita / shorty. I need to be in you. Like right the fuck now,” I said.

Delia smiled and got offer knees and shimmied over my lap trapping my cock between us. She lowered her forehead to mine and then whispered.

“You had better fuck me then. Because right now all I want is to scoop your cum out of my drenched pussy,” Delia said.

I didn’t say anything more. I gripped her hips and lifted her enough to put my dick at her entrance. Then she slowed herself onto me. It was amazing. She was perfect and I knew then that no matter what I wanted her from now on. I knew we felt love…but I wanted to be hers. But there was time for that…right now…I need to fuck this woman out of her skin.

Delia lifted herself up and down on my prick. Each lowering movement she ground on me, making me feel like I was going to blow each time. Her movements up and down became slower and were replaced with an amazing grinding motion. I brought my head down to her breasts and kissed hem lightly. Sucking of each just enough to elicit a moan from her lips.

I held her for a moment and moved lower on the couch to give me better access. Then with the space needed I started to pump in and out of her. No porn star movements, but real every day fucking. I pumped her and she moaned and kissed me back. She would smile and say things I had never heard from anyone I had been with.

“Si mi amor / Yes my love…asi, mas Meno…mas / like that, more Meno…llena me / fill me,” she moaned.

I was a man on a mission. This sexual goddess wanted me to fill her…how could not oblige her. I kept fucking her sweet pussy as we kissed and I took every opportunity to suck a breast into my mouth. I was in heaven.

Our sweat sheened bodies must have looked mesmerizing. After a bit I slowed and held her. I started to move us and she knew exactly how I wanted her. She put her hands on the arm rest of the couch canlı bahis siteleri and pushed her amazing ass out to me. I took her hips in my hands and pushed my invader back into her most secret place.

I moved in and out of her like a piston in a race car. I was getting close. But was she…I needed to make sure. I slowed down and took my dick out of my panting cousin.

“What happened? Is everything okay,” Delia asked as she started to turn around. But before she did she let out a yelp as my mouth covered her sex.

“FUCK,” she yelled.

I licked and sucked on her sweet pussy. I played with her clit with hand as I ran my other hand around her sexy ass. My mouth was on fire. No matter what my tongue and lips did Delia kept moaning and thrust back at my face.

“Fuck baby…I’m cumming…ahhhhh,” she panted.

My tongue and lips slowed. I gently kissed my way up her ass and around to her slick back. Licking her sweat and kissing until I was next to her ear.

“Delia your juices are so fucking sweet…” I said.

Delia started to smile, then laughed a bit. She reached back and drew me into a kiss. I shared her taste with my tongue and as we made out I lined up my cock with her soaked pussy. We stopped and I smiled as I teased her pussy lips.

“Yes baby…” she said.

I pushed in slowly and began my rhythm. Soon we were back at it like a pair of young lovers. I held her hips and thrust into her, all the while she kept cheering me on.

“YES BABY…deeper…more…please cum with me…” she said.

I kept sawing away…and soon I felt it. I was so close…

“Of fuck Delia I’m gonna cum…cum with me baby…I’m cumming inside for you baby…” I panted.

Delia wailed and I grunted as we both exploded. My cock was being drained by her pussy. I must have cum like never before because I just held on for dear life. Each spurt was another wave of ecstasy between us. I lowered myself onto her back and ran my hands from her hips to her handfuls of breasts.

As I kissed her shoulder blade we both lay on the couch. My dick slowly slid out of her and nestled in between her amazing ass cheeks. She turned slightly to kiss me. Then she moved her hand down and scooped up some of our mixed juices. She put it in her mouth and kissed me again. We tasted wonderful.

I held her close. I kissed her forehead again.

“Delia…I’m yours. I am in love with you and I am yours,” I said.

“I’m yours forever too Meno,” Delia said.

She looked back up at me smiled. She kissed me lightly and said the most erotic thing I had heard.

“Imagine if we got pregnant,” Delia said.

I smiled to myself. “Imagine,” I repeated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32