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This is my story of how I play and use my toys when alone.

I guess it depends on my cycle and or my mood, sometimes I can’t seem to get enough even with a regular boyfriend. It all begins in my mind, I might see a cute guy or think of something from the past. Once my mind takes over I just get more and more horny till I do something about it. Sometimes I get myself so horny from just thinking about it, I know when I get home what’s going to happen.

I’ll get home run a nice bath, some bubble bath or nice bombs. I get every thing ready as my bath runs, a towel, my toys, some music. I begin to undress for my bath, slowly running my fingers over my soft skin, across my breasts feeling my nipples begin to harden. Taking my time feeling every little touch, making myself even more aroused.

Finally my bath is ready, I slowly hop in laying in the warm sweet water. Letting it consume my body, feeling the warmth I close my eyes listening to my music. My mind wanders thinking of my fantasy’s. After a while I begin shaving my legs, working my way up to my sweet soft folds of womanhood. Slowly I hold my sensitive illegal bahis lips as I shave my whole vulva. I feel my sex getting even more aroused as I touch and hold myself as I shave myself bare. I lay back feeling my smooth legs, my smooth pussy.

Eventually I get from the bath tub looking at my body in the mirror, wondering if I’m ok not too fat not too skinny. I slowly dry myself, then wrapped in a towel I go to my computer. I log on and check my mail, then read a story or two in . Still sitting in my towel I chat with some guys or girls. Making myself more aroused I begin touching myself, I run my fingers over my legs, my breasts feeling my heat building. I feel that flushed hot feeling you get.

Then I move to my bed, I lay back listening to my music, just feeling my arousal. Knowing I’m getting more and more wet the whole time. My pussy feeling more and more wet. My nipples so hard so sensitive I pull them and twist them a little. I take my dildo and suck on it as if it were a cock. My hand teasing my nipples, I lay on my back with my legs up high as I rub the dildo over my clitty. I slowly run illegal bahis siteleri my finger along each of my lips gradually moving towards my wet hole. Sometimes I pull my lips or rub them between my fingers eventually I slide one finger slowly inside myself. Feeling how wet I am, imagining it is you. I usually finger myself with one finger then two fingers feeling how slick I am inside, ending with three fingers fucking myself. Then I hold myself open and begin to push the dildo into my hot wet juicy hungry pussy. I feel it slowly enter me opening my vagina stretching me as your cock does. I push it all the way deep inside me as I rub my clitty. As I pump it in and out of my wet sex I feel my juices flowing freely from me running down to my ass. I get my small vibrator and rub it thru my wetness as I begin to slide it into my tight ass. Having both my holes filled like a slut.

I begin to feel my orgasm building deep inside me. I know I’m close to cumming now and pump my pussy harder, stopping only to rub my clitty . The vibrator in my bottom is now on, the dildo is deep in my wet juicy hot cunt. My fingers canlı bahis siteleri are rubbing my clitty as I love, then it hits me my first wonderful orgasm. Waves of pleasure wash though my whole body as I lay there quivering shaking in pure pleasure.

As I regain my senses I begin gently caressing my breasts once again, letting my engorged clitoris recover. I feel my arousal growing once again my hands wander back to my vagina. By now my pussy is so wet so hungry I need to be fucked, to be filled with something. I reach for my toys once more rubbing the cock like dildo along my lips, from my ass to my clit. I pull my skin above my clit up so my little pleasure bud peaks out, rubbing the cock against it. Soon I can feel my orgasm as it builds within me, I feel my body begin to shake as I am once more overcome with pleasure. My pussy is my whole body now nothing matters but my sex. Sometimes I think I pass out momentarily as I cum waking a few moments later. My whole body is trembling and shaking as I come back to life.

Sometimes I do this 3 or 4 times depending on my lust my, my needs.

Then I get up and have a shower or have a sleep depending on how much time I have and who’s around.

I hope you liked my story, if you want to know more or get more stories just let me know. I truly love writing them and also reading others.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32