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A five-part story of incest, group sex, lesbianism, anal, and toys. MFFF

Chapter 1: Thank God For Marvin Gaye

My sister-in-law has always had a sneaky streak. In the 29 years I’ve known her, she’s always been able to sneak me a wicked smile. I generally considered it her way of flirting, and never gave it a second thought. Her rocky marriage to The Accountant has lasted twice as long as expected, considering the abuse she has had to endure over the years. Sharon, now in her mid-40’s, is still quite attractive. She’s tall at 5’9″ with beautiful tanned legs that go on forever. Her olive complexion, 34B chest, slim waist and dark long dark hair make her appear to be ten years younger.

In her younger, wilder years she had been quite the party girl. She came to visit us (me and my wife, Barb) some 25 years ago and made off with one of my younger buddies for the evening. My buddy informed me the following day how good a lover she was and how she gave really good head. I was both shocked and excited to hear that my sister-in-law was such a tramp, even back in the promiscuous 70’s. His words burned a pornographic picture into my memory. Since then I’ve often fantasized about her. Knowing this about Sharon, I figured over the years (like most of us) she had mellowed with maturity. After she married The Accountant, I figured her wild ways were a thing of the past.

Sharon’s niece (my niece-by-law), Teri is a statuesque platinum blond. She, Sharon and Barb have been close relatives since Teri was born thirty years ago. Teri is also tall, at 5’9, but that’s where the similarities end. Teri is built like the proverbial —-house. Her striking good looks coupled with a 38DD-25-35 figure make her every man’s fantasy and the envy of most women. Although rather reserved by nature, Teri will get lit once-in-a-blue-moon and let it all hang out. Since Teri is unmarried, the three ladies will get together when Sharon is in town and go out carousing. Their carousing, of late, is usually limited to nothing more than hitting a few bars, getting a little buzz on and coming back home. They enjoy each other’s company and ignore the occasional male catcalls and advances.

Tonight was pretty much the same agenda. The only difference this time was that all three girls got totally blitzed. They teased and finagled the regular bar bums out of a ton of drinks. In their condition it was possibly a miracle they made it back to our place in one piece.

“Drink much?” I asked, laughing, as these three illegal bahis beauties stumbled through the front door.

“I think we’ll have a party!” Sharon yelled.

“I think you’re already having one, Sharon,” I noted.

I sat there amazed at the shape they were in. These were conservative dressed women whose wardrobes were completely disheveled. Their blouses were open a few more buttons than respectable and their skirts were hiked up to their thighs. With smudged lipstick and leaking mascara, they looked like common streetwalkers.

“Come on Donny, let’s dance,” said Sharon, dragging me up by my forearms.

She reached around me, grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and pulled me close. She reeked of Scotch and perfume as she danced hard into my crotch. Her approach was so unexpected, I smiled and playfully grabbed her ass in turn. She squealed and rubbed her pussy into my growing bulge even harder. I looked around, checking for the other two drunks. They had gone to the kitchen for refills and were cackling up a storm.

“So did you girls have a good time?”

“I am now,” purred Sharon, continuing her sordid gyrations. “I think I’ve got a bad case of the hornies,” she said, giving one of those sneaky winks.

She kept a tight hold of my buns, as the others returned. I think my wife was initially upset at the sight of her husband and sister rubbing each other’s crotches together. However, her spell was soon broken when Teri laughed and came up from behind me to join in the simulated dance. I knew Teri was mocking Sharon’s advances when she grabbed my shoulders and pressed her body against my back. Teri laughed and shook her mammoth globes against my back. They continued their Donny sandwich dance, when Teri stated the obvious.

“Shouldn’t we really have some music, if we’re gonna dance?”

Barb was now laughing at this mock three-way and quickly went over and turned on the stereo. That’s when things got interesting. Just by chance, the stereo was tuned to an R while she spread her arms out to group hug us. None of these women were singers by any stretch and I smiled at their out-of-tune chorus. I wondered if any of them noticed how hard my dick had grown by now.

Vocally, it was humorous to hear, but that didn’t stop the dancing. As a matter of fact, it got more intense. None of them wanted to break the silly, sorority mood they were in. At the same time, rubbing our body parts was subconsciously erotic. Sharon released her grip on my ass and illegal bahis siteleri put one arm around Barb’s back. The other hand she put around my waist. Teri, still pressed up against my back, put her left arm around Barb as well. At this point, the girls were in a half group hug with me in the middle. The more they sang and swayed, the more I noticed Sharon and Teri’s hands were moving up and down my hips. We were bunched so close together it was hard to tell whose hands were whose. That’s when I felt someone touch my cock.

The mysterious fingers moved to trace the outline of my nine inches and then lightly tickled the head. All the sudden it stopped. The hand went away and I noticed neither of their hands were on me. Then I felt Sharon’s arm go around my waist again, but I didn’t feel her hand on my back. The next sensation was Sharon’s arm coming back around my waist. This time she brought Teri’s hand with her. She guided Teri’s hand to my cock. When she felt how hard I was I felt Teri’s body let out a gasp.

Both hands were now sizing me up and I decided to get in some action. This was just innocent diddling, even though I knew from Barb’s vantage point she had no idea what her sister and niece were up to. The song ended, only to fade into another Marvin Gaye song. They didn’t know the lyrics to this one (thank God). We all smiled and went on with our dirty dancing. Sharon and Teri’s hands were all over my cock and soon I felt one of their hands on my zipper. I lowered my hand from Sharon’s waist and started to caress her hip. My hand gathered up her short skirt and moved to her silk panties. I ran my fingers up inside the leg opening and forced my entire hand down to her pussy. She was sopping wet and soon my hand was covered with her juices. Her eyes darted to mine and she tried to give me one of those sneaky winks. I shoved a finger in her hole and the wink stopped and she slowly rolled her eyes and licked her lips.

Sharon gently pulled my cock out and her long fingernails flicked at the head while Teri’s hand took my shaft and roughly started to jack me off. My fingers teased Sharon’s clit for a few minutes, then decided to favor Teri. Barb eyes were shut, as she swayed back and forth against me like some broken pendulum. I knew then she was totally wiped out and it wouldn’t be long until she would pass out. Loosening my hand from Sharon’s skirt, I whipped my arm around behind me. Teri’s skirt was much shorter than Sharon’s and she was wearing thigh-high hose and a canlı bahis siteleri thong. I slid my hand into Teri’s thong. My eager fingers found Teri’s hot pussy. Both women are so tall, I had no problem accessing their love holes. I inserted first one-finger then two passed Teri’s slippery cunt lips. When she let out a long, low moan Sharon knew where my hand was and tightened her grip on my cock in response. Teri thrust her pussy into my hand, and I could tell by her movements she was undoing her blouse with her free hand. The idea of seeing Teri’s huge tits just about made me cum right there. Sharon’s hand on my dick started stroking me from base to tip. Barb was out on her feet at this point. Her arms dropped from the girls’ backs and she just laid her head against my shoulder.

The song ended and the mood shifted from playful to sinful. I withdrew my hand from Teri’s steaming pussy and reached around to feel for Sharon’s hotbox.

“I think Barb’s tired of dancing,” said Sharon. “Yeah, I suppose I should…” I started, when Sharon interrupted me. “Teri, see if you can help her to bed.”

“Sure, no problem. Come on honey, let’s go to bed,” said Teri, taking Barb by her shoulders and struggling to keep her upright.

Barb’s glazed eyes opened slightly then closed, when she saw Teri was helping her. I got a glimpse of Teri’s opened blouse as she slowly led my wife off to our bedroom. Sharon held her grip on my cock, as she watched the two women make their exit. She turned her eyes back to mine, sneaky-winked at me again and restarted pumping. I brought my hands up to her face, down her long neck and shoulders, and unbuttoned her blouse.

“You know Donny, I’m not the kind of person that would screw over her sister? We got drunk, and, well…maybe this isn’t such a good ide…”

I stopped her from reconsidering with a sudden kiss. I continued disrobing her. Her lips parted and I inserted my tongue deep in her mouth. I wouldn’t let her utter another word and she responded by sucking in my tongue and stroking my revived cock even faster. I dropped her blouse over her tanned shoulders and tore into her skirt. She was down to her bra, panties and thigh-highs when our kiss ended.

“I really don’t want to suck your tongue, Donny.”

She looked down at my pulsating hard on and back up to my eyes. She dropped to her knees and began licking and teasing my cock with her tongue. This was unbelievable. After all these years of fantasizing about Sharon’s blowjobs, I was about to finally get one! Slowly, but deliberately she sucked my manhood deeper and deeper into her mouth, until she had engulfed it all. It felt like my dick was on fire when she tightened her throat muscles around the head.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32