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The next morning Reece woke up stiff, rolling his tongue around in his mouth. His mouth tasted funny.

Oh yeah, its pussy. He thought with a smile.

But not Gia’s pussy!

Panic erupted in him, his heart pounding in his chest. He looked in the bed; Tasha was sleeping soundly beside him.


It wasn’t a dream. He actually had done it. He cheated on his wife.

Gaping anguish threatened to swallow him whole now as his stomach lurched. He felt sick.

He looked around the room trying to get his bearings.

This wasn’t his room. Where was he?

That’s right. He and Tasha had fucked for hours, finally making it to the company dinner last night some 45 minutes late. Each coming in a different door.

Then they had stayed out drinking with everyone, sneaking away when the party was breaking up; making out in a bathroom first then finally making it up to Tasha’s room. (Hers being on the 4th floor and Reece’s being on the 5th.) They fucked each other senseless until they passed out.

Reece angrily raked his hand through his hair, grabbing a handful and yanking it hard, before a loud bitter groan.

Playtime was over. He looked at his cell for the time; it was 9:44 am. He hadn’t slept in that long.

He checked to see if Gia had at least called him.

No calls from her but a few dozen calls and texts from Salvo.

Reece was just about to open a text when Tasha rose up beside him, wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his shoulder.

“Good morning, sexy.”

“Hey.” Reece replied somberly with a weak smile.

She began kissing him on the cheek and neck, but he pulled away and slid from the bed.

She gazed at his beautiful body; his cock was stiff and bobbing. She smiled reaching for it.

He stepped back out of her range.

“What?’ she asked frowning.

“I have to go.”


“You know why.” he said indignantly. “I love Gia, my wife.”

“That didn’t matter last night.” She said smugly, her eyebrow cocked.

Her words jabbed at his heart. He felt sick again.

“You had to know this was just a onetime thing.” he replied blankly, beginning to pace.

“We can make it a weekend thing.”

Reece hesitated.

Tasha smiled, she still had him.

“NO! No. I gotta get home.”

“C’mon.” Tasha said moving to her knees on the bed, the sheets falling away from her toned beautiful body.

Reece stared at her as if it was the first time. She was so fucking hot.

“She’s not here. She’ll have you for the rest of your life. Besides, you can’t tell me you didn’t like what we did. Hmm?”

She stepped from the bed and walked to him, moving her arms up around his neck.

“You know, I loved it.” Her full lips curled to a sexy smile as she talked.

He took her hands in his and kissed them.

He was wrestling again. His thoughts churning. He had already turned that corner, so what was a little further.

“I know,” Tasha chirped. “Let’s just take an early morning dip in the ocean, just you and me. We’ll walk down the beach where it’s secluded and then just play around in the water. Then I’ll be hands off from there on out. I promise. You can even go bring Gia back up.”

“I don’t know.”

“Please,” she pouted. ?I want you to see my new bikini.”

Reluctantly, Reece agreed.

A half hour later, they hadn’t made it halfway down the beach before they found one of the many dozen huge plush canopied daybeds that were dotted all over the resort.

And now Tasha’s turquoise bikini top was untied, her amazing breasts exposed and wobbling. Her bikini bottoms, that were basically nonexistent on her luscious round ass, were down around her knees, as she lay bent over on the daybed.

Reece was on his knees at the side of the daybed, behind her, lapping at her swollen honey dripping pussy lips.

His long tongue licked the length of her slick cunt all the way up the dark puckered button of her ass.

If I’m going to hell in a hand basket, I may as well ride all the rides. Reece said to himself, standing quickly and coating his cock in her nectar that was mixed with his cum, which was still oozing from her pussy.

Tasha looked back startled as she felt Reece’s mushroom head at the entrance of her ass.

“Baby, tell me what you’re gonna do.” She moaned, her voice slightly muffled by the bedding.

“I’m gonna fuck you in the ass, girl.” He growled, stroking her round ass roughly.

“Do it, baby. Fuck that ass! Let me feel that fat cock in my tight ass!”

Reece, reeling with unbridled lust at how raw and wild this girl was, steadied himself and grabbed Tasha’s large round ass cheeks, squeezing them hard, his fingers digging deep into her supple brown flesh. He began squeezing, kneading and pulling her ass cheeks apart in random directions, watching the sensitive flesh of her anal ring move and stretch.

Then he pulled one of her arms back and placed her hand on her ass, and she brought the other back to hold her ass open for him.

His cock still glistening with their combined fluids, he pressed the head of his pulsing rod against her ass again and slowly began his assault.

In unison, they groaned in lewd delight as he entered her.

Tasha began panting immediately. As thick as he was in her pussy, now she felt like she would faint as shards of raw erotic delight pulsated through her.

Reece watched himself disappearing deeper and deeper into her, her ring around his cock was so tight it was almost uncomfortable. Be he kept going, sinking deeper and deeper. Letting himself go to the maddening pleasure of fucking this insanely hot girl.

Soon he was rooted deep inside her; he paused as they both tried to catch their breath.Once deep inside her, Tasha released her ass and began furiously rubbing her clit.

Then without warning, he began to stroke himself in and out her. Slow and steady, slow and steady. In and out, loving the hot gooey depths of her bowels on his cock.

Over and over languidly, he stroked in and out of her.

And again and again, she came hard and fast, like hitting a brick wall. While Reece kept stroking in and out, slowly picking up his pace.

Until he curled over her, breathing hot and heavy in her ear as she rubbed her clit and she felt his cock throbbing.

They kissed each her as best they could in the odd angle. Until Reece stood, his hands digging into her hips.

“FUCK TASHA BABY, YOUR FUCKING HOT ASS IS SO GOOD!” He shouted not really caring who heard him at this point and slamming into her as his cock erupted spewing coils of white hot cum into Tasha’s bowels.

She arched her back feeling the heated fluid filling her, sending another orgasm shooting through her whole body.

Reece slowly pulled himself from her as cum slid in clumps down her chocolate thigh.

Some ten minutes later Tasha and Reece came strolling up the beach; both having decided that Reece would stay the rest of the day and head home the next day. Then they’d leave this little tryst behind.

They were holding hands when they suddenly released each other seeing Salvo running frantically down the beach towards them.

“I wonder what he wants.” Reece said just remembering all the calls and text he had received.

“I’ll let you handle it. I’m going to change.” Tasha said stepping in front of Reece and grabbing his cock before she started jogging to the hotel.

“Hi, Salvo,” she said as they passed each other. “Hmm, bye Salvo.”

“Hey what’s up?” Reece said smiling as Salvo reached him.

Salvo returned the greeting by punching Reece in the stomach.

“What the fuck was that for?” Reece chocked out doubled over.

“Do you know how to use a damn cell phone?!”


“I’ve been calling you for 6 hours!”


“Did you fuck Tasha?”

Reece stood up with devious smirk spread across his face.

“You, idiot!” Salvo grumbled and punched him again.


“Gia’s here.” Salvo snarled through gritted teeth.

“What?” Reece gulped, the color instantly draining from his face. His knees started to buckle, as he felt light headed.

Gia. Oh, shit.

“She got in late last night. I saw her wandering through the lobby after she checked in looking for you.”

“Did she see you?”

“Not until this morning when I was looking for you and calling you like crazy.”

“What did you say?”

“I told her we were out drinking last night and got wasted and that’s why you weren’t in your room. And that you left my room early to get some fresh air.”

Panicked desperation filled Reece, as he looked around for a way to escape.

“She’s been walking the grounds looking for you, while I’ve been calling you, you fucking stupid shit! How could you sleep with her? You had it made man.” Salvo continued to grumble.

Reece couldn’t gather himself in the whirlpool of his thoughts. He couldn’t focus, he couldn’t breathe! His heart was pounding frantically in his chest so hard he could feel it, hear it, as a cold sweat broke out on him.

“Oh hooray here she comes,” Salvo said out of the side of his mouth. “Hey Gia, I found him.”

His mouth tasted funny. No, it was pussy. And it wasn’t his wife’s. Reece turned his back to the approaching girl. Swirling his tongue around gathering up as much saliva as he could, then spitting it out. He did it another time before wiping his mouth desperately.

Then he got a whiff of his hands, they smelled like ass and sex.


He began wiping his hands off on his shorts.

“Hey look Reece, it’s your wife. Hey Gia I found him.” Salvo said nervously.

Reece turned around and planted a smile on his face.

His panicking stopped for a moment as he looked at Gia. He gasped, his cock lurching to life all over again.

She had her dark hair pulled back and off her beautiful heart shaped face, large rimmed sunglasses atop her head.

She was wearing makeup, more than she normally did. Not too much, just enough to accentuate her large sparkling hazel eyes. She had glossy pale mauve lipstick on her full lips, and large dangly earrings in the shape of stars.

She was wearing a red flower print string bikini top that barely covered her large breasts, that were bobbing nicely as she walked. She also had on a short flowered red sarong that showcased her lean, toned thighs. She was radiate and incredibly sexy.

“You illegal bahis should have seen her last night,” Salvo whispered seeing Reece’s stunned reaction. “I guarantee you, you would not have been with Tasha. Just ask Jordan. He was chatting her up all night.”

Reece looked to the side of Gia, seeing Jordan talking to her as they both approached. He hadn’t even noticed him walking with her until just now.

“There you are.” Jordan said with a cocky smirk as they stopped a few feet in front of the panicked man.

Reece didn’t answer, just staring at his beautiful sensuous wife, who seemed to be scowling at him.

“Hey, baby.” Reece croaked stepping towards her before he stopped himself.

“So you were out with Salvo all night?” She said , cocking her eyebrow.

He hesitated a moment thinking whether or not to tell her the truth. Seeing Salvo then Jordan.


“Yeah, we just started talking and drinking next thing I know, I’m waking up on the floor in his room.”

Gia stared at him, when suddenly her body relaxed and her face brightened with a smile.

“As long as you had a good time, Barlow?”

“What? Yeah I did. You know me and Salvo always have a good time.”

“Yeah, I know.” she said brightly.

“You look great baby. I’m happy to see you.”

“I’m hungry,” she said without responding to his statement, and turned heading back to the hotel.

“What do you want for lunch?” Reece said coming up beside her, but not close enough to be smelled.

“What do you suggest?” she said to Jordan.

“There’s a place up here that has great burgers and stuff.”


Reece looked back at Salvo wide eyed and confused. Salvo just shook his head and shrugged.

“Ah, while you guys get a table I’m gonna go upstairs and change.I’m all sweaty. I was running on the beach.”

“You were running?” Gia asked.

“Yeah, a little bit. Trying to clear my head.”

Reece was running now, up the stairs. His adrenaline was pumping so fast he couldn’t wait for the elevator, and he ran up to the fifth floor in and into his room in no time.

He ran into the room and directly to the bathroom, falling to his knees at the toilet. He opened the lid and threw up. Thinking about all lewd crazy things he had done over the last several hours, he threw up again until only dry heaves remained.

He brushed his teeth without looking at himself in the mirror. Then he ran back out into the room.

He looked around. It had already been cleaned by the maid, but worse, Gia had been in there since last evening. He wracked his brain trying to remember if he had gotten Tasha to take all her things with her before they parted company prior dinner.

He went over a mental checklist and was pretty sure he had.

He pulled off his clothes hastily and bundled them together and threw them in the trash. They reeked of sex. Then he jumped in the shower turning on the water as hot as he could take it, scrubbing himself from head to toe, rinsing. The doing it all over, then once more.

As he stepped from the shower catching glimpse of himself in the mirror, he quickly turned away, running from bathroom.


He was taking long deep breaths as he rode the elevator down, trying to calm himself, gathering his thoughts, making a plan of action if there was one. He could see himself in the reflection of the stainless steel walls of the elevator and he stared at the floor.

He barreled out of the elevator bumping into someone waiting there.

“Hey.” Tasha said grabbing his hand.

“My wife here.” Reece said urgently pulling his hand away.

“What?” She said looking around frantically.

“No, outside. She’s waiting for me.”

“Wh- when did she get here?”

“Last night, that’s what Salvo was calling me about.”


Reece glanced at her apologetically once more before he headed outside.

“There he is.” Salvo said, hating being in the middle of a growing disaster.

“You must have been really dirty.” Jordan said, his deep gravelly voice almost mocking. “I hope you don’t mind, we already ordered.”

“No, I don’t mind.” Reece said sitting down next to Gia. He looked at the back of her chair where Jordan had his hand draped across it.

“Oh, sorry.” Jordan said moving his arm.

Reece glowered at him as he leaned in to kiss Gia.

“Here’s a menu, Barlow.” She said lifting it up to block his kiss.

“Oh, thanks.” He said gloomily, taking it, a lump forming in his throat. “Are you mad because I went out drinking last night?”

“Not at all.” She said smiling, but not looking at him.

“Cause we can do something tonight, anything you want. You look won-”

“Hi all.”

Reece almost came out of his skin seeing Tasha approach and sit down at the table next to him.

His eyes widened in panic as he looked back at Salvo.

“You know what? My stomach is not doing well from all that drinking. I’m gonna go lay down.” Salvo said, throwing his napkin in the table and quickly leaving.

I don’t blame him.Reece thought to himself.

Tasha sat back in her chair, lifting her sunglasses and looking at Gia. She was not all all happy with the changes the girl had made to her appearance. But that was neither here not their. Tasha wasn’t finished with Reece yet and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let his wife get in the way.

“Hey Gia, I see you made it.” Tasha said happily.

“Yeah I did, not it time though.”

“What?” Reece gasped looking at her, his pulse beginning to race.

“I mean to catch you before you and Salvo went drinking last night.”

“Oh, right.” He said smiling sheepishly.

“What is everyone having?” Tasha asked.

“Oh, Barlow hasn’t ordered yet.”

“I’m having a Big. Fat. Round. Juicy stake.” Jordan said slowly looking up at Tasha then cutting his eyes at Reece with a smirk.

Does he know? No. Salvo wouldn’t tell.

Reece’s mind began to race, thinking of where he and Tasha had been. Who could have seen them? As the night wore on they became more careless that’s why they headed to her room.

Reece was numb, his thoughts swirling. His life was unraveling right before his eyes.

“I love that bikini.” Tasha said referring to the red print bikini Gia was wearing.

“Yeah, red is Barlow’s favorite color. I thought he might like it.”

“I do, baby. I love it. I love you.”

Tasha squirmed in her seat hearing Reece fawn over his wife and under the table she grabbed his knee.

Reece froze and sat up, taking a drink of water, while glaring at her and moving closer to Gia.

He felt himself starting to sweat even though there was a nice cool breeze wafting through the veranda they were on.

Reece couldn’t stop his racing thoughts, regret circling at the forefront. Tasha was turning into more than a handful.

“She’s talking to you, Barlow.”


“Tasha asked when our anniversary is. Oh, see, now I’m embarrassed.” Gia said with a slight smile. “Its next month, on the 6th.”

Reece’s stomach lurched. He thought he would throw up again. He had never screwed up this bad in his life.



“Where’s your wedding ring?” Tasha asked.

Reece looked over at his wife’s hand.

“Oh, shit.” Gia said looking around and wringing her finger. “I must have lost it.”

“Were you swimming this morning?”

“Right, I must have lost it in the pool.”

Reece’s throat tightened as his hear sank.

She loved that ring. She loved it. Now she was acting as if it was nothing that it was lost. Maybe it was a sign. His life was over.

“I’ll get you another one, G.” He reassured her as put his hand on the back of her chair.

“Don’t worry about it, Barlow. It’ll show up.” She said with a warm smile.

On the outside, Gia was smiling but on the inside, she wanted to stab him in the throat with a fork.

And that bitch. She said smiling brightly at Tasha.

I oughta bust her face in.

Gia was small and quiet but she had a wicked evil temper when pushed. And it was being put to the test.


She took a bite of her food to try to mask her rage.

Gia had seen the whole thing, walking the grounds looking for her husband; she had seen the whole fucking thing.

She had seen him fuck her, lick her pussy then fuck her in the ass.

I know this must be hard. Jordan had said. He had found her, as she stood paralyzed by what she was seeing.

But I’m here for you… however, you want me.

Lizel’s words were ringing in her mind.

Don’t get mad get even.

She looked over at Jordan as he ate now. She would definitely take him up on that.

After having seen the two, she didn’t allow herself to cry. And it was all she could do not to go on a rampage in the hotel room, but she told herself if Reece told her the truth or at least attempted to then all would be forgiven. If he didn’t, then Jordan would be getting lucky that night.

But Reece failed miserably. And now Gia would pretend everything was all right, be in Jordan’s bed before the night was over.

Inside, Jordan was laughing his ass off. Things couldn’t have worked out better if he had planned it all. Gia Barlow was already his. He smirked as he stroked her leg under the table.

She looked over at him, smiling nervously. He could tell was still anxious about the whole thing. Cheating that is, but with Reece having lied so poorly and Tasha actually showing up like nothing happened, Gia was pissed enough to do anything.

Reece couldn’t eat, he was just watching Gia. He did love her, very much. Even after all he had done that hadn’t changed at all. Fuck, it had never been about anything other than sex, which was incredible, wild and shallow. It was no where near the amazing depths he had with Gia when they had been having sex.

He’d have to distance himself from Tasha, but she wasn’t making that easy. Sure, she was still as hot as ever, but so was his wife and he loved her.

He’d have to tell Gia sometime too. He’d have to tell her sooner rather than later.

Gia could forgive most anything and she could put up with a lot but when she reached her boiling point, she had a horrible, horrible temper.

Reece shuddered. The longer he waited the worse it would be.

But what if she leaves me?

NO! No, he wouldn’t allow that. He couldn’t take that; he could illegal bahis siteleri take her screaming, ranting, breaking things, even slapping him. But not leaving him.

He had told Tasha repeatedly that he loved his wife, and he meant it every single time.

He felt sick again.

Suddenly, he felt something on his leg. He looked over at Tasha; her foot was gliding up his calf and in-between his legs.

He stood up quickly.

“Let go snorkeling.”

“What?” Gia said mid-bite looking up at him.

“When I told you were we coming here, that’s what you said you wanted to do.”

“I thought you weren’t supposed to go swimming after you eat.” Tasha said.

He cut his eyes at her, then continued.

“Well we can go for a hike. You like hiking, baby. Then we can go snorkeling.”

“I want to go to the spa, and get a backrub or mud bath.” Gia said with a long sigh, stretching her arms over her head, both men stared at her breasts as she did.

Tasha scowled.

“Ah, they have couples things here, we can do that.” Reece said.

“The spa sounds nice,” Tasha chimed in.

“It does.” Jordan added. Unseen his left hand under the table squeezed Gia’s knee.

Reece’s jaw tightened. Everything was falling apart, and Tasha was not helping.

Reece lost the battle as they all went hiking, then snorkeling.

The women had gone through the mud baths and were heading to massage tables.

As they undressed for their massages, Tasha made it a point to stretch and turn so that Gia could get good a look at her exquisite body, not knowing the she already had.

Gia, being about 4 inches shorter than Tasha had just as lovely a body only in a smaller package.

Tasha noted the girl’s creamy caramel colored skin, her berry brown nipples standing erect on her large swollen breasts. Gia’s little pussy was clean shaven. For a moment, she looked like a teenaged girl staring up at her.

“What?” Gia asked.

“Nothing. You’re very beautiful.” She said trying to hide her bitter tone.

“Thank you.” She said lying down on the massage table.

I still don’t see what he sees in you. Both women said to themselves.

The women continued inspecting each other, under the guise of pleasant small talk. Trying to see what Reece saw in the other.

“May I ask you something?” Gia said to Tasha in the middle of the rub down.


“Do you use birth control?”

“Ah,” Tasha sat up looking around the room.

The two masseuses continued working as if they heard nothing.

“Yes, I do. I have one of those control devices that you can leave in for a few years to prevent pregnancies. Why do you ask?”

“Just wondering. Jordan had mentioned you ‘date’ a lot. And I was just wondering how you ‘handled’ things” she said with a sweet smile.

“I wouldnt say I ‘date a lot.”

“Well he said you ‘dated’ him and several other people at your office, and even in the building.”

“Oh, did he.” Tasha replied indignantly.

“Its no big deal I was just asking.”

Tasha was huffing, thinking on whether or not she should continue this conversation as Gia settled back down on her massage table. She decided not to.

The tense atmosphere lingered, but it didn’t seem to bother Gia.

After pampering, they were dressing in their robes, getting up, ready to head up to their rooms and change for dinner.

“He won’t leave me, you know.” Gia said pulling on her robe.


“You heard me. Reece won’t leave me. I don’t know what you’re planning or think you’ll accomplish. But he won’t leave me.”

“Ah, Gia I don’t know what you think is going on but-“

“That’s pathetic.”

“What?” Tasha snarled.

“To lie like that, it’s pathetic. You want my husband. You’ve made that crystal clear. But he doesn’t want you.” Gia said calmly, leaving the massage room, and leaving Tasha to brood.

Jordan had already gone sometime ago. Reece was hoping for good, as he waited for Gia.

Reece was nervous about the two women being stuck in a small room together, and was relieved to see Gia come out unscathed and looking refreshed.

“Did you have a good time?” He asked walking to her.

“Yep, I feel like I could do anything.” Gia said stretching and walking past him to the elevator.

Reece looked back seeing Tasha. He waved apologetically, but she ran to him took him by the hand and pulled him into a small nearby alcove.

“What are you doing?!”He snarled in a hushed anxious voice.

“I think she suspects something?”

“What? Why? What did she say?”

“She pretty much told me to stay away from you.”

“Well, considering everything, I think its best.”

“What? You promised me tonight.”

“That was before Gia showed up. Listen Tasha, I never lied about loving her. I never hid that from you. She’s here now and I want to spend my time with her.” Reece pulled away from Tasha almost violently and headed to the elevator, leaving her brooding again.

Gia hadn’t waited and was already in the shower when he got to the room. He undressed and headed to the bathroom to join her, but the door was locked. They had always showered together, prior to two months ago. She had seemed happier today, she was talking to him more he had hoped that the rest had gone back to normal to.

He sat beaten, on the bed, trying not to think. But what Tasha had mentioned kept playing in his head.

I have to tell her, soon.

Soon enough the water stopped and she emerged from the bathroom in a towel.

He just stared at her. She was so beautiful, as hot as Tasha was, she didn’t compare to his beautiful wife.

Then why had he fucked everything to hell.

He tried to stop Gia as she was rummaging through her things for something to wear, grabbing her hands and leaning into kiss her.

“Get your hands off me, Barlow.” She said pulling away roughly.

“What did I do?” The minute he said it he was sorry he did, he knew what he had done. He was just hoping she didn’t.

She didn’t answer him though.

“Besides,” he continued trying to stay off topic. ” I told you I don’t like when you call me Barlow. It’s embarrassing to do that in front of people, especially Jordan.”

“Don’t forget Tasha.” she replied mockingly.

Reece tensed.

“Anyway, it drives me crazy when you do that?”

“Who cares?” Gia said pulling on a pair of tiny panties under her towel.

“I care. Fuck, Gia cut it out.”

“You cut it out. You’re over reacting, Barlow,” Gia said trying to calm herself, as she pulled out the beautiful form fitting red dress she was going to wear and slipped it over her head, letting her towel hit the floor at the same time. Reece hadn’t seen her naked in two months and she wasn’t going to start now.

The dress was off the shoulder and showcased her firm large supple breasts.

“I’m not overreacting, Gia!” Reece said angrily grabbing his wife by her arm and turning her to face him. For the first time since she got there, he was touching her. And as angry (more so at himself) as he was it felt good; to look at her, touch her. He loved her so much.

He had to tell her, but how?

“Get your hands off me, Barlow.” She shouted pulling away and beginning to put on her make up.

“Damn it, Gia. I fucking swear if you say it once more I’ll fucking take you over my knee and spank your ass until its red and sore.”

Gia paused for a moment, her body flooding with unexpected, unwanted arousal. She looked over at him, his green eyes flashing. She could easily see why Tasha wanted him, that same reason she wanted him. The same reasons she had loved him.

He was gorgeous and now so alpha male. She felt her pussy swelling and warming with her honey.

But she couldn’t let him off that easy. She’d only hate herself later if she did.

“It’s your name isn’t it?” She snapped back at him, mussing her hair.

“It’s your name too, Gianella Barlow,” he spewed, articulating each syllable in her name. “And you’re my wife. Don’t forget that.”

“I haven’t!” She shouted, turning and glowering at him.

He took a step back, his muscles tense.

Tell her now. He thought. But the words didn’t come.

“Anyway, you should shower, Reece.” She over articulated his name for him. “I left you some hot water.”

She checked herself in the mirror and put on some strappy high heels.

“Where are you going?”

“Downstairs, to get a drink.”

“Can’t you wait 10minutes for me to get dressed?”

“I’d rather not,” she said striding through the living room. Then he heard the door open and click shut.

When Reece got downstairs, straightening the open collar on his white button down shirt and brushing off his black slacks that complemented his lean physique, Gia was talking to Jordan and Tasha.

Fuck. He thought. They were like parasites.

He couldn’t get away from the two.

Jordan was dressed like a club going douche. The black jeans, the black tight t-shirt with huge ornate designs on the front and back.

Tasha was wearing an extremely short and tight, satiny, dark violet strapless dress with a bustier top that pushed her huge breasts all the way to her neck. It was much too much for a so called relaxing dinner, which she wasn’t even invited to.

The dinner conversation was shallow and boring, but Gia smiled and seemed happy.

Reece wanted it all to end so he could be alone with his wife; hell, he wanted the whole weekend to end at this point.

Gia insisted on drinks for everyone afterward, and they headed to one of the many lounge bars on the resort.

Now, Reece was downing tequila shots like water as he watched his wife dancing very sensuously with random men and getting more heated by the minute.

Then there was Jordan. He had kept a safe distance but he couldn’t keep his eyes off Gia. And it was eating Reece up.

Reece downed another shot, and sat up in his chair as Jordan approached the table. Gia was still dancing.

“I’m out.” Jordan said taking a tequila shot. “Gonna take a leak then I’ll see you all sometime, tomorrow.”

“I hope not.” Reece snarled under his breath.

“Gotta a hot date?” Tasha asked sitting down beside Reece, who was glowering at Jordan.

“Yeah.” He said glancing at Reece. “You two enjoy your evening.” He continued before turning and heading to the men’s room.

Reece was fed up. That asshole had been cock blocking him canlı bahis siteleri with his wife all evening.

“Where are you going?” Tasha called after Reece as he headed towards the restrooms.

Just then Gia came to the table.

“Great music isn’t it?” Tasha asked.

Gia just picked up her purse, looked at her phone. Then turned and left.

“Bye.” Tasha said sitting back.

Jordan was washing his hands and looking at himself in the mirror smiling when the door swung open.

“Hey Reece.” Jordan said casually.

Reece took several angry steps toward Jordan and punched him in the jaw. The surprised man slammed against the wall in pain.




“You’ve been watching her all night; now stay the fuck away from her!”

Jordan started laughing as he felt the warm blood fill his mouth.

Hphm.He doesn’t know anything.

“What’s so fucking funny?” Reece asked.

“You’ve got balls I’ll say that. You’re worried about me talking to your wife when, Tasha’s been practically sitting in your lap all night. She can’t keep her damn hands off you. How do you think that makes Gia feel.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Sure you don’t.” Jordan said standing and brushing himself off.

“I mean it Jordan, stay away from her or we’re gonna have some real problems.” Reece growled.

“Whatever, asshole. You and Tasha have a good night.” Jordan replied smugly pushing past Reece and out the door.

“Where’s Gia?” Reece asked seeing her purse gone and looking around not seeing her dancing, as he came back from the restroom still fuming.

“I don’t know. She came and got her purse, then left.”


Gia was walking side by side with Jordan, down the side walk of the resort heading down away from the main hotel to another club.

Gia’s heart was pounding. She could hardly catch her breath, but she had to do this. She’d make Reece sorry and make herself feel better in the process.

As they entered the club, they were swallowed up by the swirling crowd, and thumping loud music.

“Do you want something to drink?” Jordan said in Gia’s ear as they inched forward.

“No!” Gia replied loudly over the music. She wanted to be cleared headed for the whole thing. She just wanted to let herself go and let herself go to desire, just as Reece had.

Gia moved back on to the dance floor. Dancing always loosened her up. Just feeling the music course through her, relaxed her and turned her on.

She had seen Reece watching her when they were at the previous club and she made sure her dance moves were deliberate and sensual. She wanted him to see how much all the other men on the dance floor wanted her.

She pulled Jordan to her, her back to him and began moving. Closing her eyes letting the music take her as his arm snaked around her waist.

Jordan wasted no time, as he began nuzzling Gia’s neck and grinding his hips into her, he had been waiting for this for far to long. He cupped his hands under her breasts and she stiffened for a moment.

“Are you okay?” he whispered in her ear.

“I’m fine.” She said taking a deep breath.

Jordan bent down behind her, pulling up the bottom of Gia’s dress and gliding his hand up her lean thighs to the apex of her legs, that was already warm and moist.

Gia moaned in his ear as his hand gently slid over her mound.

She grabbed his hand to stop him.

“Not here.”

“Nobody here cares.” He said looking around.

He was right, they were in the middle of the dance floor and the other bodies around them writhing and dancing were paying she and Jordan no mind.

Gia relaxed back into Jordan and his fingers drew slow circles on her mound. She sighed deeply as she arched her back. A lustful moaned escaped her lips as she felt her lascivious desire mounting.

Jordan continued with one hand to titillate her pussy and with the other grope and squeeze her breast.

She moved languidly to the slow pulse of the music while his hands slowly explored and teased her.

She felt his stiff manhood on her back straining against his designer jeans, as she put her hand behind her back and grabbed it, stroking it through the stiff denim.

Jordan moaned hot and heavy in her ear, his tongue flicking at her lobe when she did. Sending jolts of rippling pleasure through her whole body.

Jordan was finding it hard to contain his lust. The excitement of moment was almost too much to bear.

He curled his finger into the leg of her panties pulling them over the mound of her pussy.

The cool air hitting her bare skin made Gia take a sharp breath as Jordan let his long fingers trail across her puffy moist flesh.

Gia bite her lip in erotic delight as he spread her nether lips with his fingers and let them slide and circle across her slit.

He was practically holding her up now, her legs giving way to pleasure, as his fingers stroked her juicy hot pussy.

Gia turned her head to Jordan’s ear that was right at her shoulder and said something to him.

“Say it again,” he said grinning. ”Louder.”

“Will you lick my pussy?”

Jordan shuddered, she sounded so sweet and sincere when she asked. His cock jerked in his pants.

“Now tell me.” His gravelly voice sent shivers of pleasure through her, as he trailed kissed across her cheek and down her neck.

“Lick my pussy.” She hissed.

He watched her mouth with baited breath.

“Again, and say my name.”

“Lick my pussy, Jordan.”

Jordan took Gia by the hand and led her to a deserted corner of the club. He pushed her back against the wall, gently taking her face in his hands, gazing at her for several moments before he captured her lips, kissing her deeply and feverishly.

Gia was surprised by the eager affection she felt from Jordan, but she let herself succumb to the kiss as his hot skilled tongue probed her mouth.

He lingered at her lips several minutes, pressing his body into hers, feeling her melt into him.

Soon his kisses trailed from her lips to her chin, and neck.

He smiled as she moaned, stroking his head, while he traveled down her body.

He knelt in front of her, as he slid his hands up her legs, under her dress to her waist. He hooked her panties and pulled them down and had her step out of them.

Jordan balled up the wet fabric and put it in his pocket before lifting up her dress, He couldn’t get a good look at her with the dark lighting of the club, but that didn’t matter.

He could smell her arousal. She smelled light yet musky. He rubbed his face across her mound just taking in the smell of her. He could even feel the heat coming off of her.

He leaned in, flicking his tongue over her. He could hear her moaning even over the loud club music.

He buried his head between her legs, his tongue splitting the puffy folds of her engorged skin.

Gia looked out at the busy night club under heavy lids, as raw voluptuous desire built in her.

Jordan licked hungrily at Gia’s pussy slurping down her free flowing nectar. He put his left arm under her right leg and lifted her leg up so it was on his shoulder, while his other hand traveled up her body to her heaving breasts kneading and groping them.

He let his tongue wiggle around across her slit feeling her swollen hot clit. Her body jerked and shuddered as he hit the sensitive bundle of nerves again and again.

He took the small nub and sucked on it roughly. Gia’s eyes snapped open at the aching raw pleasure of what Jordan was doing to her

She grabbed at his hair but it was cut too short to get a hold of anything. Jagged jolts of pleasure crashed into her and she ground her pussy into his mouth roughly hoping to prolong the intense orgasm that was running through her.

She didn’t stop rolling her hips for several moments, as a blissful orgasmic haze took her and at the same time cleared her mind. Made her feel beautiful and loved again.

Jordan kissed her sensitive skin as her orgasm ebbed.

The he stood looking down at the panting satisfied woman lifting up his dark t-shirt and unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his cock.

Gia squinted. It was near to impossible to see anything where they were, but she reached out in front of her and felt the wand of meat. It was hot to the touch, and sticky with precum. It was long too, as long as her husbands but not as wide.

Gia let out a surprised yelp as Jordan easily lifted her, her thighs hanging over his forearms and positioned himself to enter her. Her could feel her tensing up, as she wiggled to get free, but pressed her against the wall and stabbed the thick head of his cock into her entrance.

She stiffened again, digging her nails into his shoulder.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No.” she said shaking her head. She had to do this, it felt too good to stop now anyway.

He lowered his arms and let her sink down onto his hot shaft. He moaned in her ear in satisfaction as he immediately started pumping into her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck looking over his shoulder into the dancing crowd as Jordan fucked her, a fast steady pace, rubbing and exciting the tight velvety flesh inside her pussy.

She was so tight and wet, Jordan had to concentrate as not lose it too soon. His hips rolling sensuously as he seemed to reach deeper and deeper inside Gia.

She held on tight to Jordan trying to block out the turmoil of thoughts swirling in her head, but she couldn’t get the sight of Reece and Tasha out of her mind.

Gia kissed Jordan deep, hard, urgently as she wiggled and undulated her hips to meet his thrust digging her nails into his shoulders as an angry powerful orgasm shook her from the pit of her stomach radiating through her in sumptuous shattering waves of guilty pleasure.

Gia cried out in raw excited bliss, though it was drowned out by the music and Jordan kept feverishly pumping.

“Oh… ohhh… fuckkk… I’m cumming..” he grunted in her ear.

Her head cleared enough to say. “Not inside me.”

He looked down at her as he continued to piston.

“Not inside me Jordan, please.”

She began to wiggle and squirm wildly in his arms until he put her down. She sunk down in front of him, just in time to feel his cock burst with cum.

She swallowed all he had to give, stroking and sucking his dick for several moments until his orgasm waned.

“Let’s go to your room.” She said standing and licking her lips. She took him by the hand after he had zipped back up his pants. Jordan smiled happily following her out.


To be continued.

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