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Quantum Subtleties And Mind-Fucks

(Based on actual events.)

December 13th, 2018, in a low income San Diego neighborhood.

Rudy’s phone rang at shortly past eight in the morning. The robust, Hispanic man stirred out of bed, not wanting to leave its warmth on such a chilly morning. He hoped it wasn’t work, as he wasn’t in any good mood to go there. All he really wanted to do was work out, as he usually did, and head out for a run later when the temperature was higher. It was getting that much tougher to take those runs during winter, as his back tended to stiffen up, thanks to the strain he’d put on it years before, while he worked at the Do It Yourself Warehouse. He’d hurt himself loading heavy building materials onto customer vehicles.

“My car won’t start.” An elderly voice said, right after he’d greeted the caller. “Can you take a look at it?”

“Yeah, sure.” Rudy agreed. “I’ll be out in a couple of minutes.”

His neighbor from across the street was his landlord. She was an elderly lady; the type that if you did one or two favors for, she would want a dozen other things done as well. Rudy slept in a tee shirt and shorts; they kept him warm enough under the thick Mexican blanket he covered his body with. Since Rudy didn’t expect the chore to take too long, he discarded the shorts and donned dark blue sweatpants and a brown fleece sweater. His hair was a mess, so he pulled on a blue and brown Padres cap and grabbed his keys before he was out the door.

The car turned was a late model Honda Odyssey minivan. Rudy didn’t like newer cars and their new-fangled computers systems, as they were difficult for an amateur handyman like him to work on. In this case, he suspected either the battery or the starter were the culprits. He couldn’t get at the battery because an air intake was installed right on top of it. Plastic fasteners and metal bolts would have to be loosened up, before the intake could be moved out of the way, just so he could get at the battery terminals.

“We might need a tow truck.” Rudy suggested. “If it is the starter.”

His neighbor looked entirely lost, so he took care of that for her. It was near nine when the tow truck showed up. Using a portable charger, the driver got the van up and running in about ten minutes, after he’d loosened up that troublesome air intake with the right tools. Rudy’s diagnosis had been on the money; the battery had gone bad.

“I need to take the car to the dealer for a new one.” His neighbor told him. “Can you come with me? I hate going to places like that alone.”

“Sure.” Rudy nodded back.

“We’ll get to your car in just a few minutes.” The service writer said cheerily.

Rudy doubted that was the case. He looked at the lane for cars waiting to be serviced and saw three cars ahead of the minivan. The mechanics hadn’t picked them up because they were busy working on other cars that had come in earlier. Rudy figured the simple battery change would take at least an hour, and it would definitely cut into his workout time. He hated being anal about having his workouts at set times, but if he didn’t have set times, he’d get lazy and end up not working out at all.

Rudy followed the elderly woman into the waiting lobby, where nearly every one of the ten or so seats was full. He saw an older Anglo man, an Asian woman in her forties and a second Asian woman in her twenties. The women looked related to his eyes; they had similar glasses and clothing, and even short winter boots, but they were sitting too far apart. He also saw several Hispanic men waiting around, ranging from their twenties to their thirties.

“They have free coffee here.” The old woman pointed at the nearby dispenser.

“I’m not in the mood for coffee.”

“They have hot chocolate.”

“No, thanks.”

“What about tea?”

His neighbor was one of those chatty types, he knew. The longer he sat near her, the more she would badger him with the sorts of things elderly people liked to talk about. For this reason, Rudy excused him and said he was going for a walk.

Because it was near the end of the year, Rudy figured the 2019 models would be on display, but they weren’t. He walked through the many aisles of new vehicles, loving the Accords, liking the Civics, and hating the bursa escort wart-sized Fits. That’s what it was called, a Honda Fit, and he sure would be having a fit if he purchased one of those. The Accords were priced between 17 and 25,000, too far out of his price range, while the Civics were a little too sporty for Rudy, designed, he assumed, more for a person in their twenties. He checked the showroom for brochures on the 2019 models. The salesman said they would soon arrive. Rudy wondered if the dealership was simply going to take the 2018 markers of their existing stock, and replace them with 2019 labels.

After about half an hour, Rudy made his way back to the service department. His neighbor’s minivan was still there, he frowned, but at least it was at the front of the line now. As he returned to the waiting lobby, he figured he still had a good half hour to 45 minute wait ahead of him.

While he’d been gone, a good turnover had taken place among the people waiting. He only recognized one man from the earlier bunch. As he returned to his earlier seat, he saw a few new faces, including a mother and daughter sitting right across from him. With a long wait still remaining, he looked around until he saw a car brochure sitting across the way. Without really thinking about it, Rudy got up and walked over to the small table. The brochure was lying next to where the mother and daughter sat, both of whom were busy texting on their phones.

“Is this yours?” Rudy pointed at the brochure.

The younger woman looked at him, before she looked at the brochure and shook her head. Rudy picked it up and made his way back into his chair.

The brochure, unfortunately, was for the Hissy Fit, or Honda Fit, or whatever. Rudy took a few minutes to browse through it, before he gave up and closed it, leaving the brochure on his lap.

Across from him at maybe eight feet sat the mother and daughter. Since both women were fully engrossed in their phones, Rudy figured he could check them out without getting caught. Both women were Hispanic.

The mother was in her late thirties, with a pretty, round face and dark brown hair. She had her eyes so close to her phone that Rudy wondered if she needed reading glasses. Because this woman never turned away from her little screen, Rudy catalogued what she was wearing. The mom had on a black denim jacket and dark green jeans. She had one leg crossed over the other, and from the way she leaned on an armrest, Rudy could see she had thick thighs and a meaty rump.

Because Rudy was a studious man, he studied this woman for a couple of minutes, wondering what his life would be like if he had a girlfriend like her. It had been a good while since Rudy had a female companion. Sometimes he missed that, but after meeting a few nervous or troublesome women, sometimes he thought it better to stay single. The mom never looked up or sensed she was being scrutinized. Even if she had, Rudy would not have flinched at getting caught. He would have met her eyes with his, making contact with her for a split second, trying to gather a little more about who she was in that brief glimpse of time, before he finally turned away.

The mother and daughter had a short conversation. Apparently, the younger woman was going out somewhere with friends. The mother disapproved of it, while the daughter argued that she’d talked about it earlier. The debate was short, but Rudy had witnessed and heard most of it. It intrigued him to listen to private conversations like that, since he spent so much time alone with only his thoughts. In his flights of fancy, Rudy imagined he was the Quantum Observer, set apart from humanity in some strange way, studying their habits and wondering of their motivations from behind a glass wall.

The daughter shifted in her chair. Her eyes moved around more than her mother’s, as the older woman hardly ever looked anywhere else but her phone. The daughter was also stuck on the phone, but she would cast glances to the side and at least kept a brief awareness of her surroundings. At some point, Rudy realized, the daughter had caught him looking at her mom, with his placid, observational and pondering gaze. The Observer had unwittingly changed that which was being Observed.

The daughter had changed positions. bursa escort bayan She was slouching now, with the back of her head lower on her chair, and part of her back on the seat. Her long legs were sticking out. She had her phone up close to her eyes, where she could see Rudy simply by raising them, and not having to move her body at all. Her head and frame were facing him directly. Apparently, Rudy figured, this young woman was studying him now, the same way he had been studying her mother.

An interesting synchronicity, Rudy decided. For several years now, he had been looking for a woman close to his age. The Universe wasn’t having any of that, however. It continually put him before young women as a way to tease him. Young women came to him, in their twenties usually, sometimes in their late teens, as Rudy aged into his mid-forties. Young women seemed to gravitate to him, while he gravitated to them, as if an invisible polarity conspired to bring them together. Rudy didn’t like that; he hated it. While he could be friendly with such young women, he was not willing to have one as his intimate companion. The age gap was simply too wide.

At the same time, Rudy understood the invisible bond. Certain older men attracted young women, and certain younger women attracted older men. He had gotten into this frequency somehow, and he was seemingly stuck in it. He thought of one of his favorite writers, Philip K. Dick, who was in his late forties when he hooked up with an 18 year-old girl. At first it was over Dick’s drug addiction, but later he ended up marrying the girl. That’s not the sort of relationship an introvert like Rudy wanted.

He could, however, tease back. The daughter was still mostly absorbed with her phone, but every so often, her eyes would peer over the top edge to see what Rudy was up to. Rudy shifted in his seat. His chest and legs were pointed at her, while he kept his head turned to the side, his eyes away from hers. His body was facing her, while her body was facing him, and they were both pretending nothing was going on between them.

Rudy’s gaze roamed throughout the waiting lobby, whenever someone stepped in, or when announcements were made that cars were ready. Every time, Rudy’s eyes scanned away, and on their way back they settled for a second on the young woman who spied on him. She wore a tan ball cap, compared to Rudy’s that was blue with brown edging. She had on a light brown shirt, while Rudy had a brown fleece sweater. The daughter had on blue jeans with a tinge of aqua, slightly off from Rudy’s dark blue sweatpants. They wore the same colors, basically. Another synchronicity.

He guessed the daughter was between nineteen and twenty-one years old. The young woman had an athletic figure, with strong arms and legs hidden under her clothes, in contrast with the few extra pounds her mother carried. She was taller than her mother by a couple of inches, at 5’6″ or 5’7″, as tall as Rudy. While her mother was soft and pretty, the daughter had darker skin and handsome features. She reminded Rudy of the Hispanic actress Maria Conchita Alonso. At times, Rudy wondered if the girl was watching him through an app on her phone, as the phone was pointed directly at him.

Rudy considered the way he sat, with his knees a few inches apart. Maybe this young woman had a zoom feature on her phone, or maybe he was paranoid. He saw how her legs were spread out wider than his, by maybe a foot and a half. If he dared to, he could look between her legs, since her body posture caused her lower half and legs to stick out at him. He did dare, and he kept his eyes on her crotch for a second, and then another, before he finally turned away.

The daughter’s right leg started bouncing up and down. In her peripheral sight, she was keeping her eyes on Rudy’s head. When Rudy turned aside, she would glance at him. When he turned back, she would settle her eyes on her phone. Clearly, she was becoming nervous and excited. Rudy looked at her face, before lowering his eyes between her legs again, staring intently at her jeans. He visualized her nude, wondering what her pussy looked like. He knew, and she knew, what they were both doing.

Her leg bounced up and down faster. Her hand went between her legs, not to cover the crotch escort bursa of her jeans, but as a way to let Rudy know that she’d caught him looking. She put her music player on her thigh, and let it slip between her legs, halting it exactly where her pussy waited. The white plastic of the music player shone against the blue-aqua of her jeans. The daughter scooted even further down in her chair, with the back of her head low, and her full back and part of her butt on the seat. She was in a ridiculous position now, with part of her butt and her legs away from the seat, while her mother kept fiddling with her phone and the other customers sat there oblivious. To Rudy’s growing arousal, she spread her legs wider. Nobody else in that waiting room knew, or showed that they knew, what was happening between the two.

The human imagination took over both of them. In his mind, Rudy stood up and crossed that short divide to where she sat. He pulled his sweats and briefs down, revealing a cock that was fat with want. She stared at it, watching Rudy descend to his knees before her. The young woman’s legs were fluttering back and forth, slightly so as not to give away her intentions to the others. In her mind, and in his, she was drawing him closer. Her jeans vanished, leaving her lower half nude.

Since she was already in a good position, Rudy simply scooted forward. His hard cock stretched out, eager to touch her, eager to prod into her. He placed it at her opening, and he pushed, and he entered her. No noise was made by either of them, because it would shatter the illusion and alert the rest. It would be a quiet fuck between them, with Rudy pushing into her fully, pacing himself, while she kept her composure intact and took what he was giving.

Rudy could visualize her nude legs and middle, as he fucked this girl who was way too young for him. He could not imagine the rest of her naked, as the rest of her clothing was an added allure to what he was doing. He could see her clothed from the waist up, and nude from the waist down. He also wondered how she saw him, in her mind’s eye, as he rocked his body gently against hers.

While her mother sat only inches away, Rudy fucked that willing daughter, putting his cock into her over and over. And the daughter, not only willing but encouraging him to do it, in that hot, sensual place where fantasies play out. Based on how fast her legs were bouncing up and down, it was clear they were thinking on the same level.

Her pussy jutted out, away from her chair, with its, Rudy imagined, trim bush and long legs leading away from her abdomen. Their bodies were pressed together, with her thighs touching his sides. His cock slid back and forth inside of her, wet from her juices, bringing them so close it was impossible for them to be any closer.

The furtive glances continued. The vibrating legs here hammering away at the carpet like a stampede. Nobody knew, nobody suspected, except for she and Rudy. They didn’t need to kiss, or to touch in any other way, save for the motions of Rudy’s hard cock as it pressured her. They didn’t need to make any noise either, because that would happen in their minds. Was she a screamer, Rudy wondered, as he panted and pushed, as he came closer to releasing his fervor? He didn’t know what she was thinking, but on his end, he imagined her gripping the seat’s armrests, her face contorting and her mouth clamped shut as her orgasm arrived. She gasped and squirmed, while Rudy gave her the final, deep strokes that excited him past the point of no return. Rudy’s cock burst, swelling with pride as it gushed away, into her, vibrating her insides. He kept pushing, kept making her writhe and moan.

His eyes stared across that short expanse, at her face and at her pussy hiding behind her jeans. Her eyes peeked over the top edge of her phone, watching him, wanting him.

Once it was over, they disassociated from each other. With her mother still absorbed in something that was surely trivial, the daughter stood up and walked over to the coffee machine. She kept her back to Rudy, as if she couldn’t bear to look at him anymore. She stood there, not really getting coffee or hot chocolate or tea. Rudy observed her figure, as athletic as he’d suspected, now that he saw her on her feet for the first time. She did have a tight butt and strong legs.

With the sexual tension between them broken, Rudy stood up, deciding to walk over to the showroom, where he hoped to find brochures for the Accord and Civic models.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32