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Upon graduation from college, Larry Wilson began his job in lower management for a plastics company and received several promotions over the next few years. Sandy, his wife, enrolled in a small liberal arts school and finished her degree two years later, fulfilling the promise that she had made to her parents when she got married.

She barely made it though. She had been unsure that she would even be able to complete her final exams and she didn’t know until that day if she would be able to attend graduation. She walked up to receive her diploma three days before she gave birth to their twin daughters. Less than a year after the girls’ birth, she had a son.

After six years with the company, Larry realized that although he had received numerous promotions, his chances at an upper management job were limited because it was a family controlled and run business. A small plastics manufacturing business was for sale in northern Indiana and he had about one hundred thousand dollars that had been left to him when is parents died a few years back. He and Sandy had decided that they would take the gamble and purchase the company.

The previous owner who was retiring had handled everything from sales to production management to shipping so Larry knew that he would have to completely reorganize the company. The total reorganization had taken considerable work on Larry’s part and he was spending twelve to sixteen hours per day at work. Sandy felt that she could lighten his load if she worked at the plant; but they both felt that it was more important for her to be home with the children at least until they all started school. This wore on Sandy. Although she was kept busy raising the children — the girls were now three and Jack was two — she was a horny woman. Larry was seldom home and when he was, he was too tired for sex.

Sandy was relegated to using her fingers now more than she had during her first year and a half of college. One afternoon while the kids were napping, her next-door neighbor, Ann Bush, was over for a cup of coffee. Sandy was complaining about Larry being at work so much and how she missed spending time with him. Ann said, “What you’re really saying is, you’re horny as hell and you want him here so that you can fuck more; isn’t it?”

Sandy was slow to reply, “Bluntly put, but yeah.”

“You think that you’re the only broad to go through this. It’s the curse of being married to a man that is ambitious. You wouldn’t want him any other way; but you want to feel that hard cock in you a little more often. What time does he go to work in the morning?”

“About six-thirty. Why?”

“Timing is important. Does he have inside windows or a window on the door of his office?”

“No. Why?”

Ann smiled as she said, “Well, you’ve got to have a plan. If he goes to work at six-thirty, he should be getting hungry at about eleven o’clock and he should still have some energy left at that time of day. I’ll come over at about ten tomorrow morning and help you get ready and then I’ll watch your kids while you take him lunch and screw his brains out. Just don’t let him know what you’re planning to do, because he will feel guilty thinking about having fun when there is so much work to do and then find an excuse to cancel out on you. Now, about how much longer will your kids stay asleep today?”

Sandy was somewhat puzzled as she asked, “It’s two o’clock. Probably another hour or so, why?”

Ann grabbed Sandy’s hand and said, “We need most of that time to take the edge off of you. Let’s get you in the bedroom and get your clothes off.” Ann led Sandy toward the bedroom, with Ann starting to get her clothes off on the way. As the bedroom door was closing, Ann began to kiss Sandy and unbuttoned her blouse. Sandy’s bra was swiftly unhooked and Ann kissed her large breasts. Sandy was fumbling with the snap on the front of her shorts when Ann pushed her hands away and, with one swift motion, removed the younger woman’s shorts and panties at the same time. When both ladies were naked they climbed on the bed and locked in a warm embrace. As Ann fondled one of Sandy’s still firm breasts, she said, “Honey, bursa escort you have such beautiful breasts and, after three kids, they’re still firm and so little sag.”

Sandy replied, “Thank you, but I just hope that in another ten years mine are still as firm and upright as yours.” Sandy then resumed sucking and chewing on Ann’s 34C’s. The two continued their ministrations to each other’s boobs while each had one hand working feverishly on the other’s pussy. After about fifteen minutes of this, Ann dropped down to begin eating Sandy’s bush while positioning her dripping slit over Sandy’s waiting lips. The two women went at each other’s pussies wantonly for about ten minutes until they both started convulsing and they finally rolled over on their backs until they could catch their breath.

The next morning, the doorbell at the Wilson’s home rang a few minutes until ten. Hastily, Sandy admitted Ann. Ann asked, “What did you fix him to eat?”

“A couple of sandwiches, some chips and fruit.”

“The sandwiches are cold aren’t they? You don’t want hot food, because then he will want to eat it while it is still hot. Then he won’t feel like fucking on a full stomach. That would destroy the whole purpose of the trip.”

“The sandwiches are cold, but my pussy is hot.”

“Well keep it that way until his dick has exploded in you. Let’s go get you dressed right.” They walked toward the bedroom to prepare Sandy for her trip. Upon entering the bedroom, Ann saw the clothes that Sandy had laid out. She saw a pair of bikini panties, a short skirt and a tank top. Sandy’s imagination wasn’t very vivid. “You weren’t planning on wearing these were you?” asked Ann.

“That’s the same type outfit that I wore the first time we had sex. I thought that if it worked that time, it would work again.”

“Baby, it might work on him. Although you want him to know that you’re there to fuck; you don’t want everybody in the place to know that you’re there to fuck. He’s not a college kid any more. He’s the owner of a company who needs to maintain some semblance of dignity in front of his employees. Let’s see what else you’ve got.” Ann started looking through Sandy’s closet and her dresser drawers. She said, “I notice that you didn’t set out a bra. That’s a good idea. But the rest of it we have to change. Get undressed. We’ll have you ready pretty quickly. I can’t find the right panties for you, but that doesn’t surprise me.”

She was quickly interrupted by Sandy, “But those are my sexiest underwear.”

“That’s what I thought,” said Ann as she reached into per purse, she noticed that Sandy was now naked, and added, “I brought these for you to wear — they should fit.”

Sandy exclaimed, “There’s no crotch in these.”

“Exactly, you won’t even have to get totally naked. Remember, this is a quickie at work, not an all day seduction. Slip those on.” Ann returned to the closet and located with a short, black skirt and said, “Here, put this on. Notice that it is short enough that he can get access to your pussy and loose enough that you can just pull it up to your waist when you’re getting fucked; but it’s dressy enough that you will look professional when you walk through the office. Now to find a blouse. A hah, this one will work.” She handed Sandy a dark silk blouse that buttoned up the front all the way to the collar. Ann said, “Try this on.” With that she came over and started helping Sandy button the blouse. When she neared the top, she kept buttoning and unbuttoning the top buttons. Then she added, “When you go in there, wear it like this; as soon as you are in Larry’s office unbutton, at least one more button. Dressed like this you won’t raise any eyebrows from the casual observer, but when you loosen a button or two he will know what you’re after.”

The two of them gathered everything that Sandy needed and headed toward the door. It was now ten forty-five. As Sandy was ready to drive away, Ann said, “I hope that you don’t mind, but I’m going to put the kids to bed for their naps a little early. Not only do I want to hear all about this, but I want to suck his cum out of your twat when you come back.”

Sandy bursa escort bayan grinned and said, “Ann, you’re fucking evil.”

“I know. And I love it,” replied Ann.

As Sandy pulled into the parking lot, she got a feeling of pride as she saw the new sign being erected on the lawn in front of the building. The words “Wilson Plastic Products, Inc.” on the new sign made her heart beat faster and the nerve that she had felt dwindling during the last few minutes was quickly restored. She parked in a visitor’s spot in the lot and walked up to the front door of the building. Opening the door, she spotted Molly at the front desk. Molly was the receptionist/secretary and was a leftover from the previous ownership. As Sandy approached her, she thought, “Larry has got to get a younger, better looking secretary”. Approaching the desk, Sandy asked, “Is Larry in his office?”

Molly responded, “Yes, Mrs. Wilson, is he expecting you?”

“No. I’ll just go in anyway.”

“Of course, Mrs. Wilson.” With that Molly was scrambling to let Larry know that Sandy was on the way in to his office.

Sandy opened the door to his office and as she was closing (and locking) it, she heard him say, “Yes Molly, I can see that Mrs. Wilson is here; she’s standing right in front of me.” Hanging up the phone, he looked at Sandy and said, “What brings you down here?”

Sandy began walking around his desk and said, “I’ve been worried about the hours that you’ve been keeping lately and I think that you’re skipping meals. So I brought you lunch.” She set the bag in the middle of the desk.

“You mean that you drove all of the way down here, just to bring me lunch.”

“Well, I came to make sure that you’re getting your nourishment and…” grabbing his crotch, she added, “I came to check on this.” Sandy glanced down at herself and saw that one boob had nearly worked its way out of the opening in her blouse.

“Sweetie, I know that I have been putting in some pretty long hours and I have been neglecting you lately, but is this really the time and place for this?”

“It’s always the time and as for place. You know what they say — If Mohammed won’t come to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed.” Unbuttoning another two buttons on her blouse, she stuck her tits in Larry’s face and said, “You may be saying no, but you’re dick is saying, ‘yes, please yes.'” With that she deftly pulled down the zipper of his pants, reached in and freed his cock from the restraints of his shorts.

By this time, Larry was sucking and chewing on one of Sandy’s tits and had a hand on her pussy and Sandy was unbuckling his belt and sliding his pants and shorts down to his knees. Larry said, “I like these panties, I can get complete access to that fantastic pussy without having to take them off. When did you start wearing these?”

“That’s the purpose of them. I borrowed them from Ann, next door.” Sandy then sat on his hard erect cock, so that she was getting fucked from behind while they were both sitting down. Sandy began panting hard and said, “Oh, I needed this so bad. I haven’t had any cock in so so sooo long. Fuck it, fuck it. Oh god.” They finished quickly and when Sandy slid off, she looked back at Larry’s cock and said, “Oh, we can’t have you putting that back inside those expensive suit pants.” She dropped to her knees and licked it clean. She then stuffed it back in his pants and said, “Now, don’t you feel better.”

“Much better,” he said “I almost forgot how great your pussy was; it’s been so long.”

“Well, whose fault is it beside yours that you haven’t been getting any lately. I’ll tell you what, I’ll bring you lunch a couple of days a week, if, and only if, you’ll promise to come home early more often so that a couple of nights a week you can have supper with the kids and me. Then after you have spent some time with the kids, we can have a good, long, screaming orgasm fuck at home. What do you say?”

“I say that I’ll definitely do my best to be home more often. Honey, you’re the greatest wife that a guy could have. Some women as horny as you might have just gone out and found someone in a bar to fuck.”

“Don’t escort bursa think I didn’t give it a lot of thought. You owe Ann from next door a lot and not just the panties. She’s the one who gave me the idea and she’s watching the kids. I think I am going to have to pay her for baby-sitting today.”

“What, do you need money to pay her?”

“No. I’ll pay her by letting her suck your cum out of my pussy.

“That’s my girl. I didn’t think it would take you too long to find someone to play around with during the day. I haven’t been so lucky. Unfortunately, Molly is the best looking woman working at this place.”

“Oh sick. We’ve got to find you a new secretary.”

“Well, she doesn’t know it yet, but replacing her is on the agenda for next month. This place has some distance to go to get our heads above water, but I think that in another month to six weeks, I should have the right people in place to cut my hours down a lot.”

“Yeah, then you’ll probably only work twelve hours a day.”

“Probably for quite some time, but that’s an improvement. You know that I want to spend more time with you and the kids.”

“I know. Sometimes I get so wrapped up with myself that I forget that we have our whole lives tied up in this place. I know that this is our future and the kids’ future. I had better let you get back to work. The sooner you get back to work, the sooner you can get around to replacing Molly. Sandy checked herself to see if she again had that “professional” look that Ann talked about. When she was satisfied that her clothes were looking the same as when she walked in and that fresh fucked glow was gone from her face, she headed out the door.

Sandy was so relaxed that the drive home took her almost fifteen minutes. As she pulled into her driveway, she saw that Ann was standing in the door waiting for her. Sandy told her how great everything had gone and then headed toward the bedroom to change clothes. As she was shedding her clothes, she looked over at Ann and said, “Before I left, I told Larry that I was going to have to pay the baby-sitter when I got home and he asked me how much money I needed. I told him that I didn’t intend to pay with money.” Sandy looked over again and saw that Ann was now naked. Sandy then said, “Come over her and lay down on the bed.” Sandy then crawled on top of her and put her mouth in Ann’s pussy and set her pussy in front of Ann’s face.

The two of them then ate each other furiously. Ann climaxed first; she hadn’t cum yet today as Sandy had. However Sandy wasn’t too far behind. As Ann started to put her clothes back on and Sandy started to dress in the clothes that she had had on in the morning, Ann asked, “You didn’t tell him how you planned to pay the baby-sitter, did you?”

“Sure did.”

“He didn’t get upset about it.”

“No, I always tell him if I’m fucking around and he always tells me if he’s fucking around. Of course, he hasn’t had time for it since we moved here. About the only woman that he has contact with besides me is his secretary. If you ever saw her, you would understand why he never comes home predisposed to sex. I have to get him started on my own”

“He sounds too good to be true. No wonder you care so much about him. He sounds so good; maybe I could fuck him sometime.”

“Probably, when he starts taking care of my needs often enough — maybe we could both fuck him at the same time.

A short time later, Ann went home and Sandy and the kids were left alone again for another night. Two days later, Larry was home at six o’clock for supper. After supper, Larry played with the kids until it was time for Sandy to put them to bed. Sandy hadn’t seen the kids so happy in the months that they had been in Green Park. She told Larry that when she returned from putting the kids to bed. It was then that he informed her that he had ordered a couch for his office and that it would be delivered in about a week. They went to bed a short time later and had a long passionate session of lovemaking. Larry was true to his word and made it home in time for supper at least twice a week; so Sandy kept her part of the bargain and brought him lunch twice a week. A few months later, he was finally able to reduce his hours to about fifty-five per week. He was there in time for supper most nights and was home all day on Sunday and generally from noon on Saturdays.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32