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Sara had just graduated her country high school and was now earnestly looking for a job. Her parents had arranged for her to move closer to job opportunities and board with an older couple- acquaintances of theirs. She got settled in there and worked really hard over the next 2 weeks putting her name down at stores, factories and offices, she was bright and intelligent and very pretty, but had no experience of life and so she got used to listening to the word sorry from prospective employers. In her third week of job hunting ,she trudged home to find a huge truck in the driveway, her carrier’s son was passing through, and she was introduced to him.

Sara knew a little of his background- that he was married and had just bought a rundown house he was doing up and his wife was pregnant with their 1st child. Joe sympathized with her inability to find a job, and he offered her a trip to a bigger city coming up in a couple of days as he had a lot of deliveries to make there and he suggested she put her name down and hand in her C.V. at all the warehouses stores and factories he had to stop at. She accepted and at dawn the arranged day, his huge truck rolled up the driveway. After exchanging greetings and then good-byes with his parents, she went out and struggled to climb way up into the cab of the truck. She was wearing a skirt with a split down the back and had to hold it right up to get up the steps.

Her face was flaming when she settled herself into her seat. Joe contemplated her for a minute but he said nothing and they started the journey. He was polite to her and as they rolled up to the 1st factory he gave her some background and told her what he thought would be the right things to say. She enjoyed listening to him talk and looking at him and he jumped down from the truck got the huge package and jogged inside with it. Sara tried to leap down off the truck too but jarred her ankle badly and

cursing under her breath she limped inside and tried to make an impression on the staff. She limped back to the truck where Joe was sitting waiting patiently and he saw her limping and jumped down, his face full of concern. She explained her injury and moved to hop back up into the truck. It was nearly impossible with Joe standing behind her because of her long skirt and sore ankle, and then she felt Joe’s hands on her waist. He turned her to face him and smoothed his hands down from her waist to her firm butt and then he pulled the split in her skirt apart and eased her skirt up until her rear was fully exposed. He tucked her bunched skirt into her waist and then turned her around to pick her up onto the first step of the truck. He then picked her up so she could stand on the 2nd step and cupped his hand onto her rear to help her in.

As she reached the seat he must have looked up and seen her bare ass as he drew in a loud breath and then his hand moved and he slid his finger under her g-string fleetingly bursa escort and then removed his hands so she could sit. Joe got into the truck and they drove in tense silence a short way to the next stop, which was an isolated depot . As Sara went to get down, Joe sternly told her to wait- he would help her down. She stood on the step and Joe pulled her down and slid her body down the length of his. He was tall and she felt every muscle and tendon until her feet reached the tarseal.

She was feeling hot, bewildered and turned on, her panties were becoming wet, and she had no experience to base this on. Sara looked up into Joes eyes and saw fire there. She swallowed hard but Joe had turned and was occupied with his delivery. Sara walked inside and found her ankle wasn’t so bad . She filled out an application and went back to the truck. Joe wasn’t there so she got onto the 1st step by pulling up her skirt, and using her arms to help her up and then she felt those familiar strong hands stroke up her legs to cup her rear . He slipped one finger from each hand inside her panties as he pushed her upwards and she knew he would be able to feel her wetness. She heard him scoop air into his lungs and as she sat down on the seat he pulled himself up into the cab. He softly said, “Sara let me have a look at your ankle .we need to see how bad it is.” He reached down and pulled her skirt up so he could pull her leg up onto the seat.

Sara had to turn and face him with her legs now parted, and Joe gently probed her ankle, searching her face for a reaction. She murmured, “It’s not bad now, it will be fine soon.”

He moved her leg and she had to turn more which spread her legs wider and Joe’s eyes narrowed as he saw her soaked panties. His fingers left her ankle and stroked up her tanned legs straight to the wetness and he hooked a finger under the elastic so he could slide his other fingers in to explore her hot slit. She was fidgeting now and when he bought his fingers out covered in her juices and put them in his mouth to lick off every last drop she moaned. He moved fast then. He hauled her closer to him and in a husky voice he said, “Sara, God I need to have you. I want to lose myself in your tight hot body. Let me make love to you.”

He saw the passion in her face and turned to start the truck. He drove a few minutes to a place beside the coast that was quiet and secluded and Sara could see his bulge as they drove. He demanded she take off her panties while they were driving and when he parked the truck he pulled her legs onto the seat to start an exploration of her wet young slit with his tongue. She was in heaven- and exploded fast. He slid his finger in to feel her tremor around it then eased it out to suck it clean. She moaned at the emptiness of her body and with a ragged breath Joe got out of the truck and told her to hop down. He helped her once again, and he held her to his erection for a moment bursa escort bayan before setting her down. She was told to hold still as Joe concentrated on taking the pins out of her long curly hair and she started slowly undressing. She eased off his shorts and boxers and gasped at the size of him. He was huge and she started feeling nervous about taking him into her virginal body. He kissed her then and she fired up instantly, the attraction between them enormous.

He coaxed her innocent body into life with his experience, giving her pleasure with every stroke of his tongue and hands over her body. He kissed his way down to her pert little nipples and sucked hard on each one and he eased his long fingers back into her body as she sighed with pleasure. He was breathing hard and fast and he began to cover her with his body. Her wetness helped him to force his huge cock into her hot slit and while he soothed her and talked softly to her he relentlessly fed his penis in until he got to her hymen. Sara was squirming from the intrusion into her body and hissed in air when she felt him push through her barrier. He pulled out then and used his tongue to pull her back into passion. Joe then slid his cock slowly back into her until his balls felt her small amount of hair at her slit, and began a rhythm that had them both over the edge in seconds. He came so powerfully inside her that he forgot to breathe and when they came down from the clouds he gasped in air.

“Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ,” he said. He kissed her with leashed passion and again said, “Jesus Christ, Sara.” She giggled and replied to him, “Good, was it?”

He kissed her, exploring her face and neck and then looked intently at her, “For the rest of my life, Sara, you will be the fantasy I have when I jack off, I will see your face when I have sex with my wife, you, my Angel are a piece of pure heaven.”

She laughed delightedly and threw her arms around his neck and wrapped her smooth brown legs around his back and whispered, “Fuck me again, Joe.”

“Jesus Christ,” he muttered as he entered her swiftly and caused their quick climax. “You are truly a sweet, sweet angel,” he said, nuzzling her breasts. Sara reached down and began softly stroking him into rock hard life. She could feel her own pussy tingling as she felt the power of turning this man on. He pulled her onto her knees and adjusted her dripping slit until he was satisfied and then knelt behind her and teasingly inched his cock into her. He felt her hot hole cling with every tiny movement to him and he realized he was the one being teased, as he powered in and out of her, trying desperately to stop blowing his load as she came again and again with orgasmic hysteria.

When she reached between her legs to cup his balls he stiffened and lost control. Joe was still hard and began to stoke her fire again but as he slid his finger into her pussy she winced and said, “That’s escort bursa really sensitive Joseph my love.” He kissed her and whispered to her how perfect she was, and how he was bewitched by her. He was slowly and gently sliding his finger into her hot and dripping snatch and using the slick juices to trace a path up to her anus. He had so much lubrication from her that he was soon able to press his thumb against the entrance of her tight brown button.

Sara was starting to squirm again but Joe still had her on her knees and he began to stroke her back and buttocks as he continued to lubricate her ass. She was starting to get edgy but she couldn’t bring herself to ask him if he was going to fuck her in the ass. Her innocent mind had never had to deal with that and she was unable to comprehend it. Joe put his thumb into her back passage slowly to make it slick, and when Sara felt that ,she started to crawl away from his unrelenting assault on her butt.

Joe quickly grabbed a fist full of her long hair and said to her, “I’ll be as gentle as I can. I want all of you Sara.” Sara started pleading as he continued to moisten her hole. He poked his thumb all the way in and asked Sara if it felt okay, but his cock was huge and would tear her apart she said. She couldn’t see his face when he said in a dazed voice, “I’ll try and be gentle.” But she began whimpering in fear when she felt him press his giant member at her back door. “Stop that!” he hissed at her as she bucked and lurched in front of him and he grabbed her hair tighter, forcing her head up, and as she felt him pop through the muscular resistance in her ass and felt the searing pain as he slid it into her and she let out a piercing scream.

He pushed it all the way in and she grunted and moaned every millimeter of it’s journey until his balls slapped on her slit and held it there.

He massaged her back and around her anus for long minutes and she quieted gradually. He felt her ass muscles accept his size as they loosened and he shuddered in ecstasy. Then he reached over Sara and between her legs to stroke her clit and fill her love tunnel with his fingers He spent more minutes turning her on until finally she was still, and panting with pre orgasm delight. Joe stroked his cock into her ass in rhythm with his fingers in her snatch and Sara shuddered. Joe felt it as her two holes grabbed the alien things inside her in orgasm and he squirted come so fast that it gushed out of Sara’s backside while he was still filling it. He wouldn’t let her move his cock out of her when their breathing had slowed. He insisted she wait, and he moved them both so he had her impaled on his lap with her back to him. He caressed her ripe young tits and sucked on her neck and kissed her softly on her back.

Then he talked to her in a softly seductive voice, “Sara, with my cock embedded in your virgin little ass, I want you to get used to my pleasure. I am now obsessed with you. You will haunt my waking and sleeping moments and it will probably be years before I can get you out of my system. You are a pure piece of heaven. I will be taking you often and pleasuring you often, this day has been magic.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32