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This story is based on facts but however by not being there I had to embellish the details.

My wife and I had experimented with every sexual position; we watched movies had plenty of toys and even had phone sex with each other. We slowly introduced new things into our sex life. With the birth of our kids, my wife’s sex drive dropped into the void of everyday life. With the erupt end of our fun, exciting sex life our last sexual conquest was fantasizing about adding other people into our intimate life. We first started with me talking to her about how her past boyfriend Joe would fuck her while I would watch.

Our fantasy would start with her inviting him over for drinks and just hang. She would wear something super sexy hoping to seduce him (which wouldn’t take much because in there past relationship he was ALWAYS ready for her). Anyway, he would come over, we would start with beers and conversation, and she would start flirting. After a bit of flirting, she would give me the signal and I would go get some more wine or something and leave. While I’m gone, she would start with kissing. He would ask if it was allright and she would say yes then she would start giving him a little oral. We planned it so I would get back within 20 minutes. She would say to me that she wanted to fuck Joe and ask me if I was all right with that. The rest would be history. Unfortunately, that fantasy never otele gelen escort happened.

Our next fantasy was one of a different twist. We the advent of our sexual explorations, she wondered what it would be like to be with a woman. Of course I thought this was cool. So I started recruiting online. I came across a person who was interested. Her name was Tammy. She was married and was into swinging with her husband but he allowed her to be alone with women. They met for lunch and hit it off and soon where planning a “date”. She would go over to her house, when her hubby was gone, and have a dinner date.

I was beyond excited. It had been quite sometime since our sexual life was interesting and genuinely excited for her. They met for dinner at her house. My wife “Jenny” was extremely nervous. She had previously had a one-night tryst with a lesbian about 8 months earlier but they didn’t “have sex” which is another story.

Jenny found Tammy’s house and knocked at the door. Tammy was a professional and still had her work clothes on; an A-line black skirt with nylons and a blouse. She had short blond hair with blue eyes and soft looking lips. Tammy said “hi” and welcomed her in. Jenny was wearing jeans and a white blouse. Tammy was working on dinner and led Jenny to the kitchen. They started out with small talk and wine while Tammy was cooking pasta. rus escort bayan Jenny didn’t know if anything would happen but was getting warm with anticipation with the aid of some wine. Jenny focused on Tammy’s lips while she was talking wondering if she would get to kiss her soft lips. While they were real close while Tammy was cooking, they both looked into each other’s eyes and knew it was time. Jenny kissed Tammy and rush of adrenaline shot throughout her body tingling every part especially her pussy. Tammy reached out and touched Jennies arm as their kisses became more passionate and there tongues started to explore each other. They stopped and looked at each other and giggled with excitement in anticipation of what was to come. Dinner was ready and it was time to eat.

Dinner was good and conversation turned back to girl talk with the wine flowing. Jenny was sitting on the couch while Tammy was talking to her while laying on the floor. They started talking more about their attraction to women and how it was so different than being with a man. Both were getting hotter as the conversation became more sexual. Finally, Tammy straddled Jenny on the couch and started kissing her. Her tongue went deep into my wife’s mouth. Their breathing became heavy. Jenny reached up and started playing with Tammy’s breasts. Tammy let out a moan while gyrating her pussy into my wife’s sıhhiye escort bayan lap. Jenny reached under Tammy’s blouse and felt her nipples hard slowly rolling them with her fingers. Tammy started rubbing her pussy on my wife’s thigh. Jenny felt her thigh getting warmer from Tammy’s pussy. They both finally stopped and started getting undressed. Tammy went and got a blanket and put down on the living room floor.

Tammy laid down and Jenny started kissing her from the top down, Tammy moaning louder as she got closer to her pussy. Jenny opened up Tammy and lightly licked her pussy. Tammy moaned louder. “Please stick your finger in,” Tammy said out of breath. Jenny slowing put in her finger with a twisting motion. Tammy moaned louder and came within seconds. After her orgasm subsided she sat up and kissed my wife tasting her cum on her face. “It’s your turn,” she said and Jenny lay down and opened her legs for Tammy to bury her face in. Jenny was so wet and Tammy started licking her cunt in circles and sideways. My wife moaned in ecstasy having a woman lick her cunt for the first time. She felt her orgasm suddenly arrived and she grabbed Tammy’s head burying her head into her cunt. Jenny came in waves.

Jenny laid their and they pillow talked for awhile until it was time for Jenny to leave. Tammy went to the bathroom, got her robe and saw Jenny out the door opening her robe up for a embrace and goodbye kiss. Jenny liked the way her warm breasts rested on hers.

Jenny got home and I was waiting for her on the couch. I asked her if she had a good time and she said yes smiling as though she caught the canary. She sat next to me and gave me a kiss that had the scent of another women.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32