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Last day of classes. Finally! Solana couldn’t believe how relieved she was. She’d thought going back to grad school would be a breeze. She was a good student, loved writing, and had a thirst for knowledge. But her Master’s program in public health at City University was anything but engaging. In fact, it was the opposite: the professors were boring and disinterested, the courseload punishing, the paperwork and related bureaucratic bullshit a nightmare.

So after a rough and exhausting semester, Solana was glad to be in the pub raising pints and clinking glasses with a few of the other battle-worn students. In her mid-thirties, but with a petite frame and long hair keeping her looking more like a solid 27 (or so she liked to think), she felt comfortable in this small crowd of the older students, ranging from late 20’s to late 40s. Surprisingly, tuzla escort with them this evening were Sherm and Jim, two of the cooler guys in the program, which, otherwise, was made up of 90% women. Solana always felt more comfortable around guys than chicks, so she was glad for their company.

Still, it was late, and a Wednesday, and most of the others started dropping like flies once it hit 11:00 pm. But Solana wanted to keep going! It’d been too long since she’d been social, and the desire to get ridiculously drunk hit her like a rush of wind. She had hope that the two guys might help her keep the party up, even if they couldn’t convince any of the other girls to stay.

Solana knew Sherm was a drinker, too – hell, they’d practically get wasted before their Wednesday night class pretty much every week! Sherm was a great-looking, slim Filipino tuzla escort bayan guy with fashionable shoes and slicked back hair. With a winning, sociable charm and a wicked sense of humor, he was, like most of the guys in the program, surely gay. He was great fun, and almost always good for one more round.

She thought they could probably convince Jim to come along, too. He’d been consistently putting the drinks away since they’d walked into the bar, and seemed to really need some extra relief that night. A gruff, slightly burly, outspoken and droll guy with bright blue eyes, shaggy light brown hair, and a bright if infrequent smile hidden behind a trim, nicely kempt beard, Solana’d had the hots for Jim from day one. Sadly, any hope for action on that front was crushed shortly thereafter, when Jim asked her for travel advice about Mexico, where escort tuzla he was heading – with his “girl.”

“Dammit,” she’d thought, “I can never catch a fucking break.” Still, they’d all hung out a few times, and Solana was glad he’d come along tonight.

The three of them headed off for another bar not far away, and continued to put the drinks down, keeping up with one another, drink for drink. After Sherm She seemed tiny underneath him, and he loved watching her take it.

“I’m gonna come…” he warned her. She responded by reaching farther underneath to caress his balls. It did the trick. Squeezing her hips with all his might, he arched back, and let loose all he had with a husky growl. “Arrrgghh…!”

Solana responded in unison, then collapsed on the bed underneath him, a small wet spot growing on the sheet between her legs as he pulled out.

Jim toweled himself off, and began to look around for his clothes. “I can, uh, trust your discretion?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “And thank you,” she added, sighing, and shooed him on home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32