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Seema – A maid with a career ambition.

She was wiping the floor and was unaware of the glances of the just arrived person in the house. Aadesh, a B E student had come home during the summer vacations and she was not aware that he had arrived. In her usual manner, Seema was wiping the floor with a dirty cloth not bothering to replace the cloth every time it became dirty. Aadesh’s mother was very adamant that she follow some of those basic practices- after all the fragrance mattered and if this was not adhered to, it made a lot of difference to the overall look of the house.

” I will have to sack you if you continue doing like this- many times I have told you to change water, use a fresh cloth, only yesterday we bought 5 more mopping towels and you must take care and maintain them ‘neat and clean’, I expect you should do a neat job and Seema, please dress up properly, wear something which will not slip away every other time. My son is back home-sleeping in the other room and he is a young man. Please bear that in mind. ” blasted Aadesh’s mother.

” Theek hai memsaab (I will do Ma’am) ” blurted Seema and in her inner heart was wanting to have a glimpse of the so-called ‘young man’ and wasn’t aware that he was having an eyeful of her already from his room. Seema tied her saree more tightly, removed the hair band and redid her hair and recoiled the knot and replaced the band. Her breasts accentuated forward while she was attempting all that and in the process the pallu again became loose, leaving the cleavage open through the flimsy blouse. The blouse had 5 buttons and the top ‘two’ were broken, making it impossible for the vibrant ‘twin globes’ to stay ‘idle’ and ‘disciplined’.

Gangaram came out of the bathroom and stumbled upon Seema, ‘Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho, haan(What are you doing here ), go and clean some other room ” he shouted, to make sure everyone could hear him loudly.

‘Babuji memsaab nahin hain, mujhe jhaadkar, bahir baag se tanik mirch aur nimboo todne ke vaaste gayin hain (Sir madam is not there, she has gone out to get some vegetables from the kitchen garden}’, replied Seema tying her saree and pallu around her body, not allowing any more exposure. Gangaram had already seen what was possible while coming out of the bathroom and only after that he had shouted.

She continued mopping the floor and kept a watchful eye on her ‘master’ who was now in his bedroom getting ready to go the office. Aadesh’s wife came back from the garden and was busy in the kitchen and everyone knew this would take a long time. Seema went into the bathroom just vacated by Gangaram (Aadesh’s father) and started washing the mop cloth and re-filling the water in the washtub. Through the other door of the bathroom she could hear some stirrings- this door opened to the other bedroom in the house, which was vacant all these days. She just peeped in and saw a handsome youth sleeping with his face facing the bathroom and legs lying straight, it was a strange way to sleep, usually one would just lie down in that position and not sleep. Any way she quickly went back to her work and started mopping the ‘master’ bedroom where Gangaram was doing his ‘regular’ pooja.

Slowly Gangaram who was standing in his towel and a ‘banian’ (vest) felt the usual hands on his thighs and hot breath on his flaccid testicles. Now they were getting licked and after 5 minutes of quick salivating lick around and on the balls- the tongue moved on to the dick and started slurping fast and vigorously, the holy bell was being rung by Gangram who was busy doing pooja to the lord while his ‘instrument’ was getting a royal treatment below. The poor housewife had no clue as to what was going on and after sometime called out ‘ Hello, please have your breakfast and rush, don’t blame if you reach late today also, I do not know why you take so much time for dressing up’, she had made the breakfast ready and kept it on the dining table, just before then the chanting had stopped and Gangaram was busy kissing Seema all over her face and çiğli escort mouth, oblivious that he was tasting his own ‘sperm cum’ in her mouth.

Upon hearing the voice of the ‘lady’ both the culprits quickly split and re-composed themselves. Gangaram got down to dressing up and soon was on the dining table and in no time was on the road towards his office, he was enjoying ‘sex’ like a windfall at this age. In a shortwhile Reena would give him the usual ‘dosage’.

Seema was back to mopping the floor and still retained the cum in her mouth and lasciviously cleaned the lips and mouth with her tongue while adjusting the distorted hair strand using her left hand. She looked real sexy and it was difficult to understand why such ‘hot looking’ pussies wasted their time working as ‘house maids’. Aadesh was shocked and erotically excited, he had seen the cool job which both of them had just completed (his father and this maid) and he was sure that was a precursor for things to happen for him this summer. He was going to have this maid in every possible way and though sleepy, he decided to let her know of his intentions at the earliest opportunity and ‘opportunity’ it was when Seema finally came to clean his room and to her surprise and ofcourse satisfaction found the ‘son’ equally as interesting as described by the membsaab in the morning. Seema was a young woman – 27 years old, ofcourse much older to Aadesh in age but that had nothing to do with what each of them could give each other.

The 20 year old student had enough of ‘sexual frustrations’ mounting and ‘leftover’ from his just concluded college semester and was itching to have a ‘pussy’, this was a blessing and he was not going to lose such a wonderful chance. He was lying on the bed and this time not sleeping but reading a book, Seema saw him and their eyes met only to release a sly lick of the tongue over his lips. Seema saw the same and knew what it meant and refused to ‘give in’ that easily. She bent down and started cleaning the floor, at one stage she cam near to the place where he had deliberately hung his feet down and that was a difficult choice, he knew she had to either ask him to keep his feet up or just ignore the same. Seema precisely did the latter and went about cleaning the room without touching his or asking him to remove his legs.

She mopped the entire room and after some time through the connecting bathroom, reached the ‘rear’ of the house and sat down in the back yard to wash the clothes. She completed the job and came back into the house only to find Aadesh absent from his room. The bathroom was closed from both sides and she could hear the trickling sound of water inside, he was having a bath. She went to the kitchen and sat down on the floor to cut ‘vegetables’ and after an hour or so, asked permission to go home. Aadesh’s mother was very busy with the cleaning of Pradip’s (the elder son) bedroom and asked Seema to help her with the same.

After some time Aadesh came out of the bathroom and immediately his mother had a question for him ‘ You took so much time in the bathroom, what happened, I hope you did not fall asleep’. Aadesh was sheepish and very embarrassed and noticed Seema seductively managing a slick giggle, she understood what the ‘young’ man must have been spending his time doing inside the toilet. Aadesh sat on the dining table and started having his breakfast but could not take his eyes off Seema who was with her back to him helping his mother in the adjoining room, he was in no mood to miss out on the fun and in fact chose a chair just opposite to the door so that he could have eyeful of the damsel. She was full of sex, buxom, full and raring to give her pussy. She must be a real treat in bed and he was sure this torment below in his underwear was worth the wait. Watching her and munching the toast, Aadesh just rubbed his cock over the trouser and in no time he ejaculated inside the underpants. He was afraid it could become visible, so quickly rushed to his bedroom and removed foça escort the trouser and pants and was just about to wear the fresh undie when he heard a giggle.

Seema was holding a mattress in her hand ” Your mother wanted to me to place this here and go, sorry’. She dropped the mattress in the corner and eyes fell on the soiled underwear, ‘ You want me to wash this for you “, ‘ No No….UmmmmmAgggggg” was the answer from the young man.

‘Well it looks fresh and tasty’, and in front of him Seema took the undie into her mouth and swallowed the oozing cream, some of it stuck to her fingers, which she lovingly laced on her lips and facing him boldly dropped her pallu and rubbed the same into her bosom. ” This is not to disappoint you, I saw you struggling with this under the table, I can help you”, she came near and stroked his rising cock and uttering those words, squeezed the member and quickly rushed back to the other room. Aadesh was berserk and quickly went inside the bathroom and masturbated again.

Three times in an hour, Aadesh was exhausted.

He came out and went back to the kitchen to have some water. Seema had left for the day, he could see her closing the main gate and going away through the kitchen window while his mother was talking to the neighbors, most probably about the reception, which they were supposed to host for his brother’s wedding.

Aadesh could not go for the marriage due to his exams, hence was not aware of the new women in his family (Meena and Reena).

That whole day, Aadesh dreamt of Seema and her lovely body, he was sure this was going to be the heaven for him this summer. If only he knew where she stayed, he would have done the desperate stuff, and fucked her in her own house, these were all his plans, itchy plans and while devising all these, he would masturbate.

24 hours was a struggle but Seema did not come the next day, she called up and conveyed ‘sickness’. This went on for three days only to make Aadesh more frustrated and finally on Friday morning when everyone had given up on her, Seema came at her usual time. His father was the happiest and got his usual treatment and this time it was a bit bolder, Gangaram pushed her to the wall, lifted her saree and kissed her openly on the naked bald pussy lips before sinking his cock into the same and quickly removed the dick and was back to standing in front of the puja ‘idols’ while Seema performed ‘pooja’ on his dick and drank his spunk. Gangaram was fully aroused with Seema around and this only went to prove that she was a vixen.

This was just the beginning and she knew all this was an exhibition for Aadesh. He was watching them through the keyhole in the bathroom and yes this was going to be the right time to seduce the man and his son, she had deliberately bunked 3 days to get both of them ‘thirsty’ for her.

Yes, given the opportunity, she knew and wanted to enjoy this young man, after Gangaram had left for the day and his mother was off to the neighbor’s house on a short errand, Seema’s mind drifted, and she could feel a dampness between her legs. She very belligerently slipped off the blouse and pressed her breasts together, while contemplating the feel of Aadesh’s hands.

She went a step further and unhooked the bra and removed it also and then licked her finger slowly, and circled the nipples with the moisture on the tip of the finger.

The nipples hardened at her own touch with the body responding to this simple arousal.

She could sense Aadesh watching and turned her face towards him at the key hole inside the bathroom and knowing him to be there, continued to watch Aadesh’s key hole while she stood now, leaning against the glass mirror just in front of the bathroom, she slipped her right hand into her saree knot at the waist and started rubbing her wet clit for him, as her left hand continued to tease the breasts.

She wondered to herself what Aadesh would feel like, taste like. The moisture between her legs grew as she stroked izmir escort more intensely. She must have closed her eyes for an instant, because when she looked back again at the keyhole, she was stunned to see Aadesh rubbing his cock through his trunks, and watching her focussed.

She backed away from the mirror, embarrassed at being caught. and sat on the dressing table and continued to stroke her, knowing that Aadesh was now lusting for her after having been turned on by what he had seen.

She had to just to look up to find him standing on the bed with his hand covering his erection, but his beautiful eyes pleaded for more.

How could she say “no” to such a sight? She stepped up to it, and removed her saree completely and as usual she didn’t have on panties, and her sex had been shaved clean.

The door was not locked, so that when his mother came she could quickly go the other room and he could rush back into the bathroom, he simply stood there, mouth open, watching, as she slipped her hands between her legs and began pumping herself with two fingers. With the other hand, she lifted a breast to his lips – he had his first lick and sucked furiously on the nipple.

At last, he could take no more teasing, and pushed open the envelope and stepped into her pussy, she backed up, until he was pressing her up against the dressing table.

Aadesh stepped up and lifted her, and set her down on the floor and spread her legs, while she enjoyed beckoning him to come closer. His stiff cock was still inside his trunks as he stepped up to Seema, so she reached down, rubbing his cock through his trunks as he reached between her legs, and stroked her hard clit, dripping with juice.

She could feel moisture through his trunks and knew it was time they received relief from the sexual tension that enfolded them. “Aadesh, it is dangerous, your mother can come in any time, would you still like to bring it out for me?” she asked. He pulled his trunks down, bending down as he brought them to his ankles. He didn’t stand right up, but placed his hands on her knees, spreading her legs more and began kissing her thighs. Seema just lay back on the floor and moaned with pleasure as his lips traveled up to the cunt to kiss and pleasure her, what a feeling, early morning it was the father servicing the orifice and now she was having the son.

His tongue danced on her clit before plunging into the pussy’s gaping hole and as he pumped her with his tongue, Seema’s breath quickened and she came close and needed to cum. She reached down to him, pulling him in closer, pumping with him until the first wave of orgasm rushed through her and then lay there, panting, feeling her cunt tighten around his tongue with the blood pumped rapidly through her veins.

Seema’s clit throbbed wildly with delight and she wanted Aadesh inside her.

“Aadesh, I need you… please…. cum inside me…” she whispered, Aadesh wasn’t slow to react, slipping his hard cock deep inside her, he placed his hands under the thighs, her feet on his shoulders, as he pressed his hard cock into her.

Seema’s hands grasped the edge of the bed legs on the floor as he lifted her up to meet his cock. Each thrust brought them closer and closer to that orgasm they’d imagined the day next to when he’d moved in and come from the college.

Aadesh was watching his cock glide in and out of her when she knew he was ready. “Aadesh, I’m going to cum again… cum with me,” she demanded. She came hard, muscles contracting, milking the sweet cum from his cock.

Her body trembled slightly as the climax slowly subsided. Aadesh bent over her, nuzzling a nipple. She giggled at the realization of what they’d just done.

Aadesh, with a grin, said, “Nice to meet you, what is your name. Mind if I have you this weekend at home of my friend’s place. I want you naked in my arms all 48 hours, use the same excuse of ‘sickness’ and don’t bother about my father, he can do without you drop in again for some time, but I need to have your cunt and lips around my dick throughout my vacation?” .

Seema giggled, ” You want me that easy…Ahhnnnn…. Let me think” and quickly went into the bathroom. She had just clicked from the inside when they heard his mother’s voice- still taking to the neighbor but surely on her way back home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32