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-25 Accidental Mexican

– 26 The secret is revealed

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

From now on I will be submitting the chapters early in the week so that hopefully they will be approved prior to the weekend for you devoted fans.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


25 – Accidental Mexican

I remember going to sleep with three women in my bed. Too big ones and one little, but woke with just Sam. We cuddled and grinned and kissed a bit, but the smell of bacon got the best of both of us. I have no idea when Maria got up, either sometime last night or this morning, but she had breakfast waiting for me. Bacon and scrambled eggs with toast and a warm glass of milk.

Today Sam and I were gofers, but it was a LOT easier than it was with Martin. We were installing carpet tack strips while James was setting the linoleum in the bathroom and kitchen. Once he had the bathroom done, I was able to put the valve for the stool in place and begin installing it. He finished the other side and I was able to tee into the existing lines on the kitchenette side and not have to move the bathroom side holes after all.

While I was waiting for them to cool I went to the third floor bathroom and kitchenette and did the same before I would get in James’ way. Then it was on to cutting stubs and installing valves everywhere else. The only problem I had was in turning on the water. Seems in installing one of the cold valves I left it open, and ran up to find a Sam in a soaked t-shirt. “You know, I like it much better without the bra!” She didn’t see the humor and threw her pocket rag at me. Needless to say I made the march over to the main house for dry towels, I grabbed a dry shirt for her, but made like I forgot it after she had pulled the wet one off. But I suddenly found it when she went to throw the wet one at me. Man the Master of the house gets no respect… No respect at all I tell ya’. (Complete with Rodney impersonation.)

We checked the hot water valves before I cracked that side, so there were no more wet t-shirt shows. The linoleum worked out about the way we thought it would, coming up one short because of having to do Brittany’s work room. I was happier with it in her work room because the floor seams weren’t as tight as I thought once we cleaned things up. We needed a lot of leveling compound and crack filler in there. Sam and I spent the rest of the morning setting the bathroom vanity and sink. We just finished caulking when Maria called a lunch break. She put out a nice sandwich spread and we munched a bit. The girls had to make a ‘potty run’ to the main house. Seems we forgot to bring the toilet paper over.

“So how’s it going with Samantha here?”, James asked out of the blue.

I about spit my pop out, “I get ‘the look’ when I call her Samantha.”

He laughed. “Well that means she’s fitting in. If you’re not on the friends list it’s Samantha, but friends get the look when they call her that. But honestly, how’s it going with her here? We were driving each other bananas all in the small apartment at the motel.”

“Actually it’s been pretty nice having her here. I’m thinking she might consider staying for a while.”

Now it was his turn to cough, “The wild child hasn’t driven you nuts?”

“I haven’t seen a wild child. She’s fitting in nicely with the other ladies staying here, and has been helping me out a lot. She also draws lots of attention in her micro bikini; including mine.”

Now he was flabbergasted. “You got her out in a bikini? I know her and Beth used to run around in their birthday suits at home, but except for… special occasions… she wouldn’t be seen out in anything less than a well padded conservative two piece. She is worse than Beth about her tits.”

“I know about the painting company James, and I think her tits and jewelry are lovely. She hasn’t been hiding anything around here.” I was about to say more when the girls made their appearance, WITH extra rolls of toilet paper. “So how are things going up at the motel? Mary didn’t say a word to me about it. I had to find out from Samantha.” Maria got bug eyed, Sam glared, and James and I ignored them.

“Pretty good actually, eventually we will have an apartment on site. Right now we’re in the honeymoon suite since it’s the biggest until the older couple finishes up with us. Supposed to be around the end of the month. So for right now it’s a mini frig and hot plate.”

“Well any time you want a good home cooked meal let us know. Maria here is quite a cook. Even for a guy like me that likes the plain stuff. Right Maria?”

“You guys keep yackin’ and you won’t get anything done. illegal bahis The gate guys need to talk to you, and I see Uncle Martin coming down the driveway; so you better get scootin’.”

I gave her a whiney ‘Yes Dear!’ as I got up, making Sam and James laugh. I swerved and avoided a butt slap as I went around her. The gate guys were finished, and gave me the basics and the owner’s manual on the opener and code system. I hadn’t expected them to finish so quickly and didn’t have the cash ready for them. I gave them the option for a check now or stop back for the cash tomorrow.

“Will tomorrow be a red flag or green flag day?”, one asked with a sheepish grin.

“Tomorrow could go either way, but Saturdays are almost always green flag days if that works better for you?”

“You know, I really have something I need to do tomorrow. If you don’t mind we’ll stop by Saturday?”

“If you’ll leave me your invoice, I’m sure one of the girls will have your cash Saturday,” I said with a smile.

They left as Jean and Dean backed up to the sorority house and unloaded three more rolls of linoleum. Martin was crawling out of his truck headed for the house.

“What brings you here today Martin?”

“Making the final hookup on the pumps, maybe even running a little water to flush the lines out.” He handed me the wet vac while he grabbed a box of fittings. “Set that out by the pool and join me in the basement. You’re going to have to operate the pools so you might as well help.”

We cut the caps off all the pipes and began flushing them. Martins boys did a pretty good job. A little here and there, but nothing too significant to flush out on my little spa. Of course little is relevant, my little one should seat eight comfortably, the big one over by the sorority house is a twelve to fifteen person.

We were about to make the last of the pump connections when I asked Martin to put an extra valve in for me.

“What do you want that valve in there for?”

I pulled the heavy duty hose out. “Because I put an extra valve in right off the boiler heat tank. If I have to drain it and fill it, I want it hot in hours, not the next day!” He just laughed, but we put the fitting in.

Once we had the grit vacuumed up with the wet vac, I went back in and opened the valves. My spa started filling with hot water. Even if it didn’t fill completely before we ran it out, it would go a long way to getting it hot much sooner. I asked Maria to shut the valves off and get me when it got full. Martin and I went off to get the fittings set for the other spa, kiddie pool and the main pool put together in the sorority house basement.

Now that I knew Maria would be out of ear shot, I could talk to him. “What are your plans tomorrow afternoon Martin?”

“I usually plan Friday’s light, why?”

“Well Maria will be going in to work in the afternoon, and I’d like to move her machines and stuff over to her work room while she’s gone. I have the dolly for the cabinets, but those machines are impossible.”

He shook his head smiling. “Give the office a call when she leaves and we’ll swing over between stops. I’ll tell the boys to put some pipe and slings in the truck, otherwise we’ll never make it up the stairs with only two guys.”

We got the big spa cleared out and started filling it when Maria came over to tell us the little one was full. We ducked back over and started the pumps and heater. The boiler ran out of steam around three quarters full, so it had a bit to go, but warming up from ninety six degrees was a whole lot better than warming up from fifty! We might even be able to take a quick dip later and break it in tonight. We wouldn’t be so lucky on the big spa, since I had just filled the boiler system a few hours ago. It wasn’t going to help much, so we let it fill on its own.

We had just cleaned out the kiddie pool and started filling it when Maria came running out of the house screaming in Spanish, and then running back in.

“There goes my money.”


“I was betting she would be late. Maribel is in labor.” I started to jump up, and Martin stopped me. “No big rush Danny. She has a bag packed, and no woman in the history of our family EVER delivered quickly. Maria broke the record at only four hours. Before that it was over seven.”

“Oh, OK…What did you mean ‘there goes my money’?”

He laughed. “We all bet on early or late. My money was on late since Maria was early. If you would put my stuff inside for the night I will take Maribel off to the hospital. If you still have daylight, you can start on the pool when the other two finish filling. Otherwise start on it in the morning.”

“OK, let us know how it goes. You can call on the business line. If we’re already in bed, the machine will pick it up.” He waived and went into the main house. He came back out in a few minutes with Maribel and headed off. The pools had a bit to go so I went over and told Sam and James the good news. Sam ran off to the main house to talk with Maria. James had all the illegal bahis siteleri rooms finished except the third floor kitchenette.

“Don’t worry about it anymore tonight James. The second floor was the priority. When we get the main floor figured out we can do it then.”

“Sounds good, how far did you guys get on the pools?”

“Spa’s and kiddie pool should be running later, main pool probably sometime tomorrow.”

“Well we might have to stop by this weekend for that home cooked meal and a dip in the pool. Beth had a new bikini she hasn’t worn yet.”

“Uh James, even if it was a dental floss bikini she would be over dressed. That’s why I put a gate on the end of the drive.”

“Right. And how do you get to decide on the dress code for the entire neighborhood?”

“Because there is no neighborhood, except for the foxes out on the back end of the property and the horse rescue group on the front corner. Why do you think none of the girls have any tan lines?” He grinned and shook his head. “I’ll talk to you later, I have to check on the water in the pools. Say Hi to Beth for me.”

I headed out to check on them. Good timing, the big spa and kiddie were full enough to shut the water off and start the pumps and heaters. The sun was starting to set so it was time to call it a day. I checked the temp on my spa and it was warming up nicely. Now I wish I had wired up the underwater lights earlier. I went to the basement, found the feed and stripped the ends back, and hooked them to an old extension cord. Not a proper installation, but for one night it would function.

I went inside to find Sam and Maria going back and forth about Maribel and what was going on. I let them chat and went to the kitchen to get a sandwich. I found the bread, but was hunting for some ham or bologna to put on it when Maria came in in just her shelf bra, man she looked good.

“Master Danny, I’m so sorry. I was just going to start supper when Maribel went into labor, I can get something started but it will be a little while before it will be ready.”

“Well Maria, we could order in pizza? HOW’S THAT SOUND SAM, YOU UP FOR PIZZA?”

Sam came around the corner stripping off her top. “Sounds good to me!” and continued stripping down to her collar.

“So the only question is who is answering the door?”

“What’s the big deal about answering the door?”

“Well if Jean were here she could tell you. We have a bit of a tradition in my house. Food deliveries, especially pizza deliveries, are always received by a naked woman. I find it speeds up all future deliveries significantly. The tip is up the one answering the door.”

Maria was worried, but Sam looked interested. “What do I have to do Master?”

“Just what I asked little one. Call in the order and when it gets delivered pay the man, or sometimes a woman. And that’s it.”

“I gotta try this at least once. What am I ordering?”

“Well I’m a pork sausage and bacon, light on the sauce guy. Extra cheese if they don’t charge an arm and a leg. Get whatever you two will eat and order accordingly.” And she headed off to order



Sam came back in, “I got you yours and us a supreme so we’ll have leftovers for tomorrow, should be around twenty six dollars. We’re going to have to find a reasonable pizza place around here, that’s expensive with the delivery.”

I got a ten and a twenty and folded them like I had Brittany do, then put one in one nipple ring and one in the other. “Oh that’s just ornery Master. I love it!” I began to strip down and the procedure was taken over by the girls. We grabbed towels and headed out. The spa was nice and toasty and felt real good. I discovered I also hadn’t hooked up the jet pump controls, but then again the water was crystal clear so it lit up the girls delicious bodies completely! I scooted around to one of the return jets and centered my back on it and I was in heaven! We were in and out to keep from getting over heated when we heard a car come down the drive. Maria got up on the edge out of the water so she wasn’t lit up completely, but Sam stayed where she was, across from me on display to anyone coming through the gate.

“PIZZA DELIVERY!” as he came through the gate and stopped. “Oh …uh…sorry.” And began to turn around.

“Don’t you go anywhere with our pizza young man!”, as Sam got up out of the water. Her nipples hardened enough to make her bells stand out, but muted with the bills hanging on them. She stopped just in front of him, “You’re kinda cute. Too bad your place is so expensive, I wouldn’t mind seeing you deliver again.” She pulled the bills from her rings and unfolded it for him. He was looking at her nipple bells and not the wet money!

“Little one, I believe he is wondering if your bells actually work, would you demonstrate for him please.”

“Of course Master!” She did the shoulder shake and he groaned. From the look on his face I think he came canlı bahis siteleri in his pants. He handed her the pizza’s, grabbed the cash, and ran back to his car. Sam and Maria were giggling the whole time. Sam turned back to us watching her. “WHAT? He was kinda cute.” And she gave a little shake of her bells.

“I think I’ve created a monster. Now bring that pizza over here and let’s eat.” We sat up on the edge and ate. After a few pieces each we got back down in the spa. As Sam got up again I brought her over to straddle me so I could lick her pussy, but she had a bit of an iron taste. “Um, Sam?”

“Yes Master?”

“When is you period due?”

“OH MAN, Sorry Master.” She looked totally embarrassed.

“No you’re fine, but your taste is changing so I would bet you’re close.”

She grumbled and grabbed a slice of pizza and headed inside.

Maria was looking at me funny. “You can tell?”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “Any man that pays attention can. You go from sweet to a distinct tang just before hand. Depends on the woman but my experience is usually a day or so.”

She smiled a weird smile. “Master Danny, since Sam had to go in, would you mind if I… I mean would you…”

“I would love to Maria.” She came over and straddled me like Sam had done, lowering her pussy to my face and leaning forward to brace herself on the concrete, letting her full tits jiggle and move freely. Since she had been sitting up on the edge she was already nice and juicy. I took my time licking and cleaning her pussy, feeling her legs tremble when I was getting close. Then backing off enough to keep her from cumming and her pussy flowing, licking her juices from her dark inner lips as it dripped from her. When she started panting I slid two fingers up to her g-spot and gave her a nice little orgasm, falling on my face and trapping me against the edge. Oh what torture, a dribbling pussy…

It was delicious, but all that time in the hot water had gotten to me. “Maria, would you give me a hand getting into the house, I think I’m a little over done.”

“With pleasure Master Danny.” I managed to get out, and I was VERY red. I didn’t even feel the cool night air that was having a wonderful effect on her nipples. She got me inside and up the stairs. We had to stop and snicker at Sam. Seems I’m not the only one not used to the hot spa. She had gotten her tampon in, but made the mistake of lying back on the bed in the spare room. She was sprawled out with her panties still in hand snoring!

Maria got me into bed, and gave my cock a quick suck before heading out. I’m assuming she went back to pick up by the spa and get Maya. That’s about the last I remember, but I had one hell of a nice dream. It was like an old time movie, no sound, but a nice blow job and ride from Maria. Feeling her lips work me up and down while her nipples went back and forth on my thighs. Seeing her rotate to hover above me, then sit down with my cock trapped between us, her lips around it. Feeling her sliding back and for the on me, her clit working the under side of my cock. Her sliding a bit to far forward and then that tight hot Mexican pussy enveloping my cock as she spasmed on top of me…

26 – The secret is revealed

I don’t remember anyone coming to bed, but I vaguely remember Jean getting up and heading out. I awoke like I had been rode hard. My mouth was dry and sore, positive proof I had been snoring. My dream was good enough I was a little crusty, oh well not the first time, but it had been a while. Must be the lack of my little chocolate pixie.

I managed to crawl in the shower and attempt to get human again. I made it into some shorts and t-shirt before getting down stairs. Maria was practically glowing. “Somebody slept good. I hope I didn’t keep you up last night, I have a feeling I was snoring pretty good.”

“You and Sam both. You want cereal or cold pizza for breakfast?”

“Cereal of course,” and looked at her tits. She giggled and jiggled them at me, braless and having fed Maya and pumped the way they moved.. “Speaking of Sam, where is everybody?”

“Jean got in late last night, just after I took care of you. Uncle Martin called about then. Maribel had a little boy. She hasn’t decided on a name yet but they should be home late today. Jean is back out with Dean this morning. The slot machine company will be delivering the other machines later this morning so they will be back to hook them up after lunch. Sam is over doing touch ups in the other house. I called the dry cleaners and let them know Maribel won’t be in for a few days, they said congratulations and they understood.”

“Man we lead such a boring life…”

She giggled some more giving her tits another nice jiggle just to make me look. “That’s what happens when you get a harem Master. Uncle Martin will stay with Maribel for a while, then I’m going over to relieve him and he’s going to come see how you did on the pool.”

“Don’t you have to go in to work today?”

“When I talked with the lady at the dry cleaners she said she only had a few things for me to sew. I told her I would stop by on the way to the hospital and bring them home with me to do, and we would talk about the future then if she isn’t going to have much for me to do.”

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