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Ric, slouched in the driver’s seat of the old truck, eyelids drooping with fatigue, glanced over at his wife, Tori, who was curled up into a ball and snoring quietly in the passenger seat beside him. As tired as he was, he almost missed the faded wooden sign with the address he had been driving up and down Westbun Road looking for.

Swearing to never leave his beloved GPS device behind again, he tried not to brake too sharply as he first reversed and then turned onto the bumpy dirt road, which was partially hidden some wildly unkempt bushes (ha-hah, phrasing). Shifting down into first gear, he debated waking Tori as he once more glanced over at her, the rocky path gently jostling and rocking them on the worn suspension of the old car. Still she slept.

He debated whether to wake her, now that they were within eyeshot of their destination.

Ehh, not yethe decided, after a moment of internal conference. Tori was wearing a pair of jeans Ric had bought her a year ago that had originally been a size or two too large, but that now fit her voluptuous body like a second skin. She was also wearing an old, worn, slightly oversized white-grey-red flannel work shirt that had belonged to teenage Ric before his wife had snuck it into her own closet. It looked better on her, anyways.

She looked so peaceful, and she was almost always the one waking up early, that he didn’t want to wake her until he absolutely had to.

Lush greenery surrounded them in every direction, and Ric felt somehow overwhelmed by the depth of the color, blinking a few times as his city eyes adjusted to the country. He found himself distracted from the picturesque, idyllic scenery – the warm, orange-red glow of the evening sun slowly starting to sink below the humble hills beside them, all while a soft, warm breeze combed across the land like the tips of fingers through a lush head of hair – by the now-painful need to piss. He saw the wooden cabin in the distance ahead, the custom-built vacation home of his brother-in-law, Greg, but after quickly running the numbers, he decided he needed to go and he needed to go now. Stopping the truck in the middle of the driveway, and careful not to wake Tori, he quietly slipped out of the cab and quickly paced over to the side of the road, listening to the leaves and pebbles crunch underfoot, happy to stretch his legs and regain sensation in his ass as he sighed and took care of business.

Slipped back into the truck with a quiet sigh of satisfaction, finally willing to open himself to the beauty of the scenery and appreciate the moment. They finished their approach up the overly long driveway, and he gave a low whistle. James, the beer-swilling, barrel-chested brother-in-law that he sort of got along with, had actually built the cabin a few years back and hadgenerouslyoffered them the place after Ric had invited him and his girlfriend over for dinner. Initially, and on general principle, Ric had been wary of the offer, and it wasn’t until James finally admitted, after a bit of prodding, that he had beenhopingRic could save him a trip to the distant property by doing some clean up and landscaping while visiting.

After talking to Tori, they had decided to take him up on his offer. They hadn’t had a vacation since their honeymoon.

Ric sped up a little as they got closer to the house and the dirt road smoothed out and they crunched over layers and generations of dead leaves. He was shaking Tori’s arm, happy news on his lips, when the front-left side of the truck distinctly rose up before falling into the ground. This was accompanied by the distinct sound of crunching metal and what sounded like breaking glass as he jammed on the brakes what seemed like a moment too late, his eyes as wide as dinner plates behind his glasses.

“Well shit,” he stated in a conversational tone, mostly to himself. He was too worn-out to be more than dully concerned as he turned off the engine. Tori was blinking the sleep out of her eyes as Ric stepped out to inspect the damage with a sigh of resignation.

“What was that? What happened?” she called out, yawning and stretching inside the cramped cab of the truck, thrusting out her spectacular breasts as she curled backwards, palms pressed against the roof, every muscle straining and tensing for a moment.

“Umm, well, not to alarm you dear, but long story short we broke your brother’s truck,” he replied, crouching down to inspect the front wheel of the truck.

“Really?!” she exclaimed, bolting upright, instantly awake and horrified.

“Nah, not really. I just didn’t see this stupid fire-pit that was filled with empty beer cans and a bottle or three and drove into it. The truck’s fine. . . I think,” he answered, his accompanying grin having everything to do with her reaction.

“You asshole,” she said, putting a hand to her chest as she relaxed back into the well-worn seat, uncomfortably aware of how hard her heart was drumming in her chest.

“On the plus side dear, we’re here,” he proclaimed, slipping back into the driver’s seat, re-starting the engine and putting the truck in reverse.

“Yeah. illegal bahis . . we are. What happened? You were supposed to wake me up so I could drive,” she said, throwing off the last dregs of sleep with a final little yawn.

“I was going to. . . but then I didn’t,” Ric explained as he half-turned around, slipping his hand behind the head of her chair as he looked out the rear window, the front of the truck rising into the air momentarily as he reversed out of the fire-pit pothole.

“Why not?”

“Well you looked really cute snoring and drooling on yourself, and I honestly didn’t mind finishing the drive.”

“I didn’t drool!” she exclaimed, reflexively.

Ric just gave her a look.

“I didn’t! Look, there’s no drool stain!” she insisted indignantly, pointing to and rubbing the shoulder and sleeve of her shirt, searching for the stain even as she insisted it wasn’t there.

“Yeah, thanks to the napkins I grabbed at Subway, and your body running out of, like, liquids,” he said, trying to keep a straight face as he finished driving them next to the cabin.

“What?!” she squawked.

He pulled the truck up beside the cabin and turned to her with a Cheshire grin.

She hit him in the arm.

“Ass,” she grumbled.

Now that they had arrived, Ric yawned hard, listening to the cracks in his jaw as fatigue settled in.

Tori glanced over and saw the faint bags that had formed under his eyes, and how he was slouched in his chair.

“You should probably take a nap, you know. Let me unload the truck and you just head inside. . .” she offered, her voice filled with sympathy and understanding.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Ric said, nodding wearily, keys in hand as he cracked open the truck door and stepped out.

“. . . but could you just grab that little red box, first?”

Ric paused, half-in/half-out and glanced at Tori, who immediately flashed a winning smile filled to the brim with guilt.

“You mean thatlittlered cooler that Ibarelymanaged to get into the back before because it hasallthe beer and wine andfood.Oh, ofcourse. Noproblem. Anything else,dear?” he snarked, a little harsher than he had intended.

“No, that’s it. Thank you hon, you’re the best,” she said quickly, taking him as literally as possible. She leaned over, her breasts pressing against his arm as she sealed the deal with a little kiss before quickly and nimbly slipping out her own door, careful to conceal her smile. Ric stared after her, mouth agape, flabbergasted, trying to process what had just happened. Finally, hetsk’d, and started walking towards the back of the truck, grumbling and mumbling.

Popping open the back panel of the truck, he stepped up into the back, tossing aside bag after bag of clothing and supplies as he unburied the cooler. With an effort, Ric wrestled and dragged the heavy red cooler backwards until it sat on the edge of the shelf. Even though he knew the back shelves of the truck were designed for far heavier weights, he couldn’t help but imagine the connective metal of the truck’s back shelf straining under the weight of the cooler and himself, threatening to give way. He nervously jumped to the ground, to more solid ground.

“Okay, almost done. . . sort of. Could you grab the door?” he called out, puffing slightly at the effort as he reached into his coat pocket and tossed her the keys. Tori was strolling around the front of the house, soaking in the sights and smells. Memorized and distracted as she was, she missed the cue and the keys that followed. They landed neatly in the dirt at her feet with a little puff.

“Nice catch, wifey.”

“Oh shut up,” she mumbled as she picked up and dusted off the keys as she walked towards the entrance.

“Alright, we’re good to go,” she called out, holding the door open.

“Okay, okay. Focus, Ric. Here we go. Coming. . .thhrr-ough!” he declared as he lifted the heavy red cooler off the back of the truck with an effort. The molded plastic dug into his fingers, and he fairly hunched over the box as he partially support it with his legs, not trusting in his grip as he quickly puffed and panted and hurried through the front door. He set the box down in a hurry with a slight bang once he was onto the hardwood floors, and stood with a sigh of satisfaction.

Tori hugged him from behind once he was finished, holding him for a moment.

“Thank you,” she said, and they stood there together for a moment. She slipped her hands under his shirt and could faintly feel his heart pounding. He was breathing harshly, smelled a little, and was more than a little greasy and sweaty, but she felt a strange and unexpected urge whisper through her. She traced a hand from his chest across his stomach, and slipped her hand under his waistline. Her hand encircled his cock, which twitched and stiffened uncertainly in her hand as she lazily stroked him for a few moments. She listened to the change in his breathing, his excitement, before she pulled away.

“You tease,” he sighed.

“Yeah well you stink. Go take a shower,” she ordered, promptly pivoting around and walking illegal bahis siteleri back towards the truck for the remaining bags.

“Maybe that’s what I’lldo,” he responded, but she was already gone.

The cottage was designed simply. Ric was standing in the huge main living room that housed a beautiful brick fireplace at one end, and a canvas-covered wall-spanning flatscreen on the other. There was a thick carpet in front of the fireplace, as well as the couches positioned around the television. The carpet in front of the fireplace was covered in pillows and blankets, with a forgotten artificial Christmas tree still standing in the corner.

Ric found the master bedroom without too much difficulty and made a beeline for the oversized ensuite bathroom. The water took a few minutes to heat up, but the wait was worth it when the steaming fresh water finally hit his skin, scalding and warming and cleaning all at the same time. He grabbed a deformed bar of soap, which had been left behind in the shower and forgotten whenever his brother, his family, or his girlfriend had last been at the cabin, and scrubbed himself clean of the stink and sweat of travel. There was a plush towel waiting for him when he finally stepped out, still dripping, and he was almost certain that it hadn’t been there when he walked in. He found his toothbrush waiting for him by the sink, fully loaded, and grinned.

“Thank you, Tori!” he called out. He didn’t get a response, but he was sure she had heard him.

The bed was as comfortable as it looked, and he was surprised to discover a down-filled mattress cover topped it when he promptly face-planted onto the bed, on top of the covers, still wrapped in his damp towel. He made an attempt, briefly, to crawl under the covers, but drifted off almost immediately.

Some time later, he was unexpectedly roused from a deep, dreamless sleep. His nose tickled, and his face throbbed from where he had smacked himself. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure, his wife, dart out the bedroom door and around the corner with what sounded like a giggle.

“Uhghuh?” he muttered as he transitioned into a satisfying stretch. A moment passed before he noticed that the bed was surrounded and dimly lit by a number of tealights. He had discreetly packed them, along with some other naughty surprises, in a small bag that he had been planning to surprise Tori with on their little holiday.

Clearly, she had found them.

“Honey?” he called out as he rolled up. No response. His towel was dry, the covers underneath him were damply warm, and he wondered what time it was.

He sniffed the air, and was confused by the cacophony of scents.

He padded out into the main hallway and noted the crackling fireplace, happily spitting away. He followed a trail of tiny, flickering candles that led him to the glowing kitchen. Inside, Tori sat beside the dining table, facing towards him with long, bare, demurely crossed legs, illuminated by a strange combination of lights. There were the tealights, but on the table there were two centerpieces that explained the enjoyable but confusing smell Ric had awoken to.

There was a pint-sized Christmas tree candle resting on the table, which Tori had bought years ago, that was putting off a distinctly minty cedar smell. Beside the slowly melting effigy of Christmas, there was a bloody, half-melted Halloween skull that smelled of pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

Tori watched him with brown eyes speckled with pinpricks of the flames around her. Her hair was drawn to either side in pigtails, and she was wearing a jaw-dropping gothic schoolgirl outfit that seemed like something straight out of the wardrobe of a Tim Burton movie. It took him a moment to notice the black eyeliner, eye shadow, and the dark, dark lipstick she was wearing. He wasn’t sure if it was red or black.

“I see you found my candles,” he said dryly, sliding into the chair beside Tori. Aside from her eyes, which tracked his entrance with a predatory smoothness, and a foot that appeared to be drawing invisible figure-eights, she didn’t move an inch. Faintly intimidated, Ric broke eye contact and glanced down, and realized there was a gloriously seared steak partially buried amongst mashed potatoes that smelled of garlic and chives.

His mouth watered and his eyes widened in surprise as his stomach growled, and he glanced back at Tori and spoke with absolute sincerity.

“Well that’s fucking amazing. Look I just got here, and this might sound crazy, but I think I love you, so marry me maybe?”

Tori laughed at his lame joke as she uncrossed her legs and stretched them out under the table, resting her feet in his lap.

“I did marry you,” she responded, smiling as one foot caressed the inside of his thigh through the thin fabric of the towel.

“Thank god I got you drunk before I asked you. Do you want some of this?” he asked, offering her first dibs as he pushed his plate towards her.

She shook her head.

“I already ate,” she confessed, one side of her mouth twitching guiltily into a smile.

“Is canlı bahis siteleri that so?” he leaned forward, arching an eyebrow at her.

“I’m sorry?” she offered, giving him the biggest, most adorable puppy eyes he had ever seen as she pouted her lips.

“No, no, no, that won’t do. You should be punished,” he said, shaking his head as he divided his steak into pieces.

“Oh please no, Ric. I’ll be a good girl, I swear,” she pleaded, pulling her legs out of his lap as she leaned forward and boldly slid her hand under his towel, resting her hand on his thigh. He twitched in response.

Instead of responding immediately he just stared at her for a moment, hungrily. Dinner was forgotten.

“Will you?” he asked, pointedly.

“Mmhmm,” she purred, nodding as she ran her nails through the wiry hair and over the sensitive skin of his thigh. The thrill of the sensation coursed through him. He was already stiff, verging on engorged, as he captured her wrist and led her a little further, into his lap. He exhaled slowly when she touched him, and stopped breathing entirely when she slowly ran her hand up and down his hardness. Tori wet her lips with the tip of her tongue as he watched and leaned forward until she slipped off the chair and onto the floor, crawling towards Ric on her hands and knees.

“Show me how good you are?” Ric said hoarsely, more question than command. Tori couldn’t help the giggle that followed and Ric was suddenly glad for the flickering of the candles that helped hide the reddening of his face. Their eyes remained locked though, and he watched her with complete, rapt attention as her soft, lush, velvet lips slowly kissed their way up his knee and thigh and made their way closer to the tip of his now painfully hard, throbbing, straining cock. Her eyes were still locked on his when she slid the swollen tip of his cock inside her mouth. Ric gasped, as inch after inch slid inside the wet warmth of her mouth, and the tip of her tongue darted and flickered and caressed the underside of his cock. Ric forced himself to breathe as she closed her eyes in concentration and swallowed him completely, until the straining tip of his cock was tickling the back of her throat. After a long, long moment, she slowly pulled back with a groaning purr of pleasure as he flexed and pulsed with excitement inside her mouth. She dragged her lips obscenely along his glistening shaft, and Ric found himself resting his hands on her head, lightly gripping her twin braids as the muscles of his abdomen twitched and spasmed. Once she finished pulling back, until only the swollen tip of his cock remained between inside her mouth, she raised her dark, sultry eyes to his once more as she gripped the base of his cock and lowered herself once more.

It was Ric’s pounding heart that reminded him that he had forgotten to exhale.

He didn’t last long, after that.

He was already embarrassingly close to orgasm, and he desperately wanted that final release. His hands gripped her braids a little harder, and he pushed her down onto his cock. She enthusiastically submitted to his direction, and wet sucking sounds and harsh gasps filled the kitchen as Ric felt that familiar pressure build, doubling and redoubling as he fought to control it. He panted as Tori’s hot, wet, sucking mouth expertly slid up and down his cock, and felt himself losing the fight.

“Don’t stop. Do not. Stop.” he announced, gasping.

Tori moaned quietly in response, her other hand slipping between her legs as she played with herself.

Ric drove her down, forced her down, caught up in his passion as he pulled her hand away from the base of his shaft so he could slip every inch inside of her. It wasn’t long until his tense muscles finally clenched their last and relaxed. He gasped, and shuddered as hot cum spurted into his wife’s mouth. Tori swallowed quickly, holding him in her mouth until he was completely spent, and slipped out. Only then did she slide off his now-slick cock with a smile of satisfaction. Resting her hands on his knees, she raised herself up and proceeded to unbutton the top of her schoolgirl outfit. Then she wiggled out of her short, revealing schoolgirl skirt, until she was only clad in a matching pair of black lacy underwear that Ric had picked up at a Victoria Secret some time ago and had planned on surprising her with, and did a little twirl.

Then she took Ric’s hand, who was perfectly content to just sit there basking and. . . admiring. She forced him to stand (which he did, groaning as blood rushed to his head) and led him to the waiting fireplace in the living room.

She led him to the pile of pillows and sat down. They both grabbed for blankets that rested on either side, pulling them over each other simultaneously as they settled into cuddling position with a smoothness that came from years and years of practice. Ric laid behind Tori, and held her gently. There was a minute of deep, profound silence, with only the crackling of the logs and the muted sounds of the wind blowing through the dark forest outside, where they simply held each other, lovers through and through. Tori arched back against Ric, wiggling to get comfortable, and his strong, lean arms wrapped around her automatically as she did, pulling her against the warm, hairy muscles of his bare chest. They inhaled and exhaled together.

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