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Shanna snuggled into her pillow and tried to block the sunlight streaming into her eyes.Slowly her conciousness awakend and she heaved a tiny soft breathy sigh of relief.”I’m still here!” she thought.Rolling around to find a cool spot in the bed, she threw off her covers and was shocked to find that she only wore a white baby-tee shirt and her white cotton panties.Then suddenly it hit her that she was alone in the room.No other girls…just her.No need for jammies.She lazily rolled onto her back and let the day before run through her mind.The biggest day of her life.Her eighteenth birthday…which had coincided with her high school graduation.Not that anyone had celebrated with her.Shanna had been an orphan since she was 3 years old. Bounced around foster and children’s homes…she had finally wound up here.Alone.Not that she hadn’t tried to be a part of a family.

But no matter how hard she tried to be good, her presence always meant trouble.Men always paid more attention to her than women.And that usually led to conflict.Shanna was a stunner.A classic southern knockout.Tiny and petite..fine-boned with waist length blond hair and electric blue cat-eyes.Eyelashes too long to wear sunglasses.90 lbs. soaking wet and barely 5 feet tall…she still had killer legs.Her ass was very round and pert to be so thin and her full size B breasts rounded out her tiny frame.Her voice was soft and breathy.Feather light.The guys at school would tease her that Mark McGwires forearm was bigger than her waist.Shanna could always count on attention from guys.That was the only affection she ever really received.But she had been abused and neglected so many times by people she thought that she could trust…. by the time she had reached high school she had shut herself down.Every time she moved to a new school, the girls shot cold glances towards her while their boyfriends salivated.After many fights and getting dumped from many nice homes because of these problems…

Shanna retreated into herself.Her worst fear was her 18TH birthday.All she had to look forward to was the streets.Foster kid hell…no medical care…the real world…her illegal bahis walking papers.Dumped unconditionally.She had $240 saved from babysitting and $300 fron social services, but that wasn’t enough to get a deposit on an apartment.Shanna was sharp.She had a 4.0 and a lot of drive.She knew the odds she faced.Her only graduation present had been from Millie..the director.Shanna looked up to Millie.Millie had never put her down or been cold to her.She informed Shanna that the home secretary had quit and she could fill in until she went to college in the fall.She gave Shanna a place to live.And have her own room.A first for Shanna. A WOMAN that gave her a break.It kind of scared her at first…being alone.The orphanage had always been full of girls.If the new ones cried at night..

Shanna’s heart would just go out to them and she would crawl in bed with them and kiss their sad tears away.Nobody even cares about us she thought.So she was mildly fipped out at the fact that Millie thought she counted enough to attend her graduation.She and her husband and children.Shanna felt so proud that someone had cared enough to come and see her walk through the line.They took pictures and she was suddenly pushed up against Millie’s oldest son.He was tall.Scott.He pulled her up to him and said…”So, you are the little angel I have been hearing about?” Now , Shanna had been home to Millie’s for many weekend’s, but she had only heard and seen pictures of Scott.He was 21 and away at graduate school. He was tall and dark and strong.Shanna felt herself wanting to hold let her head rest on his chest.The rest of the day , she spent at their home..just like the other kids…swimming and flirting and having fun.So, this morning..what woke her up?A hammering.A constant rap.The other orphans had gone to sherrif’ camp and Shanna was left alone.Volunteer’s fixing the roof.Shanna was hot…… .thinking about Scott..his body..she slowly slid her hand down her panties.MMMMM…she began to rub her wet little clit in time with the hammering.

Picturing Scott hammering her.MMM.ogod..yes..this little grl wants to be fucked and loved. Hard.Shanna illegal bahis siteleri rips off her top and panties.She rolled onto her stomach.She fingerfucks herself until she comes.She lays there for whatever seems like forever.A bad girl.She wants the real thing.She wants Scott’s hard dick in her.She keeps imagining him inside her…”take a shower”she thinks.The water makes her nipples hard.She slowly soaps herself.

Shanna has had a growth spurt recently.Her breasts are very full and tender.She rubs them with the soapy rag.A nice feel.Her pussy starts to get drippy wet and she thinks about her last foster dad.The first night he came into her room she cried.But he was very loving and gentle with her.She was so scared.She felt like a baby.So innocent.He inched his hand up her! shirt and started to very gently play with her nipples.Shanna resisted and he kept on going…telling her it was ok….kissing her neck.It felt so good.She knew it was wrong.But he talked to her and nuzzled her neck until she finally let him pull her panties down.He slowly started to lick her sweet pussy.It was wet and slick and Shanna came before she could stop herself.What was he doing to her?

She loved all these new feelings.But she felt like a bad girl.For some reason that just made it more fun.Now Shanna was a gusher.She flooded his mouth with her come.He let out a low moan and drove his tongue so far up inside her she thought she would lose her mind.She came again immediately.She started to moan and he put his fingers very gently over her lips.Don’t want to wake the wifey and kids,huh, doll? He called her doll-baby or kitten.She just gave him an innocent little smile and pulled up her legs.

Pulled her knees up to her chest.Then she leaned up on her elbows and gave him the deepest,most soulfull kiss.”Fuck me deep…” she mouthed.He plunged into her with a vengeance.She wasn’t ready for his girth.It hurt like hell.He was thick.And she was built very tiny.Her pussy was so tight.He noticed right away and slowed down.He put his head down and started sucking on her hard little nipples.Suddenly she relaxed and he felt her pussy accomodate his girth.He canlı bahis siteleri started rocking on her slowly and suddenly she was rocking back against him like a little savage.Fucking him hard.He had to put his lips over hers to muffle her moans.She came on him in a gush and he quickly pulled out and thrusted his hard cock in her mouth.He squirted his hot come thru her perfect little lips and she swallowed every drop.”He has ruined me..”she thought

Shanna truly loved to fuck him.They found ways to be alone after that.He would pick her up from school and stop on a deserted road and pullover and walk her into the woods.She would just let him do whatever.Mostly she would bend over with her panties off and let him fuck her from behind.He got really turned on by her little schoolgirl outfit.But soon enough , his wife caught on.And Shanna was dumped.Orphaned again.Back to reality….the shower…The water was turning cold ,so Shanna stepped out and got dressed.She heard the hammering again and thought about Scott.She knew he had mentioned volunteering this week.She slipped on her tiniest baby-tee shirt…white..with her hard little wet nipples showing through.No undies and her shortest-short-shorts.Her little ass cheeks were hanging out.Long wet blond hair …she looked like a living centerfold dream.Aching to be fucked.All the men stopped and stared.

And suddenly Scott was standing before her.”Hey” said Shanna.

Scott wasn’t looking at her face.Little did Shanna know that she was Scott’s fantasy girl come true.He ran his hands up her arms and led her into the garden shed.It just seemed so natural.All his kisses.He grabbed her and ran over her lips and pulled up her baby-tee and sucked her nipples.That got her so hot she yanked down her shorts.He started to eat her cunt and that made her want his dick in her mouth.She unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard cock.He turned around and started fucking her mouth while he was eating her.It was Shanna’s first “69” and she loved it.She came very quickly and begged him to fuck her.She wanted to feel his hard cock fill her up.She lay back and wrapped her sexy legs around him. He fucked her hard and steady.In and and out.She felt every inch thrust in and out.The friction was intense and she came again and again. She made sure Scott got off in a big way.Shanna knew it would be a good summer. What a bad girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32