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Jillian and I had been fucking off and on for about six months when she asked me to attend a wedding with her as her plus one. A friend of hers from college was getting married and she was going to be one of the bridesmaids.

She was 24 years old, 5’5″ about 130 pounds, short blonde hair, 36 C tits with a trim bush. I am 27, 6′ 180 pounds, 7″ cut cock. We had met at a happy hour and had stumbled back to her place for some drunken sex. Jillian was very open and we have had some fun sex adventures. We used each other when we needed some fun or relief.

Jillian’s mother, Sharon, was a friend of the mother of the bride and was going to attend the wedding as well. The wedding is being held in Atlanta so we would be traveling and staying at a hotel. Sharon was basically the 48 year old version of Jillian, with longer hair and somewhat larger tits. I had spent some time at her house with Jillian, she was definitely a MILF.

Jillian and her mom decided we would just share a suite together at the wedding. To join in with some of the pre wedding festivities, they were going to go out on Wednesday night and I would fly in from Texas on Friday. We would all return Sunday evening.

I got to the hotel late in the afternoon, retrieved a key from the front desk and went up to the room. Sharon was in the living area of the suite. They had apparently been down at the pool, her hair was pulled up, black bikini top that showcased her tits with a wrap around skirt covering the top of her legs. I had seen her in that bikini before at her house. It definitely showed off her body. There were a couple of open bottles of booze on the table with a bucket of ice. Sharon had a drink in her hand.

“Glad you made it in,” she said, raising her glass as a toast. She sounded a little drunk.

“It’s good to be here. Where’s Jillian?”

“In the shower, she has to get ready to go. They are taking a shuttle over to the church for rehearsal and then to the dinner afterwards.”

I looked to the bedroom door where Jillian was and then back at Sharon.

Sharon smiled, “Go ahead and see her. I know you guys see each other naked all the time. Hell you even fuck when you are at my house.”

I chuckled. We were pretty sure she heard us before but this just confirmed it. It also confirmed to me she was starting to feel no pain.

Smiling at her I turned and went into the bedroom. I could hear the water running in the shower. A bright red bikini was laying on the floor. Seeing it made my cock twitch, a picture of her in it with basically a thong bottom flashed through my mind. Pulling the shower door open I could see her back as she let the water cascade over her head rinsing the soap out of her hair. Feeling the cold air from the door being open, she turned to look at me.

“Oh good you made it.”

She sounded a little drunk too.

Looking up and down her body made me leer a bit. “That view is always worth the trip,” I said.

She laughed and wiggled her ass. “I’m running late or I would ask you to join me,” she smiled.

Reaching in I smacked her playfully on the ass. “Later then?”

“Oh yes, been waiting for you to get here. Now, go keep Mom company.”

I went back into the living area. Sharon was still on the couch.

“Join me for a drink.”

“Sure,” I said grabbing a glass and ice, pouring some scotch into it.

I sat on the couch next to Sharon and leered over her tits some.

“Enjoying the view?”, she asked with a grin.

“Actually I was, sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, it’s nice to know that they still attract men and I have noticed you looking at them before.”

“What is the plan for tonight?”, I asked, changing the subject.

“Well, Jillian has to go to the rehearsal and the dinner. I do not expect them back till later. We have dinner reservations at a steakhouse my friend recommended at 6:30.”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

We chatted for a bit longer, then I went in to check on Jillian. She had finished drying her hair and was in a very sexy black bra, panties and pull up stockings putting her makeup on.

“That’s a fun outfit,” I said standing behind her and holding her hips.

“Thank you,” she said wiggling her ass against me.

I pulled her closer to me.

“Stop it,” she said laughing and hitting my hand lightly. She turned to face me and gave me a light kiss.

“I need to finish getting ready. It is almost time for me to go.”

I nodded okay, squeezed her ass and went back into the living room.

Sharon had refilled her drink and was still sitting on the couch. I refilled my drink and joined her.

“She’s running late, isn’t she?”


“I am glad you could join us this weekend. With all the things she has to do tonight and tomorrow, it would have been kinda boring to be up here all alone.”

“Well it is definitely my pleasure, not often I get to spend time with two sexy ladies,” I said raising my glass in salute.

Sharon smiled wickedly as Jillian burst into the room. She had illegal bahis slipped on a body hugging red dress and with the stockings and heels looked amazing as she twirled around for us.

Her mom whistled as I just stared at her. I had seen her dressed up before, but she looked amazing tonight.

“Very sexy dear. You look amazing,” said Sharon.

“I agree,”

“Thank you. Wish I had time for a drink but I need to get downstairs,” Jillian said.

She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then she leaned over me and kissed her mom brushing her lips across Sharon’s.

Standing up she looked at me, winked, “You have fun with mom tonight.”. Then looking at her mom “Try not to be too rough on him.”

Sharon laughed, “No promises. You have fun yourself tonight.”

Jillian grabbed her purse and flew out of the room.

I looked at Sharon quizzically.

“It’s kinda of a complicated story.”

“Enlighten me.”

Sharon peered over her glass thinking about her answer. She sat her glass down and sat up.

“This wedding is bringing up some feelings for Jillian. One of the groomsmen, Robert, was a serious boyfriend her last couple of years of college. We both thought he was going to be the one. The summer after they graduated, Robert spent the summer touring Europe before he went to work. While he was over there he decided that he was not ready to settle down and broke up with her when he returned. He moved to New York to work for a Wall Street firm. This is the first time they have seen each other since then.”

“So I am the safety net “boyfriend”?”

“I guess you could say that. Depending on what happens tonight, she can use you as a shield, if she needs to.”

“Does she still have feelings for him?”

“Oh yeah, she has really never gotten over it. Jillian has had lots of guys since then, but she has always hoped that Robert would come back into her life.”

“Hmm, would have been nice if she told me. I don’t mind helping her out, just would have been better to know.”

“I agree. Told her she should tell you. Since you are just fuck buddies, it should have been fine. You are just fuck buddies, aren’t you?”

“Yeah as far as I am concerned we are.”

“So you are good with this?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“She may need you to act the real boyfriend tomorrow at the wedding reception.”

“I can do that. Is she going to try to get back with Robert?”

“Not sure. I know they have been texting a lot over the past couple of weeks. But she has not indicated what is going on.”

“Well I guess we’ll just have to play it by ear and see what she wants us to do tomorrow.”

Sharon stood up, a little unsteady, and poured herself another bourbon on the rocks. She picked up the scotch bottle, tilted the bottle towards me and I nodded yes. She poured some in my glass and added some ice.

The wrap around her waist had fallen off as she got up. It gave me a clear view of her body as she stood there over me. She was definitely looking nice. Stepping by me she brushed against my leg.

“OOPS, Sorry,” she said.

“No problem,” I said smiling at her.

Sharon turned towards her room, “I need to get cleaned up before we go eat.” Walking towards her room she untied one side of her bikini bottoms and then looking back at me the other. Her bottoms fell to the floor as she continued to walk away from me. Reaching the door way she untied the top and let it fall to the ground. She continued into the room without closing the door or looking back.

I sat there for a minute sipping my drink. She clearly had something in mind with me. I had never fucked with someone’s mom before, but Jillian and I were not a serious item. Plus she had brought me here under somewhat of false pretenses and I have had naughty thoughts about Sharon before. I heard the water come on in Sharon’s shower. Finishing off my drink, I decided that I needed to get ready for dinner also. I stood up, stripped my clothes off and went into Sharon’s room to join her.

The shower was glass on two sides and Sharon was facing away from the door. She felt the air come into the shower as I opened the door.

Turning to me she smiled, “I wasn’t sure you would follow me.” She pressed her wet body against mine and kissed me hard, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. My cock rapidly hardened pressing against her stomach.

Reaching down she grabbed my cock and began to stroke it, “I see why she likes your cock.”

Sharon had definitely kept her body toned. Tits, ass and stomach still firm. Pussy hair trimmed neatly short. My hand slid down her body and I slid one finger into her pussy. She shuddered as I pushed her against the wall, her warm hot pussy clenching my finger.

“Oh God,” she gasped.

Sharon was incredibly wet and I slid a second finger into her and began to pump my fingers in and out of her pussy. With my free hand I massaged her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. Sharon was pinned against the wall and was humping my illegal bahis siteleri hand as she slid up and down the wall. Her breath was ragged and starting to come in short gasps. As I slid a third finger into her all the air seemed to shoot out of her lungs. My fingers were as deep as they could get in her, my thumb pressing up against her clit. She was humping my hand with a vengeance now. She had clearly been horny and ready to go.

I moved my face to hers, “You cumming?”

“Oh god yes, yes, yes,” she gasped.

“Good, cum for me.”

She wrapped her arms around me to hang on and pushed down hard on my hand. I could feel her pussy clench my fingers, squeezing them, the waves of her orgasm hitting her and rolling through her body. Sharon hung onto me as her body convulsed and she tried to catch her breath. I could feel her heart beating against my chest as she slowly came down from her orgasm. Pulling my fingers from her, I raised them to my lips to taste her. She tasted wonderful. Sharon grabbed my hand and took my fingers into her mouth, licking her juices from my hand.

Pulling my fingers from her mouth she smiled, “Thank you, I have been so horny and needing someone to help me cum.”

“You like how you taste too?,” I asked.

“Yes,” she said shyly looking down.

“Is ok, I think it’s hot. Jillian likes it too.”

She looked up and me, “I know.”

I smiled, definitely wanted to know more about that, but decided to hold my questions. Sharon had moved her hand to my cock and had started slowly stroking it. She was looking down, staring at my cock.

Reaching past her, I turned the water off. “Let’s go get more comfortable,” I said.

She just nodded and stepped out of the shower. We grabbed towels, dried off and walked to the bedroom. Sharon sat on the bed and I stood in front of her. Reaching out she grabbed my cock again and pulled me to her. Opening her mouth she took the tip of my cock into her. At first she just sucked the head, but soon began to take me deeper into her mouth, one hand cupping my balls. Soon I was balls deep in her mouth, my cock in her throat. Her mouth was amazingly hot and wet. Clearly not her first deepthroat. She looked up at me, her mouth full as her throat massaged the head of my cock.

I moaned as I began to slowly fuck her face as she massaged my balls. It was crazy, I was getting sucked by my fuck buddy’s mom. Pulling her mouth from my cock Sharon leaned up and began rubbing my cock with her tits. I reached down to tweak her nipples as she slowly tit fucked me. Sharon now had one hand working her pussy as she worked my cock between her tits.

Sharon looked up at me, pure lust in her eyes. She moved back on the bed and pulled me down to her. I laid down next to her, my hands running over her body.

“I can’t believe I am about to do this,” said Sharon.

“Do what?”, I asked smiling.

Sharon pushed me onto my back, got on top of me, lined my cock up with her pussy and sat down on me. Her velvet, hot, wet pussy felt amazing.

“Fuck one of Jillian’s friends,” she moaned as my cock went all the way in her.

She sat on my cock for a minute and then began to slowly ride me. Soon she sat up and began to bounce up and down on my cock, squeezing her tits as she did so. I could feel her clench on my cock as she slammed down on me. Her head was thrown back and eyes closed, she was truly in the zone riding my cock. I began thrusting back against, holding her hips, pounding deeper into her with each thrust. Her breaths were coming faster and shallower.

Sharon fell forward on me, stroking faster on my cock. She was focused on cumming and I am trying to hold back for her to finish. Holding onto my shoulders she continued to slam down on me.

“Oh god, so close,” she gasped.

Her body suddenly stiffened and she slammed down hard on my cock one last time. Pussy clenching me hard, I could feel her spasm around my cock and her fluids leaked onto me. Laying flat on me, she slowly got her breathing under control. I continued to slowly thrust into her as she laid on me.

“I have not cum like that in a long time,” she said kissing me.

“Glad I could help you,” I said squeezing her ass.

Sharon slid off of me and moved down my body. My cock and balls were soaked in her juices. She leaned down and began licking cum juices off of my cock and balls, occasionally slipping my cock deep in her mouth.

“I have missed doing this. Love to clean a cock that has been in me.”

“You can do this with me whenever you want.”

Sharon moved up and kissed me, tasting of pussy. She continued to stroke my cock. Looking at her, I slowly pushed her over onto her back. Sitting on my knees between her legs, pulled her legs up to her chest fully exposing her glistening pussy. Grabbing my cock I teased the head against her slit. Looking at her face, I could tell she wanted my cock back in her. Smiling at her, I slowly slid my cock into her, easing in till my cock was all the way in her. I knew canlı bahis siteleri I would not last much longer in this hot, wet, tight pussy.

“Your pussy feels so nice. Fits my cock just right.”

She smiled as I began to work my cock in and out of her pussy, holding her legs up and spread apart. My cum was boiling in my balls and seeking release. I began to lengthen my strokes pounding deeper and harder into her with each stroke her tits bouncing around. Could feel one of those rock your world orgasms building in my balls. As I felt the first blast of cum rocketing up my cock I drove as deep into Sharon as I could. I am sure my face was contorted with pleasure as my cum blasted deep in her MILF pussy.

Feeling my cock pulse in her made her have a somewhat concerned look.

“No, No, No, oh god,” she said.

I felt the last of my cum pump out of my cock and laid down on her to catch my breath.

“Oh Damn, you came in me. I have not had anyone cum in me for quite a while.”

“Is that a problem?”

“It could be.”

I released her legs and was starting to roll off of her when she wrapped her legs around me. “No, don’t get off yet, I’m not done feeling you.”

We laid there together as my cock softened and eventually slid out of her with a plop, cum oozing out of her. I rolled beside her. She reached down to her pussy, scooped up some cum and brought it to her lips.

“Very tasty, hopefully I can get a fresh sample straight in my mouth later.”

“Be glad to help you with that.”

“Hmmm, we will have to figure something out. Not sure how Jillian will feel about me fucking you. Never gone this far with any of her friends. Before tonight it was only blow jobs.”

“And Jillian knew?”

“Yes, she even participated a couple of times. Hope she is okay with me getting fucked by you. Twice,” she said smiling.

“So you and Jillian have been in a 3some together?”

“More like a tag team blow job. We were all pretty drunk.”

“Well it is clear where she got her talent from.”

“Thank you.”

“You okay with me cumming in you? Your pussy was just so hot I could not pull out.”

“It will be fine, let’s not worry about that now. Your cock pumping in me felt so good. Has been a while since I had a real cock in me, much less had one fill my pussy. Most of my fun these days down there is with my toys or fingers.”

“That’s too bad, you have a great pussy.”

“Well thank you. If we are going to make our reservation for dinner, we should get cleaned up. I need to wash my hair.”


We got up and returned to the shower. I helped Sharon wash her hair and then scrubbed her body for her. She did the same for me with us both enjoying our fingers running over each other.

As we got out of the shower I was still touching her.

“Get out of here, I need to get ready. Go get dressed.”

Chuckling, I went to the living room, picked up my clothes and went into the other bedroom to get dressed. Slipped on a pair of khakis, a collared shirt and grabbed my sports coat. Thinking some more fun might occur, I was going commando.

I went into the living room to wait for Sharon and poured myself a drink. Just about the time we needed to leave Sharon called out to me.

“Can you come in here and give me a hand?”

“Sure,” I said as I headed into her bedroom.

She was standing there with a dress in her hand wearing just a black garter and matching thigh high stockings.

“Help me with this,” she said holding out her dress.

She stepped into the dress, a very low cut blue one that came to mid-thigh, hanging just below the top of her stockings. Turning from me, she held the dress up while I zipped her up. Her tits were really squeezed into the dress with her tits resting there for all to see. Sharon then bent over to step into her 4″ heels. Seeing her ass bent over like that knowing she had no panties on was making my cock stir. She stood up, turned to face me and pressed up against me, kissed me.

Feeling my growing cock she said, “Let’s save this for later.”

We went to the lobby and the hotel courtesy car took us to the restaurant. Sharon definitely got some leers from the guys in the room and the evil eye from their wifes. We were in a booth near the back, kinda dark. She was sitting with me on one side of the booth. I was definitely thinking about what was not underneath her clothing and my cock kept getting hard during dinner. Seated, her dress rode up and I could see the top of her stockings. When no one was around us I had my hand between her thighs, rubbing them and on occasion touching her pussy, causing her to tremble. She was making me equally uncomfortable by squeezing my cock through my pants. She figured out pretty quickly that I was going commando too.

A few cocktails and one bottle of wine definitely had us enjoying the meal. Even our waitress was having fun with us. She seemed to drop by more than normal. Maybe it was because Sharon pulled her dress up a couple of times to flash her pussy at her.

The waitress finally brought us the bill. Sharon picked up the check from me and handed her the credit card. Bringing the charge slip back Sharon gave her a $200 tip. The waitress was shocked and thanked her profusely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32