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The coolness of the day dictated the clothes she was wearing; yet she still found herself shivering. Sitting in the café, sipping the red-hot coffee, her eyes on the door. Her mind was a mass of thoughts and ideas; nothing solid, yet something was building there. Kate had a plan that she didn’t know if she had the guts to follow through.

The clock on the wall showed that it was 12.30 now, and she waited for the rush of people from the building opposite. It was no coincidence that she had chosen this particular seat. Nothing was left to chance; this was all part of her plan.

Laying the newspaper flat over the table, making sure that it covered both sides; she pushed her coffee and other sundries around the whole surface. Then it was just a case of waiting and hoping her observations had been correct.

Just on time, he walked in, 12.34 exactly, she liked that, a man of routine, easy to predict, she just hoped that he wasn’t as predictable as he looked. She needed a man, who would take a chance.

As expected he walked over with his tray of food, she kept her eyes down and pretended to study the newspaper. A slight cough made her look up, tilting her head quizzically at him, she spoke.

“May I help you?” She smiled warmly.

“Well, I was sort of hoping that I might join you, I usually sit at this seat…er…I like to watch the world go by out the window.” He was hesitant yet confident. Kate pretended to fluster with her things on the table to make space for him to sit opposite her.

“Oh please join me, yes…excuse the mess, I tend to like to be laid out all over the table” Looking him straight in the eyes, she gave a wry grin, implying an innuendo. He slipped into his seat holding her gaze with a slight flush to his cheeks.

Looking back at the paper before her, the beat of her heart increased, the excitement building in her, knowing that this was going much better than she ever could have thought. Kate had wanted this man since the first time she had seen him in here, careful questioning had found out that his name was Curt, and that he worked in the office complex opposite from the therapy centre where she worked.

Leaning forward, knowing that his eyes were on her, she aimed at looking as if she were studying some fine print on an article. Knowing that the slightest movement caused her black blouse to gape and expose the red satin of her bra, and more of her ample cleavage. Looking up quickly, she caught him staring where she hoped he would be. She knew then that she had him. bahis firmaları Quickly pulling her blouse together in mock modesty, she gave an angry glare, and without further ado, pushed everything into her bag and left her half uneaten sandwich and nearly empty cup of coffee and stormed out of the café.

The foundations were laid; the wheels would now set in motion. Chuckling to herself, she pulled the keys out of her bag that she had “accidentally” picked up with her belongings when she stormed out. Throwing them up in the air, she walked back to work with a spring in her step.

Meanwhile as Kate was sat in her office, Curt was going crazy looking through all his pockets, drawers, and his desk to find his keys. He sort of thought that he had them with him at the café, but with a sigh of resignation he just sat back and accepted that he was going to have to take a cab home and meet a locksmith there.

Slipping up her cuff, she looked at her watch and noticed that well over an hour had passed and now was the time to bring the plan to a head. Taking a deep breath, she checked her hair, adjusted her clothes, applied a slight dab of perfume and left the office. Checking in the therapy room, she watched the juniors hard at work with a child. She just motioned that she was heading out and showed them her mobile phone. They nodded to her and got straight back to work. Her insides were giggling, as she crossed the street. Thinking to herself “I wonder what they would think of the boss if they knew what she had in mind right now”.

Composing herself, she reached the reception desk. Striding up boldly and cheerfully, she just smiled at the receptionist.

“Hi there, Curt left his keys with me, and I know he needs them, any chance that I could go and take them to him?”

As often with most young ladies at the desk, she just pointed to the elevator “Second floor, fifth office on your left” and then went back to her magazine.

Kate entered the elevator and leant back against the cool steel of the walls. Focusing her thoughts, collecting herself, her mind. As the doors opened she knew that she had to make this work.

The heels of her shoes clicked along the corridor as she counted five doors on her left; knocking lightly she entered to find that it was an open plan lay out with several workers in. “Oh shit…I thought he would be by himself” she thought, as she was about to turn heel and run, he walked towards her, smiling with recognition.

“Hi there, can I help?” He ushered her into the corridor.

Leaning kaçak iddaa against the wall, she floundered and failed at everything she had planned, just looking at him she went to get the keys from her bag and dropping it, she bent down to pick it up. Her blouse gaped open once more, this time unintentionally, and as he bent down to help her pick up the contents of her bag, she met his eyes. There was no mistaking the look he gave her; it showed that he liked what he saw very much. Knelt on the floor she handed him his keys, her eyes still meeting his. With no care, she leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth, drawing back, she whispered, “I want you”

He stood smiling and drew her up by the hand, leading her into the office down the corridor. She walked in the room ahead of him, halfway across the room; she stopped and turned to see him locking the door.

All inhibitions lost, she slipped out of the black woollen coat, letting it slide to the floor in a heap. Next the skirt fell to the floor and she stepped from it. Her legs clad in fine black stockings, holding his gaze as he watched her, she began to undo each button of the blouse, revealing that she was not wearing any panties and with just her red bra to cover her large firm breasts. What a sight she made, stood there in lace hold up stockings, black patent high heels and nothing else but a shiny smooth red bra. His eyes followed then length of her body, stopping to look at her neatly trimmed triangle of fur and then at her breasts. His heart was racing, his thoughts going wild, but one thing he knew was that this wasn’t about mind now, the growing hardness in his pants assured him of that.

Kate was lost now, so long she had dreamt of this day that everything she wanted just led her through what she should do, walking backwards to the desk, pulling her self up, her bare bottom sat on the smoothness of the varnished surface. Holding his gaze still as he stood with his back against the door, she parted her legs, they hung from the edge, and leaning back she showed herself completely to him, her pink moistness clearly evident to him. Trailing her fingers down from her breasts to her fur in walking movements she began to tease and play with the small pink bud of her clit. His gasp, made her smile to herself. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but as he strode across the room his hands slipped his belt undone and loosened his pants, freeing his hardness. Stopping to gaze at this curvy woman before him, all thoughts of reason went from kaçak bahis him and he knelt down, and began to tongue her, long slow strokes, he raised her feet and rested them on his shoulders, his mouth cherishing the sweetness of this stranger. Kate lay there on the desk, writhing and whimpering at his wet tongues explorations. Delving deep into her sex with his tongue, he trailed his fingers over her, his thumb rubbing at her clit, and then moving his face away from her sex he thrust two fingers hard into her. Her moan of delight caught him with wonder, and he continued to thrust them into her, watching her body move in time with his hand. His hard cock could take no more. Standing, he guided the pulsing head to her wetness, rubbing it in the sweet juices of her pussy and then with the same urgency of his fingers he began to thrust into her.

Lifting her knees so that she had a foot planted either side of her bottom; he pumped into her like he had never taken a woman before. Each thrust became more hungry more lustful, balancing himself by holding on to her knees, he began to slow a little, as this woman before him, clenched the walls of her sex tight around him, her eyes shut with total delight as if all her dreams had come true. Leaning forward he undid the front clasp of the bra and allowed her tits to fall free, his hand caressing their fullness. He moved his mouth to the large nipples and started to suck and nibble on them, as his thrusts began to increase in speed, and hardness. Rising back up he rutted her like she had never been taken before. Her gasps and moans of pleasure drove him on further faster, harder. Just as her orgasm took over her and soaked him he came with her, his seed spurting deep into her velvety wetness. Flopping over her he kissed at her naval and listened to her fast deep breathing and the beat of her speeding heart.

They only lay like that for a moment more. Stepping back, almost ashamed of what he had done, at how he had allowed this seduction, bewitching to take place, he did up his trousers and tidied himself up. Kate sat up and looked at him, her face and body flushed with her joy. She lowered her eyes, ashamed, shocked that she had followed a simple fantasy through. Gathering her clothes and dressing quickly, she ran to the door. His hand reached out to grab her. “Wait…wait, I don’t even know your name” His hand held her arm firmly.

Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a card and pushed it into his hand and unlocked the door before running from the room. Just simply stated on the card was her name, on the back two phone numbers, and a small message.

Thank you, love Kate xxx

Shaking his head, he walked back to the office; his mind was not on the work that afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32