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Tom called late one Wednesday afternoon. He expected to know something about my case the next week, he said.

In the meantime, he wondered if I might like to drop by on Saturday afternoon to watch the big college football game. I jumped at the chance.

Watching the game on Tom’s drive-in movie screen would be better than on my own TV, but in my mind’s eye, I pictured myself on the floor between his legs, working his dick into my throat as the game played behind me. And if Jess might join in with her vibrating Feeldoe in my bottom … Well, the thought of that had me stroking myself until I came all over the underside of my desk.

On Saturday, I pulled on my blue T-shirt emblazoned with the name of one of the teams playing that day and drove over to Tom and Jess’ place about 30 minutes before kickoff. There were about a dozen cars parked on the street around thier house, which dashed my hopes for a private party.

Tom opened the door and the first thing I saw was the bright red shirt with the logo of the other team playing that day.

“If I had known you were going to wear that awful thing, I wouldn’t have invited you,” he jokingly said as I stepped inside.

Tom’s living room was full with the elite of our town, including Henry Jones, the school board president. Henry’s blue shirt matched mine and as he shook my hand, I was thinking about the big cock that Jess had described in his pants.

I grabbed a beer from the cooler beside the snack table set up in the dining room. As I turned to head back toward the living room, I nearly ran over Jess, who was carrying a tray of cold cuts into the room.

She was wearing a short mini-skirt, heels and a tight V-neck T-shirt that showed off her curves wonderfully.

I apologized and asked if there was anything I could do to help her finish getting the food out.

“No,” she said. “But I do have something else you can do for me.”

Jess led me away from the growing party and back toward the bedroom she shared with her husband.

She shut the door behind me as I walked into their bedroom.

“Take off your pants,” she said.

“Jess, there is a house full of people not 30 feet from where we are standing,” I said, the panic clear in my voice. “Is this really a good idea?”

The look in her face said it all. I reluctantly complied.

“Give me your underwear,” she said.

I didn’t bother to argue and soon I was standing in Tom and Jess’ bedroom naked from the waist down. I was scared someone would walk in any second, but that didn’t stop my cock from starting to stir.

Jess turned and fished something out of a dresser drawer.

“Put these on,” she said.

Jess handed me a pair of pink satin hiphugger style panties.

“I want you to wear these today,” she said. “I want you to feel the pretty fabric between your legs as you sit and watch the game with the other men.”

I started to protest. Jess wouldn’t hear it.

“I’m not asking,” she said. “I’m telling you. Put them on.”

I did as I had been told. As I was adjusting the panties around my half-hard dick, Jess lifted her skirt to show me her underwear, a small thong that barely covered her pussy. The color matched my panties exactly.

“Look,” she said. “We are almost twins.”

After I got my pants back on, we rejoined the party, but Jess didn’t stay long. She announced that we men were on our own and that she was headed out for a day of shopping. I didn’t look, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one staring at her ass as she walked out the door.

The first half of the game lived up to the hype. Leading 14-7 late in the second quarter, my team forced a fumble which lead to a touchdown and a 21-7 halftime lead.

While the others were hitting the can and the snack table, Tom motioned for me to follow him. He led me the opposite direction from what his wife had earlier, down illegal bahis the hall toward his home office.

He closed the door behind me as I walked in. I thought he might have some news on my case.

“Some game, huh?” I asked.

“Wanna make the second half more interesting?” Tom asked as he motioned for me to take a seat on the couch.

I asked what he had in mind as I watched him go behind his desk and shuffle through a drawer.

“How about heads or tails?” he asked.

The confused look on my face was obvious.

“If your team wins, you give me head,” he said. “But if my team wins, I get some tail.”

Tom was clearly pleased with his pun, but it didn’t take a genius to see that I won either way. I quickly agreed to the bet.

Tom found what he was looking for and came around the desk, stopping in front of where I was sitting.

“Since I’m already losing by two touchdowns, how about a little preview of what I’m going to win?” he said.

My dick stiffened in my pants and pushed against the satin panties. The feel of the feminine fabric sliding past my skin only made my cock harder.

I scooted forward on the couch as Tom stepped forward. I unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down enough that I could see his cock swelling inside his black boxer briefs. I pulled the front of his underwear down to the base of his shaft, leaving his balls under the elastic band.

The underwear held Tom’s cock against his groin and I leaned in and licked the exposed underside from the base of his shaft to the head. Tom groaned and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me tighter against his erection. I tilted my head and used my lips and tongue to massage his cock, talking long slow passes up and down the shaft.

I had been at it for a few moments when Tom loosened the pressure on my head. I didn’t take my mouth off his dick, but I did opened my eyes and looked up. Tom had been watching me work his dick, I was certain of that.

“We had better get back before someone comes looking for us,” he said.

As Tom started to tuck himself away, I noticed a large bead of precum that had bubbled from his cock. I leaned in and sucked it into my mouth, savoring the taste as we returned to the others and the game.

Tom’s team scored on the first possession of the half and again as the third quarter was coming to a close. Only 15 minutes of football remained to determine whether I’d get Tom’s load in my belly or my ass.

Before the fourth quarter started, Henry Jones stood and announced he was leaving. He had another engagement, he explained.

The fourth quarter started with a bang, as the teams traded touchdowns. My team had the ball late in the game driving toward a game-winning score, but a fumble gave Tom’s team the ball with about a minute to play. A long pass completion set them up on the 35-yard line with a few seconds left on the clock. A field goal as time expired made the game 31-28.

Tom was going to fuck my ass.

I hung around after the game, trying to appear to be helping with clean up, as Tom’s other guests said their good-byes. When they had all left, Tom came back into the living room, where I was half-watching the postgame wrap up.

“Ready to pay up?” he said with a grin.

“Hell, yes,” I said.”I was wondering if everyone was ever going to leave.”

Tom walked over to the cooler and grabbed a beer.

“If you don’t mind, I’d love to get your dick in my mouth first,” I called to him. “I didn’t really get to give you a proper blowjob earlier.” “I love the way you suck my dick,” he said. “Why would I ever say no?”

When he returned to the couch, Tom took off his pants and boxer briefs before sitting beside me. My cock was starting to stir and I wasted no time getting between his legs.

I licked the head for just a second, before pushing his cock into my mouth. I let him rub against the roof of my mouth as he came illegal bahis siteleri to full hardness.

Tom moaned his approval as I let all but the head of his cock slip from my mouth before I plunged back down, doing my best to not touch his shaft until I closed my lips around the base of his dick.

I sucked in gently and used my tongue to massage the underside of his shaft. Tom grabbed the back of my head and held me in place as his dick leaked into the back of my throat.

Tom loosened his grip and as I slowly let his cock slip from my throat, he pushed me away.

“You better quit that before I blow my load in your mouth,” he said. “I won your ass fair and square and I intend to fuck it properly. Get undressed.”

He stood and walked toward his bedroom, and I shucked my shirt and pants. In my quest to get Tom’s dick in my mouth, I had forgotten about the panties Jess had put me in. I didn’t remember them until Tom walked in, a bottle of lube in his hand and his erection leading the way.

“Those are cute,” he said.

“Your wife made me put them on after I got here,” I said. “Maybe she knew you’d try to get in my pants.”

“I’m about to get in that ass,” he said. “Get up on the couch and bend over.”

I felt the satin stretch across my ass as I let my forehead rest on the back cushions of the couch. Tom ran his hand across my pantied behind before pulling the fabric down just past my ass.

I shivered as he squeezed the cold lube in between my cheeks. He pushed his dick into my crack and rubbed it back and forth, getting his shaft slick. When his dick head made contact with my rosebud, I let out a moan.

“I’m not sure which one of us enjoys himself more,” he said.

Tom kept at it, rubbing his dick in my crack and pushing gently at my hole on every pass. I needed the lube, but I wanted him inside me, so I pushed back at his cock when it was near my hole.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Tom’s cock head caught on the edge of my hole and with a slight push back, I forced it past my outer anal muscle and into my ass.

We moaned simultaneously.

Tom buried his dick inside me, pausing when he was fully impaled to let us both enjoy the sensation. He slowly pulled out my ass making a wet pop when his cock left me empty.

He pushed back inside me with a quick, short stroke before pulling completely out again. The expansion and contraction of my sphincter as he fucked me had me moaning and grunting with every stroke. My dick, still encased in the bunched up panties Tom had shoved aside, was now rock hard.

I’d never been fucked doggy-style before and I missed being able to see his cock fill my behind, but the way he was pressuring my prostate more than made up for it. It wasn’t a minute or two before my panties were wet from all the pre-cum Tom was literally fucking out of me.

“Jerk your dick,” he said, pushing his shaft fully into my ass.

The panties — tight to begin with — were impossible to remove from my position I gripped my cock through the material as Tom increased the pace of the deep stroking he was giving me.

“I’m going to cum,” I said with a moan. “Fuck me. Give me that dick.Oh, shit, give me that dick!”

Tom’s fingers dug into the side of my hips and the front of his thighs slapped against the back of mine as he banged my ass with all he had. My orgasm ripped through me and I let out as yell, filling Jess’s panties with my load. When my ass clamped down on Tom’s cock, it pushed him over the edge and with one final plunge, he filed my ass with cum.

“Oh, fuck,” he yelled. “Take that dick. Fucking take it.”

Tom stayed buried in my bottom as long as his shrinking cock and his weak legs would allow before pulling out and flopping on the couch beside me. I stayed ass-up, bent over the couch trying to catch my breath and get my bearings.

A small trickle of cum ran down my ass canlı bahis siteleri and onto the panties. I reached back and pulled them up before rolling over and sitting on the couch.

“I have to say, I love fucking your ass,” Tom said. “I would never tell Jess, but it’s better than any pussy I’ve ever had.”

I wore Jess’ panties home under my clothes. The beer and the sex had left me exhausted and I shucked everything but my sticky undies and crashed on the couch.

I’m not sure how long I slept. I awoke with a start to Jess standing over me, gently shaking my shoulder.

“I knocked, but you didn’t answer,” she said. “The door was open, so I let myself in.”

I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

“Looks like you had fun,” she said.

I looked down at the panties Jess had put me in hours before. The stretched out fabric was covered in the front with my dried ejaculate and I’m certain that a mix of lube and Tom’s jizz was visible through the back.

I told her briefly of my bet with her husband and the payoff after. Jess had a little grin on her face as I told her how Tom had made me wear the panties even as he sodomized me.

“Well, I didn’t get my panties off, either,” she said. “Henry met me at that little motel out by the mall and I rode his big dick for an hour with my panties pushed to the side.”

Just as she had hours earlier, Jess lifted her skirt. Her pink panties clung to her skin, darker than I remembered them as her afternoon’s activities had left them wet.

“Do you want to lick it?” she asked. “Do you want to eat Henry’s load from my pussy?”

I nodded my head, but never took my eyes off her panties.

“I’ll give you his cum, but you have to do something for me,” she said.

Jess shimmied out of her skirt and pulled off her shirt to reveal a demi-cup bra that matched her pink panties. She stepped in front of me, grabbing the back of my head and pulling my face into her soaking crotch.

“I hope you liked wearing those panties today, because you’ll be in them again soon,” she said.

Her cunt reeked of sex. As she rubbed her panty-covered pussy in my face, the smell grew stronger and her once damp underwear was soon soaked through. I used my tongue to push the fabric into her slit before sucking gently at her clit.

As I played between her legs Jess explained what she had planned for me. While riding Henry’s cock, she’d promised him the best blow job of his life. But he had to do exactly as she instructed.

Jess told him she knew the best cocksucker in town, but that “she” was very shy. If Henry wanted his dick sucked, he’d have to wear a blindfold and keep his hands to himself.

Despite being balls-deep in Jess’ velvet snatch, Henry had some concerns. Fucking Jess was risky enough, but letting a strange “woman” in on his secret was more than just a bit worrisome. Jess assured him of her friend’s mutual need for discretion.

“And since you are the cocksucker who Henry thinks is a woman, you’ll be wearing these panties,” Jess said.

She pushed me away from her wet crotch.

“Lay back,” she said.

Jess peeled off her wet underwear and squatted over my face. As she settled in, a large glob of cum dripped onto my face. She was sitting high enough on my face that I could lick her ass, so I swiped my tongue across her rosebud, eliciting a moan.

“I can’t wait to see Henry’s dick in your mouth,” she said, pushing her clit against the tip of my nose.

I let my tongue slip from where I had been pushing at her asshole across her perineum and into her pussy.

“That’s it, clean me out,” Jess said with a moan.

I tried to keep my tongue buried in her hole as she banged her clit harder and faster against my face. When she came, her knees squeezed the side of my head and her spasming snatch trapped my tongue.

She stayed there for a moment, catching her breath and collecting herself. When she climbed off of me, she dressed quickly, leaving her wet thong laying on the floor.

She looked at my panties, tented by my erection as she walked to the door.

“Wash my panties when you wash yours,” she said. “By hand, please. They’re delicate.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32