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Saturday night, While I was working late, Amy called and asked if wanted to get together later for drinks. I said heck yeah since it had been so long since the last time we did that. Well Amy showed up at my work just before I was supposed to get off and as luck would have it I was stuck working even later than I should have. Since it was so late she suggested that we go to my place to drink. Once there, we both got a drink and I fired up my computer so I could check my email. I asked Amy if she had ever gotten a computer yet and she said no but that she and her husband play around on his brother’s every now and then when they visited him. I asked if she ever looked at any of the porn sites with her husband. She looked a little embarrassed and said she had seen a little but she was not really sure if she wanted to. She knew her husband did. She then asked if I looked at those things on my computer. I told her that I was a typical guy and of course I did. I finished checking my email and asked if she wanted to learn some things about the computer. She jumped up from the sofa and said she did.

We surfed around showing her some of the thing that could be found and the internet. After a while, Amy got up to get us both a couple of more drinks and when she returned I noticed that her nipples were erect and straining against her bra and shirt. I thought she might be thinking about the adult web sites and I clicked open on of my favorites. I casually told her that if she ever decided to go to those sites with her husband she would most likely enjoy it. I told her whatever kind of sex she liked, could be found. Amy moved up against me at the desk as if she did not want to miss a thing. I asked her what she liked or what she would like to she. She said she did not care and to just show her whatever. I clicked through page after page of pictures showing just about everything. I watched her as she looked and noticed she would really pay close attention to the ones showing a woman who had a dick in her mouth. Amy was almost in my lap as she looked at the pictures.

After awhile my cock was hurting real bad. It was turning sideways a little and since it was hard as a rock it began to hurt. I could not stand it any longer and had to adjust myself. I stood up and grabbed myself through the jeans and moved it around until it felt a little better. Not once since I have known Amy have I ever made any advancement toward her sexually, especially since she was married. We had always talked about sex in general terms with each other but never even flirted. So I apologized for the crudeness of what I had to do. Amy smiled at me and said it was ok with her that I could take my jeans illegal bahis off and just relax. She knew from her husband that it could be a painful thing. I told her that I probably should not do that. We returned to surfing and I asked her if she thought she might like reading erotica. I told her that I had written some short stories and wondered if she would like to read any of them. She said that she had never read a dirty story before and if it was one I had written then she wanted to check it out.

I decided on a particular story that I had written about a woman I met at the swimming pool where I live. Amy read the story as I followed along. As she read I noticed that she would squirm in her seat every now and then and that her face would blush more than normal. After she finished reading I asked her what she though of it. She had a huge smile on her face and commented that she really liked it. She asked if she could read some more of my stories and of course I said yes. As she began to read the next one I noticed that one of her hands were in her lap and pressed against her pussy. I knew she wanted to get to her pussy and relieve herself. Knowing she would be shy about openly doing that I stood again and cursed my painful erection. I told Amy that I was hurting again and wished I could take my jeans off so it would not hurt any more. Amy looked up at me like never before. I could see the lust in her eyes as she if I wanted and needed to take them off then do it. I commented that I would be embarrassed and did not want her to think I was some kind of pervert to sit next to her butt naked. She had an evil grin on her face and said that if it would make me comfortable she would do the same thing by taking her shorts off. I said only if she was ok with doing that would I.

Amy stood up and took her shorts and panties off. Placing her hands on hers hips she looked at me as if saying “your turn”. I took mine off and we sat back down so she could finish reading. I sat back in my chair so that my cock would tilt straight up in the air as she read. I knew she was checking it out because I could see her head turn just a bit as she looked out the side of her eyes. I would lean forward again to raise the page for the next paragraph for her. Then I noticed her hand back in her lap and firmly in place over her pussy. I could feel my pre-cum dripping from my swollen cock and reached down to wipe it away. I looked over and noticed Amy had seen me do that. Her eyes were locked on to my dick. I told her that I guess she liked my penis from the way she was looking at it and asked if she wanted to touch and feel it. “You wouldn’t mind?” she asked. “Hell no!” If fact I would illegal bahis siteleri love to feel your hand on me and your fingers wrapped around it”.

Amy reached over and touched the sponge like head and spread my pre-cum around the entire mushroom shape. I moaned lightly as she used her index finger down my shaft and back up again. After she became familiar with it I asked her to grab hold and jack me off a little. She did as I requested and soon was using both hands on me. One was playing with my balls as the other grasped me tight and was moving up and down. I wanted her to see how wonderful this was so I stood and leaned my ass against the computer desk and told her to sit in my chair in front of me and to continue. When she started again she used only one hand as her other lay still on her pussy opening. I could see her wetness escaping between her fingers and asked her to play with her own pussy for me. I wanted to see her fingers glide in and out of her tunnel and even watch her tease her clit. As soon as her fingers delved inside her she groaned slightly. I knew she was enjoying herself. I was about to cum but wanted more so I told her to lean back in the chair and to use both hands on herself.

Amy used her fingers from one hand to spread her pussy lips wide open as she pushed two fingers from her other hand down her slit and into her pussy. She pushed them as far in as she could and then withdrew them. Her fingers were so wet that I though she must have cum already. Gently she pushed in again and pulled them out over and over again, faster and faster she went. She started moaning louder and louder and bit down on her lower lip as her first orgasm shuddered through her body. She began to shake wildly as she held her fingers still inside of herself. She looked up from her daze and said she had never fucked herself before and that when she saw one of the porno clips I downloaded, for her to see, she wanted to try it. Amy sat back up and wrapped both of her wet hands around my cock and began to stroke me again.

A moment later Amy lowered her head towards my crotch and licked the small opening on the head of my cock. She kissed and licked my entire blood engorged head before she opened her mouth wide and slid me in. Her mouth was so hot and wet that I thought I would shot a load right then. But, she held still and just sucked my head so hard that I thought it was going to come off. After a little of this, she forced her head down further onto my cock and could feel myself entering her throat. Just as slow as she went down she pulled me back out. Again she took me deep in her mouth but this time faster. I could feel her teeth slightly scrape my canlı bahis siteleri head with each thrust and her tongue sliding back and forth across my shaft. I watched her head move up and down, bobbing, on my so very hard dick. I was moaning hard and knew I was nearing the end as my own orgasm built deep inside me. Suddenly I could not contain my urge any longer and exploded in her mouth. When the first jet of cum hit the back of her throat she moaned loudly. The vibration sent a signal to my prick to shoot again but harder this time. I could see that after several streams of cum pulsing into her; that some began to escape from around the sides of her lips. She was swallowing as hard and fast as she could but to no avail. Once my cock finished jerking she pulled her lips away and wiped the remaining cum from around her mouth.

I took her hands and lifted her from the chair and led her to my bedroom where she laid down on her back in the center of my bed. Amy raised her knees and spread her legs wide as I moved between them. My cock was still hard as a rock and I wanted to fuck her so much. I pressed my dick at the opening of her pussy and slid in with such easy. She was still so wet that nothing prevented my insertion. I could feel every inch of her tunnel walls as I delved deep into her. Once I was completely in I raised her legs and pushed down on the back of her knees to make her feet point towards the headboard behind her. I knew I was as deep as I could go. Amy moaned and said that her husband had never been so deep in her as I was now. I began to withdraw from her warm pussy until the tip of my dick was barely inside her and then thrust down hard. I moved faster and faster, pounding her pussy harder and harder. Amy was screaming now from the rush of pleasure she was receiving. Begging me to fuck her over and over again. I felt her pussy tighten and a gush of her own warm cum swirl around my prick. That feeling and her screaming for me to fuck her made my whole body become numb as I tensed for the impending orgasm I was about to have. I soon came and could feel her pussy flexing with every shot of sperm that hit to back of her pussy.

We both relaxed and for the first time kissed. She forced her tongue into my mouth and fought to feel every bit of my own tongue. We kissed hard and long not really wanting it to stop. After awhile, Amy looked at the clock and exclaimed how late it was and that she was going to be in trouble once she got home. She quickly dressed and kissed me again as she literally ran out the door. A couple of hours later my phone rang and it was Amy. She said she got home and her husband was mad as hell cause she was out so late. But she said she decided to finger fuck herself again in front of him and he forgot about how late it was. They fucked for awhile and then he went to sleep. She thanked me for a really fun time and hoped we do it again soon. Me too I said and hung up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32