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Alex Grey

( just a small story wrote for fun to pass the time, and ponder life from the other side of the street.)

They called me a whore.

They said I was a slut.

That I was a destroyer of happy homes.

How happy could their homes have been when their husband was spending his hard earned money to pay me to give him a blowjob? To bend me over and take me as hard as his small dick self could.

Doesn’t sound very happy.

It started when I was just out of school. There had been a rumor at school, the whole time I was there, that I was a slut. That I would do anything in anyway that it could be done.

I don’t know who started it.

Fact was I was a virgin till well after the prom gown went back to the rental place.

The one my Auntie works at. That’s how I got the dress.

We were poor. They also said that about me. I can’t say that I ever went hungry, or that I didn’t have a floor under my feet, a roof over my head or a pillow to sleep on. No I had those. Food, floor, roof, pillow. Really what more do you truly need when you’re a child?

Mom and Dad? Yea I had those too.

Dad I almost never saw. He worked nightshift at a plant that made electric motors. He was a coil winder. He worked overtime whenever he could get it, which was often, so…not really there for most of my young life. Oh he was there for Christmas and birthdays but to just sit and talk to…No.

Mom? Well lets say if it didn’t happen in front of her she didn’t care about it. In fact if it didn’t happen either on General Hospital or the Guiding Light she could really and truly not give a damn about it.

And I wasn’t cast for those shows.

So there I was a whore in name if not in fact and up walks the captain of the football team. The man ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ from my whole damn senior class. I hadn’t seen him since we walked with cap and gown to get our little roll of vellum.

His name was William. William bahis firmaları Corbin. He was going to college on a football scholarship.

I was putting in applications at “Would you like fries with that” type places.

He was having to decide on what school would pay him the most under the table.

I was wondering if I could manage to buss tables.

At first I thought that he was waving to someone else, then I realized it was me. I waved back.

So up he walked. The guy that most of the cheerleaders masturbated thinking about. He walked up with this goofy grin.

And offers me twenty bucks for a blowjob!

I had been two second from jacking his jaw around to the back of his head when it hit me. Hit me harder in fact than I had been about to hit him.

Why not?

I mean seriously…why not? Half the girls I went to school with would have begged him to let them do it and here he was asking me to do it for money. For money!

Well okay I’ll admit twenty bucks isn’t that much but hey twenty bucks is twenty bucks. Right?

So… sure. Why not. I mean I had never given head before but I figured if the bubble headed blond bimbets from the ‘soon to be sorority sisters’ could manage too do it… how the fuck hard could it be.

Anyway I followed him over to where he had his van parked. We crawled in the back and he asked if I would take my top off while I did it.

“Sure, five extra.”

And the dumb fucker paid it. He was willing to pay five-dollar just to see a girl that’s barely a B cup.

Anyway back to the cock sucking…or cocksucker either way you want to look at it.

I unzip him and slip his pants down a bit. I rolled back a pair of tighty whites and out pops Mr. Happy.

Okay I’ve seen a cock before. I mean pictures of them I’ve watched Internet porn over at a friend’s house. I’m wasn’t totally innocent. I must say though that the one thing all those images failed to bring kaçak iddaa across…the fact that they smell.

But you know. It was not all that bad after I got use to it. I mean sure it wasn’t roses and vanilla but there is a masculine scent to one that’s not… terrible. Why else do they sell ‘Musk’ cologne and perfumes?

We’re attracted too it.

To me? Well his smelled like money. Okay, well pee and money.

Leaning forward I decided to do it like a Band-Aid. Quick so it doesn’t hurt too much. I opened wide and down he went. Then when the gagging stopped I decided to try it a bit slower.

Funny, I knew it was going to be hard. I mean it’s called a hard-on after all. I guess…I didn’t really put two and two together to get four. Anyway I started to just try different things to see what worked best. Licking sucking, even nibbling. He started protesting like hell when I did that.

Fuck him! I’m the one getting paid to suck this cock. He can shut the fuck up and just moan.

Which was about all he’s did from the very first gag. That and tell me how good I was at it.

Really? Really? Okay… anyway…. yea.

So somewhere about five minutes into this, up and down bobbing, his hand comes to rest on my head. The fingers strong, the palm a hot place in my hair. He was moaning, begging, all but crying like a baby over me doing so little of a thing.

Yes that was a pun about the size of his penis. It’s a good thing he can throw a football cause he would never make it in porn.

Up, down, round and a round. You know if you’re really not into the sex your doing it’s kind of boring. Oh well they don’t call this a ‘Blow Fun Vacation’ after all.

Then his hand tightened on my head and…


Okay…maybe need to ask thirty next time. Runny egg whites that taste sort of bleachy not on the top of my list.

He’s then thanking me like I’ve just saved the President from assassination. kaçak bahis He pays me, says he will be seeing me just as soon as he can get more money together.

Oh and could he maybe fuck me next time?

“Sure, but that’s a hundred.” I say smiling as I put the twins back up.

“Really? Mind if I lets some friends of mine know about you?” he asks.

“Why would I mind?” I winked at him and get out the van.

So anyway that’s how my first summer after high school began. With me going to buy a soda to get the taste out my mouth and then to the local clinic to get on the pill.

If I had know that I was in for a two-hour lecture about STDs I would have just gone and gotten condoms.

Which would have been a waste. He brought one with him. So did his friends.

So they called me a whore? The girls I went to school with.

They’re pregnant. With two already under foot they can’t take care of. They have a huge house to have to clean. They have a ‘loving husband’ that goes out drinking with his friends every night and watches sports channel while he bitching about the dinner they had to cook.

They called me a whore and a slut?

Their ‘loving husband’ wants to fuck them so much that they finally get tired of sex and stop letting him. Bored and frustrated they turn to soap operas and romance novels to find the Mr. Perfect they thought their husband was going to be.

And the horny husband grabs up his wallet and comes to find…me.

Happy home wrecker?

Well…if they want to call it that then yea…. I guess I’ve wrecked a few.

I mean after all…by the end of that first summer I was making about five grand a month fucking their husbands and boyfriends

That’s a lot of jumbo flat screen Blue Ray compatible high definition TVs they will never get to sit in front of and watch As The World Turns, or Housewives of Atlanta on.

So call me a whore.

See if I fucking care.

Oh by the way…tell your husband thank you for the diamond earrings he got me. They looked so nice with the new dress I just bought…with your oldest son’s graduation money.

I hope you had a happy life…cunt.

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