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Sunlight was starting to break into our bedroom through the mostly curtained window, a small amount of light, but nonetheless one that manages to stir my sleep and make my eyes open ever so slightly, and I’m so happy that they do.

I see you laying there beside me, your eyes closed and your body relaxed, one of my arms still under, and your hand is on my bare chest gently.

I lean over and gently kiss your forehead lovingly, smiling down at you.

I look over at the bedside clock and see that it’s a quarter to seven, and that I should start getting ready got work soon, but I also don’t want to leave the bed, it’s so cosy and warm under the covers with you, and I just want to close my eyes again and fall back asleep.

I have to shake my head of those thoughts, carefully reach over to turn off my alarm clock, about two minutes before it’s supposed to ring, and then I carefully try to slide out of bed without waking you up.

I do so successfully and then slowly scamper through the room, seeing myself in the landscape mirror next to the bed, and I stand in front of the closet, still in the darkness, knowing exactly where to reach to grab what I need, my suit, underwear, and a tie, not knowing which colour anything is, but I was always awful at matching them up anyways so it didn’t matter.

I look back at you, smiling a little, your features barely lit by the light breaking through into the room, but still you were so endlessly beautiful, and I just stand there, rooted in place, taken by you, by how lucky I am to have you, to share this bed with you.

I smile and shake my head finally to break out of it, and head into the bathroom, closing the door behind me, and finally being able to turn on the light in here.

I relieve myself of my boxers that I sleep in, throwing them into the laundry basket, and set my clothes down on the far counter before I start the water, letting it warm up and meanwhile I go to brush my teeth.

I look in the mirror as I do so, my beard is long and scruffy, but my hair at least is groomed at least.

I spit out and quickly wash my mouth before I head into the shower.

I close the glass door of the shower behind me, and the bathroom was starting to steam up due to the warm water, so easily the glass door was getting steamy too.

I sigh as the warm water hit my body, soaking my skin in a relaxing fashion.

My eyes close as I feel my hair dampen and relax, and quickly I start lathering shampoo into it.

I wash my body, starting to apply soap everywhere, and in all this sneaking around, I failed to notice that my morning erection was still largely taking place.

It makes me shiver slightly when my hand touches my rough hardness and I bite my lip deeply, starting to apply soap down there too, up and down all along my shaft, down at the base, and even lower at the balls even.

My eyes close as I start stroking up and down, the soap making it only that much easier to do so, and images of you start to flash in my head, your body, our intimacy, everything was just going through my mind as I begin to slowly stroke myself, warm water hitting my back, my eyes closed still, and under my breath I moan your name lowly.

And that all breaks when I hear a voice answering me back “Yes Leon? illegal bahis Did you say my name?” You answer, you are standing there, in a lace black bra with beautiful texture to it and a little bow and crystal in the middle, and matching black panties with a small bow and crystal.

Your arms are crossed at the chest as you look at me, and I’m unable to read your expression due to the steam covering the glass door of the shower, but I’m sure you know exactly what I’m doing.

I almost fall off my feet when I hear you talk, taking me completely by surprise, I had no idea you were in here, and more than that you just caught me in such an embarrassing act. I quickly unhand myself down there and instead I use both of hands to cover myself out of instinct, but that made no sense, we were married.

I try to clear my throat, my face going completely red, and not because of the hot water.

“Oh.. good morning baby, I was just.. uhh, you know, I was just grabbing a shower before work and I didn’t want to wake you up, so yeah” I mumble quietly, and look at you through the steamy glass door, which definitely didn’t help my length, that twitched at the sight of you.

“Oh? You were just grabbing a shower? It looked like you were grabbing a bit more than that, no?” You ask in your sweet voice, sounding so innocent and pure, it made me smile slightly out of embarrassment as I quickly look down and see my hardened state, biting my lip shyly.

“Well.. uh, yes, maybe, you know how the mornings get sometimes and I just have to do it, or it’ll drive me crazy all day at work, plus you just popped into my head so there was no way out of it” I say in a quiet shy voice, and when I look back up at you, your bra and panties were missing, your breasts were uncovered to me completely, your little pink nipples out on display. Your legs were closed, so I couldn’t exactly see down there, but a shiver went through my entire body when I see you, naked in front of me.

You didn’t make anything of it, you acted completely innocent, like nothing happened whatsoever, your arms still crossed at your chest and your eyes fixed on me.

“Well, we certainly don’t want you going crazy at work do we now?” You ask me innocently, your wide brown eyes looking up at mine, and I just mumble something incoherently under my breath while looking at your naked form in front of me.

It never ceased to amaze me, no matter how many times I see your body, I am always just completely stunned by how perfect it is.

The skin smooth and pale, your breasts perfect, everything about you really is just perfect.

“Well go on, continue what you were doing, I don’t want to stop you, you can’t go crazy at work can you?” You add, opening the glass door into the shower and joining me inside, but you stay a little away from me, and instead go right under the water, letting it trickle down and soak your skin, making it shine beautifully, turning around so you’re with your back to me, I bite my lip and can’t help but look down at your bum, my length again twitching involuntarily when I see that sight.

I try and say something again but I can’t manage to form my thoughts into a sentence, my hands at my sides.

“Baby go on! You said you have to do it, so just go on and do it, don’t mind illegal bahis siteleri me, I’m just going to wash up quickly” you say, and I know how much you’re teasing me right now, you pick up the soap bottle and get a good amount in your hands, rubbing them together before you start applying it all over your body, starting at your breasts, working them over, down your stomach, and then eventually to your legs, bending over purposely, so your bum barely grazes over my length, seeing you look back at me, giving me that innocent, wide eyed gaze.

This drives me completely crazy over you, feeling my legs almost shake by this display of yours, knowing perfectly you were doing all of this just to drive me crazy over you.

I groan lowly and come up behind you, grabbing your sides and pulling you close to me, my chest pressed against your back and my stiffness against your bum, pressing into you.

“I have a much better idea now that you’re here babe, instead of doing it myself, I could bend you right here in the shower and take you from behind, that should keep me satisfied until after work” I growl into your ear, my hands slowly moving up your body, from your side, all the way up to your breasts, each one grabbing one, and squeezing it firmly in my hands, pulling you into my body, starting to nibble on your earlobe teasingly.

“That’s a much better plan” I groan into your ear and slowly let my tongue out, licking across your earlobe before swirling my tongue inwards, becoming more and more aggressive with my tongue, using it to just cover every inch of your tongue, pushing it against you, while with my hands I find your nipples easily, still covered in soap, but that doesn’t stop me from pulling on them sharply, a little punishment for that teasing earlier, pushing my waist forward to grind my length against you.

“Get your hands back and start stroking it” I groan into your ear and pinch your nipples, pulling on them until they’re completely hard for me.

I move us slightly so you’re under the water, so the soap washes away from your breasts.

I feel your hands reach around, still soapy, and they find a hold of me, and with slow movements they start to shift up and down my length, the soap making it much easier too, making me groan into your ear and start flicking your nipples up and down slowly under the warm water current.

“Just like that baby, keep doing exactly that” I encourage you, hearing the small sweet moans escape from your lips as I pleasure your nipples, going a little bit faster with my movements, as do you with your hands.

“Do you think I should use my mouth on those pretty little nipples baby? Suck on them?” I tease you and start biting my way down your earlobe and to your neck, biting it and leaving dark marks after me, still standing behind you, but I could easily reach down to the sides of your neck to mark them.

I feel your hands tremble slightly, and then pick up the pace more, stroking with intent now.

After I leave my fresh marks on your neck I finally turn you around to face me, and I lock our lips deeply and passionately, pinning you against the wall roughly and without warning, my hands still very much pleasuring your nipples and your hands don’t dare leave my length, although one does slip canlı bahis siteleri down lower, and cups the balls, slowly and carefully squeezing them.

We kiss roughly and deeply, our tongues wrestling and biting each other’s lips, but in the end I break contact to bite down your body again, down your neck and collarbone, all the way down to your needing and stimulated breasts, I place my lips over your right nipple and suck on it harshly, using my teeth to pull back on it without warning, hearing you wince in pain for a moment, just to remind you I’m in charge here.

But then I start using my tongue, flicking it up and down over your nipple, using my finger on the other one to do exactly the same, sucking on your nipples, switching between them, your moans building up louder and louder.

I feel like you’re about to orgasm, so I decide to make it much sweeter by grabbing the shower head with my free hand, lower it down between your legs, turn it to the highest setting, and just let it pound against your clit, knowing how much pleasure and stimulation it gives you when I do that, and indeed within seconds of flicking your nipples extremely fast with my tongue and finger, and using the water current in a creative way, I hear you moan loudly, almost screaming that you’re going to orgasm, and that’s the sweetest sound of all.

A few moments after you orgasm I take the water current away, stand up straight and put it back in its place, you are still breathing heavily and moaning under your breath, wrapping your arms around my neck.

“Don’t think I forgot what I said earlier baby” I whisper quietly, sliding both my hands onto your perfect bum, and I slap it a couple times under the water.

When you take a few seconds to catch your breath, I turn you back around, and like I said bend you over, letting you grab onto the hand of the shower head to keep steady.

You feel the tip starting to go up and down your entrance, teasing it, barely entering and then pulling out.

Until finally I push my way inside you deeply, with one strong thrust, followed by a moan of your name, my eyes closing and my head thrown back from the indescribable pleasure of being inside you.

I place my hands on your sides, and slowly start to thrust inside you, building up pace, under the water that hit your back and drip down your bum, that looks so amazing from my point of view, your moans heard all across the bathroom, or maybe the entire house even, hearing you moan my name and other words of encouragement, strings of swear words and curses leave my mouth with each thrust, releasing my aggression into it, taking you hard from behind.

I slide one hand down under you, and use it to start rubbing your clit from side to side furiously, feeling your knees shake and buckle with each thrust, loving seeing you in this situation.

I groan and grab a handful of your wet hair, pulling it back slightly, not harsh, just for the feel of it, my thrusts building up with each of your moans.

I feel my orgasm starting to build up, and just as you moan and scream as you hit yours, you feel me starting to do so as well deep inside you, moaning your name uncontrollably with each thrust, until I completely empty myself inside you.

We both stand there, breathing heavily, until I pull you back up to your feet, and turn you around to me.

“That should hold me until after work” I say cheekily, and kiss your lips lovingly.

“I love you baby” I whisper quietly to you, smiling my usual soft and loving smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32