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I dedicate this story to… who will know it as this is his story in his words. Thank you.

* * * * *

I am a photographer and live alone. I have had my share of sexual encounters but one that stands out happened to me sometime back. Stella is about 23 years old and works at a local coffee shop. I have been going to that same shop daily for almost three years now, so I have gotten to know most of the regular employees fairly well. Anyway, I was having coffee there one day a few months ago. It was a slow day, I was the only one in the shop, and Stella walked over and began to talk with me. Stella had always turned me on and seeing her gave me an immediate erection and I tried to hide the big lump growing in my pants. As she came nearer the lump in my groin grew and I was shifting uncomfortably. That was not unusual; she had done that many times before. Our conversation turned to my work as a photographer. I had recently begun to experiment with digital photography and editing rather than relying entirely on film.

As our conversation progressed, it was clear that Stella had something on her mind, but she appeared uneasy. I sensed her uneasiness and asked why she seemed uncomfortable. “Well, Stan,” she began to explain, “I have been thinking of hiring you to photograph me.” Assuming she wanted a portrait for a resume or perhaps a model portfolio, I told her that I did not have the artistic touch required of a portrait photographer. I do nature shots and technical photography, but when it came to portraits, she would probably do better with any of the other local portrait photographers.

‘No” she commented, “I don’t think they would be interested in doing a photo shoot with me. Not only that, I need to trust the photographer not to distribute my photos without my permission..” I was immediately turned on. I thought to myself maybe she has something naughty on her mind. I immediately adjusted my massive erection and licked my lips in anticipation.

Her comment struck me as odd since no ethical photographer would ever send out a model’s photos without a legally acceptable model release. Though the photos belong to the photographer, the right to use them rests exclusively with the model unless she waives that right by signing a release. After hearing that, she said, “That’s one reason why I want you to take the photos. I know that you will not exploit them. The other reason is that I trust you. You have come in here almost every day for a couple years now, and you have never even made an off-color joke, let alone ever tried to hit on me or any of the other women who work here.” She hesitated, clearly undecided about whether she should tell me more. Finally, she overcame her reluctance and told me her story.

“You may have noticed that I don’t wear particularly revealing clothing.” (I had noticed but had not really given it much thought, probably assuming that her attire reflected conservative religious beliefs or something like that.) She continued, “There are two reasons I want you to photograph me. First, I have more body hair than most people seem to prefer. Some people believe that a woman with body hair is unclean and does not care about her appearance. That’s wrong, but they are entitled to their opinion. Consequently, when I am out in public, I tend to wear clothing that conceals my hair. The second reason is that I am bisexual.” My raging erection was hurting. Did I want to hear anything else. I have always been fascinated and turned on by hirsute women and here was this sexy woman admitting to her excessive hirsuteness.

I must have blushed or shifted in my seat or something, because Stella went on. “Please don’t be embarrassed by my telling you that. I don’t publicly flaunt it, but neither do I hide it from friends whom I trust. And I find that I am even more attracted to a sexual partner who has a great deal of body hair. But, I am getting away from the reason I want you to do my photographs. You see, I would not be the only person in the photos. I have a lover, her name is Maria, and I think you already know her. She works here. Like me, she is bisexual and finds body hair to be attractive if well kept.

I had noticed Maria too and here was Stella telling me that Maria was hairy too. She and I have discussed having you take pictures of us together in some intimate moments. These pictures would just be for our own use. We don’t intend to try and sell them or post them on the Internet, and we certainly don’t want whoever takes our pictures to do that, either. Maria and I are very discrete in our sexual lives together. The shop probably wouldn’t fire us or anything like that, but at the same time, some of our coworkers just could not handle it.”

Stella paused and looked directly at me to see my reaction. “So”, she said, “Will you do it?” “Stella, I am not sure I am the right person for the job,” I told her honestly. (Was that me saying that – “You idiot” I mentally told myself was I giving up this opportunity to see this extremely antalya escort hairy woman and as a bonus her hirsute friend as well). “Since you are a friend and are being so honest and open with me, I think I need to be truthful with you. I get really turned on sexually by hirsute women, particularly women who are as attractive as you and Maria. And like most men, I become highly aroused at the thought of being with two women who are making love to each other. I am just not sure that I could retain my professional composure as a photographer” (That was the real me)!

Stella looked at me briefly and then began to smile. “That’s exactly why both Maria and I want you and no one else to take our photos. You are honest enough to care about how we will feel with you there. Maria and I have discussed this very carefully and thoughtfully, and we are sure you are the right photographer for the job. Please, Stan?”

How could I refuse? I explained my fee schedule, and we agreed on a place and time for the shoot. It would be at Stella’s house. The lighting would be natural or available house lighting, no studio lighting or flashes going off that would distract the women or inhibit their responses to each other.

I prefer natural women, natural in every way, regardless of age, body shape, etc. That’s probably because I am not a perfectly proportioned man, either. I have found that when it comes to enjoying sex with a woman, natural is far preferable to artificial. Neither person has unreasonable expectations that get in the way of mutual pleasure. Having said that, I will tell you a little about Stella and Maria.

As I said before, Stella is about 23. Though she thinks her body is not “full” enough, I will tell you (as I have since told her) that she is a very attractive and sexually exciting woman. The hair on her head is black as is her rather thick arm hair, her underarms, and her pubic and leg hair. Not jet black, but definitely black. She has a beautiful smile and clear white skin. Some would describe her face as pixie-ish.

Maria is 19. She is not lithe, but she is certainly not plump. She has a noticeable black hairline above her mouth, a condition that I find incredibly sexy. She is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 135 pounds. She is not fat, however she is full-framed. She is built like what we would call a farm girl. She also has very dark hair and a beautiful face and smile.

I like both of these women very much, and not just because of their sexiness and hairiness. They are both really pleasant to talk with, intelligent, well-spoken, and very confident in dealing with other people.

Anyway, at the appointed day and time, I rang Stella’s doorbell. Because I would be using available lighting, I had only my digital camera and laptop computer. Stella greeted me and invited me to join her and Maria in the living room. We sat and talked, mainly to relieve any jitters or nervousness that we all shared. Though we knew each other reasonably well in public, this was to be a different setting altogether, so a little nervousness on everyone’s part was completely expected.

Stella and Maria talked to me about their caring for each other. As they talked, and by now at least half an hour had passed, they clearly became more comfortable with my presence. Their words began to be directed to each other rather than to me, and in time, it seemed as if they had forgotten that I was there. (That is, by the way, a condition that every professional photographer hopes for, that his model or models will lose their focus on the camera and the photographer and really get into the photo shoot.)

It was also becoming very apparent that they were becoming sexually aroused with each other. As they began to kiss, I quietly removed my camera from its case, then stood and discretely moved into the shadows in the room to make myself even less of a distraction.

Their kisses were very gentle at first, lip kisses. But as their arousal grew, Maria began to probe Stella’s lips with her tongue and search out Stella’s tongue with her own. Clearly they were comfortable with each other, and Stella submitted to Maria’s dominance. My angle for photographing their kisses was perfect, and I could almost taste their tongues coming through my viewfinder.

As she kissed Stella, Maria was talking to her, telling her how much she wanted to make love to her and how excited she was becoming. After putting one arm around Stella and pulling her closer and tighter against her own body, Maria’s other hand found the hem of Stella’s longer dress and began to slide it up all the while stroking Stella’s legs. As the dress rose above Stella’s knees, I could clearly see and photograph the dark hair on her legs. Maria’s fingers were stroking Stella’s legs, and there was no doubt that Maria’s own arousal had been heightened by the feel of Stella’s hair. Stella, too, was enjoying it, and she murmured her own approval.

At this point I must tell you that serik escort my own sexual excitement becomes almost uncontrollable when I see a hairy woman in sexual arousal, and when you add the sounds of sexual enjoyment I was hearing from both Stella and Maria, my cock almost exploded out of my pants! From a purely professional perspective, I was almost wishing that I were gay so that I would not be so turned on by the scene unfolding in front of me.)

Maria’s hand moved higher, pulling Stella’s dress up further. Maria’s hands were moving quickly but deliberately, fingertip caresses, all over Stella’s legs. Their kisses were now feverish as both women were totally engrossed in their own and their partner’s sexual pleasure.

Stella broke their kiss as she cried out, “Oh, God, Mariaaaaaaaaa Baby, please, please, yessssss! Oh, lover, feel me, find me, Mariaaaaaaaaa!” Stella’s eyes were wild, wide open, as she cried out. Maria’s own grin was almost evil and betrayed her own enjoyment of the delicious torture she was inflicting on her lover. I frantically snapped as many photos of their faces as I could, trying to capture every moment of their desire and satisfaction.

In one motion, Maria stood and pulled Stella up with her. Both Maria’s hands held Stella’s dress at waist level as Maria cupped Stella’s ass with her own hands. She pulled Stella’s body against her own and they crushed their bodies together as they kissed feverishly again. Stella raised one of her legs, the one closest to me, and wrapped it around Maria’s buttocks. The dark hair on Stella’s legs stood out in obvious contrast to her perfectly white skin. It was almost more than I could bear, but I continued to snap photos.

After what seemed like an eternity but must have been only a few seconds, Maria backed away from Stella and in one fluid motion, pulled Stella’s dress upward. Compliantly, Stella raise her arms as Maria pulled the loose-fitting dress off and flung it away. When Stella raised her arms, I could clearly see her bushy armpit hair. Instead of lowering her arms around Maria’s head, Stella clasped her arms behind her own head, fully exposing her armpits and her breasts to Maria. Stella was not wearing a bra (thankfully!) and her extended nipples revealed that she was sexually aroused and eager. Maria buried her face in Stella’s right armpit, licking the hair, lip-biting gently the skin under her arms. Stella’s armpit hair projected forward so that it was just barely touching the sides of each of her breasts.

Maria’s mouth went wild, licking Stella’s hair, nuzzling her face into Stella’s pits, tonguing the sides of Stella’s breasts. Stella was going wild. She thrust her head backward causing her breasts and chest to push closer to Maria. As Maria consumed Stella’s pits and suckled her nipples, Maria’s own words in her deep dusky voice rung out.

“Ohhh, Stella, baby, I wish I could fuck your hairy pits and suck on your tits at the same time. You are making me sooooooooooooooo wet, baby. Mmmmm.” On hearing Maria’s plea, Stella took the cue and grabbed at Maria’s dress, practically tearing it from her body as she pulled it over Maria’s head. In the instant that Stella threw Maria’s dress aside, their two hairy bodies now clad only in cotton thongs, crashed together. Their mouths again sought each other in passionate wanton kisses and they strove to crush their bodies together.

Maria is tanned, yet the hair on her body seemed to accent her tan. The dark hair on her legs and arms was almost the thickness and consistency of my own. Finally, the two women could stand no longer. Maria gently but firmly pushed Stella away and back onto the sofa. Both women were breathing hard, their eyes were filled with lust for each other. As Stella settled backward onto the sofa, she parted her legs, revealing for the first time the dark hairiness of her inner thighs accented by the white cotton thong. Dark pubic hairs projected obviously and thickly from the legholes and above the waistband of her thong. Her own freely-flowing juices made the thong semi-transparent so that the black hair protecting her engorged outer pussy lips was tantalizingly obvious. Stella looked into Maria’s eyes and a wicked smile formed on her lips, a fuck-me look if ever I saw one (and yes, I did capture it photographically!).

For just a moment Maria stepped back, hands on her hips and legs spread slightly apart in a defiant, dominating stance. Though she was looking at Stella and not at me, Maria was facing me, so with her stance the way it was, I could clearly see her own pits as well as her hairy legs and her enticing black pubic hair barely contained by the turquoise thong. With her greater size and position, Maria must have felt she was the dominant sexual partner and in control of the situation. And she was wrong!

As Maria approached Stella, Stella leaped from the couch. Maria was caught off-guard by Stella’s quick movement and soon found herself with side escort her back on the floor, Stella on top. Stella’s fingers interlocked with Maria’s and extended Maria’s arms straight above her head. To prevent Maria from rolling her over, Stella spread-eagled Maria’s legs apart. This position, of course, placed Stella completely on top of Maria with their breasts and still-covered pussies and very hairy legs together. Try as she might, Maria could not break free, and her struggling caused more friction between their bodies. Soon her struggling turned from tries to escape to a greater effort to grind her hairy pussy into Stella’s. Stella returned the grinding with an up-and-down motion. This movement caused both women’s thongs to slowly work their way down to their upper thighs and to expose both Stella’s and Maria’s thick, luxurious, and by now very wet hairy pussies. In a sequence of photographs I captured the revealing of these wondrous sights.

As their hairy wet pussies rubbed together with greater friction, both women began to fight not for freedom but for greater intimacy together. Stella began to kiss all over Maria’s face, licking her way down Maria’s neck to her shoulders and then to one of her armpits. With a guttural growl, the diminutive Stella pushed her face into Maria’s right armpit and bathed her face in the hairy dampness. She moved her mouth alternately between Maria’s armpit and her right breast where she paused to bite and tug on Maria’s now very extended nipple. I zoomed in for a closer shot of Stella devouring Maria’s nipple and found to my extremely erotic joy that Maria had very fine dark hairs around her areolas. I almost came in my pants at the sight of that hair being licked and caressed by Stella’s tongue!

The sexual charge that Maria was getting from Stella’s sexual advances caused her to begin to buck and heave her buttocks from the floor. Her strength, perhaps momentarily enhanced by her own sexual drive, was more than Stella could handle with her lighter weight, and in a flash, Maria had reversed their position and completely covered Stella.

But by now, both women were more aroused than playfully combative. Maria released her own grip on Stella’s hands and quickly pushed herself up to a sitting position that left her thighs alongside Stella’s hips, their hairy wet pussies and engorged red pussy lips still within an inch or two of each other.

Then Maria reached down and raised both Stella’s legs so that her calves were alongside Maria’s head. Maria rubbed her facial cheeks against the coarse hair on Stella’s calves, her eyes closed in heavenly bliss imparted by her lover’s hairy legs. I captured photographically the look of ecstasy on Maria’s face, a look which had not escaped Stella’s lust-clouded eyes.

As I watched, Stella moved her right hand to the top of her own hairy mons and began to massage slowly downward until her fingers reached her own wet vulva. She began to slowly touch herself, first her outer lips, then separating them to reach her inner lips. Again I zoomed my lens in for a close shot when her red swollen lips emerged from the wetly matted dark pubic hair. While Stella’s pleasure mounted, her clitoris, pink and wet, emerged from its hood. It was surprisingly long and stood out in contrast to the black hair growing around it.

Now Maria noticed her lover’s attractive nubbin, and she began to kiss and lick Stella’s calves, then the inside and back of her knees. With painful slowness, Maria kissed and tongued her way along Stella’s hairy inner thighs. Stella was clearly anticipating Maria’s ultimate destination, and she tried in vain to hurry Maria along by thrusting her pussy towards Maria’s face. But Maria was enjoying the delicious delay as well as the arousing feeling of Stella’s leg hair on her face.

Finally Stella could wait no longer. With both hands she reached up and entangled her hands in the hair on Maria’s head. With a loud growl Stella pulled Maria’s face into her hairy womanhood. In the same motion Stella clasped her hairy legs around Maria’s head so she could not escape. From the look on Maria’s face as captured in my photos, she had no desire to escape! As Maria’s tongue parted Stella’s hair and probed and caressed her dark red pussy lips, Stella was becoming even more vocal and animated. As she cried out from the sexual excitement created by Maria’s probing tongue, Stella’s hips bucked violently against Maria’s face. Stella released her near-death-grip on Maria’s hair, crossed her arms across her own breasts, and buried her hands in her own underarms. She began to pull on her own lush underarm hair rather hard, perhaps using the delicious pain to stimulate her own sexual drives even further. After some moments of that, Stella started pinching and pulling on her own nipples, causing them to harden and extend even more.

While I watched and photographed Stella’s extraordinarily vocal and active sexual response, I noticed that Maria began to move her right hand from Stella’s left thigh. She moved her hand over Stella’s left buttock cheek, slowly, deliberately toward Stella’s hairy ass crack. Then, with her thumb and index finger, Maria began to gently tug on Stella’s anal hair. Stella exploded vocally at this latest stimulation!

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