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I suggest you read the prior chapter, to understand the characters and how we came to this point. Remember to vote and leave a message of what you thought of this story. I read every message. Thank you for following along with the story. All characters in the story are over 18 years old.

* * * * *

“Meg, are you going to let Ronny know where you are?” I asked, as we walked around the back of the barn, the first time we had been alone all day.

“He will be angry with me because I have been away so long.” She said, not looking at me.

“He has stayed at your parent’s house all this time just in case you came back and couldn’t find him.” I said, and she looked at me sadly.

“So because I fell apart, he has been stuck too?” Meg said, clutching my hand.

“Do you want me to invite him here? I will be happy to pay for the flights.” I said, putting my arm around Meg’s shoulder and kissing her cheek.

“I think it’s time. Mom and Dad are gone now. I hope he can forgive me for not coming to the funerals.” Meg said, still worried about what Uncle Ronny thinks of her.

“He is your brother, and he loves you.” I said, as we walked back to the house.

“Uncle Ronny, I have someone I would love you to meet. Are you up for a trip to my Mom’s farm? I will happily pay for the flight.” I asked, as everyone sat around listening to the call.

“I would love to come out and thank your Mom for all she has done. I will arrange the flights myself and let you know when I land. What’s the nearest airport?” Uncle Ronny said, as the others smiled at me.

A few hours later, I got a text with the arrival time tomorrow and that he is picking up the tab. He sounded pretty excited that he might meet Mom and maybe a sister of mine, but he would find a lot more than that when he got to the farm.

Meg was really jumpy that night, and Mom was working hard to keep Meg’s nerves from getting the better of her. The next morning I went to the airport to meet Ronny. On the way home, he asked all sorts of questions to gauge which sister I had found, but I only told him how difficult a time I had finding them.

I pulled the truck up next to my trailer, and as we walked to the house chatting, the front door opened, and Meg came rushing towards Uncle Ronny. She took one last step and leapt into his arms, and he staggered for a second as he wrapped her up.

“Where the hell did you come from?” He said, into Meg’s neck as she still held onto Uncle Ronny.

“Oh, Ronny, I missed you.” Meg said, her tears flowing as she finally dropped her legs to the ground.

“I missed you too Meg, I am so happy. You just don’t know how much I needed this.” Uncle Ronny said, still holding Meg.

“Uncle Ronny, meet my sisters Mel and Lizzy.” I said, after Meg let go of him.

“Oh, you are so beautiful.” Uncle Ronny said and hugged them both.

“I see where Justin got his looks.” Mom said, as I waved my arm in that direction.

“This is my Mom.” I said, as Mom came to my side.

“May I?” Uncle Ronny asked, and held his arms out to Mom.

“Of course, we are all family now.” Mom said, and Uncle Ronny took her in his arms.

They stood looking into each other’s eyes for a second, and Meg made a funny face. The rest of the day was spent telling the story of finding my sisters and then Meg’s rescue leaving out the juicy details to protect the guilty. We ate and had a few drinks, and Ronny found himself with Mom on one side and Meg on the other. The conversation flowed so well you would think they had known each other for years.

That night Mom made up a spare room for Uncle Ronny and Mel, Lizzy, and I slept in the trailer while Mom and Meg shared a bed. I awoke in the morning with Lizzy holding my cock and Mel fingering Lizzy. I had some quick sex with Lizzy, and we both ate Mel’s pussy to orgasm and dressed for the day. When we got up to the house, Mom and Uncle Ronny were walking around the garden, talking about the plants she had grown.

“He is usually so awkward around girls. I have never seen him like this.” Meg said, although she has been away for over fifteen years.

“I see a little jealousy there Meg,” Mel said, and kissed her on the cheek.

“Well he is my little brother.” Meg said, with a fake pout. “But it is really nice that they hit it off so well.”

Uncle Ronny spent a week on the farm and announced he was heading home soon. Mom looked devastated by the news and was stuck to his side for the rest of his stay. Mom was having secret chats with Meg on his second last night about something, and Uncle Ronny seemed to be oblivious to it all.

“Meg is sleeping in the trailer tonight. Will you keep me company?” Mom asked, stunning Uncle Ronny, but Meg just waved him away and headed to the door with us.

We all went to the trailer and took off our clothes, and when we were about to get into bed, Meg took my hand and led me out the door. Mel and Lizzy followed us across the yard naked. We crept up the hallway and stood outside my parent’s bedroom door. Meg peeked illegal bahis in to see Mom waving her in as she and Uncle Ronny were in a sixty-nine. Mom sat up on Uncle Ronny’s face, his stiff cock waving around in the air.

Meg stepped up onto the bed, and you could see Uncle Ronny react to the motion, but he stopped moving when Meg took hold of his cock. She lined it up with her pussy opening and lowered herself on him, as we watched from the hallway.

“If you are going to be with the woman I love, then you are going to have to share.” Meg said, as Mom lifted her pussy off uncle Ronny’s face.

“Meg, but.” Uncle Ronny said, trying to protest.

“Are you saying you haven’t wanted this for years? I love you, Ronny. I always have?” Meg replied, to Uncle Ronny’s opposition.

“I won’t lie.” Uncle Ronny said, pulling Meg down into a kiss.

“Fuck, the men in this family, and their kisses.” Meg said, as she pulled back from the kiss, panting.

Meg sat up and slowly started to bounce on his cock as Mom kissed him and lowered herself back onto his tongue. The two kissed and raised their hands to each other’s breasts, pinching and playing with the other’s nipples.

“Get in here, you lot, and stop hiding behind the door. I think Meg can take a second cock.” Uncle Ronny said, as he fingered Meg’s ass.

I climbed up behind her and dropped some spit on her ass, then lined up my cock as Meg fell forward onto Ronny, waiting for me to push in. Mel and Lizzy pulled Mom into an embrace and teased her body as they watched me sinking into Meg’s ass.

“Don’t worry, Mom. We will get them hard for you to take your turn.” Mel said, and she dropped her hand between Mom’s legs and spread her pussy lips with her fingertips, in our direction.

I should be really jealous with my Son and brand new boyfriend fucking another woman, but they look so hot, I just can’t be.” Mom said, as she pulled on Lizzy’s nipple as they watched.

I was matching Ronny stroke for stroke, and as he speeded up, so did I. Meg was moaning, in between kissing her brother and pushing back on to me. I could see her ass start to clamp around my cock on each stroke, and her groans began to increase, as did her gripping. Then as Ronny started to grunt and thrust up into her, I felt her contracting around my shaft.

Her tight clamping and the snug fit in her ass made me lose the last of my control, and my balls contracted, and the cum started to rush up my shaft. I thrust into Meg to my balls and let loose all my seed, holding her hips to me and shuddering through my climax.

“Are you alright, Meggy?” Ronny asked, as he held onto her face kissing her.

“Wow, Ronny, I have never come like that before.” Meg said, wiping the sweat from his eyes.

“That was intense, but I have so little experience I’m wasn’t sure what to expect.” Ronny said, as Meg moved forward off our spent pricks.

Mom quickly slid into Ronny’s arms, and Mel wrapped herself around Meg with Lizzy pulling me in for a long kiss while I recovered. Mel was licking away all the sperm she could find, and Mom was sucking on Ronny’s cock, and the look in his eyes was telling me he had just experienced the highlight of his life just, like me.

Later in the day, we were out next to the pool when Mom straddled me on the grass. With her pussy poised over my body, she nodded to Meg, and she stopped stroking Ronny, dragging him over between our legs. Mom slid her pussy onto my shaft, and when she had me fully seated inside her body, she leaned forward to allow Ronny a better angle.

“Oh, Ronny, put your dick in my ass. I need it now.” Mom said, her voice horse with desire.

I felt the tightness go up ten notches as Ronny pushed in, and soon Mom started to control the pace by sliding back and forth on my body, driving our cocks deeper into herself on each pass. I could catch her nipple as it passed over my mouth and pull her ass cheeks apart, allowing Ronny his deepest penetration.

Ronny started to orgasm first, and Mom soon followed, gripping us both with her contractions. When Ronny pulled out, I rolled on top of Mom, gathering her legs on my arms, and began driving into her body as everyone watched. All I could hear was our bodies slapping together as I fucked her with all my strength.

“I’m gonna come, Mom.” I grunted out between thrusts.

“Oh, just a few seconds longer, Baby.” Mom said, straining to achieve her second orgasm.

I held back for two more strokes with my tongue caught between my teeth, trying to hold back the flood. Then as Mom started to jerk under me, I let go and spasmed through another few strokes, collapsing onto her body as the last of my seed pumped into her.

“I love you, Mom.” I whispered, as I held her body to mine.

“I love you too, Baby.” She whispered back, panting in my ear.

“Are you OK about Ronny and Me?” Mom asked, pulling her head back and looking me in the eyes.

“To have someone love you like he does, I’m just fine with it. It’s so nice to see you happy and smiling.” illegal bahis siteleri I answered, as my softening shaft slipped out of her.

When We turned to our audience, we had a lot of explaining to do, as my hard fucking of Mom had my two sisters very jealous. I did make up for it later, and I fucked them both just as hard, and I slept between them that night.

The next morning we three went into my parent’s bedroom, we found Ronny getting a blowjob from Mom. At the same time, Meg ate her out. They made an adorable threesome. Mom was a little older, and her bottom and legs a bit thicker, but they were still very sexy, I think.

“Uncle Ronny, are you still going home tomorrow? I think I know a couple of ladies that would like you to stay.” I asked, as we sat around the pool eating Mom’s famous BBQ ribs that night.

“I’m not looking forward to going back to that house. I have always hated it.” Ronny said, and Meg looked at him in shock.

“Then why do you still live there?” Meg said, as she put her food down.

“I couldn’t leave in case Meg came home to me.” Ronny said, and I could see the emotion in his eyes. He was very good at hiding it, but sometimes it crept through.

“I don’t want you to go.” Mom blurted out, not as good at holding back the tears.

“Stay with us. I promise I won’t ever run away again.” Meg said, her eyes welling up too, as she held onto Mom’s hand.

“We have to sell the house because half of it’s yours.” Ronny said, his voice cracking, then he regathered himself.

“I don’t deserve any of it. You have looked after it all these years.” Meg said, reaching out for her brother’s hand.

“It’s in both of our names. Dad willed it to me, but Mom and I transferred it into both our names after he died. I guess if he wanted his way, he should have given up the smokes.” Ronny said, with a bit of a sparkle in his eye.

“I will happily sign for the sale, and you can have it all, just come here and be with us. Or we can travel if you like.” Meg said, as Ronny took her hand.

“You won’t need much money here on the farm, if you want to stay with me.” Mom said, hoping, I think, for them to include her in their plans.

“You would have me here then?” Ronny said, looking to Mom hopefully.

“Oh, God, please stay, both of you, or if you go, take me with you. Now I have found you both, I don’t think I can be without you.” Mom said, bursting into tears, bringing Meg rushing to hold her.

I leaned over to Ronny and palmed him the two necklaces I picked up the other day and nodded to Mom and Meg. “This might be a good time to give them this, from you, don’t be like your old man and hold back telling them how you feel. It didn’t seem to do him any good.” I whispered, and sat back in my seat.

Ronny slid forward off his seat onto his knees in front of the two standing ladies, opened his hands, revealing the necklaces, and offered them.

“I’m a simple man with simple tastes, but I don’t want to miss out on anymore that life has to give. I’m falling in love with you, Di, but I have always loved Meg. All I can do is offer you both my heart and hope you will treat it kindly, as it is in your hands now. I would love to stay here with you both or travel the world if you like. I have enough from my half of the house and my savings to retire now and spend the rest of my life trying to please you both.” Ronny said, no longer holding back his emotions, as he sank his face into the softness of two ladies who stood holding his head to them.

“I can’t be totally faithful to you Ronny, you have my heart already, but I love Meg, and I don’t think I can stay away from Justin or Mel and Lizzy’s. If you want me, I come with a package. I know this is unusual, but I have enough money to support us all here on the farm, or we can hook up a trailer like Justins to my F250 and go anywhere we like. I will marry you in a heartbeat if you can take me as I am.” Mom said, sinking to her knees beside Ronny and offering him her neck.

“I’m yours too, but you have to accept my love for the younger ones as well. If you can do that, I will follow you both anywhere you care to go.” Meg said, kneeling beside Mom and offering her neck too.

Ronny took the first necklace and placed it around Mom’s neck and, after doing it up, let the pendant drop between her breasts and leaned in and kissed it right in between her beautiful cleavage. He then took the second one and joined the clasp at the back of Meg’s neck, and when she straightened, he kissed it between her boobs too, with Meg holding her hand to the back of his head lovingly caressing him.

“I do.” Ronny said, his message as clear as the tears trickling down his face.

“I do too.” Mom said, holding both Meg’s and Ronny’s hands, her eyes filled with tears.

“I do.” Meg said, kissing Mom, then Ronny and wiping his tears away with her hand as Mom brushed at hers.

“Pile on.” Lizzy said, as she rushed to the three pushing them all over onto the soft lawn.

Mel and I followed as the pile canlı bahis siteleri of legs and arms flayed around like a giant octopus trying to right itself. I kissed Mom then Meg as we sprawled out onto the grass. Then everyone untangled themselves and lay on their backs laughing. I stood and offered my hand to Ronny, who pulled himself up, and we dragged the ladies up one by one, kissing each one as they stood.

The following day we piled into my truck and headed into town for some shopping. It was only a ten mile trip, but Mel and Lizzy teased me the whole time, flashing me their pussy’s. What is it with ladies in this family and forgetting to put on panties? When I pulled up, Ronny stepped onto the curb and adjusted his pants. I guess he got a similar treatment.

Lizzy, Mel, and I were just a few steps behind Mom, Meg, and Ronny when I saw a figure jump from an old pickup. He raised a wooden baseball bat above his head and moved towards Meg.

“Watch out Meg!” I yelled, but was too far behind to block the blow.

Ronny turned on the balls of his feet and thrust up his forearm with the inner wrist downward in a classic upper block that I had learned in my many years at karate. The bat struck with a sickening wack, but Ronny stood his ground, and the figure raised the bat again. This time Ronny stepped in, and the bat hit his arm closer to the handle, and the sound was different, more like a crack as the bat’s handle splintered along its shaft.

“Kiai!” Ronny shouted, as he thrust the palm of his hand hard into the nose of the figure, making him real back and raising the bat again, but it only fell in half at the movement.

Then I saw movement from the old pickup’s open door, and Jake stepped out and headed towards the girls. I took a defensive pose between him and them, alongside Ronny, and Jake looked at me with a grimace. He pulled his arm back to punch me. I stepped forward and kicked him in the solar plexus as hard as I could. He doubled over, and I stepped back into my fighting pose again. He stood upright again, his face red and flustered, then moved forward quickly only to walk into my upper roundhouse, hitting him in his jaw. He hit the pavement with his arms out like he was trying to catch an invisible basketball, his eyes staring blankly into the distance.

I looked to Ronny to see him slamming his knee into the jaw of the first guy. Hiza gari, knee kick, is a very effective attack in close quarters. Well, that’s what my sensei always told me. The driver was just getting out of the old pickup when the Sheriff’s car slammed into his front guard blocking his progress as his deputy leaped out of the patrol car and threw him over the bonnet.

“If you pull that knife out of your belt, I will have just cause to shoot you where you stand, asshole.” Sheriff Dobson said, with his gun pointed at the guy’s chest, his eyes fixed on his hand that was clasped around the handle of a large knife still lodged in its scabbard.

He stood looking at Ronny and only flinched when the Shariff pulled back the hammer on his trusty revolver with an audible click. He slowly relaxed his fingers and releasing his grip, and raised his hands. His face and the front of his shirt were covered with blood, but he raised himself to full height defiantly as the Sheriff removed the knife from his belt. It was apparent he was no stranger to the process as he dropped to his knees without even being told.

I looked to our group and saw Ronny holding his arm to his side as he shielded the ladies and Mom with her phone still in her hand after ringing the Shariff. A second patrol car screeched to a stop just as Jake was coming around, his brow bleeding from where it hit the concrete.

“I have an ambulance on the way. These guys will be going away for a long time. This county has tough laws regarding outlaw bikie gangs. They will join our road gangs doing hard labor, not sit around in some cushy city jail. Judge Roberts has a particular passion for bikers after his Son was killed in a biker gang fight at a bar some years back.” The Sheriff said, well within earshot of his three prisoners.

“That was a pretty good upper roundhouse, Justin. I would say, first Dan, if I had to guess.” Ronny said, as the ambulance guy put a sling on his arm.

“I was a first dan, before I stopped a few years ago. But I have never seen someone break a bat with an upper block in real life. That was something special.” I said, to Ronny but he just shrugged it off.

“I have never had to use the skills I built up over all those years of training. In the moment, all I felt was fear for the girls, and I just reacted the way I was trained. Still, I find it funny that we both did karate, a coincidence, Maybe.” Ronny said, as Mom and Meg fussed over him.

We spent a long time in the hospital that afternoon as Ronny had X-rays and a cast fitted. We were answering questions from the Sheriff for most of that time as Mom and Meg wouldn’t leave Ronny’s side. After getting the whole story, the Sheriff told us we should take a holiday somewhere until after the trial. He would be talking to the federal police about the Bar in Wilmington. He thought they got my registration from the trailer park and followed me here, so he said I should change it as soon as I can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32