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For Mine:

So little time to spend together, and one would think that intimacy could be hasty and perhaps even awkward under such circumstances; lacking the luxury of foreplay, even of casual conversation in some cases.

This time was no different. Mere minutes, perhaps, though one could not know for certain how many, it was a given that before a half an hour passed, and likely half of that, he would be called away. Why not wait until there was more time, more opportunity to do it “right?” No answer for this except to say it just had to be. A day away from each other, the phone and internet our only connection, we’d surely said all we needed, and when we could be physically together, we needed what we could not get from either of those mediums: sensual fulfillment.

It was a small space, to begin with, and though it was private, it was not intrinsically so. Anyone who might desire to intrude would be seen several minutes in advance, and of course there was that heady thrill that went along with that possibility. The view: priceless. Nowhere in the world could ever share this same horizon. All directions were visible save for the limitation of overcast, and the height gave the feeling of flight, of vertigo, power. The climb to this vantage also took no small physical demand, yet the need was still so great that no words were spoken.

Instead, he pulled down my jeans to my knees, kissing me awkwardly illegal bahis as he opened his own. Turning me away, his hands slid up the front of my shirt as I bent forward eagerly exposing my needing orifices. True to form, he was ready and made swift intrusion into my glowing-hot, steaming pussy. I gasped, moaning, my voice echoing in the tall cylindrical structure we were half in, half out of. I heard his own muffled grunts as he buried his cock in me, driving me forward as he thrust repetitively, seeking depth, his fingers pulling at my hips, my own hands braced against the railing.

I let my cries be unmoderated, let them echo inside, and fade into the sky outside, borne on the breeze over treetops to the East. Oh, god it felt good, the hard-ramming heat, the slick friction, the way his swollen cock forced me apart, filling me, then withdrawing, then filling me again, again, again…

I realized I was whispering this “Again…again….” His fingers and hands slid up my sides, found each breast and teased the nipples, squeezing my breasts, tugging and twisting my nipples. I yelped in response. The twinges of pleasure seemed to draw through me, razor-sharp they cut through the slow, mellow rise of orgasm I’d been building, instead forcing me fast and hard into smaller ones. I leaned my head forward on my arms, bracing myself, gasping for air, pushing back in an attempt to slow the pace.

He would have illegal bahis siteleri none of it. He changed the angle of his thrust, with timing and skill. He knew just where to find that certain spot, the one that made me feel as if I were losing control, stole my breath, my strength and any sense. The juices sluiced down my thighs, which were trembling now. One finger slid upward on the inside of my thigh, scraping the slick wetness, gathering some, he licked his finger, grunted softly in appreciation, then used that lubrication to press into my ass. I cried out then so loudly, I feared someone in the city below just might hear me, but only briefly was that even considered, for I was cumming, and dizzy with it.

He fucked me hard, his finger feeling his cock inside my cunt through that wall between the two. I squirmed, trying to avoid some of the intensity, but he used his free hand to quash that urge. “C’mon, now, don’t fight it…cum for me babygirl” I heard him say in my ear. He coaxed me with his voice, although his cock, his finger were my undoing. I met his thrusts, ground back against his finger, obeying his instruction, seeking more, letting my self-control lose out. I followed his voice, letting my release gather momentum, the roaring in my ears, his heated breath over them as he forced his cock into me impossibly deeper with every thrust, his fingers stretching my ass open around them, and canlı bahis siteleri me just wanting more.

I could not even concentrate on what he was saying, it was merely the tone of his voice, the vibration of it in my eardrums that resonated through my nerves, seemingly buzzing on my clit, and through the center of me. I felt my pussy contract tightly around him, and I had chance to grab one more deep breath, my mouth opened in a soundless cry. I could feel the fingers in my ass sliding along the length of his cock which buried in my cunt, his other hand wrapped around my belly, bracing me, pulling me onto him.

His own groans were hissing through clenched teeth. Electricity filled the air around us.

A sudden shockwave hit me then, and I could not hear, nor see anything for a brief moment. I felt again the wave of warm liquid at my thighs, cooling in the atmosphere as it ran downward. My knees buckled and I fell forward, but he pulled me back, removing his fingers from me, and using both hands now to help me stay upright, as did I.

I leaned my head back, wishing I were somewhere I could let go, and fall into the puddle I felt like. He tugged my head back further, against his shoulder, his cock still thrust deeply in me, pulsing hard, filling me with his cum. He whispered my name into my ear, and from that moment on, I knew something I had only felt in some elemental, subconscious manner: My true identity.

It was a revelation, a joy, and I sobbed, laughing, tears streaming from my eyes as he hugged me back against him.

He gave me this, my name, his name for me, as he gave himself to me.

I can’t forget that moment when I knew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32