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This is an account of what happened a few years ago. Most of it is true with just a little bit of fantasy thrown in.

Kerry was just 18 when she came to work for me as an office junior. Even as a school leaver she seemed very forward and though she was a little overweight she was more than willing to wear low cut tops and short skirts to work which went down very well with the men who worked in the factory.

She had a boyfriend but was more than happy to let everyone know that she was also seeing a married black man.

It wasn’t long before she was cadging cigarettes from the men in the factory and when they asked for a flash of her tits for one she was more than happy to oblige. Within weeks she had several of the men under her control, buying her Red Bull drinks and packets of cigarettes. Although she was still only flashing her tits for them I think they all thought there was more for them. She definitely preferred flirting with the older men, I think she had had enough of boys her own age from when she was at school and from when she went out in the evening.

She soon settled into work and although she was only an office junior she was very good and it soon became clear that she was capable of a lot more. In the cold weather she would wear jeans and trainers but was always happy to flaunt her ample bosom by wearing a low cut top.

One Friday she was going out with her friends straight from work so she changed and left all her work clothes in a bag under her desk. On Saturday I went into work to catch up with some paperwork and as soon as I saw the bag under her desk I just had to have a look. I took out all the clothes and put them on her desk. Of course the first thing I picked up was her panties which were white with small flowers on them. I put them to my nose and could easily smell her pussy juices, they were also stained. I inhaled deeply and adored her personal smells. I picked up her bra and looked at the size which was 38E and I sniffed this too.

My cock was now hard and I undressed totally. I wiped her panties over my cock and balls and then tied her bra round my cock and balls as tight as I could. I loved the feel as my balls seemed so big. I held the gusset of her panties to my nose and inhaled her aroma as I started wanking. Her blouse and trousers were on her desk and I wanted to cum on them but I knew I wouldn’t get away with that. He smell of her cunt juices was so powerful that within a couple of minutes I knew I was going to cum. I untied bra and held the cups open and spunked right into the middle of each cup.

I really soaked her bra and decided to dry it without washing so I held it in front of a hot air heater which soon dried it. I had to look really close to see what I had done and hoped I would get away with it. Her panties, however I decided to keep. I put the rest of her clothing back in the bag and put it under her desk.

On Monday morning I wore her panties under my trousers and when she came in it gave me a hard on knowing I was wearing the panties that had been next to her cunt were now next to my cock. She didn’t even look inside her bag of clothing and just picked them up when she went home. Whether she ever realised she had a pair of panties missing I don’t know. I like to think that she wore the bra again with my dried cum in the cups.

The following Saturday I went into work and looked in her desk and found some lipstick and face cream. I took my clothes off and pulled my foreskin all the way back and then using her lipstick I coated the head of my cock with it and then pushed it as far as I could into my peephole. I then held her panties to my nose and inhaled her cunt juices and wanked myself off. I loved the look of my cock with its slutty red head. I was soon going to cum and I opened the jar of face cream and shot spurt after spurt into it. I used my finger to mix it all in.

On Monday morning, again wearing her panties under my trousers I loved watching her put face cream on and then her lipstick. I was hard bahis firmaları just watching her do this.

The other thing about Kerry was that she smoked and I have always enjoyed watching sexy females smoke ever since I was seduced by an aunt when I was a teenager and she smoked and always wore deep red lipstick and since then I’ve always associated females who smoke and wear deep red lipstick as being sexy.

Whenever she went outside for a smoke I accessed the cctv camera and focussed on her smoking. It aroused me watching her suck on the cigarette wishing it was my cock she was sucking on.

When she reached the age of 18 she got her first credit card and not unexpectedly she had reached her limit within two weeks. One Monday morning she came into work and was clearly upset and I asked her the trouble was. She told me that she had to pay her credit card bill and had spent all her money. I told her that just this once I would lend her the money and deduct it from her weekly wages over the next four weeks. She was very thankful that I had helped her out and she gave me a hug and I loved the feel of her large tits squeezing against me.

On Friday she got her wages and saw that I had deducted the first payment and moaned to me that she didn’t have enough money to last her the weekend. I told her that was what we agreed and she went off for the weekend in a bad mood.

As usual on Saturday I went into work and used her lipstick to coat the head of my cock and this time I wanked and spunked into her work shoes which she always leaves there when she goes home.

When she came in on Monday she asked to speak to me in private and we went into my private office.

She said, ‘I can’t afford to have that money deducted from my wages every week so I want to pay you back in kind.’

‘Well what have you got in mind?’ I asked.

‘Anything you want,’ she replied. ‘I know you often come into work on Saturdays and I could come in too.’

‘And what are you offering?’ I asked.

‘As I said, anything you want, and you pay my credit card bill each month. I know you watch me smoking when I’m outside, would you like me to put on a sexy smoking show for you and I know you’ve got a pair of my panties from when I left my clothes here. I might even let you take my panties off and keep them. You see I’m prepared to do lots of things and all it costs you is my credit card bill each month.’

I was flabbergasted and didn’t know what to say. Here was this 18 year old girl offering to prostitute herself to me and I have to say I was very tempted. I have children older than her. I said, ‘Let me think about it.’

After lunch there was a knock on my office door.

‘Come in’ I said.

Kerry walked in, handed me something and said, ‘I think you’ll like these, I’ve just been to the ladies and played with myself through my panties. Just something to show you what you might be missing.’

She then stood beside me and took my hand and put it up her skirt. She was soaking wet where she had just cum.

She said, ‘Do you like the feel of my nice wet pussy, or would you prefer if it I used that other really naughty word, you know – my cunt? If you agree to my suggestion you can do more than just feel it.’

‘Well are you going to smell my panties, smell my cunt juices?’ she asked.

I put them to my nose and inhaled her wonderful slutty smell. I could feel my cock hardening and I knew at that point what my reply would be.

She turned and walked out of the door.

Just before everyone left at the end of the day I asked Kerry if she could give me a minute of her time. She came into my office and I said, ‘I’d be delighted to take you up your offer. I’ll pay the minimum amount off your credit card. Let’s see how it goes for the first month and hopefully we can make it a permanent arrangement. So shall we say 10.30 on Saturday?’

‘I’ll be here, I’ve already got a few ideas that I think you’re going to enjoy,’ she replied.

As I heard her leave I locked the kaçak iddaa door after her and went to her desk. I took out her face cream and pulled my foreskin right back and rubbed her face cream round the head of my cock while I sniffed her panties. It wasn’t long before I was shooting my spunk all over the place.

The next morning I told the lady who does the wages that Kerry had paid me back and there was no need to deduct money any more.

In the next few days I noticed that whenever Kerry went outside for a cigarette she would make sure that she was in full view of the cctv camera.

On the Saturday I got into work at about 9.30 and was very horny just thinking about what she might have in store for me. At about 9.45 she rang the doorbell and I let her in and she followed me in the main office where her desk was. She put her arms round me and kissed me and said, ‘I really appreciate you helping me out with my debts.’

I said, ‘I think I should be thanking you.’

‘Sit down and see what I’ve got in mind,’ she said.

I sat about 4 feet away from her while she sat at her desk. She opened her handbag and put on the desk her cigarettes and lighter and her make up bag.

She was wearing a short skirt and a low cut t shirt. She swung the chair round to face me and parted her legs. She reached for her make up bag and took out a red lip pencil, looking in a hand held mirror she carefully outlined the lips, taking care to get a good shape, then she took her lipstick which was crimson red and started coating her lips with it. She gave them a minute or so to dry and then applied another coat much thicker than the first. Then after it had dried she coated her lips liberally with lipgloss. I have to say she looked incredibly sexy and I was very hard.

I said, ‘I want to kiss you.’

‘Later,’ she replied.

Then she took out a cigarette and put it between her crimson red lips. Although we do not allow smoking in the offices I certainly wasn’t going to stop it. She flicked the lighter and lit the ciggy and with it still held loosely between her lips she inhaled and then blew the smoke out through her red lips. She left the ciggy between her lips and picked up her mascara brush and started applying it to her eyelashes. When she had finished one eye she took a long inhale of the ciggy and took it out of her lips. She opened her mouth and I could see the ball of white smoke inside her mouth. Then she closed her mouth and exhaled the smoke through her crimson red lips.

My cock was rock hard, I had never seen anything so arousing. Then she put the ciggy back in between her lips and applied mascara to the other eye. When that was done she again inhaled on the ciggy and blew the smoke through her wonderful lips.

She then put the ciigy back in between her lips and asked, ‘have you got a hard on?’

When I nodded she said, ‘get your cock out I want to see it.’

I did as she asked, dropping my trousers and underpants to the floor – my hard cock was sticking out in front of me.

She then got her dark grey eyeshadow and started coating her eyelids with it. When she had finished she looked like the slut I know she is. She sat smoking her ciggy and blowing the smoke directly at me as we stared at each other. She put the ciggy between her lips and stood up and undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Her panties were plain white and I could clearly see a wet patch in the middle.

Then she put the ciggy down and took off her t shirt. She had a lovely white quarter cup uplift bra. Then she sat down and carried on smoking the ciggy but now she started rubbing her pussy mound through her panties. The more she rubbed herself the wetter the patch became.

‘Come and take my bra off,’ she said.

I stood up and stepped out of my trousers and underpants and took the two steps across to her. She was staring at my erect cock. She sat forward on the chair and I reached behind her and unclipped her bra and look it off. Her tits looked magnificent and her kaçak bahis nipples were red and huge. I reached for them and squeezed and pinched her nipples. I hear her sigh with pleasure as I pinched and squeezed them. She was now rubbing herself even harder and I suspect she was not far away from cumming.

‘Sit down and watch me cum, I want you to look at me as I cum,’ she gasped.

As I sat down again and pulled my chair closer to her she stubbed her ciggy out and lit another one. She sat with it between her lips smoking it as she played with herself. The look on her face showed me she was very close to cumming. The wet patch on her panties was now huge as she neared her climax.

The sight I saw only feet away from me was one the horniest I have ever seen. Here was a pretty young girl, heavily made up with slutty make up, smoking and wanking herself off for me. She took one last deep inhale of the ciggy and took it out of her mouth and screamed out in pleasure as she had an enormous orgasm.

She put the ciggy back in between her lips and sat back in the chair recovering. Her eyes were closed as she bathed in that wonderful feeling that follows a very satisfying climax.

She finished her cigarette and stood and came over to me. She slipped her panties down her legs and held them to my nose and I inhaled the wonderful sexy aroma of her cunt juices.

She said, ‘I want you to smell my cunt juices as I make you cum.’

She reached down and touched my cock for the first time. I was already desperate to cum. She knelt down on the floor between my legs while I held her panties to my nose. She leaned forward and I looked down and saw those wonderful crimson red lips encase the head of my cock. She clamped her lips tightly round the head just as she had done with her cigarette. She sucked hard on me while she wanked my shaft. We both knew I was about to cum. I inhaled the aroma from her panties and my cock shot spurt after spurt into her hot mouth.

Even after I had finished cumming and my cock started to subside she kept on sucking. Eventually she stopped and knelt up in front of me. Her lips were still that gorgeous red, she opened her mouth and showed me that it was still full of my cum.

She opened her mouth even more and my spunk started dribbling out over her red lips, down her chin and onto her tits. She then started rubbing it into her nipples making them hard and red again.

‘I need to cum again, lick my cunt for me,’ she said.

She sat back down on her chair and lit up a cigarette as I knelt between her legs. With the ciggy between her lips she played with her nipples, pinching, squeezing and pulling them.

I put my mouth to her pussy, the smell of her juices was overpowering. She was soaking wet as I slowly licked up and down her slit. She sighed with pleasure as I increased the speed of my licking. I could smell the cigarette smoke as she exhaled it through her gorgeous lips. She put her hands behind my head and pulled me hard against her wet pussy and ground herself against my mouth. Her cunt juices were flooding out of her as she screamed out and had another colossal orgasm.

We cleaned up and she let me keep her panties. I put them on and took them home. I kissed her and thanked her and said I was looking forward to our next meeting.

She said, ‘I already have some ideas, see you at work on Monday.’

The next week at work was fine with Kerry teasing me a lot and giving me a nice smoking display on the cctv. She also gave me another pair of her panties. She agreed to meet me at work on Saturday morning again when she told me she had a surprise for me.

Again on Saturday I was ultra horny and was wearing one of her pairs of panties. I was sitting in the office when the doorbell rang. I went and opened the door and was stunned to see Kerry standing there with an older woman.

She said, Hi Rob, this is my mum Pauline, she’s got some trouble paying her credit card bill and wondered whether you could help her out?’

I put out my hand and said, ‘It’s nice to meet you Pauline, come in and let’s see what we can work out.’

If you’d like to hear what happened between my, Kerry and her mum let me know and I’ll write an account of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32