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Julian is much younger than me. We originally met when he responded to me on social media about some handyman type work that I needed done. In time, he became more than just a handyman. Our relationship blossomed and we began spending more time together. I also allowed him to use a small building on my property as an office and allowed him to keep his tools there. This worked out well for him because most of his customers were in this area, so this was a very convenient location for him.

We were having a freak cold snap and there was no end in sight. Looked like Julian might be stuck at my house for a few days, given how much snow had piled up outside. He came in, sore and exhausted having shoveled not only my driveway but the neighbor’s driveway and length of sidewalk in between the houses. He even shoveled off the paths leading to our houses, front and back.

Not that there was much of a reason to do all that work. They don’t plow the streets around here so it was unlikely that we’d be getting any mail or being able to take our cars out. But that’s the kind of guy that Julian is. Helpful to everyone!

He came in red faced from the cold, grinning, worn out and in need of food.

I had dinner ready. The air smelled wonderful. I had a nice pot of minestrone soup, freshly baked whole wheat bread and his favorite dessert, peach crisp. I also made a pot of green tea.

I helped him out of his many layers of now wet clothing, chuckling as each layer came off and wondering where it would end! I finally got down to his snuggly dark green sweater. I pressed my face against his chest, sinking into his warmth as my hands worked their way across his shoulders. I felt his arms wrapping me up in a tight hug as he moaned softly. I told him he would get a nice massage after we ate.

I could see that he could barely keep his eyes open as he ate. Perhaps soup wasn’t the best choice of a meal! Although it does a good job of warming one up from the inside, it can be time consuming to eat.

I didn’t even bother clearing the table. I figured if I didn’t get him into bed, he’d be snoring in the dining chair and wake up even more stiff and sore than he already was.

I stood behind him, bending my knees so I could hug him from behind and told him that we should get to bed. He let out an exhausted sigh as he rose from the chair.

We staggered into the bedroom together. I felt the need to pull him close to me as we walked for fear that he might topple over due to exhaustion.

“Sheesh! You didn’t even have a beer and you can’t walk a straight line”, I teased him.

The bedroom was very cold. I hadn’t put the heat on in there. We quickly undressed and got under the covers, pressing our naked bodies into each other.

“Now if I let you sleep in my bed, do you promise to behave yourself?”

“No. I can’t promise to behave myself but I do promise to be good!”

We both snickered and melted into each other further. By then I too was feeling really sleepy but I had promised him that massage.

I started at the top of his head. He loved getting his scalp massaged. Then I slowly worked my way down, kneading the kinks and knots from his neck, shoulders and back. He muttered something about being really horny but also being really sleepy. And then he fell asleep.

I was about to follow him into sleep. I rubbed his back a few more times, pressing my lips against the soft skin of his nearly hairless chest and inhaling deeply. I just loved the scent of his skin and his hair. It somehow left me feeling all warm and safe and cared for.

The room was dark when I awoke. My eyes fluttered a bit and I could feel myself breathing deeply. My crotch was all warm and wet and tingly. I could feel my clit swelling and getting ready for action.

Julian had one hand on my breast, letting his fingers roam, lightly caressing the skin and tugging gently on my nipple. The other hand was caressing my thigh, working its way closer and closer to my crotch.

I helped him by putting my leg up over him allowing him free access to my goodies. He let out a satisfied murmur as his fingers strayed between my legs. He let his fingers tangle in my hair down there, then they glided past my clit and across my lips, spreading the wetness around and teasing me until I cried out.

I cried out again as his lips latched onto my nipple and began sucking it. This brought on a fresh gush of warm wetness. I wriggled myself against his hand, moaning.

I put one hand on his head, lovingly stroking his soft brown curls, while my other hand wrapped around his stiff, drooling cock.

Neither of us needed much more foreplay than that. We were just that horny.

“Shall I show you how good I can be?”

“Oh please sir. Please!” I giggled.

He eased me onto my back, straddling me and let his cock slide into me slowly, allowing me to savor it fully, before sliding it back out and slowly back in again.

“Ohhh… That’s good! Soooo good! Mmm…”

I could see him just barely through the orange glow of the salt lamp. I could tell that he was still very sleepy, canlı bahis şirketaleri but obviously in need of a good orgasm.

He picked up the pace slightly, but it was still a very slow and loving type of fuck. It was the beautiful kind of sex that only two people who were very comfortable with each other could pull off.

I raised my hips slowly in time with his thrusts, taking him as deeply as I could and squeezing my pussy walls as tightly around his cock as I could.

His face showed a bit of strain. I figured that the need to sleep and the need for an orgasm were battling it out.

“That’s sooo good! That feels so good! And now I want you to let it out. Cum inside of me. Cum hard for me baby!”

His face showed more strain, like he was concentrating really hard on what he was doing. We were gasping now, so close to orgasm.

I squeezed my pussy hard, forcing my hips up as hard as I could and crying out as the first orgasm slammed into me. I saw the strain on his face ease slightly and then he began thrusting his cock in and out of me as hard and fast as he could.

The second orgasm came for me, just as he began flooding me with his hot semen. Both of us were now covered with the smoldering sheen of sweat.

I kept a box of moist wipes by the side of the bed and also some bottled water. I quickly cooled us off with one of the wipes and pressed the bottle of water to his lips. He drank thirstily then offered some to me.

We snuggled back down together and I gazed into his beautiful root beer colored brown eyes, feeling every bit as giddy as I had that first day that I met him.

“Your eyes are so beautiful!”

He looked a bit embarrassed at my compliment and then kissed my neck.

I smiled at him and pressed my lips to his, kissing him lightly, several times before giving him letting my tongue stray against his. He responded in kind, then kissed my neck again and muttered something about me making him all horny again.

I silenced him with my finger against his lips, kissing his hair softly and telling him to go back to sleep and next time I would wake him up. He gave me a grin before collapsing against me and falling back into slumber.

I continued to kiss his hair and let my fingers stroke it lightly, breathing in the soft, warm sexiness of his being and falling deeply into a dream.

The dream only left me wanting more sex. My nipples were hard and my pussy was hot and tingling.

Julian was still fast asleep. But I was going to take care of that! Good care indeed!

I stroked his hair again, sweetly. He moaned in his sleep.

I then set my lips to work, kissing his chest and working my way down. My hands worked in tandem, gently and softly caressing his skin until I worked my way down to his cock.

His cock was not soft, but neither was it stiff. It was just beginning to work its way towards hardness. I held it appreciatively in my hand, wishing that I had a little more light. I loved looking at his cock. It was just so pleasing to look at. It was the perfect size and shape and gave me such satisfaction. I loved watching it grow larger and harder and watching as the skin grew pinker then redder the more aroused he got. I loved watching the pre-cum dribble uncontrollably from the tip. Loved watching his balls go from hanging to growing in size as he got more and more aroused, and loved how I could tell of his impending orgasm as they drew back in towards his body. It was all so spectacular to watch!

But now I could only just imagine as the light was so dim. I felt around gently in that near darkness until I found that special place right where the shaft met the balls and scratched it lightly. That woke him right up!

I think I startled him. He practically jumped up from the bed, pulling his legs together as he did so. I calmed him down with a quick caress to both of his thighs, spreading his legs again gently and stroking the skin there. Then I worked my hands lightly down from his belly to his cock, several times, increasing the flow of blood to the area.

I took his cock into my hand, squeezing it lightly as I worked my lips up and down the shaft. Slowly, ever so slowly, his cock began to grow hard. I cupped his balls in my other hand, remembering to treat them as if I were worshiping them. His legs stiffened and spread apart more for me, leaving his cock very nicely exposed and ready for me to enjoy.

I used my finger to spread the pre-cum all over and around his swollen head. Then I followed this with my tongue, relishing the sweet taste and eager to feel his cum squirting into my mouth.

He began to moan softly, reaching down to stroke my hair.

He was writhing beneath me now as I worked my fingers and lips all over his cock, taking it deeply to the back of my throat and sucking, then raising my head up to swirl my tongue around the head before plunging down again for another mouthful. His cock felt so satisfying in my mouth. I didn’t want this to end. I would happily suck him until my throat got sore and my jaws ached. That’s how much I enjoyed sucking him!

I canlı kaçak iddaa soon became like a machine, working him over at a frenetic pace. Noting the feel of his balls in my hands and knowing that he wouldn’t be able to hold back even if he wanted to.

His entire body stiffened and grew fiery and now came the gravy, so to speak. A jet stream of pure pleasure washed over my tongue so hard and fast that it was difficult to swallow it all. I was actually surprised at how much came out, given that he had already had one orgasm!

I let out a satisfied moan of pleasure and put my head on his thigh, next to his wet, softening cock.

“You taste so good! Mmm…”

I could tell that he’d had a really hard orgasm and it was going to take a little time for him to recover from it. All he could do was gasp and motion for me to come up closer to him.

I moved up alongside him and he clasped me tightly in his arms, breathing heavily into my face, trying to bring himself back into this world.

I wrapped my arms tightly around him, whispering to him how much I loved his cock and how much I loved sucking it. This caused his breathing to become heavier and his body felt even more torrid, pressed up against me.

We stayed like that for a time, just delighting in the feeling of closeness and enchantment with each other. Then he made that satisfying sort of sound that only a man can make. It was a combination of a yawn and a groan and he stretched before grinning and hopping out of bed into the cold night air. I loved it when he made that sound. It was so sexy!

“I’m going to use the bathroom and get us a snack.”

I stretched, and waited for him to come out of the bathroom, then dashed in to use it myself.

I had a soft, fluffy blanket to wrap around us when he returned. He brought back some apple slices, cheddar cheese cubes and a coffee cup with red wine in it. I snickered inside my head at the sight of the coffee cup. Good move Julian! We both had a tendency to be rather klutzy at times and the coffee cup would be far less likely to spill than a wine glass would.

The other day, we’d been discussing all of the things we had dropped or broken in the course of the day. When he told me that he had broken a gas pump, I told him he’d won! I’d never broken one of those.

We shivered under the blanket for a little while, drawing ourselves closer to warm up and feeding each other the apples and cheese. We took little sips of wine every now and then. Neither of us were big wine drinkers, but it was nice to have a little once in a while. Even though it was chilled, it felt warm going down my throat.

When we’d finished our snack, he told me it was my turn. He reached for the light next to the bed, putting it on the lowest setting so he could see a little better.

“Now…” He looked as if he were contemplating. “Should I get something from the basket of goodies or…” An evil grin spread across his face as he reached down beside the bed for the Vibrating Magic Wand.

That Wand turned out to be more of a curse than a blessing. It was able to get me nicely turned on but kept me there in that tease me state for a very long time. Then when turned to the higher setting, it could be quite painful, especially when it touched my clit. Once in a while I would get an orgasm from the thing but more often than not, it would just leave me wanting. Then again, I had only ever used it on myself. No one else had ever used it on me. I had only told Julian about it. He had never used it on me.

He placed me tenderly on my back and kissed his way down to my crotch.

I must say that I don’t usually like getting oral sex because it doesn’t do much for me except to feel annoying. Most guys manage to pull off something akin to tickling me with their tongues and they were lucky that they didn’t sustain damage by my thighs.

Julian used a different technique. I’m not entirely sure what he was doing down there but it felt like a combination of sucking and French kissing. Not annoying at all. Very pleasurable, but I think he was fearful to do it for very long because I had mentioned to him prior my dislike of getting oral. One day we would discuss it further and I would tell him that I wanted more but for now, I just laid there and enjoyed.

His mouth was quickly replaced with the Wand. And yes indeed, on the lowest speed, it was teasing me. He worked it over my clit and my pussy lips, every once in a while pushing against the opening to my pussy. I was starting to get annoyed with the thing and felt like I needed to have it inside of me so I arched up, trying to force it into me. And then I heard it stop.

“You know… You are starting to look kind of irritated down there. Like, red and dry. Maybe a little lube will help.” He reached for the bottle of lube, applying a few drops to the head of the beast before setting it whirring again.

That did feel a little better but I was in serious need of an orgasm and this just wasn’t working for me.

I started begging him to give me an orgasm.

“Oh… You need an orgasm do you?” canlı kaçak bahis He grinned down at me while slowly and lightly letting the beast tease me some more. “No worries. You’ll get plenty of orgasms. I just want to take my time and make sure to do a very good job!”

My begging increased. “Please Julian! Please!”

He put down the Wand and began paying attention to my breasts, squeezing them in his hands and sucking hard on the nipples. This always brought me right to the brink of orgasm. Never over the edge but oh so close!

I tried to use my mind. How silly was that? I envisioned Julian fucking the daylights out of me. I can usually bring myself to orgasm by doing that but of course it’s never quite as good as the real thing, and the real thing was right there in my bed, not letting me have an orgasm!

“Oh you poor thing, you are really suffering!” He used his fingers now to trace over my genitals describing them for me. Telling me how hard and swollen and quivering my clit was. How red and swollen my lips were. And how very red and wet the opening to my pussy was.

I begged him again to put me out of my misery. I was practically squealing now.

He took pity on me and replaced his fingers with the Wand again and again on the low speed. I was panting now with the need to come. I cried out his name as I reached down and shoved the Wand aside, squashing my hand into my pussy. I stuffed two fingers deep inside of me and let my thumb work over my clit. If he wasn’t going to bring me to orgasm, I’d do it myself.

“I don’t think so. I mean… I do love to watch you but… You’re not going to do that now.”

He gently removed my hand from my crotch, putting it to my mouth so I could lick my own juices. This only served to turn me on all the more. I thought I might die! If one could die from lack of orgasm, this was certainly going to be the time!

“Trust me. You are going to cum and cum and cum. Your pussy is going to get so tight you’ll be begging me to stop! But I won’t stop. I promise to leave you drained!”

I cried out as much with pleasure as the need to cum. He just grinned at me again and switched the wand on, this time to the highest speed. And back between my legs it went, pushing forcefully at the opening to my pussy while at the same time, he somehow squeezed my mons and clit with his hand. This caused me to cum suddenly and unexpectedly and very forcefully. Apparently he was able to achieve a different angle with the thing than I ever could.

I cried out as the orgasm hit me. He pulled the Wand back slightly to let me catch my breath then pushed it at the opening to my pussy again. Push and retreat, again and again. And true to his word, the orgasms were slamming into me. I was screaming now, helpless in his persisting and unimaginable frenzy of pleasure beyond pleasure. I could feel my pussy growing tighter and tighter until the soreness set in.

“Oh it hurts! Stop! Stop! Please stop!”

He did pull it away from me then but I could still hear it buzzing.

“Relax. You’re not even close to being done.”

“Oh please Julian! I’m so sore!”

He pouted at me and batted his eyes, telling me he would massage the pain away. And sure enough, he did. Shut the Wand off and put his hand between my legs, working his fingers in and out and over me, bringing me a gentler kind of pleasure that left me squirming and moaning. I could feel exhaustion setting in but he refused to stop, driving me into orgasm after orgasm. I was having trouble breathing and could only pant and gasp.

He took his hand out from between my legs and helped me to sit up. He offered me a bottle of water which I gladly took, letting the cool water soothe my parched throat. He rubbed my shoulders as I drank. I began to shiver and he wrapped us in a blanket to keep us warm. Then he whispered in my ear what a good job I was doing and how he was going to help me to come some more.

“I don’t think I can!” I protested weakly.

“You can. Look! The sun is starting to come up. I am going to help you usher in a new day. You won’t have to do a thing. Let me make you cum.”

“Oh Julian…” I put my head on his shoulder.

“Come on.”

He helped me up so I was on my hands and knees. He positioned himself behind me and I could feel his cock, rock hard and dribbling. At first I thought he was going to take me from behind but, no. Instead he just let his hot juices dribble all over my bottom. And somehow this brought me to yet another level of arousal. One that I couldn’t even fathom! I was under his spell now, ready and willing to give myself fully to him! I arched my neck so that my head pointed to the ceiling and cried out with yet another wave of passion. My juices were pouring down my thighs and soaking the sheets beneath me.

He brought his hands up under my dangling breasts, once again squeezing and tugging on my nipples. And this time I did cum! It was all too much for me. I felt like I had just dived into a sea of sex and was unable to escape. Sex was all around me. Every sight, every scent, every sound, was nothing but pure, raw, lewd, lustful and erotic sex. My entire body felt like some sort of sex organ and I just stayed there, fully immersed in pleasure. Noises came from my lips. Loud, guttural sounds and I felt as if I were chanting. Nothing seemed real. I just gave in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32