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Some unexpected night visitors
My beloved hubby had been very stressed at work.
During the last months I had tried to arouse him in every way I could think of: I found new ways of swaying my hips in front of him; talking dirty in his ear; dressing sexy as a perfect slut; but none would lead him between my horny thighs…

One night, as Victor was sitting on the couch and watching football; I stood naked before the wall mirror, slowly dressing, stepping into a sexy black silk thong, sliding some black thigh-highs slowly up my long toned legs. I slipped my feet on a pair of sexy stilettos and put on a little black cocktail dress. My hands caressed my soft curves as I dressed and I fantasized with stranger men struggling amongst them to be with me… I felt wet and horny, pretty much horny…

I was on my way downstairs to meet my hubby; when both were brought out of our mind worlds by the sudden and insistent ringing of the doorbell.

Victor got up and went to the door, to open it to see who was there.
He was immediately thrown back into the house as a man pushed him and entered the living room.
In just an instant the stranger was on top of my husband, showing him a huge hunting knife and quietly ordering Victor to be quiet…

Then another man entered, locking the front door behind him.
In a few seconds the new stranger was over me.
The first man ordered us to keep quiet and do what we were told.
Victor and I nodded our heads in acceptance.

The man waved his knife at my hubby, ordering him to strip off.
Victor nodded and he stripped off all his clothing.
Then he was ordered to sit down again on the couch.

The man approached him, taking a duct tape from his pocket. He grabbed Victor’s ankles and wrapped them tightly. Then he tied his wrists also and finally put a piece of tape covering Victor’s mouth.

Both men looked at my poor husband and laughed staring at his flaccid cock resting onto his thighs. Then they both turned their attention to me.

I felt scared; but also excited and strangely aroused. My own heartbeat quickened and I felt a very well know tingling between my hot thighs. Then I knew those men would not hurt me; but I wondered what was to come.

The second man was behind me, as his friend drew the blade of his knife down my cheek and then under one strap of my black dress.
I gasped as he cut the strap, but still I felt no fear. Then the other man quickly cut the other strap from behind.
My dress fell to the floor. I stood between those strangers just wearing a silky black thong and my heels.

The first man stood there, seeming to admire my curvaceous body, with lust rising in his eyes and I took my time to look at him. He was a tall guy, muscular and well proportioned, with deep dark eyes.
I did not smile at him; but I was sure that he sensed that I liked what I saw.

Then I felt both cold steel blades sliding against my hips.
I gasped a shallow breathe and held it as both knives cut in unison the straps of my little thong and bostancı escort it fell to my ankles. The first man picked it up and put the torn pieces close to his nose.
He told to his friend the little married bitch was ready for them.
I could not hide at all the tight stiffening of my dark nipples.

The men changed positions. The second one came to the front and I could see he was also tall and handsome as his friend… Then I felt my own fluids running lightly down my thigh.

Both men stripped off, as Victor and I looked at them.

I smiled to myself when suddenly a huge cock sprang up at me.
The man in front ordered me to turn around. His mate was already naked and his cock was really impressive, He was at least ten inches long and thicker than my loving husbands…

The second guy, now behind me, put his hand on my back and made me bend over the chest of his mate. And then I felt his hard cock pressing between my exposed buttocks.

Victor was at my back and I wondered if he was watching.

But I did not have to wait long to find out. The men made me turn towards the couch where Victor was sitting. They pushed me by my shoulders, making me kneel down. Then I noticed how wide open were my husband’s eyes and I felt the first man’s hand roughly take my head by the hair and turn my face towards him.

His cock was swollen and stiff now, moving right in front of my face.
I really marveled at its size and thickness; it was incredibly huge…

He pulled my head towards him, his cock head aimed to my lips.

He ordered me to open wide my mouth; but my lips stayed sealed.

The man insisted, putting the knife blade against my cheeks; so I parted my red lips and he pushed my head to him, thrusting his cock into my wet mouth.

I gagged at first, but soon found the sensation exciting. I trembled at the thick head driving into the back of my throat, filling me… The salty taste pleased me, making me suck that huge thing.
My lips closed around his shaft and I began to draw him in and out.

I heard him moan in pleasure and he drove his cock so deep into my throat that I felt his pubis against my lips.

As his thrust finished, he yanked my hair, pulling her head back and then he roughly turned me towards his partner.

The second man’s erect cock was now aimed at my wet mouth and I knew what to expect and what to do. I noticed its difference from the other man: its head was like an enormous mushroom cap.
I just opened my wet red lips and awaited his entry.

The guy took my head in both his hands, wrapping them in my hair. He pulled me to him. I just held my lips firm as the growing slope of his cockhead pressed in and gradually widened my opening until my mouth was stretched to its limits. He pulled my head harder, until his entire dick burst into my throat, gagging me again and muffling my cries.
Again I tightened my lips around the shaft and sucked. And this second man also moaned in pleasure.

He still held me firmly by the head and drove me on to his cock ataşehir escort bayan rather than thrusting hard. I drew my mouth and lips up and down his shaft with an increasing tempo and driving me deeper onto him with each stroke. It looked like he was using my mouth to masturbate. It was not long in coming.

I found myself held tight to him as his cock threw jets of burning semen against the back of my throat.
I swallowed as best I could and I felt the guy quivering with pleasure.

Then I looked at my poor husband tied there. Now his cock was no longer flaccid.
Instead it stood higher and stiffer than I could imagine.
I felt anger and surprise, but also some pleasure; at last I had done something that aroused him.

The second man yanked my hair to bring me to my feet; saying we should not let Victor out of the fun.
He pulled me over towards the couch and made my head lean onto my hubby’s stiff cock.
But now my anger was greater than my pleasure and I refused to part my red lips.

Then the first guy knelt behind me. He took me by the waist and made me spread my legs wider. Then I felt the hot wet head of his cock slid between my buttocks and glided down past my ass until it separated my labia. The bastard stroked back and forth between my pussy lips, letting each thrust rub his head against my clitoris.
I moaned with the pleasure of his touch, but still I refused to open my mouth for my husband’s trembling cock.

The stranger now pressed the mass of his cockhead against my un-stretched vagina. The vestibule resisted him, but he pressed ever harder until it suddenly yielded and his cock burst into me, widening and extending it so hard that I felt it would tear me apart.

I could not help but cry out, with as much pleasure as pain, Then the other man took advantage of my cry to make me shove my mouth onto my husband’s cock. While the second man smiled at me sucking Victor, his friend began to give me slow, deepening thrusts into my now very dripping pussy.
He sighed and moaned at my tightness as my cunt gripped his cock and I felt my knees grow weak at the pleasure of his long strokes.

My vagina was beginning to pulse now and then I knew I would cum soon. As I felt myself tremble and spasm; the guy behind me thrust faster and faster until he was in frenzy. He stopped suddenly, pushing against my butt until his cock was driven inside me right to the root. Then the bastard erupted deep inside of my womb.
I screamed loud in delight at the power of his burning semen…

His friend laughed now, pulling my head from my hubby’s dick.
Then he drew me back to his own stiffening cock. This time he did not even hold my head, since I eagerly grasped his hard mast and shoved his thick mushroom into my mouth. As I sucked him, I felt the first intruder thrusting into me again with long, deep, slow strokes of his cock, still swollen and rock hard…

As I let myself be rocked, be used, for the pleasure of the two men, I thought about the göztepe escort bayan first guy, who had already penetrated two of my three holes. I wondered if he would take the third one…
After another few long, lingering strokes, I had the answer…

He held me in place and slowly withdrew his dick from my pussy. He slid it up over my perineum and pressed it between my buttocks until its tip found my very tight rosebud.
I tried to relax my muscles to ease his invasion, but my asshole instinctively held tight against him. Harder and harder he pushed against me until my rear door could no longer resist.
Suddenly his cock exploded into me and I cried out more in surprise than pain. Then I collapsed in a near faint with the intensity of the intrusion.

My body fell limp, but he held me up by the waist as his cock was shoved its whole length into my poor ass.

The second man’s hands found my tits and he began to play with them, first massaging, then grasping to pull and twist, as I moaned with this new pleasure.

Suddenly both guys stopped, with the tip of his massive cockhead barely inside my tight anus. The second guy stepped between my legs now, taking his stiffened cock by my pussy lips; sliding it between my soaked labia.

I closed my eyes and sighed as its tip pressed hard against my clit, sending quivers of delight through my stretched pussy.

That second bastard took my hardened nipples into his mouth, making me moan with pleasure.
He kept his cockhead teasing my wet entrance. I sighed louder, wondering how it would feel when both cocks would be in me at the same time.

They simultaneously left off their grip on my hips and I cried out in ecstasy when both cockheads were shoved into me together. The brutal intensity brought me to an orgasm, a very wild orgasm as I had never felt before.

My whole body convulsed and I let out a cry, a shriek, a laugh, a sigh, a moan, all at once. My body felt limp and exhausted. Both men left me rest for some seconds. Then they raised me again, slowly, delicately. Now they lowered me slowly and I moaned softly at the feel of those two hardened cocks, sliding deeply into me, filling me with their length and girth. I came again and again.
My beloved husband was watching this intently, with his flaccid and spent cock resting between his thighs.

All three were exhausted now, breathing hard.
Both strangers had enjoyed my three holes; but they still wanted a bit more. So they pushed me against my hubby and ordered me to suck his cock.

Victor enjoyed my oral skills again. I looked into his eyes as I sucked his nice cock. He moaned through the duct tape in his mouth and I felt my cunt tingling again as I was hearing his moan.

Both men laughed as they noticed my body trembling in ecstasy.
Victor came in my mouth and I slid to the floor, my body shivering with no control as I experienced a new intense orgasm…

Those strangers said they were done, after tasting my tight asshole, my wet cunt and my red lips.
They said I was the hottest married bitch they had ever fucked.
Then they dressed up and I went with them to the front door.

They caressed my naked buttocks for a last time and I smiled, saying I would wait for them to come back whenever they wanted…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32