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A plot summary so far:

In Part 1 Sorority Submission…Anne sorority pledge fulfills her first task to not wear panties or a bra for the day and where a provocative outfit chosen for her. She is then chosen to be the inspection girl to see if all the other pledges have fulfilled the task as well. Since Anne has very small breasts the task is made extra humiliating. She also meets a very nice boy, Harvey. (This part is illustrated).

In Part 2 Sorority Submission: A Spanking…task 2 is to take a picture of a guy’s cock. Anne decides to ask Harvey and ends up doing more than just taking a picture. Unfortunately, she e-mails the picture three minutes late and ends up being spanked on her bare ass by each of her fellow pledges.

In Part 3 Sorority Submission: Animal Kingdom…task 3 has the pledges fulfill 3 tasks: being a cow and sucking on a sorority sister’s tits, being a kitten and licking a sister’s pussy and lastly being a puppy and humping themselves to orgasm on a sister’s stocking-clad leg. Anne, of course, eagerly completes all the required tasks.

Note: This story is dedicated to the real Anne who is exactly as the story describes: a powerful domme to her man and a submissive slut to other woman.

Note 2: Thanks to Mab7991, and Leann for editing this chapter.

TASK 4: Hook up Day (Thursday)
The day four task was again given to me from Camree. “Little Annie, here is today’s task card and your outfit for the day.”

“Thank you,” I replied and winced at the still slight pain on my ass.

“You are so adorable, Little Annie,” she smiled, before disappearing.

I sighed at the thought that my nickname was catching on. Reluctantly, I opened the card.


Congratulations on completing the first three rush week tasks.

Today all you will wear is the skirt, sweater and thong and the thigh high stockings you were just given.

Your task is to complete the following hook-ups today:

1. Kiss three guys in any of your classes.
2. Kiss one girl in any of your classes (fellow sorority sisters to not count)
3. Take the subway to Le Lingerie and do the following:
A) flash a man your breasts
B) squeeze a man’s cock (an older man if possible)
4. At Le Lingerie and mall
A) Buy one sex toy for yourself
B) Ask for a bag with your name on it
C) masturbate in the washroom at mall
D) give your soiled thong to any person of your choosing
5. Subway return:
A) flash a woman your pussy
B) do a reach around (while standing reach around and fondle a guy’s junk)
Bonus points for doing both…
6. Return to sorority by 7.

Bonus points:
1. One point for each extra guy you kiss
2. Two points for each extra girl you kiss
3. Five points for most unique toy purchase

Have fun

Pledge Leader Jamie

I stared at the lengthy list. After yesterday, I thought I had seen it all. Three days ago I would have been way too shy to accomplish this list, but now it seemed doable.

I put on an outfit which was more conservative then yesterday: a cute sweater, a black skirt (with easy lift up access) and the black thigh highs I had been given. Looking in the mirror, I smiled, knowing that nylons really did showcase my legs, turning boring into sexy.

I texted Harvey.


I hadn’t even put my phone down when he texted back.

My Belle,
Of course, but how about at Washingtons?

Washingtons was a semi-nice restaurant a block from campus.

Is this a date?
Curious Belle

Another quick reply.

My Belle,
I hope so.

My heart skipped a beat. After three days of sly romance with a handsome guy mixed with the harsh humiliation at the hands of my potential sorority sisters, I no longer knew what I wanted. I liked Harvey a lot so far and looked forward to getting to know him better, both personally and sexually. I felt comfortable with him and could see a relationship where I controlled the relationship. Yet, licking Kim’s pussy had confirmed my interest in women as well and I craved more. Just as oddly, while I loved the power I had when in a relationship with a man, I seemed just as comfortable submitting to the utter will of my sorority sisters.

Could I be dominant to men and submissive to women?

Could I enjoy to control and being controlled?

Each turned me on in a completely different way and yet both were equally thrilling. Knowing I had no easy answer to my complex feelings, I finished getting ready for school.

Once ready for school, I put the list in my purse, and headed to class full of anxiety and a smidge of excitement.

The first class of the day was a write-off, both in accomplishing the first task and in learning anything as I was so preoccupied by the task at hand. As class ended, one of my pledge sisters accomplished task one and much more as she kissed every guy who was willing as they left class. I was instantly jealous bahis firmaları at just how outgoing she was. All she did was announce, “Boys, I need to kiss as many of you as possible for a rush week task, any takers?”

I am not sure every guy in class locked lips with her, but the majority did. As I left out the other door, I wondered how I was going to do this task.

My next class, I purposely sat beside a cute boy and after a couple of minutes of nervousness I thought, ‘Screw it, a kiss is just a kiss.’ I leaned beside him and kissed him on the lips before he had time to respond.

His eyes went big and I explained breaking the very brief kiss, “Sorority task.”

He smiled, a dazzling smile, “If you have any other sorority tasks you need to complete, let me know.”

I smiled back, suddenly confident, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

I guy behind us quipped, “I am available too.”

I looked up and saw a huge black football player staring down at me. Still feeling the rush of being so aggressive, I said, “Well, I need to kiss two more boys.”

He leaned back in his chair and smiled, “Come, kiss away.”

The class was still rather empty, so I climbed over my chair and after almost stumbling, my skirt briefly flying up in the air potentially allowing my pussy to be seen, I was in front of him. I bent down, attempting to look seductive, and leaned forward for a kiss.

It was again short and sweet and I was suddenly determined to go three for three this class and accomplish task one. I winked, “Thanks, sexy, but I need one more.”

He joked, “I feel so used.”

I joked back, “You couldn’t handle me.”

“Is that a challenge?” he asked.

Suddenly feeling sexy and irresistible, I leaned forward, my tiny breasts in his face, and whispered in his ear, “That is just a fact, stud.”

Before he had time to react, I stood up and sauntered away, leaving him hungry for more. I walked up the stairs to the door, feeling some eyes on me, as I decided to kiss the very first guy who walked through the door.

The next guy was a chubby, cute looking nerd and I said, “Excuse me, but can you do me a favor?”

“S-s-sure,” he stammered, clearly not used to girls talking to him.

“Kiss me,” I said, puckering my lips.

“P-p-pardon?” he asked, shocked by my request.

“Kiss me,” I repeated, my lips remaining puckered.

He hesitated, but kissed me.

“Thanks, stud,” I winked and gave his cock a squeeze. As soon as I did, I recoiled, shocked by my own brazen behavior. I quickly left him high and hard and returned to my seat beside my first kiss.

I said, “Well, that was fun.”

The professor arrived a minute later and class began. I listened more intently to the professor, as I mentally checked off task one and already knew who I was going to try to kiss to complete task two.

Class ended, and I headed for my lunch meeting with Harvey. He was already there and stood up when I arrived, like a gentleman from a time long forgotten. Like our previous lunches, we chatted about life more, this time getting into our families. I learned he had three sisters which explained his calm personality and he learned I had two younger brothers which explained my controlling behavior.

Near the end, he asked, “How is Hell week going?”

“Hellish,” I joked back.

“What is today’s task?” he asked.

I handed him the paper. “It is Hook-up day.”

He read it and his facial expression changed slightly. He quickly recovered but I sensed his jealousy. He handed it back to me, “I am not sure I like these tasks for my potential girlfriend.”

I ignored his worries, but instead repeated coyly, “Potential girlfriend?”

He looked up and stammered, even though he was going for suave, which was adorably cute, “I-I-I was hoping you would go out with me on a real date.”

“You were, were you?” I smiled, knowing playing a bit hard to get would pay off later.

“You are not making this easy,” he said, knowing I was busting his balls.

“Well, you have not really asked me out yet, have you?” I pointed out.

He laughed, realizing I was right. “I guess you’re right.”

“I am always right,” I retorted confidentially.

“Is that so?” he replied with a smile.

“Even when I’m wrong, I’m right,” I explained.

“Ohh, how I have heard that before,” he chuckled.

“So are you going to ask me out or do I have to ask you?” I said, egging him on.

“Will you go out with me this Saturday for dinner and a movie?” he finally asked.

I quickly answered, “No.”

“Oh,” he said, clearly crestfallen by my answer.

“Because I have my sorority sister ball on Saturday,” I smiled, before adding, “I do need a date for the ball if you are willing to get dressed up and suffer through what I imagine will be a long evening of ceremonies.

“Sure,” he said, way too excited, clearly not able to play the calm and cool guy card.

kaçak iddaa “You will need a tux,” I pointed out.

“I have a few at home,” he joked, clearly feeling comfortable again.

“Excellent,” I smiled, “I knew you would. By the way I will be wearing a gold gown.”

“Golden,” he geekishly joked.

“You are such a geek,” I smiled, standing up, before adding, “Luckily, I think geek is chic.”

“And I’m the geek,” he quipped, standing up too.

I leaned in and kissed him. Breaking the kiss, I reminded him, “I still have a rain check to collect.”

“Anytime,” he said, his confidence back.

“I want it now,” I smiled.

“Like now, now?” he questioned.

“Let’s go to the bathroom,” I said, grabbing his hand.

“Seriously,” he asked, completely taken aback by my brazen suggestion.

“Deadly,” I replied, pulling him to the back of the restaurant. Once there, I instructed, “Wait here. Let me see if the coast is clear.” I went into the bathroom and was happy to see it was empty. I quickly opened the door and pulled him in. He was clearly nervous, clearly not a risk-taker, but smitten enough with me to do as I wanted. I pulled him into a stall, put one leg on the closed toilet seat, pulled my thong to the side and lifted up my skirt. I asked naughtily, “Ready for dessert?”

He stared at me like I was crazy, before looking down and seeing I was sans panties. I smiled, “Another sorority task.”

He lowered himself to his knees tentatively, having not said a word. I could not tell if he was just in awe of my beauty and pussy or if he was bewildered by what was expected of him. Either way, I guided him along, “Go ahead, Sexy, I need to come so badly.”

Still silent, he leaned forward and began licking my pussy. I moaned on contact as I smiled at how submissive Harvey was. He was also clearly nervous because of the situation, but as he began licking me he got more comfortable. He focused on my clit, clearly having some experience with eating pussy and had me revved up rather quickly. The door opened and the click of heels entered the bathroom.

Harvey froze and I moaned, “Don’t you dare stop, baby.”

He hesitated for a couple of seconds, before returning to the task at hand.

The thought of being heard by a stranger turned me on and I allowed my moans to increase, “Finger me baby, I need to come so bad.”

He obeyed, sliding a finger inside my wanton pussy and began pumping it in and out as he sucked my swollen clit. “Fuuuuuuck, I’m coming,” I screamed, making what we were doing in the bathroom obvious.

He kept licking and fingering me throughout my orgasm, making it more intense. Once the orgasm had finished its course, I gently pushed him away. “That was awesome,” I said, still catching my breath, looking down at my potential boyfriend, his lips shiny with my juices.

He smiled, as he stood back up.

I joked, before kissing him, “Your my knight in shiny juices.” We kissed briefly before I broke it and said, “Man, I taste good.”

He quipped, trying to keep up with my brazen personality, “Finger licken’ good.”

I glared at him.”Are you comparing me to Kentucky Fried Chicken?”

Realizing he had offended me, he stammered, “N-n-no.”

I flicked his nose playfully. “I’m just busting your balls, but we should probably get out of here before we get arrested.”

“Good call,” he agreed.

I opened the stall door and saw a girl about my age at the mirror that was looking at me through the reflection. I shrugged, “Sorority task.”

She shrugged back, and I pulled a dazed Harvey out of the stall and back to our seats. “Well, that was fun,” I said.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” he replied.

“If we had more time, we would have done more than that,” I teased, again reeling him in with my sexual aggressiveness.

“Oh, God,” he gasped, realizing my implication.

“Oh, God indeed,” I replied, before adding, “I need to get to class. I need to kiss a girl, remember.”

“I wish I could see that,” Harvey replied.

“What is it with guys wanting to see two girls making out?” I asked, adding, “It is not like every girl wants to see two guys making out.”

He shrugged, “It is in our DNA. To fantasize what we can’t have.”

I laughed, “Well, be a good boy and maybe I can make that fantasy come true.”

I kissed him quickly and again left him high and hard, already putty in my hands.

I quickly headed to class, my thoughts shifting to kissing a girl, which was way more exciting and nerve wracking then kissing three guys.

I arrived at class early and suddenly felt butterflies again fluttering inside, a mixture of excitement and trepidation bouncing inside me. As usual, Miranda arrived early also and I waved her over. We were partners in the get to know you activity the very first day of class and knew I was pledging Pi Delta Pi.

As she sat down, I said, “I need you to do me a huge favor.”

“What is it?” she kaçak bahis asked, noticing my obvious nervousness.

“I have to kiss you,” I blurted out.

“What?” she asked, her face clearly surprised by my five simple single syllable words.

“It is a task I have to complete for pledging,” I explained. “I have to kiss a girl in one of my classes.”

“Oh,” she smiled, seemingly relieved by my explanation. “As long as there is no tongue,” she joked.

Joking back, I retorted, “I can’t make any promises.”

She laughed, looked around and said, clearly a bit nervous about the task as well, “Do it before we get an audience.”

I leaned in and kissed her quickly. It wasn’t more than a peck, but I felt a bolt of sexual lightning flash through me. I wanted more. I loved her soft lips and even though the kiss was for only a second, no more, I could taste her watermelon lip-gloss lingering on my lips. Her face was red, and I lightened the mood, hiding just how good one second had felt, joked, “Was it good for you?”

“It was the best lesbo kiss I have ever experienced,” she joked back, just as others began filtering into the no longer empty auditorium.

I joked back, “I think I might be a lesbian now.”

She laughed, “That is what all the girls who try to kiss me say.”

The conversation shifted to our first projects as my pussy tingled, one simple kiss and I wanted more. All class I kept glancing at Miranda and her lips, her soft, luscious red lips. I truthfully don’t recall any of the lecture.

Once class was done, I thanked Miranda for being such a good sport and headed to the subway. Reading the instructions again, I sighed. Flashing a man my breasts was both embarrassing and humiliating since they were so small. The squeezing of a man’s cock could be a simple accident.

As I waited for the train, I surveyed the many different potential flashing candidates. Although the task was humiliating, I couldn’t deny the slight feeling of anticipation of doing it. I pondered someone older as that would be the easiest, yet worried that I may give them a heart-attack (I imagined the headline: co-ed kills elderly man by flashing him her breasts). I considered some young teenager, but that seemed rather inappropriate, and concluded the best bet was someone middle-aged (although I have no idea why).

The train arrived and as I stepped on it, I saw my opportunity. An older man was sitting down directly in front of me. I took a couple of steps and stumbled forward, my hand landing directly on his unsuspecting penis. His eyes went big, as I gave it a quick get-up squeeze that seemed more of a grip and push than an obvious squeeze. I apologized, “I am so sorry, I lost my balance and well, thank you for catching my fall.”

“N-n-no problem,” he stammered, clearly overwhelmed by the out of the ordinary moment.

I again apologized, “Again, I am sooooo sorry,” and moved away to find a seat. As I sat down, I mentally checked off another item from the list. As the train began moving, I scanned who was around me. The cock squeeze was easy and looked like an accident, but to flash some stranger my tiny breasts was impossible to make look like an accident. After flipping and flopping over whether to just lie and not complete the task, I decided to do it because I am a horrible liar and always look guilty when I do lie.

I waited until just before my stop to complete the task. Making eye contact with a handsome man in a suit, I smiled. He smiled back and just as the train came to a stop, I lifted up my shirt, held it up for a second, and as soon as the door opened, I scurried out, petrified of what he or others might say. At first I felt so humiliated by the task, but as I hurried up the stairs a sudden exhilaration pulsed through me for being such a risk taker. I entered the mall and headed to Le Lingerie to fulfill my next task, which seemed so easy after the last couple.

Once in the store I was in complete awe. The amount of toys available was ludicrous, so many I couldn’t even begin to imagine what to get. There was a jackhammer with a dildo at the end, a pig butt plug tail which seemed like a good item for next year’s Animal Kingdom game and an orgasm ball fucking machine, just to name a few. I assumed whatever toy I bought at the store I would potentially have to reveal tonight so I wanted to pick something conservative.

I looked at the dildos with two ends and the thought of Jamie and me using it together popped in my head. ‘Why is it always Jamie?’ I pondered to myself, considering how poorly she continually treated me. I looked at the strap-on cock and again Jamie using it on me from behind while I was on all fours popped into my head. I shook my head, confused by the sudden thoughts of Jamie. After looking through a few toys, I ended up buying myself a black, seven inch vibrator with an attachment that supposedly stimulated the clit while pleasuring your insides as well.

I considered buying more toys, but stuck with the one, although I also bought a few more thongs, I had really enjoyed wearing the pair today, for the first time ever. I also bought a few more pairs of thigh highs in a variety of colors to fit most of the outfits I currently had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32