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Big Dicks

I couldn’t resist reviving the passion in the Stacey stories. At the end of chapter 3, I alluded to the two of them making love before they went to bed. Well, this is that story, in full detail…X-Factor

At the end of the movie, Stacey got up. Danny watched his naked lover walk over to the VCR and bend over in front of him. His eyes were locked onto her round, tanned ass. She pulled out the tape and shut off the TV. She was horny, and wanted to make love to Danny before they went to bed. She could feel his cum inside her still.

His penis grew hard as he watched her do this, and he stood up. Seeing his manhood stand at attention like that for her sent tingles up her body, and she smiled. She put the tape in its case on the table and walked out of the room, shutting off the light. He watched her ass as she walked away, until the sudden darkness allowed him to see no more.

She turned on the bedroom light and he followed her in. She turned to him, placing her arms around his neck. He slid his arms around her soft waist and pulled her close. He kissed her softly, pulling her upper lip outward a little. His hands slid down to her ass, squeezing it affectionately. Stacey snuggled closer to him as her tongue darted into his mouth. She was conscious of his hard pole pressing against her stomach. He loved the feeling of her huge tits pressed against him.

Suddenly, she broke the kiss and pulled apart. He looked at her questioningly, but she just smiled and went to her dresser. She opened the drawer and pulled out 5 candles. He smiled, and lay down on the bed, watching the woman he loved walk naked around the room. She lit two candles on the nightstand beside the bed, and spread out the other three along the dresser. She quickly lit them and shut off the bedroom light. He could still see her beautiful, tanned, naked body very clearly in the flickering light.

Stacey crawled up onto the bed and straddled Danny’s legs, moving up towards him. She had such a beautiful smile, and his heart pounded with love and desire at the sight. She was straddling his waist now, and he was conscious of the tremendous heat emanating from her cunt as she pressed it against his shaft. She gave him a soft peck on the mouth before reaching down underneath her.

Her pussy was tingling with anticipation as her well-manicured hand grabbed his rock hard member and raised it up into the air. She pressed it against the entrance to her hot treasure and pushed downwards.

Danny watched her close her eyes and moan as he felt his penis slowly become engulfed in her snug warmth. “Ohhhh…” Stacey sighed as she sunk half of his organ inside her body. She continued pushing downward, easing inch after inch of him into her vagina until finally she was pressed right against him. Once again she felt whole.

“Oh my God, Danny.” She moaned, opening her eyes and looking down at him. She kept him deep inside her, holding still as they looked into each other’s eyes. Her chest was heaving as she rubbed her crotch against his, stimulating her clitoris. Danny rubbed upwards, increasing the friction, keeping his cock buried inside her warmth.

He reached up and grabbed a soft breast in each hand, caressing them and squeezing them gently. He could feel her hard nipples in the palms of his hands as he massaged the most beautiful tits he’d ever laid eyes on. Stacey sighed, pleasure coming from her breasts, her clit, and inside her pussy. He loved how warm and snug her cunt felt around his manhood, and he sat up a little, wrapping his mouth around her nipple. He sucked it lightly, his tongue flecking over it. He slowly kissed down her cleavage between her breasts, hands squeezing them together around his face.

Stacey began to slide her hungry pussy up and down his penis slightly as she watched his tongue lick around her other areola. He gently licked at the hard nipple, sucking it into his mouth as he humped his hips upwards. He was encouraging her to make love to him. He felt so comforted inside her.

Danny looked up at her, and she kissed him urgently. Her mouth covered his and her tongue snaked into his mouth eagerly, pushing him flat on his back again. ‘Smack, smack’ their lips smacked loudly as they really got into their lovemaking. Stacey was sliding her slick tunnel up and down his pole a little further now, and he was thrusting up into her at the same time. His hands slid down her warm back and grabbed onto her ass. He squeezed her cheeks tightly, helping her ride him harder.

“Mmmmph…” she moaned into his mouth, his dick stimulating her pussy to no end. He had his fingers along the crack of her bum, and he was güvenilir bahis fucking upwards off the bed even faster. His tongue shot far into her mouth as his cock shot far into her cunt. She was breathing heavily into his mouth as his thick rod jammed hard into her needy hole over and over again. She could feel the tingling in her crotch begin to gain intensity, and she knew an orgasm would not be too far off. Suddenly, Danny held her ass down on him, holding his penis deep inside her body. Stacey broke the kiss and sat up, keeping him inside her all the way. Smiling, she took each of his hands in hers and raised them above his head. Her face was inches from his, and he was conscious of her huge breasts hanging down and touching his chest as she held each of his hands tightly.

“I love you so much Danny.” She breathed, the sincerity clear in her eyes.

“I love you, too Stacey.” He replied, seemingly growing harder inside her at her words. “What you said to me tonight means so much to me.” She kissed his mouth over and over again softly as she spoke. “I really want us to be together.”

“We will, Stacey,” he breathed, “always.” She kissed him soundly, and he could feel her hands squeeze his tightly as her tongue darted into her mouth. She began to slide her vagina up and down his hard penis, going as far up the shaft as possible before sliding down hard and sinking him back into her.

“Mmph! Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!” she moaned into his mouth. Danny squeezed her hands affectionately and began to hump his hips upward, driving his cock deep inside her. She could feel an orgasm racing towards her, and she rushed to embrace it, breaking the kiss as she slammed her ass down on his lap as fast as she could.

“Unh! Unh! Oh God! … … UNHHH!” Stacey groaned, cumming. She held her crotch down against him, rubbing herself on him as an orgasm exploded within her. The inner walls of her pussy were squeezing and releasing his thick penis as she struggled for control. He looked up at her, watching her face wince with pleasure. Her heart was pounding and her entire body tensed up.

“Ohhhhh…” she shivered, her orgasm finally subsiding. She was gasping for breath as she smiled down at him. She slowly began sliding herself up and down his manhood again. She felt Danny lift her ass higher and so she let his penis slip out of her.

“Stay like that.” He instructed, and she raised her leg and allowed him to get out from underneath her. Stacey remained on her hands and knees, beautiful in the candlelight as he got around behind her. He bent and kissed her ass cheek. He could see the swollen pink lips of her pussy nestled underneath her gorgeous ass. They were wet with her juices, as well as his own. He kissed the petals of her vagina softly, and they quivered at his touch. He kissed her other ass cheek, a little closer to her crack this time. He spread her ass wider and kissed her just inside the crack. Desire surged through Stacey’s body as she realised that he was focusing on her ass. She suddenly felt a strong urge to have him in there.

He could see her tight little asshole in the flickering light. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked up the skin between her pussy and her ass. Her entire body tingled with pleasure as she felt his tongue reach the crack of her bum. When his tongue reached the entrance to Stacey’s anus, he gently circled it around the rim. He continued licking further up the crack before pulling back. Squeezing her cheeks, he kissed each one again.

Looking at her asshole, he stuck his tongue out, again circling it. Her heart was pounding in anticipation, and she was breathing laboriously. Danny slipped his tongue just inside her ass, running it around the tight hole. He forced it in further, burying his nose in Stacey’s crack as his tongue shot far into her anus.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed. She was really enjoying this, and she found herself wanting him in her ass more and more. He circled his tongue around the inside of her asshole again before slowly pulling it out. He kissed it affectionately before releasing her ass cheeks and kneeling behind her. Stacey knew that she wouldn’t have to ask. She knew he was going to take her in the ass without any prodding from her. They wanted the same thing. It had always been that way between them, and she honestly believed it always would be that way between them. She felt his fat pole rubbing against her pussy, and she readied herself to have him inside her again.

He slipped inside her wetness easily, pressing his groin against her beautiful ass in one stroke.

“Ohhhhh God, Danny!” She moaned, eyes closed. She was smiling. Sex türkçe bahis was always amazing, but sex with a man she loved so deeply was explosive! He watched the pink lips of her cunt pull outwards as he eased his dick out of her. He was completely coated with both her juices, as well as his own which he had given to her several times that night. He felt it would be enough lubrication.

He placed the mushroom head of his penis against the tight little entrance to Stacey’s asshole. She was gasping for breath, trying to relax her body as she felt pressure on her opening. Nothing happened. Danny changed the angle and pushed again, this time continuing the pressure. He watched as the thick head of his cock forced its way just inside her anus.

“Ohhh God!” Stacey moaned, arching her head back. Her ass was gripping the tip of his manhood tightly. He took in the whole scene, eyes trailing up her body from the bottoms of her feet on either side of him, up her smooth legs to her beautiful ass. He focused on where her tiny asshole made the head of his penis disappear. He squeezed himself a little further inside her, having to really push.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed as she felt him slowly inch inside her. He was halfway into her anus now, and she had a death grip on his organ. Danny grabbed the soft sides of her ass, holding her tightly as he pulled out of her to the tip. He gently eased half his dick back inside her, causing her to gasp. He began to slowly fuck her up the ass using half of his cock. She purred softly before him, loving how it was starting to feel. Her eyes were closed and her head rested on her arms, raising her ass up in the air at him.

Danny was in awe, still not believing that he was watching his cock slide partway in and out of Stacey’s asshole. He chanced entering her a little further, pushing his hard-on most of the way inside her bum.

“Ohhhh…” she whimpered, softly. It hurt a little as she felt him go deeper into her ass. Unable to help himself, Danny slid his entire cock up Stacey’s anus, holding his groin against her ass for a moment as he cherished the feeling.

“Ohh God!” She groaned, “You’re so big!” He slowly slid his member out of her tight little hole, watching it reappear from between her ass cheeks. He fell into a rhythm, slowly sliding his cock in and out of her bum using long strokes.

Stacey could feel an orgasm begin to stir within her, and she began to gently ram her ass back against her lover, forcing him into her a little faster. He reached around her with one hand and cupped her pussy, his finger teasing over her clitoris. She moaned, ramming her ass back even faster. Soon, he was fucking her up the ass with all of his might, slapping against her cheeks. ‘Slap slap slap slap slap’ the slapping noises rang throughout the room, and her cheeks rippled with each impact of his groin as he drove his thick cock up her tiny anus. An orgasm hurtled towards her rapidly, and it exploded within her in an instant.

“OHHHHHH GOD!” She cried, cumming. Her anus was pulsating, her pussy was convulsing, her entire body was wracked with ecstasy. Danny mercilessly fucked her up her ass and fingered her horny clit as Stacey came and came and came. She thought her heart would burst!

Watching his cock slide hard into her tight asshole had him wondering how he could possibly hold off much longer. If he had not fucked this goddess 3 times already that night, it would be all over by now! He slid his penis out of her ass slowly, watching every inch of it as it pulled out of her body. He roughly tossed the recovering woman onto her back.

Stacey lay before him, chest heaving as she gasped for breath. Her legs were spread wide for him, bent at the knees, feet in the air. Her eyes were locked onto his rock hard dick as it stood straight up in the air. He, on the other hand, could not take his eyes off her wonderful treasure. The pink lips of her pussy were swollen and quivering as they pressed tightly together. The neatly trimmed treasure trail of her pubic hair led down to it.

She eagerly grabbed for his cock, running it quickly down her moist slit to the entrance to her cunt. Her heart was pounding as she eagerly awaited him to enter her again. He pushed forward, watching the lips of her pussy suck his manhood inside. Danny eased into her warmth all the way; his pubic hair was touching hers. He grabbed her left foot that was in the air and raised it to his face. He kissed the top of it. Stacey smiled.

“You really have a thing with my feet, don’t you?” She said rhetorically. He smiled, sucking her big toe into his mouth briefly. Tingles shot up her spine at güvenilir bahis siteleri the sight. She used to hate foot play, but it was different when you were this much in love. He began kissing all over the top of her foot as he slid his penis partway out of her, and then in her again. Stacey closed her eyes as he began fucking her at a nice, steady pace. She opened them again, watching him kiss her instep.

“Do you want my other one, too?” She asked, raising her right foot up to his face. He turned and kissed the bottom of that one and Stacey pressed her left one on his cheek in the meantime. He grabbed both of her ankles, holding her feet right in front of his face as he continued to slide his pole in and out of her warmth. He kissed over the bottom of one foot before kissing the bottom of the other. He kissed and sucked her toes as he made love to her, and she watched him curiously. She loved making him happy, turning him on. When he was happy, she was happy. It made her feel good to know that he loved her so completely, that he wanted her in every way that he could.

Danny kissed back and forth over the tops of Stacey’s feet, still holding her ankles up in the air. He loved this! It was bringing him close to orgasm being inside this woman and kissing her lovely feet! He kissed the instep of each foot again, before stuffing the first three toes of her right foot into his mouth at once. He pressed the bottom of her left foot against his cheek as he sucked as much of her right one as he could.

Stacey was looking at him with love and ecstasy; watching him suck on her foot as he made love to her. He turned and sucked her left one into his mouth, taking the first three toes. He was losing it. He pulled it out of his mouth and kissed her instep once more. He released her feet and lay on top of her.

Danny’s right hand searched for her left and grabbed it, holding it tightly. He raised it above her head as his left hand slipped around her right one. That, too, he put over her head. He was holding Stacey’s hands tightly, looking down at her.

“I love you, Stacey.” He breathed. Tingles shot through her body at his words.

“I love you, too.” Her voice broke when she replied. He kissed her, softly as he began to slide in and out of her soft warmth.

“I’m going to cum.” He whispered, looking into her gorgeous eyes. Thrills of desire shot through her crotch at his words. She needed his seed in her. She always wanted his seed in her but this time it felt different. The feeling was even more powerful than ever before, if that were possible. Somehow, she knew that he wanted to give it to her just as badly, but she wanted to express it to him nonetheless.

“Cum inside me again, honey.” She whispered, hands squeezing his tightly. The tingles in her pussy just would not go away. “I love feeling you shoot your cum in me Danny.”

Even though he was still making love to her slowly, he could feel himself creep closer to the edge. Both his love for her and the words she spoke succeeded in driving him to orgasm.

“I want to have your baby.” Stacey whispered, feeling every inch of him slide along the inside of her pussy. There were tears in her eyes when she spoke, and he knew that she desperately wanted that very thing. Her hands squeezed his again. He lost it.

Danny slid his penis all the way inside Stacey’s vagina and pressed his groin tightly against her. He moaned, still looking into her eyes as his cock twitched inside her, unleashing a thick rope of cum off the back of her cunt. She could feel his penis jerk again, firing off another stream of hot semen into her fertile womb.

“I love you.” She breathed, kissing his mouth lightly as he came inside her. Danny’s orgasm slowed a little, more thick cum poured into the depths of Stacey’s vagina. She rubbed her crotch against him, milking the last of his seed into her body.

“God I’m so in love with you, Stacey.” Danny gasped, releasing her hands and holding her head as he kissed her soundly. Her hands slid down his back and grabbed onto his ass, pressing him into her as her tongue shot into his mouth. One last drop of his seed dripped into the depths of her vagina as she squeezed him tightly.

They kissed passionately. They didn’t know it at the time, but the very seed that he just shot into her would make its way to her egg, entering it and impregnating her with his child. The sperm that Danny just gave to Stacey would slip inside her egg. The woman he loved would soon be pregnant.

She rubbed her toes up and down his legs, kissing him as he softened inside her. She knew something was different about this time. She felt different about him cumming inside her. She felt a sense of joy that she couldn’t explain, more so than usual.

They passed out with him inside her. Only slipping out of Stacey later in the night when he rolled off of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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